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RUNGE Cars Shop Tour

Jun 11, 2021
Hello everyone welcome to another video so it's been a long time since I posted work


videos and it's for good reason that for the last year I have owned the bottom piece and set up a new work


which is here behind me , so I'm I'm really excited to show you guys what we've been up to. It's not completely finished yet, but I thought it would be cool to do a quick


, so let's look at this so the building is 3,200 square feet and its slab is built. with a partial senior level, most of the work was done by family and friends.
runge cars shop tour
I rented some of the bigger things, like the frame was framed by an Amish kit, but let's take a look, this first room is kind of a big living room. type of area I wanted a cool area where I could display my


in part of my personal collection and this is where the finished product ends and the workshop is in the back. You can see that there is a ladder going up here. where I do my interior work and there will be a small office area up there so let's first look at what we have here car number 2 so after I built 0:01 this was the first car commissioned by a collector from Minnesota . and I learned how to weld this car, it's got 40,000 aluminum skins, it's mid-engined, it's got a VW engine, VW front beam, 0-roll rear suspension like that used on Formula Vee racing


, and generally, It's a super fun car, we have it. here on display over the winter we had it just for fun and then I also have it here because I'm copying part of my suspension that I built from this for another build so this way we have my BMW r 60/ - This is a You from 1967 that was converted in the 70s to a 1,600 cc Volkswagen engine, making it a four-cylinder.
runge cars shop tour

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runge cars shop tour...

These conversions were sold, they called them VM WS and they were sold in the 70's and 80's. I don't know if they still make them, but I think this is a pretty early one, this adapter ring takes a VW engine and mates it to the existing BMW transmission, so the super fun bike will tell a whole story about that at some point here we have the


armchair this is the first piece of furniture I built and it turned out quite nice. I'm very proud of it. We've already sold a lot of them here. We have the twin plug Porsche 356 engine and I think I'm going to end up putting it in one of my personal builds in the future.
runge cars shop tour
This is where the magic happens. Here is the workshop. Right now we have several builds first with the r2. This is the Porsche 993 engine with a 3.6 liter engine. It's mid. Motorized with a full arm coilover suspension, it has tech cart speed line turbo wheels and will be an 1800 pound rocket. You can see I'm working on the front clip right now, freshly hammered and mounted, it has a five-speed 9/15 gearbox and Brembo brakes will have a 12 volt air conditioning system from the classic Porsche retrofit windshield 962, so I wanted it to look like a futuristic car, maybe that someone would have thought of in the '30s and '40s and kind of a mechanical powertrain from the '90s, so that's what we have here, basically, the shop layout works with making the chassis on the other end and then the body like this and then the finished product on the front, so the next project we have is a Dodge.
runge cars shop tour
Viper that we have remodeled and this will be a great build, we will call it Valena and you can see here that it has a lot of Aston Martin Ferrari 275, a little bit of edge here, we have made some mechanical improvements. stuff right out of the box, so suspension, custom headers, custom exhaust, I had custom wheels built for two, check this out, so we did some sort of 60s and 70s Italian Campagnolo style for the wheels and I'm really excited about how they turned out. It's a pretty interesting and unique stance down here, we have another RS ​​coupe that I'm building and this is a new chassis design that I've been working on with the rear subframe completely removable so that the existing Volkswagen Porsche technology can drop the transmission and l engine in one unit, but with this you can take out the transaxle engine and the suspension components all at once and it will work pretty well, so the two dollars is the guide for the body and that tube is shaped like Many people ask me how I attached the aluminum siding to the tube frame.
I have a video that shows that when I wrap the underlayment and weld it around the parameter of the car, it also rivets in some places to the inside. structure oh this car will have CSP five by two oh five disc rack and pinion steering, techno magnesia wheels wrapped with Pirelli C on 36 Center Auto tires, it has the 2.3 liter engine that I have been working on with John Randolph at California to build. so it's got 200 horsepower and it's going to weigh about 1,400 pounds when this car is finished, it's got a four-speed long box, really comfortable cruising speeds between 80 and 90 miles per hour and it's going to be fast, so we've got this and then we have one more later that will be similar, but a spider version of this car's build is unique in that the rear end is cut off, like that rear cam style and my money was originally designed that way, but I don't I didn't build one like this, but all existing RSs have that really rounded tail, so I'm excited to do that too.
Now, moving on to some tools, let's check this is going to be a walkthrough here. We have my Craigslist account. roller that barely works but still sanding and polishing here with the ball door polishing band saw and then a lathe I picked up. I've been learning how to use this by doing some interesting things like this playing with lathes. It's fun, you can do all kinds of things with them down here, we have the horizontal cutting band saw and then a little finger of sheet metal that breaks off here. I had that in my old workshop, a lot of these things that you might be seeing look new.
I had it stored. I was just buying tools and hoarding them and never had a chance to use them until I had space to put them here, so a lot of my family and friends are glad I'm not using it. Their garages no longer have storage. This is a pretty good shear. I never had one of these until we built the shop and I was finally able to move it. It's a 52 inch 10 Smith hydraulic shear and I don't know how I worked. Without this it has been very useful here we have storage, which is another thing I never had in the old workshop.
They were in an old Dodge Chrysler Plymouth dealership from 1935 to 1995, the dealership closed and left these in the building my friend bought. the building in the game for me so now I have storage and there's no excuse to get dirty here we have the lever shear which has been converted into an alternative hammer and you guys if you've seen my other videos I use this a lot. for my shrink I have the plastic shrink dies in there, I also use them to form different flanges and things like that and then the FJ Edwards wheel, which I'll do a full video on about the history of this specific wheel and everything I've learned by regard.
I looked online for information about these wheels and didn't find much concrete information about the history of FJ Edwards, so I received all the original documents with this wheel and made a video specifically about it to share with you, so in previous years I have been using the air compressor I bought when I was 13 so that's really old, 1993 is when I bought it instead of trying to keep it. old live air compressor I bought this FS Kurtis rotary screw compressor and that has been a big improvement. My tools work better. No water comes out of the tools when I use them because it has a built-in cooler etc. that's been pretty cool as far as welders and things like that that you've probably seen.
I started with that little Miller Diversion 180 and now I've gotten to a dynasty and I love Miller products, they're amazing, they have the little Gas Welder set up in there for my panel work. I think that's all.

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