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Rocket Pack Shoots Man Up Nearly A Mile High In First Vertical Takeoff | NBC Nightly News

Feb 18, 2020
stay away it's been a sci-fi promise for generations the jet


warned by The Rocketeer James Bond even those Mandalorians gotta get one of those but what just happened in the real world with this


take human flight , two new


-jumping flasks, let's pilot Vince Rifai and the




of its kind from Dubai shooting almost a



before pulling a parachute a dramatic breakthrough in the sensational story of humans strapping Jets to their bodies for over half a century, who can forget the 1984 Olympic Games? Last year's Bastille Day games in France every year, more and more people see Ironman dreams come to life, while the smaller spectacular wingless suits are limited and how fast and far they can fly, while the Dubai's Jet Minh team has focused on speed and distance when launching. from helicopters before super manning through cannons and alongside planes to today his jet wing was too powerful to launch from the ground but now showing mankind's new ability to take to the sky ngati schwartz NBC News NBC Fans News thanks for visiting our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button here and click on any of the videos here to see the latest talk show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
rocket pack shoots man up nearly a mile high in first vertical takeoff nbc nightly news

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