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Ronaldo lässt das Old Trafford beben: Man United – Villarreal 2:1 | UEFA Champions League | DAZN

Oct 23, 2022
So after four months, these two teams are once again welcome to the new edition of the Europa League Finals between Manchester United and FC via real Jette, that is, the duel in the premier class and for Manchester United It is about stopping the negative trend in three of the last 40 games, he lost them on the second attempt, a great save by David Decher and no offside for the Dutchman and before that, it would have been seen that Dalos complained that he was alone on his side and almost moreno torres jardin takes the own goal on his way out each time a little more torres that's central defense trigueros dino dino it's still tino the gentleman and they can thank him for that it continues 0:0 here is a supercard from david the gentleman and now he demands more momo and more courage on his part team for the second best half time at Manchester United, its captain Bruno Werner, yes, the game takes everyone in gregoros and now he hit a cheeky third chance, then he uses Pac or alcacer and then guy with the prep work of course then Yuma got involved and no wonder the coup went away so that was an opportunity for many of the days very effective better start late Paco alcacer and that It is Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction and goodbye, what a great goal Alex is at all risks and I think I announce it in advance because he is playing his first game in a long time as a representative of Luxor from the start and then he shoots a pad volley with a heart with confidence himself and greenwoods Ronaldo and Cavani in the middle Casani and even Edinson Cavani didn't expect that so the class Crossing here and now I think it's very easy Mandi still with the new ball Gomez tries it himself the next big chance and the David's first little mistake the herd then didn't hold the ball clear chances more for it would be real but now the g wobbles same cavani sub that is edinson cavani all back fred


lingard oh no oh no oh oh Manchester United that's unbelievable that it doesn't exist in their anniversary game almost at the last second and now it's game over the winner of the match is Cristiano Ronaldo
ronaldo l sst das old trafford beben man united villarreal 2 1 uefa champions league dazn

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