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RoboCop (2014) - Nostalgia Critic

May 29, 2021
This episode is presented through skill sharing classes taught by expert professionals for your career or passions. The first 500 people to sign up receive a free two-month trial. Marvelous. Bring the RoboCup script. Reduce the Artwalk EG 13, right? What attracted people, well, yes, but being on page 13 allows more people to see it even though more people don't want to see it because it's page 13. It made more sense when the listicle guy said it. I thought we said there was nothing new. ideas, well we have to do something different or we might as well be a remake of Disney, it scares people different, you scare people, so the focus groups tell me okay, we'll start with new ideas and then we'll never go to nowhere with them that way, everyone loses, are you sure? how the studio is making good money, the chart says good news, we have Samuel Jackson, perfect, he's going to be an amazing Robocop, he's really only going to be around for a few minutes, oh who do we have to play Robocop, that boring guy from Suicide Squad, which doesn't matter, keep going?
robocop 2014   nostalgia critic
With this you are not going to make the character matter, you are going to make money, yes, but not you, because you are going to be incredible people, never forget, hey, when are they going to start making my sequel? Oh, sorry, the Robocop movie is not. it's going to happen yeah we're working on how to make money with another Pixar sequel good dinosaur I forgot there was a condensed one or a oh come on there's still potential yeah


ally you weren't that far ahead and domestically you just did a You get a little more than half your money back, but 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, that's almost half and it did well on a global release like Alien 3 and Warcraft.
robocop 2014   nostalgia critic

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Those are the examples you chose. Come on, just think about the Ghostbuster reboot attack. Total Recall reset. The Fantastic Four. The Lone Ranger, that Tom Cruise mummy movie, this is embarrassing for you. Oh God, how did things go so wrong? I guess it was kind of inevitable when you remake something so unique and beloved, wait, how do you check me out if you somehow made me do it too? does that make sense or a review that isn't shit means they're about to release Robocop was a huge 80's hit, it had great action, gore, direct commentary and someone lost their job because of it, the movie was so loved that years later, Detroit decided to make a statue of Robocop sacred.
robocop 2014   nostalgia critic
I fight it for a dollar, it was crazy, incredible, incredible, so naturally they had to reboot it in


, the director of the elite team gave us a slightly different look at the action icon that you failed to grab. Audiences and


s forgot about it pretty quickly, but looking back on this, it was either a valiant effort that only had one glitch or it was a valiant effort that only had this glitch. You called this a glitch. Well, we're here to take a closer look. Let's do our best. to give this movie our cooperation and soak up the movie, that's great, right, you should stop, but okay, this is Robocop


, so let's see how this dark and gritty reboot makes things work.
robocop 2014   nostalgia critic
This time he is a dove. Turns out this is Samuel Jackson doing vocal warm-ups, let's be honest, if you want a more appropriate Jackson quote to start this movie, you'd be embarrassed to know that he plays a commentator named Pat Novak, who sounds like a Fox News host who got fired for groping too much or not enough, what if I told you that even the worst neighborhood in America could become completely safe? He is behind a huge movement to replace police and soldiers with machines, as demonstrated with this live takedown in Iran, they are the big ones they protect.
The perimeter is great to see American machines helping to destroy peace and freedom. We might find out what's in your kiss from Safa, but it looks like the suicide bombers are ready to eliminate them by starting with the light. I see, but I'm concerned about the topic of the question. television living under attack by the Bombers, yes I'm sure the best way to start this movie was wishing, but the original Robocop was dark and gory, yes, but they were over the top criminals and comic book thugs, these are the fucking terrorists suicides in the Middle East, I mean, I guess if it ties into the rest of the story it makes sense, but we never come back to that.
This is the only scene in Iran, so what's the point of showing this disturbing war abroad? It's just awkward, imagine if you were watching the cartoon and suddenly said: I don't wish to see Lewis hurt because of me, so you have feelings for me. It gives me flashbacks to the religious jihadists I had to kill because they took countless American lives, even if they were just political strategists. I could figure out how to wash the blood from my soul with my toys. I would see that and buy their toys for safety reasons. The Pentagon is going to cut our broadcast.
If he did. On the one hand, we have Raymond Sellars. Wow, that's amazing. The movie's levels of genius. increased by 20 percent just by putting Michael Keaton and Samuel Jackson on the same screen, but what do you expect when they come from this kid? So we cut to our main character, Murphy, played by Joe Kinmen. At least I think it's hard to know. If the cameras shake so much, that's nothing personal, you have to be stupid or dirty, maybe if you hadn't gone off the reservation your partner would still be up for the weekend, he doesn't have a tripod this time and I can't really tell .
Has he become the emotionless robot? I mean, Jack. We've been doing some street shopping. We have some problems at home with the Chicago police. I am was esforshion. Nothing like crazy. My father hasn't even been there. It's not like the original. Murphy was Robert E. fucking Niro. There is some truth in that the idea behind Murphy and the first we saw him mainly as the machine and discovering more about the connection with his family as he went on, created a bit of mystery for his humanity reveals how soft and sentimental he really was. Yes, in my version you see it with the family from the beginning and you suck alone from every angle imaginable.
In this version, the scenes with him and the family are boring as sin. There is no joy or energy. Kidding, he's the same overly serious man as in all the other scenes. This was an opportunity to really contribute to his personal life, really explore the humanity of him, but they keep it stiff and soft. Hey guys, just because it's like. an extra in those street movies Mark Wahlberg makes in his free time doesn't mean it's not profound, couldn't you have smiled at least once or maybe told a joke, okay how's this for a joke, why the chicken crossed the street?
I don't know how to get to the pretentious house knock knock who's there the chicken Sorry I just wanted to remind people I was still here so Keaton plays the head of Omnicorp please no accent please no accent please no access I need to give Americans are a commodity they can love, thank goodness, as this analyst tries to find a way to win over the government and the public to expand the machines that Jay Baruchel in the role seems like they are trying to figure out how to save. DreamWorks Animation, my team has come up with a pretty aggressive new campaign, it's not another How to Train Your Dragon, is that right?
Of course not, they want a product, awareness. Sorry I can't hear anything about your paintings, how am I? I'm not supposed to focus on that, I can't even show that on YouTube it means a machine, they decide to add a human touch, boy are you in the wrong movie for that? While they go to a doctor who specializes in robotic limbs for amputees. Commissioner Gordon Batman. Keaton tells him the plan and all they're looking for now is the perfect subject to give up all human emotion. Hey, that would have been really surprising and effective if we hadn't seen them plant the link there before. a little from the shock, right?
Once you start The Sixth Sense with Haley Joel Osment saying hello dad, as you can see, both of Murphy's missing limbs have burns all over his body, but somehow his face looks better than it did before the accident. I wish my car would explode so I could clean out my pores. It's you. They put him in Robo's body but he doesn't react well. Clearly, we chose the right test subject to be fair. Who would have thought he had a personality to wake up what scientific theory backed that dumb move, let him wander through our expensive equipment in an unstoppable killer suit immediately after strangling me.
I'm sure the little rascal will take out Tucker himself, ah, this is where they make those Japanese Robocop commercials, oh look. to him, ride in the kitchen, don't be afraid, see a doctor though, it's a surefire way to stop this from going any further, please stop staying where you are, thank you Alex, don't make me say, please, do I have What to count to twenty-two thousand four hundred and eighty? -two there is definitely a way to turn it off Robo crop this time it's very hard to make a joke about this, to the movie's credit we have the only nightmare moment I could see in the original when they show how much of their human being?
The body actually remains because there is nothing left. Your body may be gone, but you're still here. You're still the same boring idiot you always were. You have control. So I want to die, but what do I say to your wife? she told your son that I died I guess Murphy is a bit of a jerk in this version, I mean god, a lot of the original was him trying to remember and reconnect with his family, but here just tell him I died, no more lectures from parents and teachers, right? true, I guess the idea is that his family meant so much that he couldn't stand the thought of being seen like that, but because he was so lifeless, we never got a sense of what his family life was like. each other should be happy to see each other no matter the circumstances and see the circumstances forget amazing you have a bulletproof body your son will always have a giant action figure to play with and if they did their job well so will your wife , it seems like there are more pros than cons this time there is a family plan that we are going to get over this baby we are going to make it the way it was do you know can you really take this scene so seriously with the image of the children there of all? to pick in a dramatic moment, that's the one you went with, he's looking at it like a bubble cap, you're crazy, he looks like he should have a meme text under him, the Moyes entity person, let's give him a good hook, hook it up with that Terminator TX bun. 3 test it in a simulation to see how it handles the crime scene compared to a robot.
I give him credit. I feel like the original director of Air was hoping to have played the Tin Man song here too, but I think we all know he used this one. different line five point six seconds behind the fail scenario, you wouldn't buy that for a dollar Oh fuck you, hey you want a side by side comparison, let's try that scene you'd rather see, the rest of you wouldn't buy that for a dollar coincidentally Neither would Best Buy Murphy decides to search the Internet so he uses Bing. I take it back, this movie has a better sense of humor than he thought to find out more about the people who did this to him.
Detective Murphy was just overzealous, okay? I have absolutely no evidence linking the balance of intent in his life. You know why they let him search for things that might bother him. You saw what the mere act of waking him up did. How will this be balanced? It's as consistent as the sunlight in that rear window that Sun is not a cooperative actor Keaton sees Robocop's delays in side-by-side comparison says exactly what the creators of Fall 6 Assembly said while it was in development, when have a release date, we have to get it right I don't care how you do it, come on, can you help me fix it?
I don't care how you do it, just do it. A moment of silence for those who reserved that to take some literal mental notes. I'm going to put you to sleep upstairs oh yeah I was going to ask you why you didn't do that sooner oh I'm going to fix it rating pg-13 says alien vs predator the dark knight the last crusade drag me to hell ratings are a joke it really put the scare of God in the prisoners, we go with black, it's because your Batman is yes, because I'm Batman, so they paint black, which is a shame because, apart from the visor that looks like a henchman of Darkwing Duck, the suit It actually looked pretty good, but now it looks like Christopher Nolan is directing the tick.
It's just bland and forgettable. They finally put him to the test against robots and people trying to defeat him. Oh my God? Is this what the other Robocop movies call action? and this seems a bit strange, although when you hear the musical choice, he will make some sort of selection, this time you won't come. It's in the middle of the simulation, they drop an interesting concept, the system releases signals into Alex's brain, making him think he's doing what our computers actually do,I mean exploring is that now he's in control but it's not the illusion of free will like you think, if you're not going to see this movie they'll start making original movies again. he passes the test with flying colors, that is, if this movie had colors other than brown and you finally decide that he's ready to see his family.
Have you heard the Robo news? Omni Corp saves. I was going to ask you if you said or countered, but I thought he was funny or he meant it. I miss you, you know, I miss you, friend, please, I doubt, the rush of emotion is overwhelming, it saved all the right-wing schemes in my comparison, you did it, oh, it's a smile, don't get out of hand like that. Dude, stay calm, how did you get home? Sorry, yes, no, yes. I forgot I had a partner. Remember the important role that your partner played in the first one.
One of the great connections. Back to his personality. The soul of him. His work. The humanity of him. Now here it is. just a couple of lines like if I know the right color now you look like the Mega Man version of get out so the big day of the premiere arrives and just now they decide to do this procedure that could fuck up everything is wrong, I think it's going to ruin everything , we're going to load up the entire DPD database and do to your brain, what is this? That's the weird thing, it's falling apart as it watches itself literally fall apart.
I'm really glad I showed him this before he went public, his mind is out of control so they decide to take the emotions out of him to make him more or less like the original Robocop. I feel good, but more so, yeah, all those cool scenarios that could have been played out to figure out who's calling the shots and an ER machine Recycle Bin that's just a machine now. God, why did you start with that like in the original if you're not going to do anything with this concept? His emotional journey wasn't that interesting because you know you need a move and now there's no question if it's the man or the machine making the decisions, we just know it's the machine, except for the obvious things we know are coming. , where the human part will take control again.
How much more interesting would it be if, like in this scene from the original, the question you had was whether the coldness of the machine or the coldness of the human, you really don't know, it's up to you to decide which is the first time that didn't introduce that option , this one did and they're not doing anything with it, damn, this could have been an interesting story about Detroit choosing to become Robocop, so to speak, but it's all thrown out for a stripped down version of the original where they just He talks like a robot and captures criminals, the King of Tomah. you're arrested, in fact, he even captures a rapist in the premiere because he recognized him in police files. here you are just steps from two of Detroit's best.
You know, that's another thing, the commentary on this one sucks; in the other film, the environment. He's crazy and rotten and greedy and we see it through all these news anchors, it's like a media movie version of Dark Knight Returns, but there's only one guy here, one guy, who's the one who builds the world. , it's just a guy that's like saying we know what it is. The world is like just listening to Bill Maher. I didn't know the world gave a damn about Stanley. The good thing is that we had this totally balanced source to go from, don't you see?
It's a satire of extreme points of view like CNN MSNBC or Disney Channel, so why don't you have more of a point of view about how much more interesting this movie would be if it incorporated new developments like social media message board phone apps in the more than 27 years since the last one came out? You could have taken this in so many different directions, but somehow you actually do less of what the original movie did well, what would they say? Hey, why did that fugitive criminal show up at an event full of cops with cops? No, I think so.
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Thank you, I know it must have been difficult for you to like something. I especially like that bike you're writing about, didn't Omnicorp give you? That's actually his penis, oh, it's like the saying goes, once you turn black, you'll probably get hurt because there's a giant. Wheels on You I wasn't aware of that version, thanks and Pia Murphy's wife tries to talk to him, but the robotic side takes over. Yes, I think it's hard to know. Sometimes, Klaren, please step away. You need to talk to your son right now. I see three. crimes in progress lazy riding high to write and act forced I'll leave myself to that last one was me, but he decides to go to his old house to find out if he can solve the mystery of the bomb.
I already saw it. lazy doll riding police forced direction and acting I must this time I just don't get it man I even explode rowing he's I'm doing what scripts to try to get into it so we'll just say I love it his mission now is clear as him. is out to get revenge now I hope I can beat my high score, yes at this point all you can think about is how awesome this would be if it were a door, actually yes it would be if this were an updated Robocop game in 2014 and it was about choice as well as action no joke, this will probably be a much better product imagine the scene where he finds out that his own unit caused the car bomb as a movie, it's just how much more shocking it would be if you happen to you in a game.
You discovered it for yourself and you have the option to choose what to do about it. You warned him today. You Try to Kill Me Twice, but it's not a game, it's just a dumb movie, so they shut it down and made eating the bad guy easy. I didn't see anything bigger than a hero coming. Don't know. I have no say in which picture in front of me, dead hero. Now the public response to this disagrees. He is as enthusiastic as the good doctor to kill the fallen Robocop. I won't be happy about ten years of new staff in my own dealings with people, yes, they really are going to turn the old ones into the bad guys.
Hey, besides that, I heard this guy has something against Pinocchio, what a shock. Oldman fries Murphy, but Keaton tells him. his wife who is dead tennis psychotic break he killed a colleague unarmed we did everything everything you know I can see why it was Birdman and vulture his moves are very gross like he had a psychotic break oh he killed a colleague we did everything we could doctors I couldn't save it, we will make the announcement soon this time, it was too good not to use it again, although she believes in it while he prepares to announce it on the news, look at this beautiful city, I feel very sad. news Alex Murphy passed away just a few hours ago start a news announcement like that I don't care what you're announcing that's just strange imagine if it was the way this great city looked so open so simple I have some sad and tragic news.
IHOP down the street closed Robocop Burson the Omni Corp to discover, oh yeah, those things were in the movie. Frank knows he wants us to do this, damn it, Frank, you're off the Christmas card list. I guess that's a more impressive elimination than stairs, what was that? Robocop reaches the top of the building where his wife and his son are friends. Program to not kill Kita. If you go against the program, the entire system shuts down. Oh, you don't even have a warrant. I'm sorry. I can't hear anything because of the intense Detroit wind that is so high up on a building, it's so loud it makes everyone excited.
To whom I lie? I wish I couldn't hear it, I just don't have to listen to callbacks like this. because I'm the only one with the technology to keep you alive. Dead or alive, you're coming with me. Does that make sense in this case? Whether I am alive or dead, you will come with me while my corpse will rest you. but it hasn't gone well for Keaton. Keating, if he had wanted to, he could have killed you a long time ago. I just named him clever, Dredd. I mean, if I wanted to like say the safe little family, I could kill them too.
You know, he's kind. like a male thing from Ellen, you know, just little squirts and the hands and just saying obviously I was going through these little squirts and hands and just saying what's obviously coming out these little squirts and I had, oh, now I've been shot, I'll just stay. here on the ground and anticlimactic at least my arms are the same size what the hell was it? You know Keenan's character really was so strange and eccentric. Where do you think a guy like that goes when he dies? Murphy, of course, ends up surviving and is even able to return it. his old colored suit oh hey you better close that door so we don't have any accidental emotions in this oh come on I was just joking they're really doing that you're not even going to show a hug emotions it may be one thing. ends with the law changing on machines, which ignites Nick's furious anger the fact that this mother is no good is page 13 you can get an f-bomb you took off Samuel Jackson's that Bob you know the real nightmares futures the one with I'm talking like this pg-13 Robocop so okay this isn't a good remake or reboot but I'd be lying if I said it was as bad as I thought it would be the supporting cast is mostly good the ideas are interesting beginnings. and it made me realize that this could be taken in different directions.
Hell, it may even start off in a different direction by showing Murphy's emotional side early on, but the emotional stuff just isn't done well. This movie needed a lot more hype. It's crazy to top the original so much harder to make it more emotional or just move forward with its ideas as it's just another remake that's already being forgotten and it's a shame because now I see it could have been something really great if it had existed. just a bit more creative cooperation in the end it's just a robotic mess now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to try and find another clumsy money-making scheme, so I guess I'm totally useless, surely there must be something I can do.
To prove myself, I know why I can't find Malcolm. He's been gone for some time, hasn't he? I thought you understood that you're Malcolm. It was mailed to us in several different places, so we thought instead of returning it. together again we'll make it something new wait, you brought me to life like a Robocop movie, don't act like you haven't tried, no one has and since you didn't get your money back, I guess we can. I will give you back your memory and put you back to how you were. Will I remember any of this? Do you remember anything from the Robocop reboot?
We just reviewed it and I can't remember it. Alright. Sounds good. I'm going to stab the critic. remembered because who the hell remembers the Robocop three reboot planes there are also planes what are the planes hey double walker here doing charity shout and this week we are doing the fistula foundation fistula is the disease in many developing countries that sadly affects to pregnant women In many countries, these women are marginalized and shamed by their society, but the Fistula Foundation can help them. They believe that no woman should endure a life of misery and isolation simply for trying to bring a child into the world.
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