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ROSS MARQUAND (TWD, AVENGERS) Panel – Awesome-Con Online 2020

Jul 17, 2023
savior, that was just great because it was such. a wonderful opportunity to like him I really need to get to know Andy on a deeper level, we were together obviously in several episodes but it was like a standalone episode for the two of us and it was just great, it was so much fun talking to him about life and you meet his family and everything was such a crazy, bucolic, peaceful moment so many times off set while this death of destruction was present, but I also really liked the whisper of battle this year, the fight that we saw in the episode with Negan.
ross marquand twd avengers panel awesome con online 2020
I liked your episode. I need, oh yeah, yeah, I mean we've had, I mean, that battle episode this year was so beautifully shot and orchestrated and I feel like we got some of the cool stuff that we were basically trying to largely emulate the Battle of the ambassadors and oh, hello, John, hello, you're doing well. I actually met you in Columbus, Ohio, a few years ago, five years ago, yeah, I volunteered and worked at your booth, yeah, God, that's true, five years ago, yeah, and when that was before Red Skull . and I'm a big MTU fan and when I saw you on screen with Red Skull I got so excited, congratulations, thank you, thank you, that's


, so with the multiverse of madness approaching, what do you think we're going to do?
ross marquand twd avengers panel awesome con online 2020

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ross marquand twd avengers panel awesome con online 2020...

Are we going to see Red Skull again? Oh, I have no idea. Can't. Really I can not. I can't talk to that guy. Could I know? Because I do not know. I hope he comes back because I feel like you know it like I do. I've read in several interviews with the Russo brothers and the writers have talked about the notion that once the soul stone has been released in Infinity War Oh, everyone froze for you, okay, thanks, oh um, once in Infinity War or once. he and Soul Stone were freed. Faye knows that in the first movie there is a timeline where Red Skull is free and can fly now, he can probably breathe in space, so he could probably return to Earth if he had a vendetta that he still has left. in front of. choose with Captain America or he might want to do something completely different, maybe he just wants to adventure through the cosmos, but there's a virgin, a perversion of his that's flying, he's totally free of a soul stone, so I mean, there's all of them. these different multiverses that exist now and I think it would be really fascinating to explore what's happening with all these different characters now that the stones have been returned and I also thought it would be really interesting to do a standalone movie with Cap returning all the stones, you know, because when he jumps into the time machine at the end of a game, you know he leaves for a second and then comes back as an old man, but I think it would be very interesting to see what happens each time. him returning those stones like that would be a fascinating movie in itself.
ross marquand twd avengers panel awesome con online 2020
I think you know, yeah, with Cat Cat and Red Skull. I mean, he would have to return the skull and stone to Red Skull and he actually means exactly that, I mean. I wonder if Red Stone already has the ambition and I don't know if they have bad blood, you know, Cat probably does, but I think Red Skull is cursed with infinite knowledge so you might not care about revenge at all . That's a great question but I hope he comes back we'll see fingers c


ed yeah great singing again beast to be okay oh hey hey sure hey hello how are you?
ross marquand twd avengers panel awesome con online 2020
How about you? I'm fine, okay, uh, it's like a two. -Partial question, but do you think Aaron will tell Gracie that she's not his real father? Oh, I think he probably already knows that. I think the best thing I like about Aaron and Gracie's relationship is that it doesn't exist. There doesn't seem to be much sweetening, you know? I don't think, I don't think Aaron is trying to say things to Gracie just to make her feel better. I think she is very aware of the threat beyond what could really happen. I think that growing up, you probably have to be taught early on the real dangers of the world and I would like to think that Aaron would be a good enough father to not know how to lie about certain things, especially how to be his father, and I think that To begin with, I know that Grace is a curious person by nature, so she would probably ask a lot of questions about do you know where my mom is and then naturally I would tell her you know, just so you know that this is what really happened, we saved you from something pretty bad .
The situation could have killed your father, but he probably would have hidden it. I'd like to think he would have hidden that part because that's not helpful to Gracie, but yeah, I don't think there are many secrets between them. The two of them, so that's a great question and I can ask the second question, it's a short one for sure, what is it like working with the cast and all the special effects? Oh my gosh, and those things, yeah, the cast is honestly, I think what are they? the best cast ever assembled for a television show.
I mean, it's amazing the amount of dedication and hard work that all the cast members put into this show day in and day out. You know you're working 15 hours a day most days. the team is literally the best team I've ever worked with with Greg Nicotero and his team at K&B, all the special effects makeup people, they do such a good job and you know when you look at some of these walkers up close, they look like zombies real, you know? So it's hard or not to be a little afraid of them when you see them up close and personal, and what you see on the screen is exactly what we see.
There's very little manipulation and I think the practical effects that Greg and his team put into the show make the show that much better, you know, so yeah, yeah, it sure is a pleasure to see you baby, well, you too, take care oh sorry I'm a good zombie mummy zombie hello I met you a couple of years ago. Years ago, in 2017, you're saying you sent Karl Popper to my daughter's backyard in California by the pool, so my question to you is with the robotic arm and all, what kind of device do you think Erin would want? have convex in the next season?
I thought it would be fun to have a Swiss army, yeah I think it would be cool to have a bayonet attachment. I certainly have been. I've been asking Angela. They are shown as a kind of war rain accessory, but how? People like something else, like a weapon accessory that could be put on their weapon and that could be used because you know it's such a cool gadget, but like with it when it's just the hand, it's just the hand, of course, We know what the labyrinth is, that's incredible. but as you know, I was saying before that if you scratch your face, you call out to your God because it becomes bad, so having different attachments, I think through what you think, I mean, I like the idea of ​​the flamethrower, but what?
What else do you have, like a weapon, maybe? gun accessory with the bayonet attached these in the lemon or at least even 12 will say yes yes we will see you again oh you too I hope you stay safe and maybe by a pool but I'm just trying to enjoy fresh air and everything. You know this very well, stay safe, be safe and have a good time until next time, okay, bye, oh, oh, Ross, do you want to have one more? I think we have time for one more if you have anything. It's definitely okay, let's grab someone else here, hey, Donovan Harold, like it's easy.
Oh, okay, we've got someone cute up there. Sam, yeah, you got it, so I'm going to turn on your camera. Federica, yes, I'm finally here. Me too, how are you? You're okay, how are you? I'm okay a little stressed from work to work, but I'm okay. My question is when do you have to feel. Do you have a new ritual before filming? Do you have any rituals? Anything you do before? filming, oh yeah, often on location, you know, I learned this from Andy, but he used to do this a little bit in college, when he had to prepare me for something.
I was doing a lot of push-ups and I just stopped. I did it for a long time, probably just because he wasn't working on anything and I didn't know you had a reason to keep it up, but I forgot how much it gets you out of your head and actually gets you into it. you're in your body and it makes you more present so you know we would drop down and Andy would do it, sometimes Steven Yeun will do it too and he'll just get off and start doing 20 30 pushups right before you start and just the act of doing Get out of your head for a second, putting all your energy into your body, it sounds simple and a little stupid, but simply doing push-ups right before drinking sometimes clears up better than anything else and of course we get a lot of screaming.
We have a lot of people on the show who like to scream at the top of their lungs right before it's necessary, I guess they get out of their heads too, so no, I don't know if that will work. for you, but he screams and does push-ups, yeah, okay, okay, and I have another quick question, how much of your behavior do you put into our own characters? I name it quite a bit and I don't want to put too much of He's in there because I want to have some separation when I eat spinach during the day and not confuse my psyche too much by marrying a lot of those personalities, but I put up with a good amount in there because I need, I need to connect. . to the character, but most of it is on the page, you know, I mean, once I got the role, I called Scott Gimple and I just said, you know how much you want me to take from the comics and he said, you know Robert Kirkman has done.
Fantastic job, you know, developing all of these characters, borrow and steal as much as you want and please embrace the broad strokes of the character as much as you can because we want comic fans to really connect with this character. right away because he's such an iconic comic book character and when he walks off the field, you know, he meets Rick and Abraham, it's a great comedic moment, so he's like, "I know the fans, we'll be looking forward to seeing it." Make sure you've infused as much comics into the character's wall as possible while also making it your own.
That's all. Thank you, of course, it's a pleasure to see you. I hope you are well in Italy, don't be too late, oh that. oh you're we I think we're I think we're right there so if you want to end with something else thank you for taking the time and spending some time with us on our fans today we really appreciate it. and thank you to everyone who tuned in, you know this is a really strange time and there will be many challenges to face, we will all have to come together and help each other, so I just want to thank you Ron and everyone who organized this and to the Red C


please help as much as you can, with whatever you can, donate to the Red Cross and any organization that is going to help with coronavirus relief, because we will need all the help we can give them, so yes, thank you , thank you, thank you and I also want to thank our interpreters, they have both been doing a wonderful job this whole time interpreting everyone's questions, so thank you.
We both know this is not an easy thing to do and sometimes these questions come at a million miles an hour and you just answer them, so we appreciate you being


, great, great, thanks for that. Ross will let you go and we're done. We're going to start over with our next yes here in a couple of minutes, so everyone at the virtual microphone just hold on and as soon as our other guest gets here, we'll go ahead and start. Yes, it looks like our guest will start. All the best to Zach Zach if you can turn on your camera I miss you and your beard is here waiting for you to bring it to Texas Ross bring your beard to Texas sweet tones thanks man yeah well I'll let you do it it's a un very funny bit oh you're the best thanks for being a sport enjoy guys we'll talk soon bye guys bye hello I'm Aaron Ashmore and you're watching Phantom Spotlight.
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