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Jun 11, 2021
planned, we can quickly see if maybe it works here, it doesn't say I have the key, although it will still work fine. Apparently I did have the key, apparently okay, okay, and now we're on an underground hook above chrome layer 500. I don't have 500 money Wow, maybe if you don't get the speed boosts near the start and find more money , then you could get a grappling hook, okay, I see, I see, so there are different ways to do this, obviously, on the beach, Lee. It has replayability there's nothing in the vent there I just thought I'd go ahead and watch it oh come on sometimes I just need to slow down I just need to breathe deeply and not make stupid mistakes nothing up there mm-hm nothing I hear it oh yeah yeah some of extra money, perfect, okay, cool, cool, it's not like we can buy anything with it because now things are starting to cost 500 money, okay, so there's a fan, yeah, here we go and jump over there, no problem . okay, go ahead and grab that, I don't know if it hits you, okay, when you get hit by a box, you die, but look, use the yellow key on the door over there, I can't, I'm actually dead, let's try it again. 360 whoa, but you guys weren't expecting that, what's up with the 360 ​​right there on the branch?
rob the mansion obby in roblox
It was a risky move, but you know what we're all about here on the Bennis channel, okay, come on, let's do this guy's yes, all right. Okay, use the yellow key BAM and now, oh man, we're heading towards the rich man's vault too. That's something exciting. What is this fruit here? What the hell? It's not a secret button. This door is closed. That fruit ball can be seen. tasty hmm I don't even need this guy's advice. I can do all this myself. Wait a second. That just drained the pool by doing that. Yes sir. Rob, man, we're rockers or a criminal, whatever, oh, it's us going through the pipe, yeah, very cartoony, very comical.
rob the mansion obby in roblox

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rob the mansion obby in roblox...

I like it now. What a slime, slime, slime slide, there's a slime slide, which we went down here, yeah, okay, he's going to get out of this extra money. I don't care if I go over there where all that goo is spilling your drool. I must say that the raft will arrive in 10 seconds. Oh man, it's like a roller coaster. I was at Disney World, so this is very exciting. Do not go. Wow, this is exactly like one of those big Disney water rides where everyone gets wet, except this is slime, so you wouldn't actually be wet, you'd just be covered in slime, which would probably be worse, There's some money right there, if that's okay with you.
rob the mansion obby in roblox
It doesn't matter, it's too difficult, there needs to be more prize, we missed it, it's okay, I'm very close, although we were close, maybe we could get the money quickly, jump, grab the money, go back, that's impossible, no There's a way that's happening. they do a 360 degree turn on the raft do you think I can do it I don't know, it seems a little more risky oh okay cool, this time I'll sit in the front chair and gently slide down, perfect, yeah, There is no way I could have gotten that money. It's okay now, if we could just get in the middle.
rob the mansion obby in roblox
I shouldn't have gone out. I shouldn't have gone out. But actually I'm fine. No I'm not. Why did I fly through the wall? I thought maybe you would have fallen and then I could have at least walked the rest of the way. You know what I wasn't thinking directly at three sixty on the raft, maybe I'm going to get on this chair. maybe that will make them okay, actually I mean, I did it, I did it successfully being in that chair, but now I just changed things, so I might have messed things up. I don't know, I'm actually done.
The place is, oh man, especially in this race, you know, I really don't know anything about this, perfect, perfect, and jump here before you fall down the hallway, whoa-ho, okay, okay, so there's the hole and I guess it's the raft. needs to die before another can answer oh is this the vault? dude oh my god okay so that's the huge vault door there's something there's got to be some kind of secret there's our secret, I don't know, that's how you go through the main entrance so I just did it now we're missing a key a key there's this strange book right here what does this do uh it's a piano what are we going to play that on the piano maybe something happen okay I just need I need to remember the keys again okay here we go it would definitely have helped if it was a real piano with the proper scales not only okay wait make it also so it jumps forward and then back and then the Last one, I think I remember. which doesn't really make sense the way I said it, but I hope this actually works, so I'll jump in here first, go ahead, take all that money, okay, now let's play the piano, so what do we have here? doo no, that's not right, that's not right, let's try it again, actually, oh, it's shown above, look at that kind of desire that wasn't shown above, it would make me feel more fulfilled, down and then down.
Boop did that job. Oh, script. Punky's man. this is a pretty long


, I mean, I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, that's, it's a really good thing, like they did it, they didn't take anything, they didn't take any shortcuts, okay, this again, so this. it's now it's a book of death what's going on here mmm no no apparently I don't know how to go up the stairs it's supposed to suck you what's going on I'm getting everything in order what I didn't get any of the money that was In that room where were we? What is this creepy place?
Great question, so I need one thing to overcome that. Okay, we can do it, no problem. Go here and then over here you will see. I don't know what that other weird little teleport is. What he was, so we need, we need to come here, do something with this, no, honestly, I don't know what, okay, so I have this, oh, okay, wait, so I have this torch and now I come here , turn it on, oh. that's cool man this reminds me a lot of dark souls its platinum really drops in dark souls here we go let's see yeah hey maybe don't talk expose maybe another type of similar game maybe even like zelda or me, odyssey, I don't know.
I got a tidbit out of it apparently I didn't get this tidbit wow sweet ok that was really cool ok oh ok now what do we get on this oh let's set sail oh my gosh for set sail on a giant ship inside the


s of a rich guy. haunted book wow look at that giant skeleton he doesn't look very friendly oh you're right oh my god this is an all out boss battle. Wow, this is great, okay, I don't really want that money there. I'll take that SuperSpeed, even though I can afford it, that's cool, there's a boss battle in zombie man, okay, I want to go up there.
I probably will, yeah, yeah, that's cool, the speed is baffling me, here we go. Shoot the skeleton man, no, poor skeleton boss, poor guy, he tried to jump on him or he should go back, yeah, he should go back, we don't take risks here guys, 360, aha, that was cool, he's a skeleton. boss battle Wow Wow okay, very good, very good, has he backed off now? um, it looks like it's honestly okay, that's scary, yeah, I hope we go. Is there something? Oh, there is something. it opens with the door and there's a treasure chest there, okay, very interesting, so we go down here and okay, there's all these cheeses, okay, very creepy, but okay, you can do it no problem, yeah, cool What do we have here? green key maybe hey the money key goes to the vaults yeah okay let's go they're sucking us when we get out of there the stupid skeleton boss had nothing on us let's go back let's use the Dalek key on that giant door okay , sounds good, man, come on come on, yeah, well here we go here we go here we go oh my god, what do we have here?
We have the vault and what will be in the vault will be tons and tons of days sweet sweet baby oh oh wonderful time right here oh oh, we have escape now oh, that's not good oh and we're locked in the vault, that's really bad, okay, what do we do? oh no, oh no, oh no, oh man, they got us. I see a plane to escape, but we must get through these complicated things. traps, okay, oh yeah, I'm not too worried about the yeah, okay, well, I'm not too worried about that cash there because I feel like you know we're in the home stretch, there was the plane right there, okay, we have this, we have this we can do this we can do this no problem okay okay here we go here we go yeah oh so fast okay no problem no problem guys we have this here we go here we go it's okay it's okay it's okay yeah it's okay we're good , we're fine, we're fine, yes, timing is very difficult, okay, how do you know where to go?
I can't believe we did it, well there's that money up there. I'm not very careful with someone I need. fly out of here and now we're on a plane, that's so cool you can see the world at the bottom right there, okay, what is this? Oh yeah, this is crazy, it's a fun movie, it looks like it would be chased by another plane, just keep going. man, this is mr. Vick Rich oh this is amazing when he came down the planes are going to crash quickly I found a parachute let's get out of here oh man okay come on come on what do we have?
Come on, first we have to open the door. We need a parachute. There is something. money here why not yeah man there's a really nice plane okay parachute the parachute is a giant plane oh my god ah this is cool this is cool this is my favorite h


of all time Okay, we have a parachute, we have to get out. from here now we go good and down here we go ah another scene right here Oh shooting down okay we close do we care about the winners room where is the winners room? No, I don't know, honestly, I have no idea.
We keep falling, we should probably pull the parachute, yeah, okay, winner's room, oh no, where's the one whose room is right there, but I have to let go a little first? Okay, so let's go to the winners room. Oh subscribe to fat BAPS wow guys the winners. I can't believe it and we got the badge that was stolen from mr. Mick Rich's


, but can you find the scattered Bucks? Well, it's actually a very good challenge. We have 305 every now and then we spent 200 before, so we got five hundred and five. There's definitely more where that came from and then we could have gotten the grappling hook I don't know if there was a secret badge or something and it doesn't say anything like that there but anyway fat mush amazing aw B that was actually ridiculously good I'm going Let's move on and before I forget, let's go.
Return to the game page here I encourage you all to do this and play the game. Throw it equally. Give him a favorite. I don't know why he has so many dislikes. This is like Obby's best effort anyway, although it was awesome, guys. that note I would like to thank you very much for joining me on another Roblox adventure. If you liked it, remember to leave a like, maybe even subscribe if you haven't already. Did you see little Dennis in this episode? Let me know in the comments. Below you can get them at Dennis Daily Calm and the link in the description below, but other than that, thank you very much again for checking out the mobile game that comes out on October 6th, that is, this Saturday, so be prepared for that, guys.
I'm very, very excited about it. but yeah, other than that, thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one.

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