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Roc-A-Fella Documentary I Part 1: Rise Of A Dynasty

May 31, 2021
Let's try this guru yeah yeah so I stopped my fucking news I put the bomb in my sock so the cops can't locate the valve I ain't freshly dressed but I got a smile Colgate Rockefeller Records there's a difference between teams and dynasties, a team is composed. of individuals coming together for a common goal but then you have dynasties which are a team or individual dominating their profession for an extended period of time a good way to break this down is to compare this to dynasties and sports where you have the bulls the 90's and the tom brady era of the patriots both teams were very dominant in their era and they both had a star they are tom brady and mj the rock star was jay-z as we all know what they had the bulls and the patriots They were players who they were there to win, now people who were ready to be in the spotlight at a moment's notice and then they had young guns, no pun intended, people they were trying to moan so that one day they could grow up and take over the throne if you. i'm familiar with rockefeller then you know who fits those positions and then if you don't you'll soon find out the sad thing about dynasties or sadly almost all of them have to come to an end no king can rule forever even though he might well is is that the legacy of those dynasties will live on forever through the members of that


and the people who will always have memories of those glory days that started rock because a lot of people went over to jay-z and he couldn't get a record deal years later he became one of the biggest stars in the music industry proving people who doubted him sorely wrong two teams passed jordan and many teams passed brady before i dive deeper into the video, though I'd just like to thank you guys for coming to watch this because you guys might be doing a million other things right now, but instead you're here with me and I appreciate it if you like the content, they should comment and subscribe to the channel. to all the comments and i love checking them out and see what you guys think also please follow my instagram that would be greatly appreciated you can send me some video ideas or just show me some love especially for this series like tell me what you think. this series, but really, though we want to need you guys to really support this


, man, and I put in a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of time researching like a lot of time because this is what you guys wanted. it really takes a long time to do like all this research and many of you know I'm in college so doing all this while going to school full time is crazy time consuming and I do all the research myself editing the recording, etc., so I'm doing my best to give everyone what they want.
roc a fella documentary i part 1 rise of a dynasty
People asked me for a jay-z doc kanye doc beanie doc etc and I thought why not pair them with something everyone is tied to? what is rockefeller this will be a three


series with the fir the first


is about the


the second part is about the peak and the third part is about the fall i want to need you to show and tell your mom your boyish side chick butt chick bro cousins ​​all that stuff about this dog man like real real i know i ask you to like them and stuff in every video but if there was a video where i really wanted you to do that it would be this one please share it I will especially say that I will do my best. to report the different perspectives of all the people who were there during the time of the events, i will be reporting sometimes and putting my opinion comment under your favorite artist or group in rock and why favorite project favorite mixtape what was it like back then, all of that, depending on how well this video does, depends on how fast part two is throwing them out, and that's the true representation of where they are in the comments section below.
roc a fella documentary i part 1 rise of a dynasty

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roc a fella documentary i part 1 rise of a dynasty...

I want to see where everyone is. they're tuning in and especially if you're in new york it definitely represents where you're from without further ado i give you the rockefeller




has its beginning and rockefeller is no different the founders of the label were dame dash kareem biggs burke and sean carter aka jay- z both dame and biggs hailed from harlem in manhattan and jay-z from brooklyn jay in the late 1980s and early 1990s was an up and coming rapper who was featured in the jazz video and song hawaiian sofie o in 1989. jazzo was from the same projects like jay-z which many of us already know are the projects of marcy jazz was a friend and mentor of jay and was there for much of jay's early career until the fallout in 2002 which we will address in the next episode jazz and jay were in a short lived group in the mid 80's called high potent here's a clip of the track hp gets busy now we all know i try to stay away from jazz stuff the street and i really try to focus on the music if you are a fan of jay-z or at least either familiar with his history or a at least familiar with his music from the beginning to the middle of his career you can find a great amount of references to drugs and hustle at the time jay was with jazz he had been dabbling in both music and the drug game jazz is quoted telling the truth to i tell you we both went in and we go out when bro talks about spending 88 money on dead presidents you know 88 was the year also cant mention jay-z past in the drug game not to mention dehaven who is also from the mercy projects and in jay's own words from the song on december 4th from his album the black where jay said dehaven got him into the drug game he and dehaven would have a bit of a fight too but more on that later, now we will. getting into dame dash and growing up dame was nothing short of a hustler at a young age he swept the floors of barber shops and sold newspapers to buy sneakers and t-shirts as a teenager he was a young guy and he was even having more money than some adult lady he would be a troublemaker who gets kicked out of many schools and even in one of those schools you got kicked out for parking in the principal's parking spot like you want to talk about a straight savage like it's crazy but I'm building this image because the background of dane and his ways will play a big part in future episodes but damon biggs used to run around harlem together and throw these parties but dame will eventually leave harlem for a while to go into the music industry when dame left he finished driving hip-hop groups like Future Sound and then Original Flavor, who eventually signed DJ Clark Kent and told Dame he had a ch ico that he wanted me to know about because he was on the streets too and that guy ended up being jay-z jay would appear on two songs on the second album of original flavors including his single can i open up? name every time i touch it glitter forbidden don't do what you gon' do later lady had been great for a couple years before they decided to team up for jay's first single ever dammit i got a 16 000 loan from biggs and i put everything into producing the music video for the song at the time jay had a deal with payday records who released the single in my life on the b side of the record which was a song i can get you Jay would get out of this.
roc a fella documentary i part 1 rise of a dynasty
Dealing with payday records, however, when jay parted ways with payday, he ended up making some money and renting a small office in downtown nyc, jay is quoted as saying i like being away from everyone right now because i can get all my stuff together then i can move uptown with all these other guys when everything is good there's no point spending a lot of money on office space and moving employees if your product still doesn't make money that's a mistake i executives commit i used my money to get this label from the start and that was the right call in big's own words once a couple of doors closed and some things couldn't be signed they brought him in as a partner and biggs made them an offer that neither dame nor jay could reject and rocke


started they named it after the world's first billionaire john d rockefeller and they also made reference to a famous brook drug dealer lyn named rockefeller also jay-z began recording his debut album in 1994 and did not finish until early 1996 during the making of the album he worked with producers such as ski beats who was a member of the original flavor group legendary dj premiere clark kent jazz o irv gotti and more jay originally wanted to name the album heir to the throne according to jonathan mannion the man who was the photographer for the album and jay-z albums leading up to the black album i think in an interview manion originally said the album was called heir to the throne so I had a whole creative set for that but t Then a couple days later Jay said no we'll let people decide if I'm the heir so we'll call it reasonable doubt if I'm up to it the circumstances.
roc a fella documentary i part 1 rise of a dynasty
The people will name me king. Now there's a whole story behind the album cover itself and the actual album, so I'm going to try to give you a little bit of both in a short amount of time because believe me, we'll have a lot to talk about. man we have like five more albums to discuss before this episode ends so yeah but the story behind the album cover is that a rockefeller PR person named adrian vargas who ended up being the art director of the project, vargas and maniam were both. familiar with jay because he was on hawaiian jazz sophie and other appearances he had on people's tapes the first single from the album was dead presidents and was released in february 1996 the original version featured foxy brown when the album was released album there was a different version that was dead chair ts 2. this version has the same backing track and chorus, but different lyrics and doesn't include foxy.
I should also mention that ski beats made this beat and the beat along with the song is up there with one of the best beats and best songs in rap history in an interview vargas said the first thing that came out of the album was dead presidents like this which jade gives me the cover of the single which is a blurry dark photo showing him in his white lexus but you can't see the lexus because they are shot through the window he is on a cell phone that photo i don't remember who took it but jay provided me with the picture the person who took the picture was actually the man who was the director of the deaf president beats ski video in an interview he gave more background behind the track i was at this dj event as one of those what how can i be down pianos once i felt that vibe i was sure of anything with a piano that would make me feel that way as soon as i heard the piano i was going to fall in love i was digging and digging and found out lonnie liston smith joined a peace garden and i thought which was cool and then I put that nod in there just to see if it would work because I liked Naza's voice.
I gave it to Jay and it fit perfectly into the outline of his album and what he was originally talking about. invited to re-wrap jay-z's chorus and appear in the music video for the tracks but rejected that some would see these actions as the basis of jay-z versus nas but according to memphis bleak this is not the case blick thinks that he's the cause of the infamous beef but we'll talk about that in the next episode the second single didn't come out the following month vargas remembers when that single was released it was huge in clubs that song was featured too in the nutty professor. soundtrack and it featured foxy brown and it had uncredited jazzy vocals oh who actually produced the track the last track i want to talk about for a reasonable doubt is best of brooklyn which features biggie smalls many of you already you know jay extremely admired biggie and there is quite a story about this song gimme and dj clark kent have production credits on the song in an interview with billboard about the song big said this is something we were dying to do gimme he actually gave it to clark kent the sample of that song when biggie and jay sat down at the whiteboard, the engineer came over and dropped a pad and pen right between them.
Jay looks at him and then pushes him into a big big looks at him and pushes him back. That's the moment when they realized that none of them wrote a letter. paper here's a clip of jay talking about how he doesn't write how you write these things coming so how you write things i mean not just how you come up with how you write it i stopped writing rhymes like lik i write them because i didn't write any of my albums complete, i actually wrote the second verse of can i live in the studio? and everything else was done as if from memory, like when I was a child.
You know I didn't have I was running around so much I didn't really have time to sit down and write and write and write you know the young man I wrote all the time I used to be at the table writing and fighting and writing but then when I started you know adolescence started to go around, you know, I had to memorize directly in thethings from the paper bag in my pocket and then get home to transfer to the big book you know what I mean after a while you know doing a lot of it just comes the exercise to memorize these lines remember why these two lies came to me while I was on the street, do you know what I'm saying? and after a while I just got used to memorizing them. until I get to the studio and just leave it so I don't even write these options.
No not at all. Jay actually went in and did the whole thing in five minutes. He broke down the song and laid out all the parts of it in a big way. It was a different kind of beat at the time biggie was trying to get the beat and when he left he said when I gave you a song to rhyme for my album I'll make sure it's a regular beat so you can do a straight 16. now all this breakdown another interesting thing that was said about the song was said by combat jack btw rp combat jack said when i contacted the bad boy for biggs puff clearance he couldn't grant us the full single right big had been on pretty much everyone's records and arista didn't want it to be overexposed i remember being on the phone one more time begging puff to let big rock do a video single and puff wondering what the hell is a jay-z i can't do that clive davis being declared big on the record of an unknown rapper to his credit, puff allowed rock to keep the song on the album rather quickly before continuing is that irv gotti revealed the song brooklyn's fine started the short-lived feud with jay and tupac tupac diss jay in a few tracks, but Jay would never get a chance to respond because Park would die in September 1996.
The final Risen Without Though album mind was released independently in late June 1996 through a distribution deal with Priority Records. The album was delayed twice due to recording delays. Initially intended for release in April and then on June 14, the album peaked at number 26 on the US Billboard 200 charts and charted for 18 weeks. The album sold 43,000 copies in its first week and 420,000 copies in its first year of release, although it was not a huge success. the gate, the album definitely earned its fair share of accolades, it definitely ended up proving a lot of doubts wrong because prior to this, record labels thought jay-z wasn't really that good and aired that things weren't that great. especially with priority records because jay and biggs signed them and thought they would get 80 and the label would actually get 20 they were fooled and instead shared 80 of jay-z ce's pie which is a very very small number definitely not the deal they were hoping for so instead of making three or four million dollars on the album according to biggs they probably made thirty to forty thousand dollars on it the year is now 1997 and jay is feeling the buzz from his album debut as stated above success didn't go all the way at first but gradually built as time went by spring 1997 Dev Jam would buy 50 stake in Rockefeller albeit sadly in March 1997 biggie smalls was murdered in los angeles this along with the death of tupac almost a year before really sent shockwaves around the world this made a lot of people hurt and especially jay-z who really you looked up to her and according to biggie's mom she said jay was always there for big here's a clip of jay-z talking about big i was at the house actually i just got off the phone with him you know he was talking to him on the phone and he wasn't you know alone like so s or happy he was ecstatic like you because he was supposed to go out probably like in two days.
I said that he was going to go that day, but he was moving me and he had just come from somewhere and he wanted to be out. there it was like oh yeah playboy you know like yelling on the phone music in the background I was like groggy and tired like talking on the phone like you I'll be there tomorrow the next day you know I mean oh you missing this you know he's so happy and then i hung up the phone and the phone rang again like maybe like a half hour after that but look why i talked to him like i just talked to him he was like nah you know like I immediately brushed it off as if you know you're bugging me.
He was like you know something happened. I'm telling you from the other side. I mean I think that's the room I just finished talking so you know that and then uh drock had called right after that a little bit after that was when he was like you know he was getting a lot of calls like you know all night so that's when i was really like sitting still i was in shock like nah i just can't be in october jay would release the first single from his second album that was always my son sean this song was an interesting choice for a single say as much or at least one song in the album period everything from the song's lyrics and sound indicated Jay-z's shift from his gangster rap style to a more mainstream style that was requested by his fans. new partners in devgen it was basically what people perceive as a change in their sound to sell themselves to the masses the song was not well received by critics and many fans lo and behold it got regular airplay on mtv which in the 90s was a big deal in the music industry unlike today in the dj interview which kid french montana said jay-z told him dropping sun. it was the worst mistake of his career and he felt it prevented him from releasing an undisputed classic in early november 1997 jay would release his second album in my life volume 1 along with christian's album which was released on the same day christian was the first act from r b in rockefeller and the rockefeller people thought an rb act would expand their reach not gonna lie i felt like this group never really got what they deserved and that song full of smoke fire i don't care what anyone says but basically long story short the group was an rb group but kenny ski one of the group members believed that one of the main reasons they didn't really break out is because rockefeller didn't know how to promote them properly they were promoting them in the the same avenues as hip-hop which obviously didn't work out i'll get more into christian a bit later though i did say before that jay-z released volume one of my life in early november 199 7 and peaked at number three on the U.S Billboard 200 chart selling 138,000 copies in its first week.
This was a significant increase in sales following his debut album and marking the last time Jay failed to reach number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. billboard hot 100 charts a couple of songs i want to talk about from the album Our Streets Watching and where i'm from the song Streets Watching is interesting because it also seems to be the title song from the soundtrack to the 1998 movie Street is Watching which it was a movie with a lot of Jay's previously unreleased music. All videos are linked to a story. More of this movie in just a minute.
The song's producer, who is Ski Beats, once again provides a little insight behind the track in an interview. He said Jay didn't come up with the hook. i took the sleeper guy sample and did it in there he was like this is cool but i dont know what kind of hook to add to it that movie was good but it was jay idea to use it hes definitely a movie buff whatever he had that energy of what it was representing however the musician behind the sampler would not approve the sample without the promise of censorship because the official versions of the song are censored even in the explicit versions the funny thing is Ski Beats said that never really noticed another interesting thing about this song is that it was the first song that was done for the album the last song biggie heard according to jay-z biggie had jay play for him over 30 times and finally jay told biggie to follow the song where i'm from has a story and one of the producers of the track, i mean raw, played it for diddy in a rough way where there was no side effects or additional percussion and diddy passed though another producer credited for the track d-dot played for jay and her anar the moment jay heard the rough sample the heavy cut was immediately inspired and started recording four lines at a time that d-dot in the interview was kind of an experience saying i came to the studio so we could do the vocals together he was very nice and chill about it i was listening to the track and walking around in the studio i saw jay-z walk back and forth from the booth to the control room never picked up a pen to write lyrics memorized four lines at a time in his head at the same time went to the booth knocked out the lyrics and then went back to the control room to listen to it earlier before you realized the record was made 1998 will be a great year for rock especially with the release of the streets you are watching the movie which was released in may 1998 the soundtrack was also released on the same day the album did well with commercially launching at number three on the top rb hip-hop album chart and a month before the soundtrack and movie were to be released, the single it's all right with j and memphis bleep was released. and would be one of the first artists to sign with rockefeller in an interview with dj vlad blake said he always positioned jay-z as a default older brother figure in his life jay would visit him and tell him to get off the street when blick was in high school he showed Jay that he could rap by freestyling for him, which earned him his respect.
Jay took him to a studio where he was recording Reasonable Doubts and handed him a piece of paper with the lyrics to a song called Coming of Age According to Bleak Within the Next Couple of Hours He came back to Jay's apartment and said he remembered the rhymes. Jay's account of this is a little different because he said that he told bleak that he was making an album and that bleak had to learn the song in 24 hours if he didn't. If I didn't learn it, then I wouldn't be in it. Blick took the paper and looked at it.
Jay said that she had written the verse for him in Chicken Scratch, which basically means it was hard to read. He said that Blick came to him the next day and went through the whole thing as if he had been doing it his whole life. The track took the form of a dialogue between a street hustler played by Jay and a person looking to get into the drug game played by bleak jay teaches bleak how. to sell drugs, although the song was only the beginning of bleak, it would unfortunately set the tone for Bleach's career, which we'll discuss more about that later in the series.
This was a good look for them and got them a bit more attention. It also seemed that the more days passed, the more the group became an afterthought. Jay-z was really starting to break out and become a very big star. The focus was being put on him at the time when the group felt they were being loyal by promoting Rockaway, which we'll get into in a bit, and they always talked very positively about rock. The group soon grew impatient and resentful. Jay was turning into this. big star and making videos but they weren't in any of them and they had a lot of songs but they weren't singing on the hooks kenny ski would soon leave rockefeller records while allen stayed on the label hoping to release a solo album in august 1998 jay would release the first single from his third album which was can i get a with a mill and ja rule by the way mill story will be in the second part if you were wondering if the song would peak at number 19 on billboard highway on the chart and it was a huge hit, he would also appear in the hit movie rush hour with chris tucker and jackie chan which also prompted the song at this time, this was one of jay's biggest hits, but the next single jay would release would absolutely change his career forever the next single was hard knock life ghetto anthem which was released in october of that year this is cited as the moment jay officially became being in a superstar finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together at the time.
The release of this song was Jay-Z's most commercially successful single. The song would peak at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was also the first single to achieve significant success outside of the United States and reached the top 10 of the charts in several countries, including Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. united the song was also nominated for best rap solo performance at the 41st grammy awards an interesting fact about the song is that in order to delete the annie sample jay wrote a letter to the rights holders of author of the song and told them that he had seen the musical on Broadway as a child and wrote a winning essay in the school competition, as we all know now that the show was erased and the rest is history in September of that year, volume 2 hard knock life will be released and it would be jay's first album to hit number one and he hasn't hit number one since then,so for the rest of the series every time i don't say and i was jay number one believe me it was number one like with the album sold 350 000 copies in this first week which surpassed his last album.
Here's a video of Jay talking about the albums. come here so we can have a place for me and my people you know i mean we can work we can undertake and mana legitimate you know i mean was to have rockefeller it wasn't for me to be you know jay-z an artist is that's why i said the first hour was supposed to be the first and the last you know i mean it was already that was that was the plan right there you know but then you know i don't know we did it i don't know much about this whole thing about music.
You got in there and you saw the different things that happened and the things that happen. You can never plan anything like that in the music business. Another song I want to talk about off of this album is money. cash and um lets say thoughts is ok for this video cash points ok what's funny about the song is that the producer of this song sweden's beats said the song started out as a joke with him sliding his hand across the keyboard to the one that the song was originally meant for buster rhymes and buster said he was crazy but not crazy about this beat like it was crazy swizz played the beat for other rappers but when he played the b for jay he was very open too to all the ad libs you hear from dmx they were actually done live fun fact the swizz didn't start testing them until later a couple of months after i came to harnack life dj hint would release his debut studio album the professional this was a big deal because track was very well known for their mixtapes on the streets and there were a lot of ditas at the time doing their thing on the streets.
The idea of ​​releasing this album was a big deal because this took him from the streets to the mainstream. He took things to the next level. like you have to realize all the people who broke the track on his tape that's what you know now he successfully recorded all that's all you know he's got videos and stuff and you know stuff you know he broke almost all major artists right now. ow he was first heard on the track tape you know i'm saying he was as important to hip-hop and as important to everything that was going on in nyc like you could get a deal on a cool table you slay a clue tape, right? you know what i mean you're on your way to going like cannabis how's his first time when he dropped those 150 balls whatever was in there he was in clujay you know camron and dmx the get dog at me was on the track, it was a whole, it was actually, it was a freestyle for track, that's how it started, you know, I mean, and it actually turned out to be, you know, the record that really catapulted me to being a superstar , you know, a little backstory on track is he was born in queens new york built his reputation on street mixtapes and quickly became one of the leading djs in new york having some of the latest songs from the biggest rappers on that moment. nas mob deep dmx big pun work rule by jay-z rayquan and the list goes on the album peaked at number 26 on the billboard 200 charts and would reach gold status the month after its release 1999 will be the last year that i cover in this chapter this is going to be another big year for rockefeller and it's actually the year they started rockaware the clothing brand i put a clip of jay talking about the start of the brand that started like i would make records and i'll talk about various brands of similar clothes you know the record and then i start to notice that people would come to the shows wearing the clothes and stuff like that and i know i was selling a lot of clothes for these companies you know i would go to them like we had to do a deal i think I'm affecting your business a little bit, you know, I'm saying maybe you should work with me, you know we could work together through some ads and stuff like that, and they brushed me off like I don't think I understand n um you k now the amount of clothes I was moving for them you know what I'm saying and I wasn't doing it I was just doing it they're paying for the photo but at the same time it was cheap and you know it was.
It doesn't pay me off at all, so I thought maybe I could start my own thing, start my own clothing line, make it just the right fit, baggy enough for everyone, and just the right style, and once the idea started, it was all. it was out of place it was working musically even though the first album to be released on rockefeller that year was memphis bleak's debut album on the first single from the album memphis bleak was released in june of that year bleak has said the first single was actually meant to be what you think of that but he said that sampler wasn't cleared in time to release it, he said his team was struggling to create a single called swizz beats and they created this track once they got jade on the track what did you think that? then the sample clarified that the album Coming of Age would be released in August 1999 and would peak at number seven on Billboard's Hot 100 charts after releasing this album.
Jay's sidekick but I mean top 10 debuting with your debut album is still awesome even though Rockefeller was starting to make a name for himself he almost stopped in early December 1999. One of the greatest rap stars is arrested. jay-z turned himself in tonight and the cop started working on his rap sheet accusing him of stabbing him at a fashion party kimberly richardson is in midtown south right now kimberly horizonta just a few hours ago the cops here in midtown south arrested sean carter better known as jay-z, the rap star turned himself in here at the police station tonight, now Carter is being held here in connection with that stabbing fight that broke out at the Kitkat club last night, but a few moments ago, the lawyer de carter said this in november 1999 when q-tip released his debut album amplified a few days after q-tip's album was released, he would celebrate the release with partying in manhattan at the kit kat club before arriving jay-z held his own party and listening event for his upcoming album volume 3 the life and times of sean carter there was a big problem even though this upcoming jay-z album was scheduled to be released late d e December of that year, but a month before it was scheduled to be released, it was already in the hands of smugglers who had already leaked it a month in advance, this flooding a month before it was scheduled to be released caused great anxiety and it did not.
You know who to blame. Word begins to spread as to who allegedly had a part in the smuggling and leaking of the album, but for whatever reason, Jay kept hearing Lance about Rivera's name and, allegedly, Jay passed out with rage and Lance Rivera was ultimatized. ely stabbed now there are multiple conspiracies on this gentleman in the stabbing one theory is that jay didn't even stab lance and the other is that the stabbing was never about records but about charlie baltimore because supposedly jay was trying to get to charlie baltimore which in actually i used to be biggie's girl before he died and lance wasn't having it i'm not here to say what's true and what's not and all but there are multiple sides to every story if you want to know more about this event then i suggest you check out my video i did on camera and jay-z i'll put the link in the description jc was facing 15 years in prison if he hadn't pleaded guilty david science it's a whole deal he reduced his 15 year sentence reduced to three years probation in the middle of all this legal stuff.
Jay would release volume 3 Life and Times of Sean Carter in late December 1999, and it sold 462,000 copies in its first week. The sales week was 30 more than the first week. sales of jay um's previous album volume 2 hard knock life the first single from the album do it again raise your hands released mid december 1999. the song featured emil and benny siegel the story of benny siegel will be on the next episode of promise the two songs I want This project talks about Big Pimpin and the girl's best friend. We'll go with the girl's best friend first because the story behind Big Pimpin' is simply that the crazy girl's best friend was the lead single from Martin Lawrence's crime comedy film Blue Stripe, and according to an insider. source Jay received half a million dollars for the track from Epic Records, which would produce the film's soundtrack.
The track was quite successful reaching number 52 on the billboard high 100 chart. ugk which is made up of bumby and pimp c pimp c is one of my favorite rappers of all time just saying but the amount of play he gave of the jewels he dropped was insane rp pimpsy the tractor was produced d by timberland and the song stands out as one of the first songs where southern rap really broke into the mainstream but let me tell you the video for that song It didn't age well like I'm telling you dammit Dash has been apologizing ever since. for that video like hey if you're from that era like you don't like it you know what I'm talking about but like you man pour champagne in girl and girl's mouth like the video is wild, but like i said if if you are from that era you already know the video which is crazy but the song was one of J's most successful singles right now peaking at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and going past 20 weeks on the list.
Jay had this to say about the song. that was my third single brought the album to three million kiambo hip-hop joshua was with me in the studio with timberland he knew i was a ugk fan and suggested we put them on the record we called bun then pimp c was like them horns that ish it's too fruity i was worried about alienating h's audience when the pimp first sent his verse i didn't get it but then the genius of his cadence hit me at that point mtv's making of the video really hit me record sales and i had to have that i got hype williams and we had all the legendary video evictions i doubled at the right time and it took off by the way the big paid video the budget was around two million dollars the video was shot in both trinidad as in miami jay-z and bun b ended up taking the flight to trinidad and tobago but pmc refused to leave houston to film the video hype williams, who was the director of the video, continued to work trying to convince pemse to come over but he refused this forced jay and the rockefeller records team to go to trinidad with the high budget video for a massive single that had zero seconds of pimp c as a man but pmc wanted to shoot the video on their terms so they shot the video in miami and it turned out to be iconic pipsy probably had one of the meanest video victims back in the day which was gloria valez and he showed up in a mink shirtless he had that clean mercedes and even though he purposefully gave jay a few bars he has one of the best and most impactful verses in the song pmc wanted to rap about most country stuff like sip and rain how all his cars got leather and wood and all that and more jay even he had to add a final verse to the song because he felt people thought it would have been ugly to introduce it and pemc's short verse is also why the buns verse is longer.
This will conclude today's episode. I've been working on the second part, but how fast they get it depends on how much love I see. This episode really takes a long time. a lot of research and as you all know as i said before i'm in college so doing all these things while in college full time is just very time consuming so if you made it as far as i really love you as much as you like it from the bottom of my heart you guys are the best im going to need y'all to really support this man i wish i had talked about the albums in more depth but that would take a long time and i like every video and we have like eight albums to talk about so its very hard to really talk about that in depth in a short amount of time so its going to be a whole separate video the first part was very much about jay-z because since the first part of rock it was mostly him going down but the next part is like where i wanna be talking about how camera dwell emil beanie state owned mlp all that stuff so stay tuned im so excited for this series that i'm really putting my all into this so i hope you guys support it like especially since everyone likes longer videos overall what do you guys think of this documentary?
What is your favorite album or your favorite tracks from any album that I talked about on this previous episode? What is your favorite memory from this era? Are you excited for the next one? episode let me know in the comment section below i love you guys with all my heart im leaving peace

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