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Roma v Feyenoord (4-1 AET) | Peak Jose Mourinho scenes at the end! | Europa League Highlights

Apr 22, 2023


leaders Feyenoord have a goal advantage and a lot to say about it, but let me tell you, it's a crackling atmosphere that will welcome the visitors. cristanto volley which is inches wide wow he kept it low he just couldn't hit the target on the road overall as for rome still here here's his hand punch for fine order super safe from Patricio not sure he knew much about it but he kept him out yeah I think he just hit him he's absolutely right the first time he comes across him belotti trying to get Hanko to headbutt him oh, look at that urante with Jimenez, now, what's going to happen here now?
roma v feyenoord 4 1 aet peak jose mourinho scenes at the end europa league highlights
I think Jimenez is doing a lot of this that he was right in front of the fourth official getting straight cards that it's not for a player it's for


's assistant he's been showing the other car meanwhile madrasi's shot comes back to the march trader shimansky whoa patrick had to turn that away wow for a moment i thought we made it his own final net order 45 minutes from revenge but right away here is zalevsky for the hosts oh and off the post how hasn't that anchored it's a smart ball oh and he Jimenez was fully stretched so that's his long shot but he's got a little touch that wouldn't use Pellegrini then he goes down and then Scott Depot has the Advance for Rome to level him on aggregate giving away spinach Abraham wanted it there Abraham is downed and there's Chris Dante but it won't count the whistle has already blown for the push against Tammy Abraham Fortune skate in a step outside the Olympian has silenced the Brazilian substitute there are child legs in the red jerseys also the magic continues He is going strong although there is al-sharawi hello Greenie who believes that he has produced Dybala when he rides even when he is not one hundred percent that is what he can do that is what Jose Mourinho sent him and he has rescued him with a minute of the 90s to go Danilo wants it and he gets it there and then overs the Mexican knows that it was a great opportunity from a distance Balo from Palace doesn't take advantage of it Balo from Palace delivers what a great leap Abraham well was the one who reacted faster after Ibanez had hit to the post but almost 10 minutes into the first half of extra time Abraham shoots Dybala Pellegrini Abraham trying to stay on the side he did it oh what a ball the shot of the shirawi worked very well and could be a goal of enormous magnitude for


he was on the loose and if any are holding on to him dybala abraham beat pellegrini follow up scene but will not count anthony taylor points out goal will not stand yes i think tammy abraham could have been offside in the first instant, oh, he has scored a goal.
roma v feyenoord 4 1 aet peak jose mourinho scenes at the end europa league highlights

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roma v feyenoord 4 1 aet peak jose mourinho scenes at the end europa league highlights...

Given the goal that Pellegrini scored, Roma can really celebrate, yes, all of Mourinho singing his name, love him, foreigner. they went into extra time they turned the screw they lit the night and sent Roma interruptus and another European semifinal
roma v feyenoord 4 1 aet peak jose mourinho scenes at the end europa league highlights

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