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Jun 09, 2021
Did you hear that? um, it's a swamp monster, yes, it's Draco, yes, I hope you like anger, remember, I said, I hope we're on good terms since the last VR world where I was totally nice to you, I don't think he know it. how to control it we are not on good terms i am here to get revenge no no no we go high let's go ahead wait lunar you have a very old account that is two years old dracula you shouldn't get luna look she is two years old in


why should you be nice how old are you ?
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Wait, I don't know, you should be nice to me. Can Dracco still see me? Wait, how do you see? I don't believe it. Hey, I missed where he is. It's a good thing he doesn't. I don't know how to control it, you just keep spinning, funny, Draco, you have nothing on me, Draco, you're so bad at being the VR master, okay, no, stop it. Everybody run, everybody run, everybody run, look, oh, look at it, it's so bad it gives me a little bump. Around the rainbow we gather, we meet you guys, let's fight him in chess, you say that's pretty bad of me?
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roblox vr hands...

Yeah, it's probably Jacka. Do you still feel sick? No. Hey, can you put me on top of that jenga tower? Okay, what does he have? Me too, hey, I want to go to the gym, do you want to go to the colorful one? Yes, yes, me too, me too, I also want to play giant jenga with Draco. Yes, can you try playing giant jenga? I would like it, I would love it. to see it, i would think it would be really fun jacko, can you pull out that light blue jenga? Oh yeah, that piece over there we're going to play Django with the giant Dracula, yeah yeah, that one over there, are you serious?
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This is not functional. It goes so well I want to see how many studs they can throw funny wait what wait studs wait what are studs? I think oh it's so bad that he threw zero jacko, you got zero, how do you feel? where are you going? Dude can't even control his


hey hey you what a jacko I'm here how can you not see me I can't see how tall you are I'm literally standing here in the middle of all these broken ones behind you behind you you know he's a fighting giant because he's so bad, I feel like we could play hide and seek and win, that's true.
roblox vr hands
I feel like if I play hide and seek with Draco we could totally beat him, okay throw me I want to see how many studs you can throw except zero. because that's what you just wrote down, which is totally boring and you can't even get me up, thanks. Hey Draco, he's funny in someone else's palm, let's see how drunk he is, go Draco, fuck me mate, you totally lost him, okay? that's like an angel it's very hard to straighten people out okay draco i think someone is trying to try to play obby no i'm not wait wait wait wait wait wait wait no oh wait what are you doing whoa whoa oh what is he doing?
I can't just kill her, pick up the rainbow, he can't make out the rainbow, um, like crushed between the knuckles, oh, are you ready, wait, I thought you were going to feed me a cola for energy, no, yeah, you got to feed her, hey, you have to be careful with rainbow she's very delicate yes, yes, she's giving you some rainbow soda, thanks now, can you please put me down lightly? okay, thanks, wow, Draco is a friendly giant, oh delicious, all these sodas are mine, hey, share some, we all have some soda, oh, do you love me? to share yeah I'm dancing I'm dancing and I can't move and he's really you can't hit that stranger he literally can't hit you I know look we're standing in line at a bowling alley yeah hey jacko trying . to get a strike, hey, that's cheating, Draco, and you're bad at aiming, wait, what are you doing, Dracco, that everyone has to pass my test, okay, um, okay, I don't think we're ready, wait, for What are you throwing, hey, watch out, that could hit someone, okay? who will go first huh, I will sacrifice running, come on, I'm scared, come on guys, we have to do this trick, we take it, it's exactly, come on, can we beat Draco's course?
I don't know what he has. his


there, what is he going to do? Well, I don't think he can take us there. Oh, this is the worst deadly race. No, no, no, come on, run, good job guys, come on, come on, come on, well, Draco, you broke up. A girl's legs she's like fighting, she's fine, just calm down, everyone, oh no, everyone's dying, wait, it doesn't stop. Gold, what about you first? I think cool, you'll never be, huh, jaco, look how much crew we've gathered. lose the load, let's do it, he's feeding people, he just silenced them in the air, no, he's starting to hit people, hey, what did we say about the basic rules of death race?
Oh, she's blocking everyone, come on guys, it's just her hand, we can't jump on her. yeah, don't give that back oh no, I don't know who has this in the family. okay, calm down, everyone wait, calm down, he's literally oh no, oh my god, he stops jumping, he's crazy, oh, do you want a helping hand, no, no, we're past the second. round everyone said everyone is dead let's run to death with draco oh whoa oh no no no no no no you dodged him boing boing no oh everyone run because look what he's doing come on run run run well rainbow you are the master of parkour dracco you would let the rainbow pass, right?
I love everyone in their crew district merchandise hoodies and shirts. We appreciate it, but there are more dangerous things on our hands right now. Draco is very crazy. Everyone don't jump at this party. This party. Don't run running. come on funny we can do it oh yes we can oh cute cute this girl is doing it come on hey dracco guess where we're going to the end look at this team family trail you just murdered everyone hey there are some people at the end hey draco you're nice you left live people I'm not going to go through this board it's dangerous it's a good board come on I just want to know dracco how it feels to wake up evil every day run hurry drop drop oh I can't hear you guys I can hear you scream Oh my god Draco what Come pick me up and put me in the winner's circle?
Cheetah, I'm kidding. No, bring me to the winner's circle. Wow, you fixed it. Hey, come pick me up. I'm angry, you look at the whole team family, I'm here, how can you not see me? Dude I'm here come on pick me up oh go put me on Barry yeah go play in a circle actually she's just a funnel. me to the winners why all the winners are falling thank you what a great achievement that's another way to win uh death run well tell everyone to stand on that board well why something funny what what Mike stands on this board oh a This one I told everyone to stand on this board, but some of them won't do parkour here, are you going to start falling? oh Draco is carrying people they say lift me up thank you this is that sweet cuz I know exactly what he's going to do once all these people wait jacka where are we going yeah where are you somewhere okay oh they're saying Oh my god thank you what happened what happened oh no dracco is taking his time and picking up all the


ians and putting them in the square um I see some people jumping I'm going to have Draco pick them up again I think just yeah grab them twice and then throw them in the trash, okay, the whole team found, see her?, she's jumping again, okay, that's enough, remember to smash, remember to smash, like and subscribe, of wrong way. but you get my point so I'm yelling at everyone to head for the boats let's go yeah we're going to leave this bridge but we have to go.
Dracco has gone very crazy, look at him in the distance, where are you going? Draco, I am. I'm just grabbing some stuff, wait, what's that guys, come on, you're not invited, it's those draco, it's those chocolate bars, it's not chocolate bars, it's bars just for you, oh electrons, okay, everyone is crossing the bridge so we really appreciate you being very kind to correct boat uh blue blue boat for life come on come on where are you oh it's a walk I want to go for a walk hey jeffrey right now oh okay oh jackal that's so nice to us bring rides I have to bring him back draku is there with his little one let's go to my rocket I'm ready let's all get on as much as possible I think it's a good idea why not everyone is going to fit but this is to be Jacob it was safe wait for me I wait what? where we are? flying fall wait where are we flying oh oh he just killed us all friend drago sucks at throwing things wow look how famous draco is there he has so many little people draco please be nice to them hey can you help me?
Not walking here I'm so lazy Draco no he's just dropping people off Hey hey can you come pick me up? I'm too lazy to walk, we're actually distracted. I'm on the other side with this group of people, right? Look at the blue people, yeah, yeah, your people are firing cannons, oh I know what you should do Draco, you should team up everywhere wearing blue hoodies on that ship, everyone wearing pink hoodies on the red bone, thanks for leaving us on the blue ship now. put the pink ones there I don't want to be in the pink boat I want to be on the phone no you can't be in the blue shirt the blue boat you mix up my colors rainbow gold bye bye I don't like this at all let me see if we have traitors among us on board no, I don't see, oh, I see a traitor, Draco, I see you, traitor, his name is little wolf, come and get them, oh, I see many, I see many pink ones.
Hey, hey, you can't pick it up, ahoy, friends, it's time to go destroy the other ship, white, but there's only two of us, come on, take us, you're a bad driver, I don't see anything, um, jaco, you know how to drive. the ship oh it's because you didn't press the lever oh yes you're doing it right now you need it you're not a pirate yeah come on jacko come on drive the ship it looks like it's struggling to steer it you got this it's like we're all moving yeah technically everyone should be scared right now the ship could drown we're all going to die I'm trying to control my hands the ship is moving draco has this it looks like we're making our way to the red ship everyone is screaming let's get ready let's go let's go let's get ready what's okay okay all hands on deck get ready everyone let's do this jackal at full speed don't touch the arms of our pirate ship and you'll regret it you have to turn right oh, stop, oh, there's a shark there, it's a draco shot, he's hitting people, draco, stop, whoa, um, okay, he's having too much fun, hey, draco, everyone says, please, say hi, say hello, whoa, oh, and I'm falling towards my oh no, death.
I've landed safely and it looks incredibly chaotic there, so Draco told everyone to group up here along with everyone. Can they hit all these people? Yes, I can, it's like a bowling ball that he missed. Oh there go some people, come on Draco, it's just that all the ability you have just because you're bigger doesn't mean you can defeat us. She is fighting. I think he just likes me to pass by. You're not like throwing it aggressively. You are like a duck. Okay, don't do it. I lost, well, that was pretty bad, look, look how bunched up we are, we're pretty big, yeah, I missed, it's hard to miss, you think I can't kill you with a can, it just crushed everyone, well, this game is chaotic, um, yeah.
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