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May 30, 2021
Wow, who is that sexy girl over there? Who me? Oh, that was you. This is very embarrassing. Are you an attractive boy? Do you want to go on a date with me in Egypt? Yes, it's a good idea. Oh look, the planes are leaving soon. Get off holding hands because. you're doing it ahead of time oh I didn't like that they're apparently smaller Bianca you should soften up the babies damn good night and venture into a mysterious ancient Tomb ooh that sounds scary I hate you I want to get over the quicksand no Not getting this date sucks, yeah, no, it's fun, we can die together in quicksand, yeah, I always wanted to die, hey Sonic, Sonia, you did a really good job designing your character, yeah, Sonia looks really cool.
roblox egypt mess up
We remove a leg. Well, we did it. to pass no, we didn't, yes, better there Oh God, okay, it makes sense now we'll look for those artifacts ooh, more like fart effects, don't say farts, oh, sorry, sorry, uh-oh, They really want us to look for this, huh? Yeah, you know, searching, she's like poop, oh yeah, searching in your dog's eye area to find the jewelry because the dog ate it and they say you have to get it out. Kirsten actually had to do that once she had this like sifting. through like a dog oh it's just a myth wait a robux myth like gorings or gosh gorgs oh god it's a stupid joke yes you're stupid ok no storms came do you like my character do you like his big fat disgusting face yes he it's such a big forehead I love it brain everyone go back to the camp where we set up camp but okay come on let's go here we go I forgot there's a quick sale oh my gosh don't worry I'm Beckett I can't because I bought another light.
roblox egypt mess up

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roblox egypt mess up...

Oh, these are nice, spacious tents. Well, I'll just survive. Oh yeah, okay. Try to survive the storm. Well, here for two minutes with your new books. Oh my god, I didn't expect that. stay away from him so he leaves after burning a paper, sell our then then it's just our date, it's not Blanca Blanca's little mom anymore, so now there's only three of us left, okay, I guess I already died twice, so that I shouldn't be talking. in my head I thought we are good at these games as point guards, they are not really good, oh wait, oh god, we showed them everything right, we have to go over the Hobby again, oh yeah, we are small, okay, small, Bianca already not going. around here he says yes, you're trapped, it looks good, could you?
roblox egypt mess up
I'm trapped, you have to find Mia. Oh no, she's okay, oh, okay, this is scary. I don't know where I am, are you sure? Yeah, I have no idea where I am. I'm trapped inside a tomb, find the tomb, okay, I'm on my way, so I think stop by Abbey, don't screw it up, yeah, but don't screw it up, that's a stop, it was an accident, why did you do it? that? In fact, it's clearly terrifying music to my ear: yes, it's like a whisper, yes, it's like a hidden door somewhere, okay, let me smell this information for you.
roblox egypt mess up
How about you find the hidden door? Well, I haven't tried it, but I like it. I think there is a possibility that this is broken and this is outside the tomb, just find the hidden door, what's wrong with you? You're a failure, they pay me to escape, but I really want them to find me. I want to feel special. Oh save me, let someone wait. Wait, wait, I love lettuce, the hidden door, yes, we looked, I helped, I did it, there seems to be something on the other side of the room, oh yes, it's me. I hope a stranger is running so late, really, oh no, I am. a little, yeah, don't die, you ain't got no money, I said, man, save me, are you yeah, yeah, okay, come out, okay, cheering, okay, around you, I found you, Kayden, okay, You did great, wait, wait, how did they get in here?
I was saying that about me, how sweet, that's so weird, yeah, it keeps showing, it shows you all the audio and this one. Wow, come out of the grave, what a successful date. This was what do you want to have short legs? There seems to be someone out there avoid him. and go to camp, it's a clean bottle. Oh, here, where are you? I'm safe here, I'm not a newbie yet, no, no buddy, he's looking at you, take him behind the pillar, haha, oh god, he's too smart, he can't get past here I think. maybe he probably can, oh god, what can, can, can, can, yeah, he's chilling, man, he got tired, he was so right, poor guy, we just made him lose all hope, it's okay, strange things are happening, yeah, wow, that's a thing.
Investigate tomorrow why investigate This was a date where we had three of us, so why should we stay to find out that everyone is dead? Yes, surprise, wait. I have discovered something smaller. Bianca's last words. Get on the train and she's dead. Follow her advice. Yes. Aim. Wow, I'm so hot, yeah, this is a cough again that your throat, oh, sorry, sarcophagus, sarcophagus is like the coffin, I don't know, it sounds like sarcophagus, that's what your throat is like, right? I know you're talking about I almost ate asparagus, come on. Back here yeah, I guess so, oh God, oh no, it was just him showing up, oh my God, that scared me so much, so nothing seems to have changed since yesterday, let me sleep, let me die in peace, new here, good night nights, look at me, just spying. finished, wait, it's okay, I'm waiting, oh, I can't see what the noise is, oh no, aah, that's a scary face, oh, it's me, oh, he showed it to me, oh, I wish I was that guy, it's Well, this game has a lot of eggs, eggs, caught ball anyway. as we opened up here to the sarcophagus somehow I knew okay can you play, buddy be careful okay well I can't even get over this, this pose covered in traps, oh man let me burn the treasure.
I bet he just wants to get the treasure quickly. to the treasure, okay, don't die, these are very thin, so it's like I don't see what's good, these are difficult. I remember them for the war group days, ah, okay, okay, the faster you do it, the more chances you have, be careful. okay, okay, okay, this is ready to go off, okay, they killed me, I'm here, although, okay, you scared the shit out of me in a second, you really treasure everyone mentioning that thing back there must have been protecting this. Oh, wait, wait, take the treasure, hoard it all. right, we'll take the treasure, yippee, now we're rich, now we're rich, how did you see Indiana Jones?
Did we go this way or not? I think so. I mean, they never actually told the thief, no, oh, I have a rock. I can't move, yeah, that's a big wall of dirt. I just had to buy to respond. Oh yes, I know, yes, I have 10 robots left now. Okay, that's really scary, it really made me fall, it just melted my money. They definitely had like a travel brick there? Yes, oh, the weight of my giant fat head threw me to the ground. Yes, like he was hit on the ground. That's what's creepy. Did you really think he would run away, much less with my treasure?
No, yes, please. come on, we didn't know who's worse, we're going on tour, it was the guide, he told us to take it, yes, he actually did, he was fast, he grabbed it, he broke it quietly, you've dug your own grave, you haven't left it well, oh. No, we had the bad end of a war that was the best date of my entire life. I agreed, especially when the Egyptian god killed us in the end. I was really good. Wait, why am I seeing this? I am Madam Xue Xue's hot person. up the hill or I will follow your family forever and ever.
Why are you saying this to the kids like you're going up? Children are the same. Hey, give me a row box, I'm going to die here. It's one of the holes in the movie. I know. I've seen many times, not just one, but many different times, the very ease of him, a youtuber, the guy who played zero, really yeah, he's not big or anything like that, but that's what he does now, it's really brilliant. Hey guys, this video is sponsored by movie holes. It's a really good movie Cleo Thomas or cut cut Colio who makes through YouTube Hi guys quote

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