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May 30, 2021
hello hey I love you the game our game is void eight people are here eight of them that's my lucky number your name is I don't suffer from anxiety I know you do too that's the name of the game it's not anxiety it's a focus group Yes, I didn't want to confess it, but I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now. It looks like you are playing with your friend. Oh God, countless days ago I called you. Cultural review player. Good welcome to Roblox, that's actually very strange. I wonder what we would say if we had an old account.
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That's true, we should log into our main accounts to see if it says anything. You see, we know almost everything about you. We need to choose the strongest players for the experiment. do that, let's change real quick, no, not you, Kaden. Oh, your name is mr. bum flam yes Queen Oh mine is the Joker boy five eight nine eight let's see I heard your name before Oh God wait this is so it's enough for me Caden right Alvar right damn my account was created three thousand two hundred and eighty-eight days ago. It was only eight hundred and sixty-nine days ago, but I have a very old account that maybe yes, in fact, I joined


nine years ago yesterday.
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I joined robots eleven and a half years ago, which means I have no life. We need to choose the strongest players for the Experiment, I will choose you if you don't die, oh friend, not that three, anyway, you have three lives, it's showing you yours first because you said three lives you ruined, yeah, sorry , we get a free truck if we win this, yeah. I'm really jumping against the wall, no ma'am, are you this guy? Yeah, wait, okay, we have to keep an eye on each other, okay, okay, wait, look, okay, there's a little blank space on the wall, wait, it's an event up here, yeah, what.
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Is this thing? Wait here. Can we stack each other? No, no, let's start with something very easy. A lot of people are dying in this for some reason. Floor, you will be loved in three seconds. Well let's be stupid but let's get a box do this it's giving me a lot of those ID's I say oh wait no way we're fine there's just lava for a second well it looks like no one died here okay let's try something else I'm saying the box now you can leave from the boxes okay okay one last thing let me think carefully I have an idea find a button to open the vent you had two minutes oh okay, they give you some exploratory space okay yeah, where's the stupid button?
roblox null
I don't think I know anyone. I think it looks like salt solve Oh, I found it in pain, let them cut it now wait maybe we'll push the boxes up here actually oh yeah, I'll start with that just in case Oh God, oh no, I'm trapped, I'm trapped inside from a box what no what box we will only give me the worst no lady right now oh god I wonder this is intentional anxiety it killed me it seems that you have died what an unfortunate sad face this is your first death so don't worry you have two lives, but yes you die three times you will only be able to revive four robux robux respawns okay cool hey look we're all here you like it you like it oh god that's so far away so you think I have to go around is that you lead the pack i'm leading the charge right now i don't know i got 20 ladies for that buzz mine is tamed a little oh yeah oh god boy oh no you gotta climb up here and then you go around the sides a little bit and then you go up the sides, that's actually quite complicated.
It's like this, oh no, I felt it. Oh God, oh if you fall you're okay, oh wait what am I, I'm stuck. Don't get stuck like this, honestly, I don't care, oh my God, I fell, I fell, no, no, it's okay, we'll go back to the beginning, oh my God, I thought I was a big boy, leading the charge, he looks like a coat Psychopath, oh my god no. I wanted to do it psycho joker that's me, play psycho haha ​​I get it, let's move the location yes, let's do that because this is bad not because please don't move me.
I may die accidentally this game is going to be creepy let's dig deeper yeah go dark you will win. I don't really like this place, yeah, welcome to the fountain, uh, what's it called? Well, we have a choice, oh wait, wait, I'm spinning, I'm spinning, I'm jumping, oh God, we went the wrong way, some kind of basement, uh, I found like something good that looks like a door but it's not a door we capture these little light sources scary couch oh great job okay cool I'm coming back I'm leaving anything home is where are you? the sofas are also quite strong Oh, something big happened where are you okay?
Goodbye sofa uh yes, I also bought a sofa as a generator eh, the cafe found the rookie generator where is the light? Oh, what, oh, I saw that thing before, don't give up on what it is. planning about it oh, this is sweet motivation you're getting oh, you're getting closer Oh god, hello, hello, what's there, oh, this place is actually scarier, well, now I think you're welcome to the school. Oh, the bullies are here, ah, boy, here I, okay, no, I really don't have a lady, haha, hello, class, let's go write a test, let's go to the middle, look at our teacher, if you listen to me, you will have success, good luck, okay, Oh, what's your account number?
Oh, God, 986, no, eight, six, nine, Oh. is the name in spirit one sure of that um it wasn't I think


oh yes I was Knoll our name is it wasn't the experiment number came so wait insulator insulator yes and here is the name sir flim-flam I don't I know the age, if I can, I forget that it is old, how do you send it? You will probably answer, how do I send it? I do. Time's up, oh God, I hope I did it right. I know we only have two lives left, so let's see which one you are. one of the few who spelled your name right oh wait wait wait Craig yeah I think so which means that's your brand is B let's see what else you got oh wait you might have, eh, okay, whatever, this isn't perfect, but it's not bad either. no Zoey, I think I got it, I think I got two other questions right, so I got it oh, you died boo-boo boo-boo, are you ever Jennifer?
No, yes, I'm dead again, she says, but I think I'll come back, okay? here I am back this is so amazing this is really cool yes I love this I'm actually going to marry that dude mommy oh um Poly grimace really polyamorous no Polygram I forgot it's okay no matter what happens with marriage you don't look scared , no, I don't think you're looking at my webcam, so do you want to dig deeper? Okay, I guess I have no choice, my secret weapon, oh, school again, but the flame surrounds, nothing has changed, all the lights are out. see them below Oh god, okay, this is actually okay, well, let's move on to stranger things, probably something like this, what happens now?
Yeah, I mean, I know it's before. Do you have to make things worse for me? They punished me for the details. I'm leaving, oh my god, I forgot, I don't know where you are, find it, wait, it's okay, you're the right find right now, I already met our relationship, so cool, it's probably not, no, no, no, No. Don't you see me oh oh I found it good job wait I found the way out I think oh oh it's dark again okay, you're doing great oh, you're kidding, oh, but there aren't enough links, especially like this, code storage is okay, look for codes, look for codes, I know they would say yes, look for codes, this room has to edit it, crack the Morse code, oh God, you know, Morse codes, oh God, the lights go on and off in here, I think our Morse code does. you know the code, I'm not that good at it, I'm that bad, I'm trying to look it up right now, oh so I got it, so we got it, someone got it, there are two codes, why the second one?
I don't understand base 64 Morse code. Oh base 64 is easy, just Google it, but that's it, I don't think anyone has gotten Morse code, they just got the code, oh my gosh, okay, I mean, I was about to do it. try it great job they go they actually took us a while oh yeah we did it well although you and I know we all have the same name so we all did it well you look bored let's do something more fun yeah Queen oh wait I played that game before I can't swim in real life so I'm scared in real life yeah I can't, I got certified as a lifeguard but I can't swim or die, get ready, wait, I can't see it, maybe it's there though.
Hey, I'm leaning towards this Oh God, okay, how can I wait? Don't go up the ladder, wait, oh brother, oh no, this is Larry, okay, oh, keep going, I died right here, no, actually, yes, but I could ask Roebucks to do it with this. Proctor oh yeah, yeah, okay, great. I'm making top dollar per second. I hate my life, yes, it bothers you after you buy a new life. What does it say? It says 25 row books, isn't that mulch? He says thank you and good luck. Little buddy, thanks for the money, it's okay, I'm back, I'm back and I'm alive, that was easy, yeah, wasn't it, Kaden?
Yes, some of us just can't accept you right now. One is that we needed one more. test for you what do you mean by accepting the room ooh that's it oh god I hope hey who turned on the sun hello I can't do it oh hello thank you for participating in this survey I'm going to ask you some questions that you will need answer them by pressing S or n, okay, Look, are you afraid? Yes, who is the answer? But you guys are so much fun. Thank you. Hey, this is my goal, so you hate me.
No no. I said, I like you, big. They are brilliant and incorrect answers. this I'm human oh god ah computer this is a computer currently not currently You don't like this place yes yes I'm having a fun date do you know the code? No, because I always say yes, why not, ma'am. I'm asking you, so say no, say yes, oh, I accidentally said yes, you know who's watching, oh, I don't have the option, wait, you have to answer, enter the code, oh, now it's asking me who's watching. I'm like, oh, me. I don't know, he's watching, okay, it's too late, it's late for you, who are inside your house, oh yes, oh God, yes, okay, you're not going to like what happens with the bill, really, touch, touch, touch and it just terrifies me. it was like oh great job finishing this test okay oh death counts one uh pass result he gave me my stats he's giving you your stats uh now he's fading so I think it's about two yeah it looks like you're one of the strongest players on


, little me, oh how sweet and encouraging, congratulations, participate in the experiment, what will I say to start, see you later, I'm honored, but I'm confused, is it doing this for you too?, yes , yeah, I just got the same dialogue, okay? what are you waiting for, okay so don't use the code.
I don't know, maybe it's a secret ending. It asks you for a code. It's over, it's over. Yes, he asked you for a code, although he did. Yes, I think it might be no. Lyautey, that could be a secret ending guys, link in the description, if you don't play, find out what this stupid secret ending is. You are a cake for this game. I'll stop it, this video is pretty useless if anyone really wants to end it. I don't know what Morse code was. I don't know what the base64 code was. If you want to know that base64 encoding, just type those letters into the base64 decoder and then type those letters.
Well, apart from that, I can't help you with anything else, yes, there it is, bye.

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