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Rutina Nocturna Pobre vs Rica

Nov 22, 2021
some people get a diamond eye massage and other people's requests are more realistic ice cubes serve schools to the other differences between a rich girl's nightly routine and a poor girl candela had a very hard day today it's good that her assistant jim find him gear your bag your coat im so tired so many meetings and you name of course but thats nothing just go into a couple of jewelry stores but at home you can forget about all your worries jane and even bring her slippers if she can relax sofia is not better and finally this day is over but there are no helpers at home only the little owl who missed her mom so much who is a very good boy sofia is always happy to play with her sweet little dog even i keep a present for the baby who she loved mind and a little crumbs from the bed you can remove them then we should google for a walk candela also has a pet meet me naturally it's from r pure aza but even she does her thing under a bush candela loves her pet but leave what she does no that is impossible and why bother if there is a special person for this if this is what they do in their job is to keep clean the garden that and the line and they can continue their walk and me but it's worth it for the money that pays him very well for it sofia and her pet are for a walk now go ahead do your thing except that there is no one else who can clean it is your do it yourself dog has a special bag just for this stinkers i could use a clothespin to hold my nose a relaxing bath would be great right now spicy latina the best equipment for that a bath bomb made of real gold is worth a fortune lets add more gold shavings and what is this really is candela diamond dust spares no expense for your bath and of course bubble bath with expensive essential oils and the ideal water temperature now a gentle scrub and you can relax and this is so cute and sofia also has a sword and wins i look so tired this reduction in super nourishing face mask is her grandma's secret recipe and this smell is supposed to be mud cleaned up good by cleanser i mean on land that picked up under a tree during the full moon it didn't go very well but my grandma said the most expensive mud works wonders sofia thinks so and what else can she do she doesn't have enough money to buy beauty products candle's spa ritual is coming to an end she just needs to wash her hair it's not that hard to shampoo her long hair the maid can do it and a head massage wouldn't hurt either so this is where sofia works serving a rich lady and finally a golden face mask for hair the whole world is at cinnamon's feet and washing sofia's hair becomes a real challenge first she needs to make some tea her grandmother said it was good for to the hair mix hot and cold water in a bowl hot tap water how could you sofia pay for that and now the most interesting part sofia prefers not to spend money on a hair mask she used an egg break it and carefully rub the egg on the roots seems strange but this happy holiday with its fruits this is an old traditional recipe works well and now you should rinse your hair with tea with this mask on your face it will turn to road dust now wrap your hair in a towel and you can relax and finally it's over candela also likes to treat herself to masks but she doesn't believe in traditional recipes and they have expensive beauty products she arrived just on time candela's maid works hard and tirelessly everyone in this house knows her job they make sure Candela doesn't have to worry about it but nothing is as relaxing as the live music Pink who works part time to entertain Candela in the evenings it's amazing this is candela's favorite song eye patches are part of sofia's nightly routine she actually likes the tea bags from her hair washes she can't throw these treasures away no more dark circles under her eyes and the Candela patches will be in a completely different price category and by the way they aren't beauty products either if that's cash only think money is perfect for toning your foot it's bedtime first you need to make sure my me is comfortable in her new bed she seems to change it she gave her pet a fur coat from last year's collection she no longer needs it even candela's dog sleeps like a queen where is the masseuse candela can't sleep without a massage but one she has a separate bed and it looks like sophie is about to have another reason to be stressed and she's a mess in her bed there are so many raised here as she raised in a lesson so good finally e kylie came to give candela a massage she is an expert in all services she knows how to do a great greek massage how can you do this smile she has no other sheet and she solves the problem without her just flip the dirty sheet consider how clean but it didn't get any cleaner honey let's go to sleep so sofia didn't even bother with her sweet boom and candela just finished her massage session falls ready she needs it foot massage a foot massage is the perfect end to the day oh yeah and a little snack at night would be great cubes of fruit thats what you need looks great thanks tomas sofia also has something delicious if i have few chips today they smell amazing wrapping yourself in a blanket and eating chips is a perfect night plan who cares if there are crumbs in her house unlike sofia candelas food follow the rules etiquette at the table you can't eat lying down you need to sit down she has fresh grapes fruit as exotic fancy cheeses and toast with caviar nothing extra just a little snack at night while sofía eats french fries candela is nourished with vitamins sofia's litter narella appeared during a snack contest but candela's bed is perfect everything clean and tidy passion fruit delicious after a snack you can listen to music where the headphones are or not tangled again connect the headphones to your iphone sofia's old phone is all she has is like a radio an mp3 player and a tv she can't afford anything else and candela decided to leaf through a fashion magazine get to know each other in bed what's new in the world of fashion and she also likes music but she prefers live music one click and candela is already at a rock concert just for her bedroom we need special effects of course more smoke that's the spirit sofia will never be able to relate to this but she doesn't suffer much after all she has the most best internet at your fingertips candela decided to change the song no rock is too loud before you go to sleep you need something quieter reggae maybe you can be quiet or not these rumors will drive you crazy no that song is not good either turn it off quickly and sofia is not picky she listens to everything candela finally decided classical music is always a good choice violin is so relaxing yes this is exactly what you need this song sets the mood for a good nights sleep perfect candela and sofia have very string songs different but they both fall asleep to start their new day tomorrow each in their own way you liked our videos about a poor girl and a rich girl so comment below and tell us how you usually spend your night and be sure to like this video subscribe to our channel and click on the bell to not miss more interesting stories of structure
rutina nocturna pobre vs rica

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