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Jun 01, 2021
gumballs Customers have the opportunity to buy one, so I will receive money from them buying the gum. 25 cents, you know, profit income is income, so based on the fact that it costs $3,250 with 25 cents worth of gum that will cost you 13,000 pieces of gum, you need to sell, okay? I mean, that sounds pretty good, it doesn't sound too much. unreasonable it's a good amount it's almost a burden I have a question can you come back here Lauren? I'm at my


, it's very far away. I can't teleport like you because I don't live there, but I'm thinking maybe next to the jukebox.
roblox opening my own 9 999 999 dollar restaurant
I agree. I feel like this is your place to collect money from me. Well, now ask yourself how far this rug should go. because I feel like it looks weird or not, the problem is that it doesn't go anywhere, I think I figured it out, but it's a problem, you need to move the tip jar, okay, okay, okay, so what you gotta to do is buy two this way and then you have to leave it at the order station oh yeah that's cool okay that's the only way that can make sense. Do you have enough carpet?
roblox opening my own 9 999 999 dollar restaurant

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roblox opening my own 9 999 999 dollar restaurant...

I have five that are not enough, but you can start well, so what should I? go here here yeah, okay now leave it there, okay and then we'll be. I'll show you here, here, here and there, okay, so you need to buy two, are the problems, you need three more rugs and where I put them. I would say here, honestly, right there, okay, I'm going to buy more that will actually look good because it has to go somewhere or it just looks like yeah, that's what I'm thinking, okay, so three more rugs, here we go. and then I need to put my tip jar somewhere else oh yeah you have to do it like an idiot because there might be famous people do you think I would like to be notified?
roblox opening my own 9 999 999 dollar restaurant
I think so. I mean, none of you look like celebrities, you just think. They're cool hipsters, a bunch of hipsters around here, people go there, they're using the ordering stations that you didn't give to the best


here. I mean, I'm also considering whether I should put a rug under the cabin here, oh. Yeah, feet don't feel comfortable, wait, oh my gosh, I have an idea. I think I should do it three at a time. That way, it's online and everything is perfect. You know, online. Honestly, I've never seen a three. "For three seats before we go, I mean, more customers, more money, right, no customers, no more money, okay, do it, okay, okay, so I'll buy another one of these nice tables, okay, a table and two chairs, and you." If it's the three by three stand, okay, I feel like every restaurant in real life is a two by two stand, yeah, but I mean we're way cooler than the average restaurant, honestly, you make a great line of points, okay, now it's okay for me. wait I need to rotate these, I don't think they are right, wait I need to delete all the tables, they really aren't aligned correctly, wait oh are you going to rotate them the way you like? you're like that, okay, that's good and now we just leave the boots that look so good, but you killed all your customers, I know, but they will come back.
roblox opening my own 9 999 999 dollar restaurant
Bob sat for a second, oh boy he was trying it out, look how cute. That's right, this is for a big group party, oh yeah, well the group party comes into question now is that I need um, it's nine, I need nine rugs, okay, so it's fifty each, that's what it is, Yes, then I can. Allow it, wait, can I? Oh, I don't have enough money, but you will make money soon. I mean, there are a lot of customers here, okay, yeah, okay, guys, I took a little more time and this place looks beautiful. I'm right?
It took you 45 minutes, but you added carpet somewhere, yeah, but I had to play with them and it took me a while, okay, stop, Hayden, it actually looks really good because now everyone can walk right into this face, yeah, There are some pretty plants on top. Here, this place looks very, very good, unfortunately Kim Kardashian never showed up, but I know I leveled up, so now I can hire Ethan, which is 1600 for a new waiter, and then the cook Stefan is 1450. Oh, Stefan, it's going to be really good. I have that. I'm feeling good but now that we've seen this masterpiece of a restaurant I'm thinking we should go see other people's so I noticed the best blast on the server is the spicy taco don't be surprised okay let's go him.
I don't know, let's go in order. I hope one day I will have my own statue. 6100 customers at Carlos's. Wow wait this is crazy there's so much going on wait oh my god how do you get these little rope things I want? them wait this seems pretty crazy can I go back to the store and buy something for my restaurant to get inspired? No you can't, we need to get more people out. Okay, this one is empty. I think 13 people are not Fred, let's forget that, oh, this one. the multi-level one, you chose how you get the multi-levels anyway, I don't know, but they served 2300 people here, oh there's a lot of people here, she's a big table right here, oh yeah, huge, it's Well, she says it's quite nice, it's pretty. cute, very cute, let's continue, who do we have?
You have two floors, okay, so don't come here. Oh, yawn, cupcake, it's okay, she has a lot of bar stools at hers. Oh yes, I like it. Actually, I like it. This looks pretty good. These people have very nice places, yes, they have them very well organized. I'm Lorna, can you learn how to cut fences? They go back to the store after the cool player has a lot of people with him, but they're kind of very basic people. a little core basic super basic oh there's yours it's empty there's no one there it looks like actually something from the restaurant wait there are all these people who all want to eat here wait let them in there you go oh look, what exactly do they all look like equal? really weird don't judge they're twins they're triplets okay then let's go here oh this one looks cute with the plants oh this one is from Matty oh oh cute I like it I like the bamboo trees oh how do you do it? this Oh please, your recipes are great, how do you get that?
I love him and she are all black stones. She looks great, our Gullu. She should have changed the design. I like this. There are a lot of different designs that people use and now I feel like I need to completely redo my restaurant, okay this one is basic, there's hardly anyone here, this is worse than mine, oh yeah, this one is pretty empty, oh that taco spicy is there, okay, the wine at the end, the first story, yeah, okay. how many is the best in all the games I've seen yeah this seems crazy yeah right though 9600 is coming let's see it has the tikki counters oh it's quite nice there are so many people here wait it is too the second floor.
It is actually able to serve the people who go there. I don't think so because it's, oh yeah, flat. Okay, what is this. Look at all the stoves. I know they are organized, but they really have a lot of things to do. It is really an organ. man, this place, I mean, the profits must be off the charts, okay, I thought so, but then I changed it, how do I get out? Go to our one more, okay, you really did a lot here, this is amazing, but I don't even do it. I know how to get out I'm stuck here like I'm watching and the flow's not good I'm on floor one right? because it is difficult to say this point.
I just left, so yeah, where are you? Oh, there you are. waiting waiting for you outside, do you think I should change some things? maybe I don't really need anything I think this place looks good I mean, your place is very nice, it's good, pretty good, I'm satisfied, I mean, I would say: Honestly, I think you did a good job, I mean, probably just Keep playing this and try to make it look better, but you should watch the video here guys, so I really hope you enjoyed it. I haven't talked about today if you didn't enjoy it, feel free to leave a like and don't either.
Forget to subscribe to see more videos. I hope you have a wonderful day and I love you so much and I'll see you next time, chill guys, okay guys, you thought I was done, but just kidding, I decided to add the strings and how cool. It looks like this? So what is the purpose of looking good? I feel like we should be connected to something. Generally it is to prevent people from walking through a certain area. You're kind of like Shawn. I think it looks good. I think I like it. that beautiful

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