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Jun 01, 2021
I'm going to grab the yellow key, hey, someone, come on, take this, well, there's no one there. oh wait, this? Uh oh, I didn't mean I should have. I was going to say I didn't realize. I mean I should have. She leaves you directly in the kitchen, but wait. Where is she? Where is Homer? Homer Where are you?uh toilet toilet where is this purple one? Oh, we have to wait uh no, okay, that's a red key. Where does the purple key go? There's like this bronze key, not here, what's here? Wait, this door doesn't open.
roblox piggysons chapter 2 krusty burger
So dude, I don't know, can someone come and grab the wrench? Where is Homer? Oh, someone is running it outside. Okay, sure, wait. Oh, he's looking at the most. Hey, hey, Elmer, no, no, no, no, no, come on, buddy, that's another interesting


, okay. I mean, normally well, I was going to say that normally purple is a safe, you get that? Oh, you got that good, well, well, oh, someone got hit. Okay, so purple is usually a safe. Well, if we're going to turn into a little pig, okay, okay, come on. here come here come here come here with the oh my gosh I keep getting confused because I can't hear it ah bart if you read this I'll need you to know something it's a it's a uh it's a it's a note for bart and I think it's about homer, okay, Come on, it'll be me, I know it'll be me, it's me 100, it's me, okay, that took a while, oh no, I wouldn't, okay, come on, okay, uh, I'll be okay, someone. take that because I think yeah, this is, can we take this?
roblox piggysons chapter 2 krusty burger

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roblox piggysons chapter 2 krusty burger...

Yeah, okay, we need this, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, here we go, so someone will understand. I'm going to get this because I, uh, when I was looking for the purple key, where? put it on, I remember saying the purple lock was hanging I think so, okay, that's where it goes, okay, okay, let's go to the attic, okay, here we go, here we go, okay, do that, I'm going to do this there. can you grab that? Do it, okay, yeah, yeah, okay, I'm going to grab the yellow key, I think he'll probably grab it, though no, I'll grab it, I'll grab it, can I?
roblox piggysons chapter 2 krusty burger
No, oh, okay, here you go. Go do that, I'm going to go do the car while you better open that thing, okay come on buddy, do it here we go, I got it right, who got the yellow key? Are you OK? Wait, uh, you didn't get the purple key. I know where it's going I know where it's going It's a dangling key I want to see what's up there Okay, okay, okay, wait, wait, Homer is there, oh man, no, no, no, hammer, hammer, float, no, hammer, no you didn't, they didn't unlock. The other way out is not right says I'll need you no one can something I get it piece by piece take me a million times to beat this so you know it gives me something to do between rounds hey oh here I'm fine I'll try guys, but um, no, bird, oh no, that hurts, I'm not making that voice, look how his arms are like disconnected from his body, he walks like Homer, but, but, yes, we get dizzy there, get up on your knees. on your knees dizzy oh you're going that way okay no no no no no yes yeah here we go marge poops too okay no no no come here wait all of you running outside I don't even know what it's about okay No, I've been there, I've done that, oh, hello, hello, hello, Mr.
roblox piggysons chapter 2 krusty burger
Dragon Head, what are you doing? No, she makes you say that you know there should be different noises when you kill, like it's a different little pig. Look, I think she looks funnier than Homer, dude, okay, hi, hi, I'm Marge, hi, Marge is big and in charge, yeah, you're right, pop, I've got the next one for you, zizzy, zizzy, what not? I'm chasing you guys, you guys out here, you guys are just like copying them. I know you're a zebra, but you're like a copy, you're like a Hopi, you love to be chased, oh don't you, you're trying, you're trying to chase me because that was happening. here, okay, I got it, okay, no, oh, there's one inside.
I didn't realize there was one inside. You can't hide in a trash can and I know the little trick about jumping, so keep going. I'll do it too. I know oh oh oh yeah, look, oh, Marge is coming, no, no, outside, so this is the only thing on this map that's not so good, like they have barricades or something that stops them from literally running laps around the restaurant, I know we have traps, yes of course guys, but poop traps don't like, you know, people don't run into them as well because there's a lot of space and they can see it from afar because it's bright as hell. would like her.
Could you what did you do? What did you do? Did you open that? Take him out the back door. I didn't know you could do that with the hammer. I mean, it kind of says that, so I should have expected it. It's okay, Zizzy. that's what we're doing is what you're doing is what you're doing oh zizzy, are you guys stuck, are you both stuck, no, okay, they jumped down, that's what I thought, okay, come on, come on, whoa oh I got her I was like what's that noise I got her I got her I got her I got her no yeah no no no oh my god no, stop, stop, you're like the worst bunny I've ever seen in my life.
I'm going to catch you I'm going to catch you're in the corner now yeah, but here we go this isn't just looking at me and showing me a hammer oh you think you're okay here we go okay, he's in but the clock is just going to come out from behind, look, It is not like this? I don't know where he's going, he's not bad dizzy, okay, you're dead, I don't get points, though, wow, weird, I have weird eyesight, like, okay, that was really weird, okay, I'll leave you. take the green key, I'm going to grab the board, go ahead, take that, go, take that, I'm going to go with the board, we'll get out of the dumpster there, that's good, I mean it obviously makes sense, but it's well placed like you.
I don't necessarily know that's there unless you've seen someone pick it up before. Okay, I'm going to do that. I'll do that. Here we go. I'm going to grab this. Nobody saw it. Okay, yeah, yeah, okay. I have to get over that attic, we haven't done it or I haven't been there, they probably did it themselves at some point, let's see okay, okay, go unlock, unlock, unlock, there are triple unlocks. Do you know where that goes? Zizzy, come on, dizzy, up here. up here, come on, come on, yeah, he knows where he's going, wait, where is he, where is he, where is he, where is he, where is he, palmer, come on, come on, jesse, open it up, oh buddy, it's not the attic, This is the roof and we have like what, oh yeah, this key, okay, wait, wait, oh, okay, let's stay up here, you know, okay, you didn't see me, you didn't see me, didn't you?
I know, see, see, see, am I? I'm getting dizzy, I'm going to go, oh my God, it's oh, there's a black key up there, yeah, take the black key this way, buddy, this way, this way, this way, it goes here, yeah, yeah, yeah , take it, take it, take it well, me and dizzy. oh, there's the white key, buddy, I've got the white key, okay, what was that? What was that? Well, wait, still, still, I don't know if anyone has done that, okay, wait, wait, wait, come here, come here, zizzy it is. he sizzy here is izzy oh geez okay come on down come on come on come on come on come on okay you know what I'm going to do this I'm going to do this and oh no it was that zizzy okay?
Do I do this oh no okay we need we need the wrench I don't know if we made the hammer either okay we need oh man okay what's okay oh someone just wait who just did that who , who? Did that wait what's that noise oh she's doing it oh she's going to take it off all the wheels oh dude that's super cool keep going keep going keep going be careful with hummer come here keep going keep going yeah buddy you got it I got it oh Watch out, no, he caught her, he only had one left, buddy, one left, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this, yeah, open this door, okay, this is good, this is good, this is good. because okay let's see can he is he right oh cute not behind me okay so what can I do oh dude this isn't cool this isn't cool okay I'm going to do that just to find out how much time okay we have ? long time where is he here let's go where are you going wait let's go I'm waiting for you brother wait is he waiting for me down there?
I don't know where he is oh no, he went up there. It's okay, it's okay. Okay, so I don't know who he's chasing, but it's not me, wait, use the wrench, here we go, uh, I need to pick this up, pick it up, here we go, I've got it, okay, wait, where is it? I know he's up there, buddy. I saw you, I need the white key, that's all I need, buddy, where is it?, oh man, oh man, I need to get up there, buddy, how can I be okay? Was there something here because they, oh yeah, they already have it?
Oh dear, there is no holy cow. okay, no, no, okay, he does it, oh, he knows where he's going, okay, run, run, run, run, okay, come on, come on, homer, come on, homer, come on, come on, no, no , no, no, it's okay, I'm leaving, oh. Dude, I got this, I got this because he didn't set another trap, yeah, this is it, this is, he didn't set another trap where the keys were, here we go, buddy, yeah, there it is, oh well, when I set the key, bye . Bye, bye, homer, come on buddy, where is he? yeah, come on, yeah,



completed, what were the donuts?,


said, oh, there's Bart, I can't have a barbecue, this is too hot, it's that or that, I think it's over. there I did it, I did it yeah, okay guys, that's for


two of Roblox Piggison, if you want to see chapter three, we'll find out what it is in a second.
I've already forgotten. I think it was like him. library or school school, okay school, let me know by clicking the like button. Also if you are new here, subscribe for more videos like this and I will see you soon, thanks for watching and of course new to the line.

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