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Runescape, but it's Faster Than Ever

Apr 14, 2023
it's time to make a bad run by logging into the game collecting a birdhouse and logging out


y 50 minutes for the last week and why would you do such a thing? Well, I need to get


ything done in RuneScape as fast as possible while trying hard. the world record tire from tutorial island to full mission completion welcome back to the cape speedrun mission remember nothing in this series is off limits all the weird methods and random time saving i can think of they will be used to go as fast as possible the next goal in my speed run is to start fights I need level 85 to complete the Cape quest I also need all combat styles to defeat


quest bosses my first focus will be melee body my goal is 60 attacks for vigor chain mace so i can start worldness slayer and train 69 for monkey madness 2. and you'll never guess how we're going to get there let me introduce you to the Grand seed pod you thought you had to do monkey madness too for get here not right at the beginning of grand tree this is going to be my first bout xp.
runescape but it s faster than ever
I am very glad that I waited for the fairy rings. I think it was worth it. Smash it again and it takes me straight to the Great Tree. gold sink owner like me this one is even cooler when you throw it in place of the big seed pod it just takes you straight to the glider on top of the tree this was literally made for grand tree quest it will cheer you up know that I'm still enchanting with crossbow arrows, the target is 75 magic. I need that for Dragon Slayer too. I can cast a spell every take to get mad wizard XP.
runescape but it s faster than ever

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runescape but it s faster than ever...

Grand Tree attack XP and I can instantly start the monkey madness. game monkey madness did some basic training on my matches to request that it be the way everyone knows what's coming next. I'm going to attack and defend because I'm trying to get to 60 attacks as soon as possible. Oh give me that XP back, but never. makes all this go to dragon bolts all these bolts are going to be delighted it's 78 xp that's why it's so big and you know which quests are so much more fun when you know you're getting a ton of mage xp at the same time dragon slayer for the strength and defense elemental workshop one and who could have seen it coming elemental workshop part two i needed the crafting xp to cut through this rock and get 22k strength xp for the haunted mine for my next bout xp going on a trip down the troll quest line but first i need some levels of herbal laws my potion of choice Humble 207 serum is Ash and tariman but the


you click the


the XP I think I hit my limit there 51 herbs thats it well about 300K XP an hour with a level 15 potion which isn't too bad the reason I'm stopping at 51 is because now super strengths are better XP per hour and a lot less effort here we go the quest line trolls.
runescape but it s faster than ever
I am a soldier. I need that combat XP. 3K from Death Plateau Charles fortress, this is a test of skills, the drop weed box might be fooling around here, that's one by one and there are the three catweeds. I can't remember what I need them for, but I've never been caught, well, maybe. once or twice, but you'll never know, that's why I needed the herb law. Edgar's ruse has no combat XP, but I do need the trollheim teleport and that's the end of the troll line. 4K XP force of 12 romance. It's worth squeezing out every last bit. of XP that I can get because I'm going to be doing these quests anyway come on parsley oh here we go edge will relax loot fat hey beautiful oh he can attack me at level 61 and he's 103. ah he's sleeping on the wheel mate thanks i just lost his 200k kill what are you doing bro welcome to the desert quest line combat xp wait but for now the golem anytime i have the option to choose combat XP I'm picking attack let's go for that 60 shadow of the storm that's locked in 10K it's Lauren Quest when there are no limits it's the little things like using a fair receiver feels so good compared to full Iron Man contact I think I'll have XP of attack and let me think about attacking XP again force XP catcher, well while I show you the most shocking pvm screen ever, let me tell you about today's partner, a service that I was using even before I was sponsored of course, I'm talking about hello fresh, the time saver I needed in my sprinting the hassle of planning meals and delivering fresh produce right to your door.
runescape but it s faster than ever
I have already eaten all of mine, but of course I keep the recipe cards which are very helpful personally. What I like best about hellofresh is that I like the variety, but I don't like it. having to scroll online looking for recipes reading people's life stories you get to the supermarket and they don't have that weird spice no one has ever heard of surprise hello fresh eliminates all that nonsense it's super simple just choose from a variety of 40 never-change recipes every week is great for portion size control with your nutrition and health in mind and the food should taste great like there is a reason i literally saved all the recipes from hellofresh use my link or go to hellofresh. com and use code POG only ABR 50 for 50 off your first box and free shipping my description will update live to track purchases who made it we made it strike 4K thanks for you i could have died so easily there diva horror oh there's no one there.
Every time I get a chance to use this seed bottle, I open it and we go back to the glider. What happens to keep the Mission? Come on brother. It is such an underrated method of transportation. arc right now foreign trails for literally literally every ability in the game ok lemme move whats going on i really am a major xp source anytime anywhere i'm doing foremic corridors what would be better with a better level of combat but this gives me combat XP which will be overall faster that's the idea anyway another option but no free will to attack XP just attack XP 20K there that's huge for that Quest, remember it's not just about searching, in fact, I'll be spending as much time Skills as I'm requesting in this Speed ​​Run I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but you know Tyro wani Trio gives a sex video of combat, but it also gives me a good reason to train to make fire and cook.
These two abilities can be done at the same time through fireballs, a method where I can cook Quran markings while lighting fires. I know the GE looks really nice right now, but it's really just a byproduct of the fact that you never miss light colored locks, so best XP an hour until we hit level 30. The rate of success of fire making fun facts actually scales linearly with level and regardless of which registers you're using. I love making fire in this game the movement the complexity I'm cooking thirsty I can do taiwani I forgot I needed to fish that's the kind of fishing done I'm actually way ahead on Mage at the end of this chain I should be level 70.
Look at that I never got I sat there and trained him, it's all been through missions and there are times when we wanted Trio to be done without XP, and I get my combat XP, there we go. I also combined Shiloh Village with tiberwani because they matched. very good Couldn't resist going back I have a problem Current fuel of choice is Arctic Pine it registers quite strangely and now I've made a typo I can completely cut through the karambans and get much more XP from them I figured I may end up making fire too 65 16 chaos 66 that's what we need to make friends with my arm and there are some quest rewards on the way together.
I actually managed to get to 60 by cooking while making fire, but time to finish 65 for RFD with one brand karambans, look at the XP. I love it, it's so fast and soon 65. We're done. My next side mission is to take over Zaya. necessary for a kingdom divided in the future this is how we are doing it Shazier jumping in favor after healing Two Soldiers because they are injured in the other world and it saves time running between them takes a bit longer in the real world but probably two times faster with in-game time and of course the favor quests continue.
There is one for each house that is 10 cheesy there. turn down the camera favor the quickest thing you can do on a main course is let these logs cook up here and i'll go back for some charcoal. I don't think I've ever noticed this before, but when you push a plow you can push another bead out of the way without interacting with it. What is this? It seems so strange, but click the second round test. When did we start worrying about how much fertilizer Sidious needs? agility lap on this account, it will all come from quests, but that's not the favor I needed.
I need to read the certificate and now I'm full. I can get Elisa's 2.5k XP here. Give me that lamp. The last house on my list is in Kenge and I need 40 plus two mining with a boost to get 42 brimstone. Now the fastest way to get there is by doing. iron ore three ticks I love this method, it seems very satisfying. I can also three ticks of brimstone, although in the business this is called 1.5 ticks because when I move and do so, I have two chances for some reason to get brimstone. This is going to be much faster than doing it conventionally once again a reminder that you can only tamper if you're my coal it's done cooking now it's time for the dynamite thanks another mission who would have guessed now after making the dynamite this got me it will take up to 75 favor there we go finished off after kenge and all the favors with the Minecarts that is there complete all the favors architectural alliance the only thing left for me to do here is a divided kingdom which I am going to wait until I have better combat statistics and it is that's why we're here 10K XP.
I wonder how I'm going to spend that. The main source of attack XP is claiming Night of the theater rewards, but to get there, I had to complete most of the vampire. quest line that requires a lot of different skills, long story short I have to get there through a massive network of quests is this one thing No Way Out Boy it's so good pretty far today my friend I can't Quest this is the last one requirement I have a sample of Hope is 38 Slayer. I'll be doing the Wellness layer for now I only need 38 but eventually I need 69.
Please be kind to my first task Crystal, yes Bandits that's pretty cool. My mini Slayer Arc begins. 50 attack and my spec weapon will be granite mall so if i upgrade everything is done to achieve my abuse goals i have to come and play PVP arena headache simulator probably worst time i ever had in RuneScape in the past year, it just doesn't work at all, Saving Grace is that the time played in this world is on a separate profile from my speedrun account, so I can take as much time as I want to get these bully girls here , I would like two Thanks Imbuing Scrolls and after all I can imbue my black mask and berserker ring with zero time strength 50.
Now I can use my granite hammer and more importantly my granite mall . I'm going to use my main energy transfer to be able to do. more specs for more damage for more fun and it's been done very well 29 slayer and 35 range out of that task only scorpions I can't skip any slayer tasks until I gather some points but what I can do is do the bad tasks as a I skip task if I put my Cannon inside Scorpius' Lair with a quick bracelet this thing is about to go off and it will be a very very quick task ok the cannon can go to work on those little ones there and look at those Quick kill has been good please be nice be nice be nice oh my gosh ice warriors this is going to be an absolutely no brainer when it comes to making slayer for real for now im just going to crawl through the outside and sneak in and refill my Cannon when it has to be the new task what could be your new task is to subscribe wow I mean it's actually pretty good it's 50 paths of chaos but you should definitely SOB eventually Dragon Claws will be the MVP but for now i have the G Mall this is the perfect task to use the energy transfer spell where i send all my specs to my speedrun account use the gmall then recharge at my house on the main to come back and do it over and again and again chaos is done I am 36 Slayer.
I need one more task for 38. Come on, Crystal here, okay, this is the magic ax meta. I leave the cannon inside the actor and then run so far that the axes can't attack me. it kills them all very quickly see they are just when the cannon is about to run out of ammo I go back in and come and refill it see they all crowd to the side when I'm around which is not what I want because so the cannon can'tcatch them all and that's slayer done for now i have one more thing to do to test hope and i'm doing it once again please check this out i saved this telly through my whole account it's a barbarian town you can only use it once and that's the next step that's a small favor from now on it's all going on agility i need 45 to test hope and i have it easily 47. this boss the fight is about to be hard and you know it's about to be hard because there's a 500 word essay on the left side of the screen yeah blood fury jump i have terrible stats for this but i dont know maybe its possible with enough bruise anything is possible foreigner here we go we made it i think im 50 of strength and 56 attacks, making him probably the greatest rookie ever to take down this guy.
A sample of Hope is ready. We get some juicy XP. Everything goes in agility. theater for this quest i have to do a theater of blood KC but i can do it with my very good friend just Mission and if you think i'm playing the game you must be crazy i can save time i'm offline on my speedrun account and i'm just going to do the raid in my main account. I then log back into my speedrunner just as the boss is dying and then we can continue the raid together. This cuts down on the game time I'm on here. so it's going to be really good for me one more time we go in and out yeah so I don't even need to do the final fight yell a cold one for this method and we're done.
I don't know, we're going to have a full theater night, this is Hugh big attack. You know, 80,000 XP score in attack and now I'm at level 60 and have barely trained it for most of it. It has been 101 questions 30 hours. i played the stats look good and set me up perfectly seven ok i might see the study

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