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Roblox Family Quarantine Routine in Bloxburg - Goldie & Titi Games

Jun 01, 2021
Alright, here you go, about to break a world record for reckless activities wearing my very special lucky jumpsuit, the original, I'm about to make


history and Goldie says goodbye, one last goodbye to her fans, wish me good luck everyone, we are live and there. it's just a place where you can find this really important coverage of activities and one, two, three, the crowd goes crazy, Goldie Gold, what are you doing? I thought we said no skateboarding in the house. I'm trying to watch the news. Well, are you saying you'd rather I go out skating and have people cough on me?
roblox family quarantine routine in bloxburg   goldie titi games
Hey? What you're saying right now you're right, but the news starts breaking news at 11. Bloxburg, breaking


, we're leaving. Through phase one, that means social distancing is still intact, but now the beaches will be open and for you viewers asking if you can go visit your grandma, the answer is no, not yet, it's not permitted. The question was submitted by goldfish, I'm my sandwich, that's me. I asked the question, that's all for today, well Goldie, it's actually great news, we can get out of the house, we've been stuck here for weeks, oh yeah, this is my quarantine dance freedom, yeah, get out, go to the beach, touch the sand.
roblox family quarantine routine in bloxburg   goldie titi games

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roblox family quarantine routine in bloxburg goldie titi games...

I'm going to call Sarah and Jesse and also Amber so we can go to a beach party. Oh no, Goldie, you still don't like hanging out with people. We are still doing social distancing but we will be able to go to the beach in an open area obviously staying away from others oh that's a bombshell we can't see grandma either, grandma plural, she's probably really bored I know but grandparents are at high risk of contracting the virus very soon we will all be together again now we can. Please help me clean these toys, Goldie, you have your stuff everywhere, look, why are your crayons here?
roblox family quarantine routine in bloxburg   goldie titi games
Sorry I have a Zoom art class maybe later okay guys we're not doing well we need to get out we've been stuck with each other for too long I mean we're getting on each other's nerves mom mom mom I'm coming, I'm done with my summer class, I took a nice picture, come, look, come on, I put it on the wall, wow, I'm surprised you found it. a space to put your artwork the house is covered with that look look, isn't that so artistic? Yes, what is it? Well, it's a photo of Grandma Princess and me and then there is, if you look closely, it's a goat that looks like a horse. the castle and then we have a gun in case Piggy comes out of nowhere and we get a bump on the head oh well I love all your artwork but we're running out of space you might want to um I don't know. in your playroom, no nonsense, I wanted to be in sight, of course, well, on another note, if you want to go to the beach today, we have to clean, clean your toys and I have some chores that you need to do well, actually, my teacher said.
roblox family quarantine routine in bloxburg   goldie titi games
We're at snack time and we have to follow the schedule like we're at school, so I'm sorry I can't clean up right now. I'm at the snack. Yes, it's been a tough couple of weeks, we just need to get back to normal. ASAP I don't even know what to say about that. ttl was doing an activity for physical education class. Coach b told me that I could use anything in the house to be active and use creative movements and my skateboard is quite creative and has a lot of movement. do you want to do some physical education use the treadmill we have in the garage okay, wait, wait too coach, we start after we pee, can we have another snack, goalie, all you've been doing is snacking all day, that's a bad thing for us.
We're almost out of quarantine snacks ah tj it may be hard for you to understand right now but school is very important to me and I take what my teachers say very seriously and if they say it's not a break , then let's not do it, okay, we have to go. We leave the house, go for a walk and try to go to the beach, we just need some space and some fresh air. Look, it's Popeye's chicken, oh God, how long did we drive? This is the best day of my life, oh my God, we have. to try it this is amazing let's go slow and I don't think there's anyone here hello hello we want chicken give us your chicken I don't think there's anyone here well we should probably go inside maybe they're just taking like a curve up drive pick up or something like that no I know, but we definitely won't give up that easily.
Did you forget how to drive while we were in quarantine or are you just a terrible driver all the time, Goldie, don't roast me? How I drive, you know I'm a terrible driver, Goldie, wait for me, don't forget six feet distance, keep your distance from people. Wow, this place looks amazing, it smells like biscuits and gravy, but I can't find any food, there's no one here, Goldie. Understand, you can't just go behind the counter, I think that's illegal, there's a secret room, says employees, only there's a secret room there, it has like mushrooms on the stairs, Goldie, get out of there, we'll be in a lot of trouble if the owner comes I'm trapped I'm trapped I'm trapped I'm trapped I can't get out I don't even know how I got in in the first place and it looks really disgusting in here I don't know I don't like the secret place anymore, okay I'll try to help you.
Let me take the car and maybe there's a door or something that leads to that secret room. What the hell, Goldie? Hello, welcome to Popeye's. Can I take your order? Okay, Goldie. Out of there, let's go to the beach now. Okay, there's no way we're eating chicken today. I really hope the beach is not crowded. Me too. There is already a line of Larry's ice cream. I really want to eat one. Well, we can. Don't just go there, there are so many people not wearing masks and standing next to each other to maintain social distancing. I have an idea: oh no, rona, it's that you, oh, I'm leaving here.
Let's get out of here man this girl has the rhona virus I fooled everyone and they ran away from the line that was pretty impressive where did you learn that from grandma of course well let's go down in the water I want to put my feet in? sand and swimming breathe the ocean breeze oh this is amazing and there's no one here wow look oh someone built a cute little sand castle there's only one thing to make it so funny well I'm going to swim tj I'm having a hard time eating my ice cream , breathing and swimming at the same time, but let me finish my ice cream, you know, from the movie Shrek, oh, this is very relaxing, okay, Goldie, let's take a selfie, come on, say Cheetos with cheese, I have a great idea , how about we go?
I drive by grandma's house and then we say hello to her like the people on TV are visiting their friends and then we're still socially distancing but we're going to make her feel so much better because she misses us, it's a great idea, my grandkids are coming to visit me I'm very excited I baked them a cake just kidding I ordered a pizza but you know what I mean I have my lawn chair and my cooler and I'm ready for this parade it's like the fire department is coming, the police are coming you know it's still on TV They're going to come say hi to grandma oh she's out there sitting in her little lawn chair grandma hello grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma grandma kiwi we're here oh hello honey I was expecting a lot of cars like in the big parade on television but this is nice too hello pretty grandma, look I learned this dance and dance class through zoom class, look this is called the hillbilly party and then you say, oh yeah, okay grandma, it's okay with the bass drum, hello guys, We are very happy to be able to visit grandma. let me know in the comments if you've done any tours like for people's birthdays, like a drive-by parade or for your grandparents, because we know we miss a lot, we miss our other friends and


a lot, but yeah, I hope you do you do.
I enjoyed this video see you later stay safe bye guys

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