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Roasting the Hardware Canucks YouTube Studio

Jun 30, 2023
I know if you knew my plant, Henry. Say hello to Henry, by the way. I like to show it. And then that's your establishing shot right there. And then I'll change the lighting to blue or something like that. He plays with colors. Maybe put an anime wallpaper on the screen. - Do you think, Eber, that I should leave it, do you leave it running for your shots? - Most of the time yes. Yes, I leave it running. But if you want to save battery then. - Well, let me tell you something about the drums, Eber. What a great setup that was.
roasting the hardware canucks youtube studio
One thing I've enjoyed about the XPS 15 is the sponsor section of the video, by the way, if you haven't noticed. Yes, the battery life has been really excellent. That's a great little transition. The screen is excellent. It's a 16x10 screen and a touchscreen, which as a purposeful user, Eber, seems strange to use a touchscreen while editing a video, but it's actually been really beneficial. And you can even do color correction on curves and things like that with a touch screen, which is actually quite strange when you have a big curve. You make a small S curve with your finger.
roasting the hardware canucks youtube studio

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roasting the hardware canucks youtube studio...

We got 100% sRGB, 95% Adobe RGB, and 99.3 DCI P3 coverage with an average Delta E out of the box of 2.69. I'll go into more details of testing and stuff like that, benchmarks and that kind of editing performance stuff in a future video, but I edited the last full project and also the unboxing reel that What I did about this, what I did about this, and it was a great and completely enjoyable experience. So far, Eber, it was a great recommendation to purchase the XPS 15. - You're welcome. - And thanks again to Dell for sponsoring this video. - See all the fingerprints you have accumulated. - What are you spraying there, Eber? - It's just a little bit of cleaning solution, man.
roasting the hardware canucks youtube studio
It's a glass cleaner. It does the job. At least it seems that way. (the men laugh) All the nasty finger oil. - What did you just call him? Nasty finger oil? - Yes, you know? Do you want me to show you this? - I can bottle it and sell it on Onlyfans or something, right? -Oily fans. -Oily fans. (the men laugh) - These are all my colored sheets. As you can see, I have a lot, these are like Dollar Store, Dollarama. -Will you ever get the Mark II with those? - I don't think they have any Mark II.
roasting the hardware canucks youtube studio
It's just yes. If they break, they are replaced. - Even if they bring a Mark II, Eber will refuse to upgrade it. - I will refuse to update, yes. So I set the color and just look for accessories to dress up the shot, okay? So... A little cologne. - A little cologne would work, yes. Recently, I've been trying to do something similar, luckily I have some blue details. So I have blue keys and all that. So I bring that here and a little bit of that. And then this was, I bought it in Los Angeles. Only blue cards.
So, I like to stack them right here. So it's like... I like how you put them in a nice fan and put them on the table and spread them out. - I know I know. It's just... This is Eber leaving the letters for him. He says, "I bought them in Los Angeles." I like them very much. What I like to do with these is unfold them nice and slow, and then I'll just put them on the table. (men laugh) - You just ruined the shot, man. The way I usually do it is I have them closed. - Yeah. - Then I press record and then I open it, and then I do something really cool, I don't know.
I usually just log on. - Do you like the "Ghost" scene? ♪ Oh, my love ♪ (the men laugh) - So I left it right there. - It's starting to seem like, just like the YouTube camera has a vibe, there's a vibe to tech YouTube. - And that's a wrap. This is how we do it. - Alright. Can I have the SD card please? - Oh, of course. But you have to give it back to me, you know that right? - Yes. Very good, I already have what I need. Thanks, Eber. - Well. (beep) Back to, so this originally belonged to that one over there. - You're sure?
I thought I was the host. Are you following me? Saying, "Okay, guys, let's get back to the lighting and the hand here." When I started my channel, I was really inspired by Hardware Canucks. It was more computer stuff, but the way they photographed cases, keyboards, mice and whatever. There's a lot of stuff like, I probably just mentioned all of Dmitry's stuff, right? -It's mainly Dmitry, but he also used to do keyboard reviews. -And also your laptop stuff and everything. I was very inspired. These guys, I liked the way they used certain colors and stuff. I'd say over time the style of thumbnail I use now probably evolved from some sort of Hardware Canucks copy from the beginning.
So. That's one of the main reasons you should ask for royalties. - That's how it is. - It should, yes. I should do that a lot. - So yeah, this is actually a big moment for me, because I later found out that these guys are camera nerds and were watching my channel years later. But when I was a little YouTuber or whatever, I was watching Hardware Canucks. - That means a lot, man. - It's a good channel. (beep) - All the equipment here is pretty old, but it still works. - Like you. (men laugh) (bleep) We have another great content creator, Patrick.
He is working one and two for no other reason than he just likes to hang out. This guy is making millions of videos viewed on "Avatar" or something around here. - Not everything is bad. I don't think everything is bad. Maybe everything is bad. - This guy does his video essays like "What was Stanley Kubrick really talking about?" (beep) Like a sine wave or whatever... (beep) I would look it up though and make sure not to give out sibling data or whatever. No man. Magenta is not real. - It's not real. - That's a lot of radiation trying to lie to you. (beep) That's what I'm saying, what is it? - Yeah, it's just T or something. - What are you doing? (Eber laughs) - It's just T and you just cut it out or something.
I don't know, I mean. - No, that's not what you do. (beep) That's a responsibility, sir. (Eber laughs) (bleep) - Speaking of which, have you filmed the B-Roll for that laptop yet or what? - No, I haven't. - What are we doing here? (beep) - Have you noticed that it only takes one person to say Porsche and everyone says, oh yeah, we're on that wavelength? (Men laugh) - There will be someone in the audience who will say, "Oh, these snobs say Porsche." (beep) Did you ever see that video on the Internet? (beep) - It's a cash grab.
It's a cash grab. (men laugh) (beep) - It's not so crazy, huh? Like the Canon... That's the most Canadian phrase of all time. - It's not so crazy, huh? - Loggy, huh? (men laugh) (bleep) - People say, "No, I like those skin tones." Simply grab a pitch slider and move it around. Who cares? (beep) - Okay, now they're both looking at me. Gerald looking at Eber. Both looking at each other. (the men laugh)

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