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hey guys it's granted back inside summer roblox and today we are back playing cursed islands i like this game and i want to become first once again i i will be standing up there i that will be me that will leave me just imagine my face right on there all right beautiful all right this girl's ranking up whoa rank all right intermission 10 seconds 10 second animation all right whoa i'm pumped i'm ready i'm steady by the betty i'm waving my hands in the air like i just
run from giant squid
don't care all right let's do this all right all right we're gonna get off the ground right oh my god how we get here okay i want to go here come on uh no okay i'll rejoin no that was terrible okay all right die die die die die die die it's like you must die or else you would not be able to live anymore you have to die sorry but that's the truth girl or boy all right one hop i'm on island all alone all right oh wow she's jumping oh she touched the water she
didn't die okay oh this guy got a bomb he had a mom no he doesn't have he got a bomb he got a bomb okay there's two people in this island perfect i can't take out my knife again oh this guy's giving me a slice slice and dice all right uh uh go over here with this girl go off the braid hey girl with the braid all right hey i got two people on that i understand i'm pretty beautiful correct oh wait i can't take my knife out now i'm gonna have to wait another round i
wrong oh one girl just fell fell in the water wow okay um okay uh yeah you come here that's a good idea very smart very smart all right ha you're stuck you stuck with me and you're gonna die die ha i'm so good at this just killing it left right and center get back over here get over here because imma kill you oh my gosh she's gone oh gosh my next gun okay you know what okay one two three four people left oh i don't know what she's gonna do oh she's on here okay oh
she died okay one two three people left walking hopefully none of those will hit me because that will be very bad okay we just gotta kind of stay away from there okay okay fine i'm oh gosh i'm on the ice uh this ain't good am i just gonna spin in circles oh next to me i wanted to go to the island good thing i did it okay i'm just gonna spin circles that's fine there's a pot the pot all right come on girl come with me to this girl yeah let's go come on come on to the
side well let's go with her i feel like i shouldn't mess with her okay stay with me on this island you'll be safe don't worry i won't touch you psych i was on the island before oh maybe no i wasn't i was on that one nevermind oh wait oh it's only me and her oh we're the last survivors all right come here come on no i i don't have it oh gosh i don't have it anymore okay i'm gonna stand here on this island so in case anything bad happens to me i
don't think anything bad can happen to me because i got the pot but just in case i could just like jump i don't think there could be more than one thing on one diet oh no what about this weird no not my pot there's fire over there fire there's fire so much bye yeah no i didn't touch the water no i'm second place no i didn't touch i touched the ground and then the water came and i died fine i'll clean my chest i want it to be first gross i don't like you i
don't like fire hands your name's not fire hands i don't like you i don't like you i don't like you she's like green girl she had like green glowing hands oh i don't like her okay you want to die you ready to die where you like girl but where's she at where did i say where'd she go did she leave the game where is she am i blind oh she's over the hair oh she's not in the game maybe she like automatically died i don't know what happened maybe
that's not her i don't know if that's her or not okay nevermind everyone's going on to this island so we'll just huddle around here don't worry i'm safe yes girls come on yeah yes wow you girl this girl's gonna die oh no she didn't ah slay them all kill all of you this girl's barely been touched gotta get out we all gotta get defeated oh he's healing oh you're healing what ranked up i ranked up oh she just reset her character okay all right we only
have three other people that was really fast okay oh i want to tell you i want to get the ufo i want to get don't hit me don't hit me okay volcano it's gone that's good oh your fire is mine your boat is mine all right no the ufo is mine oh gosh i probably shouldn't kill him now i'll kill him later oh no don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall oh no i can't kill him oh there's another ufo there and i didn't take it he
run from giant squid
can't kill me that's a good thing can't kill me i'm just gonna chill up here oh no oh no at least i got second place i hate second place no no a second i don't want second i'm up first i think the girl about beat me before what's the winner oh yeah no the girl might beat me before but it was first place uh left the game i don't know i don't know what i'm saying before what's the ground shape here is that just me i don't know okay uh oh there's
three people on that level four lucky i have no one someone died here trying to get to me ha no it's gonna touch me oh this girl's trapped oh wow okay i feel like she's like eyeballing me she's like yes i must come to you yes come to me come don't worry come to me oh gosh alien someone got the alien oh you could take people like that ah i know that that's sick oh i forgot i was killing people all right uh what am i killing no no no you didn't trick me he died and i
did it oh this is awesome okay that girl's still stuck in there wow i want to get there oh no it's gone no okay you're coming to me or nah seems like everyone's going right here okay it's everyone's going over here so i'm gonna go here hey girl once i am i'm gonna kill you i can't kill them never mind okay i gotta stuck up on ufos i'm gonna buy one beautiful all right is everyone staying here okay everyone stay here stay stay here because i am planning on
killing you but they don't know that all right oh wait i still can't kill them oh got a trampoline we got a trampoline i'm gonna try jumping oh i jumped oh i'm gonna kill them now oh they're so unlucky uh kill everyone die i want the trampoline to go because i don't like to trampoline just not letting me kill everyone oh gosh oh wow this guy got fire hands okay all right um come to my island stay here you will be very safe don't worry about it ha ha um come on oh
gosh it didn't work it didn't really matter because there was no water oh okay no i didn't kill him no no we turn around yes yes i'm going to rejoin you join okay good oh gosh this girl got a knife she got a knives jump huh okay safe over here oh gosh she killed someone oh no no no i rejoined rabbi this god we all died it's so hard to win in this game it's so hard chilling what's chilling what's playing i have no idea all right what is the taunt basic dance oh can
i buy more taunts edit basically no i don't want the basic dance there what ah taunts uh close no taunts how do i get more taunts i want to taunt everyone around me talk what's ghostly vanish as it goes for a limited time um random island i'm good i think i think i'm good shop here why how did i miss that fifth place oh fifth place okay thanks bye done i really don't care about this okay bye i wanna get i want to get i want to get dances what's it called taunts i want
taunts show taunts here featured chess gear exclusive redeem pearls a piece piece pisces okay rejoin my wait i'm not in it i was why wasn't it in it okay i was rejoining i'm gonna be in this round i'm gonna be in it i might be in it yes come to me come come come call my children i was going to the trampoline island so imma go to trampoline island oh everyone's at the trampoline island ah this guy died trying to get here come on joy children oh no no trampoline oh maybe yes
actually yes because now i can kill these people easier all right die girl you're gonna die girl um never mind she ain't dying oh shipped on water she jumped on water she jumped on water why is it snowing oh because now this thing turned into ice oh that makes sense all right oh we're gonna win oh they're all teaming up with me i think they're plotting to plant your plant oh gosh this guy what is he doing he's plotting ah where do we go huh i'm gonna get enough
spaceship i'll buy tan why not let's buy 10. we don't have to ever buy them again all right oh it's snowing oh it's glass this is glass not so i could break it oh i broke it just in time oh gosh this girl got a knife she got knife oh no okay i'm gonna try to kill some people oh i just went over there okay i'm gonna kill this guy wait no he didn't die oh no wait no one's gonna die from my spaceship three two one no no no oh that was close okay i killed someone
run from giant squid
with my spaceship that's good that's the best but it's good all right oh okay there we go no slippery slippery ice anymore okay where's everyone headed i want to go in here this island seems very property popular pop you popular popular die i love you die die you die i'mma kill you as we rank up come on yes i killed her okay there's only one other person it's only one other person i'm a beater up class better not jump but i'ma jump okay okay it's the
battle now it's the battle i'm a chaser now i'm a chaser come on use this no it's gonna be hard okay now right there we can't do anything on the trampoline okay you're away heading out where head and don't jump on new here we'll jump on it i guess you could do it if you want okay where are you going go in there okay come on ira sword or this oh fire ah fire oh that was fast oh fire okay where are you going girl i think now it's the moment i'm gonna kill
you this is not a moment oh no oh no it's that's a moment anymore you know what it's the moment still no it's not the moment i can't get my thing oh she's jumping oh no no no no get back here girl get back here go where you going oh that's no that sucks oh we have a plan i have a very deep mischievous plan mysterious okay so what i'm gonna do it's gonna sound weird but first at the beginning of the game and then there's gonna be a rejoin button here so
when there's only like one person left i'm gonna jump get back into the game oh no oh nevermind i wanted to die anyways i'm immune to water you can't do anything oh she killed me we joined out now ask me now oh no ask me now okay never mind forget it okay there's already a bunch of people that so whatever slice and dice and smush slicing and dashing and smashing all right that girl she's like almost dead so she's like whatever where did other girl go go the magic
powers about one last time i don't know what you want okay it's cool it's not like cool that girl's like gonna be blown up yep she got blown up okay oh wait what apparently i press the c button uh okay i'm gonna kill that guy no i can't kill him uh die girl oh she died already uh i'm just going to stick around in here i'm second place already no no no oh wow that was risky no no no no no i want first i want first i like her i don't like your hair on like your
glasses i don't like your your gucci sets now i'm gonna win i'm going to win this time it's the moment i will win i will win whatever thanks whatever it takes hey girl she died that's funny okay hey hey what's up i don't know what these are i don't know what they're gonna make me do all right yeah come on yes come here come here oh he knows my tripods oh am i too late girl you made a bad choice very bad i'm gonna go to this guy right after all right no
no oh that was close okay come here i will slush no i don't have any more he didn't die no he didn't die someone has someone has ranked 90 who's that who has ranked 90. so it must mean so i'm sorry died because it's obviously not here frank 90. wow okay i'm not gonna kill you because i feel like you're gonna die anyways sorry but like yeah all right because i only have one sword left that girl died okay i'm going to go to the magical pot magic pots magical pot
is always good in case something happens to me i can just jump in my pot jump on the butt whoa yeah uh no the putt's gone no i should have jumped in nevermind okay oh where's most people oh someone come over here okay yes come over here come this way child come i'll use my last sword on my chair german whoops some guy girl came back oh wait samurai to the death what okay she had a sword as well oh wait come and go on it we have two swords that makes no sense all right hello saw
it's gonna be gone in a second so relax okay i have my own ufos i don't need it all right okay come on water go okay flee oh this guy just self-destructed oh gosh he got the ufo he got a ufo he's gonna come and kill us all right maybe he's not he doesn't know how your house work yeah this guy's gonna die the money's not gonna die all right i'm gonna come on to your island girl onto your island girl uh come on uh die girl die girl yes i got her guests he's
gonna die yes yes ah yes i'm first yay finally yay i'm first oh it's been so long since i've been first beautiful look at me i'm beautiful first place wow this is amazing okay who's uh wait i didn't get the check wait we're going straight to a new round okay crumpa krump she's not into this way thing she's not in it okay whatever okay this girl's with me rainbow girl you're so rainbow it's crazy okay uh come on let's go over here we'll
go over here with this girl come on follow follow or die do that as well yes all right i don't have any swords i have to buy like 20. i gotta buy all my swords souls on mid-jam oh i shouldn't have used it now now that he can escape all right my mom come on die die you die wait i could put it up and not use it that's weird oh gosh this girl couldn't kill me ah no no i'm sorry i'm sorry don't jump into the pot oh i'm over here now ha ha ha oh gosh let's go
she's gonna come and kill me she gotta come and kill me no no boy you're gonna die you're gonna die you died this girl's next girl you're next you're next oh yeah beautiful absolutely gorgeous oh she responds how dare she how dare she respond i got a trampoline i'm gonna jump all the way to you break your glass island onto here hi girl what's up oh no she's sleeping no i have no friends no oh but she died anyways all right bye all right oh this guy got this
girl got a bomb this oh is she oh she's a girl i got 90. but then we're going by like tried to kill me at two minutes ago all right come on oh let's go here and silent looks pretty popular this one looks even more popular now ha ha you're gonna die maybe you're not maybe you are oh you're gonna die you're gonna die you're gonna die come on okay die one of you gotta die it's gonna happen it's got to happen no no i died as well no i didn't want to die no
oh look i'm up there ah look i'm up there look at me i'm number one number one number one number one oh yes all right guys i think i'm gonna end this video right here i got number one at least one time so that's pretty good i hope you like this video if you did smash that like button now see you guys next time good bye