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Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR (3810) In-Depth Review

Jun 10, 2021
Focus, okay, screen, type, when you click on this, you can select Auto Detect 720. I mean, you can go up to your device 4k max again. Unfortunately I don't have a 4k device so I can't test that accessibility. There are many accessibility options. I'm not going to go through all of them, but I just want you to know that they are here, you have subtitle mode off, on when replying, they are always on, subtitle preferences, you can select your preferred language and then the subtitle style that you can deepen. There are many styles you can choose in the audio, volume menu, so what is this?
roku streaming stick hd 4k hdr 3810 in depth review
It's actually that little clicking sound that you might not hear because I have a lapel mic on, but that's what you can change, so I hope you heard that audio mode. I just leave it on auto stereo again, it comes out of the box as well as the audio preferred language again, you can select and HDMI I have it Auto Select, you can go in here and do additional things, this is really one you shouldn't Don't mess with that unless you really know what you're doing so that's the audio home screen so this again is where I said you can remove the featured content so if you don't want the free featured content to appear you can come here and hide it or You can go down here to the Fandango movie store and hide that and the shortcuts that we're going to leave, but I'll go back to the home button so you can see.
roku streaming stick hd 4k hdr 3810 in depth review

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roku streaming stick hd 4k hdr 3810 in depth review...

I've adjusted that menu a little bit so that The next thing we're going to go back to the settings is   your payment method, which actually shows a little bit of your payment method, it shows the   last four digits of your credit card. I really wish they wouldn't do that, there's no reason to have this on Roku. They never used to have this. I'm a little upset that it's there now so the payment method can be updated directly from Roku. No, privacy is very important, but my camera doesn't want to focus. Let's back this up. up privacy this is below advertising I'm trying to get the camera focus which you really don't want but this is important you want to come here to this one that says Limit tracking you're going to turn that one on because that means they won't be able to direct ads to you you and you can reset your destination identifier if you wish.
roku streaming stick hd 4k hdr 3810 in depth review
From here, the microphone can choose what happens, so if something is going to access your microphone, it means that on the remote you can say "Always tell me." allow or never allow I prefer to be notified so I know what is happening. Same with channel permissions. If you had allowed a specific channel to have permission to your information, you would go in there and be able to reset it. Aid. This is something new you need to know. something is right here, they have the Roku launch because this is a tips and tricks channel so you can come in here and check if you are having problems with your Roku in any way, shape or form, it is a general FAQ table, the last thing we did You will go down here to the system that you have that again you have sensitive information about, when you get your location and then format again, coming here will allow you to change it, you set it automatically or manually.
roku streaming stick hd 4k hdr 3810 in depth review
I would just suggest leaving it set. It automatically controls all the devices you have with a single touch, which will mean that if your TV detects power from the Roku device, it will automatically ask you to switch back to the language of the Roku device. A large number of languages ​​that you can choose from the screen mirroring that you can enter. here and set up screen mirroring again, it will tell you always or never and then screen mirroring devices none or you can enter here and set up system update of your mirrored device. It shows you the last time I checked and then the last time it updated if it's for Whatever reason it doesn't do it automatically when you turn on the Roku like it's supposed to, you can go in here and refresh your Roku system reset , only you can restart your system's guest mode.
Turning this on will allow you to hypothetically if I give this to my mother-in-law asked her to log into her subscription services without overriding my subscription services, it's a nice feature to have if you're going to lend her to someone or ask the babysitter to come over. through advanced system settings, factory reset means that you will erase the device and it will be just as it was at the factory. To do this, you have to enter a PIN code that spins and is actually down there, so you would have to put it in factory reset and resetting the network connection, if you needed to refresh your network connection.
This is where you can do it from the bi mobile app network access control set in the default advanced display settings. Again, these are more detailed features that you shouldn't have to play with, but I'm just showing you where they are in case, for whatever reason, you want people to know about them. Third party licenses are just licenses and information about them and that's really the end of all the system stuff, which brings us back to networking. So that's all of our settings, so we're back home, that was a little longer than I thought it would be, but that's the Roku UI for the Roku 4k


If you have other Roku devices, they are all more or less the same. So if this is your first, you can take what you learn here and use it on another Roku device. One of the main reasons I keep coming back to Roku is because of that interface and just the simplicity of its usability, but it's completely standout enough for me not to be a power user, but rather someone looking for a few more options. Now I will say that the Roku device surprisingly while


Netflix in HD gets a little hot. but it's not very hot considering there are no vents to let the heat out, which is partly because the antennas are located on that cable and not on the device itself, another reason I really like the from Roku, they are platform independent, which means they are not beholden to Google, Apple and Amazon, they want to play everything.
I admit they are kind of an ad-supported platform now, but if you follow my instructions in the UI you can mitigate the amount of data you are charged at least to make personalized ads it's a small trade-off to be able to not have to worry if Netflix will be supported if Google Play videos will be supported for that level of convenience I will deal with the small amount of ad tracking, as I said before, if you know a B


UI you know it too, if you ever want to upgrade you can go to a Roku set-top device and still know exactly how to use it;
However, this particular form factor is excellent. For small places where you may not be able to place the decoder or for traveling, this is great for traveling and you can take it to a hotel room. I mean, even if you just bring this, the cable and the Roku you don't even have to bring that because the Roku app has a built-in remote and you can travel light and be able to watch whatever you want on the go and not have to look on your smartphone or on a laptop that you can use. the nice big TV in your hotel room, so the big question is, hey, that sounds great and all, but how much does this cost?
Well this is what happened last year, when I


ed the non 4k version, the price was between 50 and 40 dollars, well guess what happens now? The 4k device here costs between $50 and $40 if you can find it on sale. The 4k streaming device is the same price as the old non-4k streaming device a year ago. There's no reason to do it unless you want to save, probably like $10 on the old version to not get 4k   you're setting yourself up for the future, you're getting a great device. I mean, if you haven't gotten the idea   I like Roku as a company.
I like the Roku streaming device here and would love it more if I had it. 4k TV, but it's not in the cards at the moment. If you've had any reservations about choosing this over a fire


, I would recommend it over a fire


, although unfortunately Amazon's firestick products are the only ones that play Twitch stuff at the moment. So if you're in the Twitch universe, you might have to look elsewhere, but for everything else, Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and all the big streaming services, plus others you probably don't even know about, I can find them using that channel store, Roku Streaming Stick. is where it is, so I've been Wanderer001.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the area below and as always, thanks for watching.

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