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Jun 05, 2021
don't be an idiot, stop it, you're the worst, you don't even drink bottles, leslie, that's why I like you more, you raise your children, oh mac, stop, there's no more. I'm done having bottle babies, uh, so, mac. and mercy have been down to one bottle a day, technically they are old enough to be weaned and don't get the full amount of milk they get like 16 ounces a day, but I did some research and said that the goats that do drink milk per longer is generally healthier, so since I'm already here giving Pearl two bottles a day, I go ahead and give Mac Merced one in the morning and then Pearl gets a bottle at night.
ripples vlog
Hello knobs. Hello little goats. Hello Gabriel. Hello girls. look at little mister john, he's changing a lot, you know he's mostly white when he was born near that spot on his cheek, but he's getting older, he's getting blacker on his face and he's starting to get these brown spots on his body that are really pretty, it's a shame to ban it, but it will be cool weather, I just don't want to keep it for breeding, uh, because how big it is it's significantly bigger than two month olds. older than him, like these kids are all older than him and he's so much bigger than them, hey buddy, he's so cute, Chloe, you enjoy a little itch on the floor, okay, I guess this is what You're reduced when you don't have opposable thumbs Hey, you gotta duck, don't go in that pig pen, that electric wire is on, honey, yeah, we don't play in the pig pen, yeah, the new pigs are in there, come here, Guys, what are you doing trying? to have fun trying it, uh, I just got into the greenhouse, we actually have to change our well filter and we have to change it, you know, from time to time, but I noticed that the water was a little tinted, which means that it does very hot. iron content and I noticed it because I had watered here and I could see the residue on things like this coppery residue.
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I thought, oh, what's going on? It's time to fill, change the fan filter. Are you taking some photos? If I do not do it. I know what to take pictures. There are some pretty orange flowers down there. Calendula. You could take them. The kids have been using this old camera of mine to take pictures. I was really hoping that one of my sons would get into photography and so far Toby has done just that. He really showed interest, he uses like an old cell phone that we have and takes a lot of photos and likes to make videos and Benjamin recently took this old DSLR that I have, it's very old, it was one of the first cameras. that I ever had and um he's been taking pictures with it, which is really cool, really nice for this mom, y'all, it's officially getting hot, um like that time of year when you go out and you're just sweating. in the first few minutes and it keeps going and I'm not complaining in the slightest, make no mistake, I actually prefer this to being cold this winter where we had the coldest winter Arkansas has had in 150 years or something.
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I like to die, I just can't even stand the cold weather. I'm a born and raised Southern girl, so when I go out and it's like 85 88, that's like 30 degrees Celsius or something and I'm sweating right away. Like one hundred percent humidity, my hair seems to grow every time I go outside and I'm like, yeah, I can handle this, but it's hot, it's the time of year where I have to start doing a lot of gardening stuff early. in the morning or late at night because it's not really healthy to be here during the heat of the day, the high tunnel is beneficial because it has this 50 shade fabric so it's usually several degrees cooler in here than it is outside. in the sun and look at these determined tomatoes, they tickle me now that they are starting to bloom.
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I haven't seen any substantial fruit on them, there are probably some small tomatoes in here I guess. I don't know, there are a lot of flowers, we'll probably have fruit here starting next week, but I think they look really nice. I have to fill the water. I'm waiting to change the well filter and I'm waiting because when I watered this stuff it left a residue on the plants and it was making them a little crunchy so I didn't water everything else yesterday and I saw that the soil is darker here, I don't know if You can tell him that that kind of coppery glow on the staff is because the well filter needed to be changed.
Now look at this, this bed is full of some kind of fungus, fungi that inevitably emerge every year when the time of year when it is real begins to arrive. warm and especially calm in the spring, where it is still quite humid in many places. I'll start getting pictures from people or tagging in pictures of mushrooms or mushrooms, mushrooms growing in the beds and people will be like, Oh my gosh, there are mushrooms growing in my garden! What I do do is that bad mushrooms growing in your garden are not a bad thing. Now you can take them out if you feel like they're getting in the way of something and a lot of times they'll turn into a big cluster and do you know how to crowd your plant and prevent it from getting enough light or whatever?
I often leave mushrooms that grow in your soil or simply show that your soil is healthy. That's a good thing, like having bacteria in your soil. You want soil that is full. of life and you'll see mushrooms, especially if you're growing organically, if you're adding organic matter back in because you're creating this warm, moist place for them, that's where they like to grow. In fact, I'm changing plans. On my tomatoes I was planning on doing what's called a Florida weave, which is where you put stakes and then weave twine or rope or something along the tomatoes to hold them up and my friend Jill came yesterday, of course, Jill is the one who is buying my farm and has been coming and planting things in the meantime so we emptied like the rest of our cabbages and harvested everything else so I had this great spot here in the high tunnel and Jill came and put in dahlia.
All the tubers are there so they'll be full of flowers and that's because we're moving off this property in about nine weeks and those things will be ready to be cut and harvested by the time she moves in so we. We're sort of transitioning that way where I'm planting everything in the meantime, I'll harvest a lot of this, they'll harvest a lot of this and it's a really nice way to still be able to enjoy my garden. completely into this last season without the overwhelming need to have to handle everything on my own, which is really nice, since I couldn't harvest all of this myself, I'm not going to have time to preserve it all, so I make a share something It will help me move forward because I don't have to watch everything grow too big because I don't have the capacity to do so.
It will also help them move because when they move at the height of the season where they get food that they can harvest for their family and you know, flowers that they have planted to harvest and sell and all that, she was here and I told her that I was considering doing the Florida cry. I grew determinants specifically to have an easier crop here last year I grew indeterminates that had to be continually staked, tied and pruned and I thought well, I'll grow determinants because I won't have to prune them, I won't have to give them.
So much support, I thought the Florida fabric would be a good option. She had never done it before and she actually told me that she had done the Florida weave on her certain tomatoes in a tunnel last year and she said it was really very. I had to keep weaving, I had to make sure to regularly weave because these plants were so loaded with fruit that it wasn't as practical as I'd hoped, so I think I'm probably going to go back to a row of cattle panels for each of these rows of tomatoes and we'll just tie them to that and it will be a sturdier support for them because determinate wild tomatoes don't grow as big as indeterminate ones by any means.
I mean, they still weigh quite a bit when covered in fruit. I think it will be a good option. We had all these chicks on this little tractor on the electric fence, but we lost a handful of them. I don't know if something was flying around and catching them or if they were somehow leaving and then just not coming back, but what we decided to do was go ahead and introduce them to the big flock and let them share here. these chicks here and we put them in the coop at night to, you know, introduce them together and it's been pretty easy, it was a little risky, but we didn't have much of a choice because it was so hot.
A lot of times you can put them in a doghouse with the flock to get them used to each other, but I don't have a super aggressive flock either, so sometimes you have really dominant hands that will be horrible for the new ones. new chickens, but it was enough to put them in at night and make sure they had room to get away from them, so here are all the babies, they haven't learned to climb the coop yet, so we're going to have to go out here at night and put them all back in the chicken coop because they'll just crowd under it, okay guys it's the middle of the day so it's bright out here but we had to go back and look at the black hollyhock.
More times I told them that I will continue to show everyone what I show these two, they are just amazed by them under the bright sun, you can tell they are actually a little reddish purple but really dark and beautiful. I'm so in love with the garden and this year it's such a sweet thing, how full and lovely it is, I'm so happy with it, oh my goodness, I've been enjoying every minute I can, you know? Having coffee here bringing meals and sitting here I can't exactly capture what this season feels like, but I want to be faithful to make videos and share them with you because I feel like you are a big part of it as we finish. our time on this farm it's been seven years and we're enjoying this last season and I've talked about letting the garden grow wild and all that, I'm actually just letting the volunteers grow it, we're still weeding it and all that stuff and just I'm making sure it's completely filled and used, probably growing a little more flowers than I have in the past, less worried about production and more worried about enjoyment, and I love being able to do that and I love being able to share with all of you, but this is a very interesting time because we are taking this leap into what's next for us, which will be a bigger farm and it will be more sustainable food for our family. and grow things with that in mind, but we have such big dreams and I don't know, I just feel like right now we're recording this stuff and I'm recording these last little bits on the farm, even when I don't feel like I have anything to show, it's like hey , this is still growing and it still moves me and I just want to share it with you and one day I will look back on this and say, wow!
That was a very interesting season of transition and I don't know, I like to think that maybe you do too and I know that if I'm savoring every last minute here with this farm, I know some of you are too. and I'm really excited to see what jill and nathan do. One of the benefits of having our friends take charge of this is that they have different goals than us, they have the same appreciation for beauty and all that, but with different styles. and all that, so it's going to be really interesting to see this framework built and added and changed and all that stuff to create something else that's also lovely.
I was talking to Jill yesterday and I was talking to her about the great It's valuable to just show people that what they can do is worth doing. It's a different scale for us, it's a different skill for all of us and different people are in different places. I just love seeing what you guys get as inspiration and learning. and all that and you go and create your own expression and you will send me photos of your gardens and your different spaces and I will see some of those aspects like the cattle panel arches and I see some of those inspirations shining through, but they are also different and That's the beauty of it, is that right now I'm not trying to create something to say this is exactly how you should do it, exactly at this scale, exactly like me.
I have done it, it would be so silly to think that we could do that, I mean, you don't all live here all by one, you don't all have the same physical ability, you don't all have the same goals. different for each person, but I love seeing the common threads that are woven into all the different expressions and overall I love the overriding message that there is value in doing everything you can where you are and that is ultimately my hope even now that you know we are. We're making this bold move and this big leap and we're putting all the chips on the table and saying we're going to go for a big dream and even that there will be little threads of inspiration that you could weave into. your own story and I don't think we can even see the fullness of the tapestry of how we are all intertwined and how our shared ideas and the encouragement of You know we are all interwoven because you should see the connections that I see happening in the comments section.
Sometimes you know that through our Facebook group we have roots and shelter of friends as if people have made lifelong friends there. IThey like to live life now because they met through a YouTube channel because they searched our tomatoes. I just don't think we can fully understand the ripple effects of everything we do, but when our intentions are kindness and encouragement, uh, I think. that we can be sure that those


will spread everywhere and I don't know, Jill and I had some really good conversations yesterday about big dreams and doing what we can where we are, but always staying in a place of refusing to Stop keep saying: I'm going to constantly think about what more I can do for people and for the earth and for our families and see our own dreams come true, so thank you all for hanging out with me today.
Sometimes I feel a little silly turning on the camera when I feel like I don't have anything super spectacular to teach, say or show, but the real reason I keep doing it is because I love sharing this journey with you, it has so much. value to me um and I know it has a ripple effect. I bless you guys until next time.

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