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Jun 10, 2024
Let's see what happens and see if they tell us something that we didn't know. Let's see what happens. It's in Spanish every time before we start. Hello to the person who is going to summarize this video on YouTube and put 800 ads in this video. How about a greeting? We are going to react to this video, okay, in the comments of this video, the most popular and played games in the entire history of YouTube became an impressive sensation within the gamer community back in the early 2010s and we seriously bet everything on it. that you got to play it at least once, don't be Olano but Ariana from Tommy than me and today comes 207 facts about the construction and mining game



was developed by markus persson better known this I already know he is a Swedish man who started programming at the age of 7 and who developed his first game at the age of 8 developer and designer of a well-known game achieved limited success but was stagnated when others then in 2009 his company in stockholm william currently has 89 employees in charge of the development and maintenance of all Minecraft includes, then let's see when in this video it is 2019 of course but he is talking about before Microsoft or after in Stockholm currently it has 39 employees in charge of currently since of all Minecraft including its layoffs the Minecraft's development process is made up of four phases and a pre-game phase.
rubius reacciona a 107 datos que debes saber de minecraft v deo completo
All of this was developed between 2009 and 2010 and acquired notable popularity in the gamer community within forums, blogs and websites. The pre-game version known as Kate Game was developed only it had robust grass and air in case you don't know intini mainer it's time for a little history this game was developed by zack turning and it's a first person mining game it wasn't that successful but it did have enough impact that it wouldn't be will create mine and what they believe is also made up of small blocks. The first version of minecraft 0.0 point 11 also known as minecraft class, which was released on May 17, 2009, has all the basic elements of the game but is currently complete and does not have the crafter.
rubius reacciona a 107 datos que debes saber de minecraft v deo completo

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rubius reacciona a 107 datos que debes saber de minecraft v deo completo...

Curiously, he did not want to take long if necessary, the classic Minecraft of classics was developed in a week on October 24 of that same year, Margot Survival Test, a version in development of the Minecraft survival mode. The player could already shoot arrows and encountered several enemies, but which means in development the third phase of the game in addition to allowing players to use different weapons and tools for the multiple and diverse activities of Minecraft. On February 27, 2010, mode 20 arrived to imply that Minecraft is would be developing in a tiny way, the game was finally resembling the version that we all knew at that time, allowing mods and enemies to be exposed randomly and including very basic elements such as ladders, posters and torches, however, until June 30, 2010, it was They added biomes such as the toiletry bag, mechanisms with the environment, directed by the Judas, for the soil, breathing is improved, and they highlighted several paintings and paintings if, little by little, Minecraft demonstrated the potential it had not only as a mining or survival game but also as a decoration and engineering as well as an online game in fact the minecraft paintings are parodies and tributes to various works of art and famous video games such as the map of aztec from the game counter crisis and I didn't know what egg you are in this I didn't know I thought that all the drawings originals from where you got persimmon or counter strike the painting with youtube by gustave coubert from 1854 or a tribute I mean I think the one who made this video I think it was a bit of ganja to see the painting that he is talking about here at 54 or a homage to level 100 this is clearly seen that the beta version equaled in December 2010 in minecraft added an inventory with the name of each of the blocks and objects if minecraft until that moment had not named any element of the game in an official way The players had to figure out how to do the searches on their own and at the same time they did not know what they could do.
rubius reacciona a 107 datos que debes saber de minecraft v deo completo
The beta version was the one that brought new elements and enemies to the game mode such as the sender men as well as adding points. of experience and dungeons endorsements remember me now when we play okay we have to kill ender mans always forget ha and it is super important to become a portal to the world the dragon to the world at the end so you know internet if you see this it looks like the miner scene this It seems they have stolen my miner at the same time reintroduced the creative mode and the mode these blueprints 0.0 came out on November 18, 2011 held by mueang in the main wait minecraft already had an official convention while it was being developed yes very well organized The first main con in 2010, which was attended by just over 100 people during the course of this year, was more of a regular meeting.
rubius reacciona a 107 datos que debes saber de minecraft v deo completo
I agree, and that does not compare to the tremendous success that was attended by the main con in 2011. around 5,000 people and there was even an exclusive party where in form and with marshmallow it was not the first time that a video game collaborated with the DJ of the moment for something exclusive today you wonder how it is possible that minecraft has become overnight a viral sensation, just think about it, it is a game that allows you to create, destroy and innovate as you wish in a cubic world. More than a million people bought the game a month after it entered beta in January 2011.
The most curious thing about the Minecraft case At that time it did not have the support of a distributor, all the sales and popularity of the game were made organically. Minecraft was so addictive and fun that the gamers themselves made Vegeta's skin go viral. Was there someone with it? This is a vegetable or kids, this trip, quote, I'm here. dressed not to new jodas is the same the hair I don't know if he has it like that he doesn't have it towards the game I think that if I'm not swinging it's not okay okay okay I woke up to look I'm going to look for skin vegeta 777 but son of if it's the same it's the same it's Maybe, look, there was someone already cosplaying as Vegeta, kids, in 2011.
Greetings, let me see. Let me read your ok, otherwise they will accumulate later and you will see that you will bite many more. After five months, he tells me, my goal is to reach 12 months, well. You have a long way to go brother but let's hope you get there I have natal now with the others thank you very much cat heads eric terry martín and soto a ver mars with 10 months thank you very much a ver tells me hello blond if you have a cat in minecraft he sleeps with you in Every night the bed brings you a little gift, I'm happy to talk because seriously, I didn't know that, I didn't know that you smoked, what's going on?
I mean, it's not that these vegetas are clearly the same without the same eyes, the same hair, they're missing the eyebrows and the wolf chest. but for the rest it's the same I'm very sorry I'm confused about those records let's see the cat I didn't know the audience the two months Jonathan with the nine place exceed since the 3 mind max kraft heineken one way and he only played the 300 beats fabricio ghosts Julio Diego aim wolf leones costco león ix se comer mister piccolo times and play I always take out the mend the internet of many reproduces months davinia elliot sandoval Díaz fran víctor with the six thousand cats choose the blog with the prime look at you chesco ni no kubica under with day and álex 98 welcome back everyone thank you very much let's continue the video is long maybe we won't see it in its entirety so it says nothing with a fresh plan within the game you know I didn't even want them to tell me in-game data about things that Maybe they were not made thanks to the main con of 2011 xbox began to work hand in hand with moyà and shortly after they announced that minecraft would be the leading game on the xbox of 2012 officially adding better and better 10.00 in the jungle the different types of emeralds of wood the light and the block when the command block this is one of the most powerful blocks in minecraft if the game already allowed the user to explore without limits and create every possible structure with I swear I did not know of the existence of these and what a nice eye on the block of these after survival 21 ends you can program the game environment at will and create impressive maps with highly complex mechanisms minecraft exploited to its maximum power the ability of gamers who are interested in programming but as I would say the video game writer editor of a kanji to have the command block in minecraft is a way to cheat that's why it is only available in creative mode to marvel editors starting with the recent update 4 of the map the updates began to have special code names, 1.4 for example has the code name free scary and 1.12 is called world of color in apdayc 1.6 the impressive names appeared this son of a has put all this but the creative mode that is the libraries how many he has here would be It's a joke, the sun is made of paper, no joke, and on the contrary, with what it's costing me, what we have is close to home because otherwise he'd start shooting me, but he's watching like he's walking around and We have little cows, we have to make a deck next to the deck of cows to have since we only need two libraries for the suns that help name elements for videos that can help you in your performance in the game.
The horses also appeared but we really want to focus on last name tags for now because being full of interest our story without names to an animal dinner brown with a capital letter this will appear decades all this as a director this I will keep from this of the different let's see give the name dinner bowl this continues to work with capital letter this one will appear upside down all this because the developer of the game money also known as nate adams loves to turn everything related to the upside down by his avatar in the game and the profile photos of his networks are upside down another that is inside the naked has to do with the developer ginsberg juan carlos alberdi barebone is if you name a sheep jeff and then put an underscore the sheep will have a multicolored wool for you sheep there are more also outside my house the sheep will have a long multicolored wool also if you name any bunny toast it will acquire a unique texture that when the rabbit semar and kraft by the developer nahyan bots for the user six in 420 who told him the story of his girlfriend's lost bunny success obviously it was called not last acquired by the driver has the same fur as the original tous talking about rabbits there is a killer rabbit in the game he has red eyes and has white fur and yes you can name him but that won't stop him from wanting to kill you defender you name him jean and He will attack everything closest except the villagers or did we not tell you that he also has an ax like Johnny from the movie the portable edition of minecraft called pocket edition we all know that the xperia play failure flexibility with son and it was over but the game was released on ios android shortly after mueang launched lavedra edition an edition with improved graphics and a complete virtual reality system although when related to bear is only available exclusively with some currently in 2012 it launched an edition for the xbox 360 which broke 4 and It is official but you can even nintendo switch in September 2014 Microsoft announced an agreement to buy Mueang and the intellectual property of Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars and two months the portrait was closed very well it became part of Microsoft and night it left the company next to several sides when last night he was questioned why the company was selling to him Microsoft his response in a blog was I love games and I love programming but I don't make games with the intention that they become great successes and I don't try to change the world I have become a symbol I do not want to be a symbol I do not want to be responsible for something enormous that I do not understand and that I do not want to work on it is not for money it is for my mental health I understand it by selling man listen to me if I were night if I were night and I had 2.3 million dollars or euros, well it would really be half because the government burns half of the treasury but it doesn't matter a billion dollars a billion if I love the game I would try to make the best game The story in plan is that sometimes it wouldn't work because the game is like being a citizen, for example that has a foundation of trembling sides, they have been given like 500 million dollars, something like that is always there like doing it and it seems that it will never end to the objective like that. that but I would try to do something with so much money imagine you could do anything planted a hobby you could make it perfect god shiva could make minecraft could make once it surpasses between minecraft gta all the best games history put them together there the web price is going but if it were he would do that to us he mentioned to us as soon as this deal is over we will leave yankee i will go back to doing little web experiments if i accidentally do something that seems to gain traction they will probably do it last night now well enjoy his wealth and twitter but in a hermit way he has mentioned to us that He is not a sociable person, but that does not prevent him from being critical of the direction Minecraft is going on Twitter.
He has mentioned that 2019 has been a very bad year for the game and has reminded fans that Minecraft is not theirs. from a company or a developer still without freedom, woke up updating minecraft constantly but now there is this video when you want to see June 3 saleh wholesale studio nights super happy on twitter like saying that he really likes the series that the minecraft people are making you don't follow how much it is how to like minecraft also the night I thinkquebet and a PC in his house of 100 million dollars and this play mike until the day of gas saying I didn't remember that he had put this block here interesting at least with one update each year being the most recent 1.14 released on April 23 Friends, it's nice that this new update improved the villages that we are going to announce more years ago because 3 hours ago we can find looms barrels smokers with incredible graphics and nothing is known you can still find around 300 Fernández and Drouot Blanca Robert views in the episode cut back apart from those 388 phrases known as squash screens exist as the plantations are exclusive that you can find exclusively in the special version the happy birthday splash was not removed from the main screen of its release from moyano in fact everything related to he or almost everything was eliminated from the game there is a minimum probability so I had this shirt you remember guys what you saw with this shirt says an important video with this brand I feel again I agree what it was everything was eliminated from the game there is a minimum probability of 0.01 percent that main appears on your home screen will be instead of this it is not a game it was a way to add a little more options and customization to the game but well that was not very necessary everyone can be customized even more and that is that in main clear the person thanks to this video hello how is that the wave of comments are very in the beta edition it has customizable skins of power rangers now I am the the wall and a friend got into the Serbian had the skin and captain america and It was the super only adventure time in the super leader man star wars mass effect and the simpsons ay karam talking about adventure time cartoon network and mullen made a fairly favorable agreement for both parties that questioned in a pack of skins and textures of the jungle for minecraft and an episode of minecraft in adventure time the episode titled diamonds and lemons shows us fini jake living in the universe virtually and also an episode of minecraft from getting diamonds to fighting in the lego toy company also made of blocks and cubes has made several minecraft toys from figures to the super flavor to diomedes complete the most downloaded texture for minecraft up to this moment was created by the user carol in 2011 and is a number version of the realistic photos and is so real that it makes you feel very uncomfortable it is ugly I hope from this texture park that you are telling me what you are telling me well double the beauty this text the bread until this moment was created by the user carol in 2011 and it is a map of textures realistic photos and it is so real that makes you feel very uncomfortable which he is the one who downloaded the most also from 2011 of the user and not of damages to the 97 is the diamond murderer you do it morgado 178 thousand 595 times how much how much it only seems little to me 178 thousand this person of each one youtube the It has this skin, it looks very similar to Stacks, it looks very similar sometimes.
If you wonder how big a Minecraft map can be, we can tell you that its dimensions are those of a giant box. Its coordinates are almost 30 million blocks long. each one 29 million 999 thousand 984 million blocks for the people left in the end there will be more mathematical calculations we know that you have heard the term chang if said union measures 16 by 16 blocks in surface but with an altitude of 256 blocks it serves perfectly to divide maps in manageable pieces and each one has a utility some are displayed in many others guard dungeons or mines and others help the generation of slams in one in ten shows you can find claims to be exact below layer 40 regardless of the light level what's on the map is a simple algorithm this one cubic meter it seems that the height got a little out of hand one meter lol vast and wonderful and many new biomes have been added with the updates there are at this point 67 languages ​​in the main world 1 in the ether 5 in the 10 and 2 that will not be exclusive in the relevant version all this gives a total of 75 different biomes as is an impressive number of languages ​​we will name them by their categories those echoes aquatic biomes unknown languages ​​the snowy biomes They include tundra, taiga, frozen rivers and a year-round espígol biome, two stone columns as well as wolves.
A temperate biome is without a doubt anyone who has a forest, and dry biomes include deserts, savannahs and snowfields, which are very complicated biomes. finding the aquatic biomes are quite new because previously you didn't know how to do anything or almost nothing in the oceans of the game now you can follow earthen corals and sunken ships or the person who is receiving this video comment uses the world generator but to be honest no It is very interesting to access and due to its limitation since you will not achieve anything. At the end of the game after defeating the ebb dragon and crossing the exit portal, a poem appears with an incredible duration of nine and a half minutes.
The poem is a dialogue that It exalts all the achievements of the player and was written by Julian Go, novelist and comedian Hernández, but we are forgetting what you are seeing in the YouTube comments. The hostile ones exist a total of 65 modes, all of these 27 are hostile, so be very careful and promote them. Let's see and what did that do? It has to be something from a mother who at 16 or 17 are hostile so this is a black skeleton I am as you can see how scary and this doesn't do things here that I don't I didn't understand a blonde panda bear say hello to me I love you but not for true try to look for a parrot in the jungle and tame it mega student to the guides to call it federico the parakeet these are my last bits but they were worth it smiling face a wolf from the jungle with cookies or seeds u federico the parakeet we have that the jungle stops to the panda cats it was decided to freeze area and we have to start with the most popular of all the ways the explosive kripper the clipper was born thanks last night and was originally the result of a terrible apology 100 april thanks for summarizing this video they did not make money again with This is the popularity because it is a highly recognized marketing image.
Most of the Minecraft advertising articles have the face of a repairman. The game Geometry Das has recognized this popularity that the creever has, which is why it turned its face into an icon of the game. You can heal a skeleton or a zombie but with the healing position you can damage the zombie skeletons the rarest way that can appear in minecraft are skills that cats get in the week and men adopted as how to pass hello youtube to which upload this video I just want to tell you that your mom is a man and you are adopted ander man they are just people saying hello how you are slowed down and played in reverse and distorted and everyone there killing them because they scare you night mentioned that leander man is heavily based on es Lenderman however couldn't find a better name for him because he was also designing the em biome and only removed two letters from the name of slade and danielle rosenfeld aka cee 418 this is the chlorine music saw they foresee the united of farriers gas sounds are made by your sleeping cat is the flower if your cat starts to notice something while sleeping he starts making these strange sounds of 418 he just had to bring the microphone closer the texture of the with my cat entity the sound of the gas threw him through the window he has not mentioned if the guardians are his guardian move and we believe that they are you believe that nothing can be damaged in floor mode the flames are the only ones that can inflict damage it would be somewhat humiliating to be killed by a flame in minecraft it means in the journal is true and many people are worse off Norwegians who will swim in a way they are not going to pretend that they are in their natural habitat you can make a helmet made of a turtle in the game wait hang up the phone and don't call peta the turtle helmets are made of shields that are elements that baby turtles leave you when you take them to the ocean allows them to grow and become adult turtles minecraft is a friendly game with marine animals although people say it is real hero brain does not exist in rock but you can summon it thanks to a mod what is real is that the engine to face your worst you have to try this unit simple child a kripper charged with electricity may not feel a single explosion start around 72 and a half hearts in hard mode and if we know which does not have 72 hearts in the game but the damage it generates is massive and is approved under algorithm hello around 208 different blocks and no we are not counting the variations of each block in the possible quartz stone or wood the blocks are divided into natural blocks which are those generated by the game map plants manufactured blocks that can be obtained well there are around 184 items in the game and we repeat we are not counting the variation of each of the items such as armor and tools or weapons the types of items are raw items which are acquired from mouse or blocks manufactured items potions food seeds tools armor used by the core actions and commission items asked why your pickaxe will break the wooden ones at 59 uses the stone ones in front we are going to put kids but you We are going to make the bulleted miniature that this video protects.
You can capture it in 31, the iron ones in 250 and the diamond ones with 1500 people to help them help them. In fact, if you use a tool for anything other than its general use, you will be wasting it. twice as much if you find diamond in mineral form it will take 0.6 seconds to obtain it with a diamond pickaxe and 15 seconds to chop it with your hand although of course the latter is not possible although this is worse with obsidian it will take 9.4 seconds with a non-enchanted diamond pickaxe and if you could chop obsidian with your hand it would take 250 seconds.
I might think that the block of notes is the most useless block. Well, different under it, a different musical instrument will sound. For example, if you put an emerald block, the notes will sound in 8 bits until 29. September 2018, Minecraft has sold 159 million copies on all platforms, making it the second best-selling video game of all time and the next largest video game franchise, and in all of history, Tetris takes first place while Third place goes to Grand Theft Auto 5, that same one has sold GTA 5 more than Minecraft. I don't believe it. Let's see. No, it doesn't add up to me.
Salamanca literally lowered everyone to these people with cell phones. Yes, it's true. that many people who have bought the gta 5 plan this is talking about my experience there are many people that I know okay what I did was I bought it on the play 3 or the play3 fire the one that sat agree yes yes yes in the play 3 later I bought it in play 4 and then I started and I think I bought it twice I started, that is, I think I bought the game a total of 4 times four times to the third I tell you and the 10th best-selling video game franchise of all history the first place its last times and the tenth video game franchise is more all of history the first place takes it was given more while the third place goes to grand theft auto 5 that same year minecraft made a joke for the air france full of usa in which the textures were updated to make them cleaner, colorful, simplified and real photos and martos, the hydrated result was a culture of avilés that automatically improved the quality of the entire game, returning to its sales numbers daily minecraft It sells 53 thousand copies of the game.
Do you know of a game that has the same sales? The most fun thing about analyzing Minecraft sales is that there are four recorded purchases of the video game in Antarctica. We believed that there the Internet was not good at all. There are only 10 Minecraft books. official from guides for the game encyclopedias of its operation but everything that most of the books that you can find about minecraft are restrictions so if you come across that book of jokes for minecraft eros not what you think seems like the book others are going to copy the cover is white, skin aside, they have copied the cover, I praised the cover of the book, everyone has copied the cover of the book, troll to make jokes for minecraft, ers, it's the same, you count on that book of jokes for minecraft, it was double with luxury and minimal colors, black, yellow, blue Clearly, it is the same blue dot, it is the same blue dot, it is the same blue dot as when the guide is done, man, pay attention and pay attention to do the definitive test, you are going to freak out, pay attention and pay attention, let's open it, this is Photoshop, okay, adults, it seems not. verbal here this cake compared if now we see how this was done in color control you cannot see the color code wait for something else this is this is not a little darker it is the same it is the same out of context but you should watch this video because lol well I should report it for virtual twist sorry user understand it is because it is the most viewed with 176 billion views curiously we have seen it related to minecraft on the internet surpassing the same trailer of the game and the classic minecraft rap in 2018 the book Guinness record made four different minecraft challenges including fastest time to build a castle in creative mode fastest time to build a rocket in survival mode free time or to duel with 10 horses in survivor mode and fastest time to build an igloo in survival mode minecraft has an educational version specifically designed for use in a classroom education 2016 periodic available to create reactions curiously it is not the first time that minecraft has been used for educational purposes the danish government recreated everythingdenmarkinside minecraft and hosts the real one o denmark is very small o minecraft is huge triumph of the danish government it did not last long a group of american users vandalized the server they dynamited mud and filled it with american flags that's why we can't have nice things because there are also a very strong minecraft for china this version was the essential value of 217 and its gameplay is exactly the same as the bedrock versions and it is just that translated into mandarin curiously this chinese version is completely free currently minecraft is so powerful and versatile that you can find real works of art on the maps created by users the user mister squeeze and for example he built a functional version of rural pokemon within minecraft the most incredible thing is that it took 21 months for this project with a complex system of nested command blocks no but but but but what does the boss say at the moment he has not put a plan in place this has to be healthy not prime minister squeeze and for example within minecraft a final function version of rural pokemon the most incredible thing is that it took 21 months for this project but it will be taken an emulator I don't suppose you have taken an emulator and the miners behind it were for the engines no this everything works according to a system of nested command blocks after the tremendous success that dewolfe mangos had telltale games and mueang teamed up to create a video game al telltale style of minecraft the result was minecraft story mod released in 2015 its second season was released in 2017 unfortunately im mouse did not have the success that was expected they were mixed and a possible reboot of the game was left on the air well most likely not telltale games closed in 2018 and is currently still paying the salaries of its employees, if there are 3, it is something that I am not very sure it supports, okay, if it were in the plan, if a mixture of minecraft raised the issue of open world survival and such as a simple story but you didn't have a story back that they are literally going to tell in a minecraft designer a kripper came and blew up my house and you can go to the clippers cave to kill them hartford is something that won't happen minecraft will have a movie in 2022 the film will be produced and distributed by warner and will be directed by peter sollett director of nic in work infinite livez the film is scheduled to be released on march 4 but you don't have to wait long to get something new from minecraft the spin will be out soon. off minecraft tom jones a role-playing game this year at the time action generated and promises to be a very different leap from what we are used to minecraft seems to be like a dialogue or something like that I'm going to watch this video why

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