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RIOT IN THE STREETS!! | Prison Architect - Part 3

Jun 09, 2021
we'll start by reviewing So far, so good, at least I'm still getting paid for this, that's tremendously nice, who doesn't sound like good things are happening? There are a lot of people dying there, which is bad, okay? You guys try that, but when they're healed, bring them in and then we'll give you all here, oh, there's fighting, hello, stop resisting, get on the ground, get on the ground, get on the ground, okay, I guess we can do it. We'll start with this pavilion, well maybe these guys shouldn't be here. I'm starting to think maybe they're not supposed to be there. they're probably not supposed to be there, oh we have to take it again, you know, that's why I'm okay, they're okay, it's okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry , I gotta do that bang boom bang boom ok, so now take this one, these cops are ready to roll, but these guards, okay, these guys are ready to hand it over to our can't get in, oh dear, okay, we'll get started , we take an order to place them in the unmounted area, at least these guys go there to move it, okay, get in, okay, so so far, everything good will bring, look, I'll bring this guy, okay, they're getting healthcare, so they are square and I don't sound like robots when they move, move forward, move forward, what are you doing?
riot in the streets prison architect   part 3
You leave him alone, you leave him. just okay we're okay we were okay we're okay control and control and I don't know I'm being so strategic with this but I'm a little worried oh here we go more Rygaard have arrived perfect exactly what I It's necessary because we have a situation here. Get in there. Get in there, buddy, drink. You are alone. You are alone in this heavily guarded wing that looks very bad. Get in there and get well. Crush them. Alright, I hope this is okay, send these guys to join the other Rygaard, so we'll have two paramedics for each group, hopefully, once they're done doing whatever they're doing, Mayor Calvin Heller It's calling, ok, I guess.
riot in the streets prison architect   part 3

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riot in the streets prison architect part 3...

This is the deputy CEO I'm speaking to. I appreciate that this is a very difficult time and we are all under intense scrutiny. Rest assured that you have my full support and will use all the resources at your disposal to strengthen us and us. Taking


of the


and the loss of life so far is completely justifiable, but before you continue to retake the rest of the


, Yuri secure the wings you have captured, hire some guards, and assign them to the recaptured section from the deployment screen . they will make sure the captured wing stays captured once you've taken care of pushing into the remaining areas and taking down these monsters.
riot in the streets prison architect   part 3
These animals can be rebuilt, rehabilitated and traded. I'm working on authorizing an armed response team to put an end to this quickly, that seems a little extreme. I'm not one hundred percent sure about that, but maybe you know, oh hey, they brought in the mayor, some armed cops from the nearby police station, oh boy, that seems extreme, be careful with these. guys, you might end up with a bloodbath on your hands if you let them loose, on the other hand, the prisoners might choose to surrender when they see these guys come in, well that's optional, it's optional if I use these guys.
riot in the streets prison architect   part 3
I have to use these guys because it seems like it might be a little extreme. These guys here, what are they doing? Get in there, get in there, get in, you gotta go guys, you gotta move right, so these guys. here doing his job, which is good, so we just need to get in here, we need to take a moment for them to heal and for this fire to be out of control, shit, that's crazy, I don't think there's any salvation, that It's just Made by God, okay, so these guys are going to push from the south side to get in here.
Hello, you have wounded people all over the prison and there will be more to come, surely you can't let them bleed to death. building permit somewhere on the site and senior doctors to treat the injured. We have also seen quite a few bodies for the sake of their dignity. We need to build a Morgan. He starts to pick them up. You will need to hire some workers to do the construction. work, be sure to keep them safe. It seems extreme in the middle of a


, why would we bring construction equipment that has nothing to do with prisons into this area?
Oh man, not that. It doesn't look good at all, but whatever it is, it can't be fought now, link okay, so I'll subdivide it into different rooms and then work on it right there, as soon as these guys decide to stop being giant babies. push, push, come on, push, do you understand why you don't push me? Okay, so these guys have to get in here. Well, who's calling? Yes, most of the reinforcements have arrived. Now you can call as many


police squads. and paramedics as needed from the emergency toolbar ok, emergencies, riot police and paramedics bring them Oh Benedict, why Benedict?
How did you get a number? All guy, that's not good, listen, we have your CEO, well, that's not good. Oh my god, that's how it works. I asked you to give me any problem. Send someone or if I smell the police, I'll put a bullet in their skull. We want an unmarked vehicle with blacked out windows. Full tank. I'll be in touch in an hour. Well, that's a lot of demands, well, drama, well this is a situation where they've gotten really entrenched there, boy, that's not good boy, this is completely unacceptable, we need eyes in that canteen so we can see what's going. small security room north of the cantina, we need to secure it, deploy some guards there, man, CCTV console and we'll have a view of the entire cell block, okay, you got it, I need it real quick, get it.
I'm in this, I'm in a baby, yeah, let's take a look at the hostage situation, well I'm Brad, there's more than I thought would come out of the prison


ure, the last chance to get out of here. The boss once played t-ball labeled with cheese. oh boy well 00 I've never played two balls, two bullets for empty chambers, I used to play this with rabbits, we blow their heads off, it's not really a game when it's just about killing things, it doesn't look like much fun, but you'll do it . works anyway let's start with a simple question what were you doing in that office?
Oh no, I swear, I don't know anything. Oh, burning something. I see my own reflection enough to know what man is doing wrong. Oh boy, okay, who goes first, you, me. What's up with this guy? Oh no, oh dear, what do you know? Like a hare. Oh, he was in those vials. Wow, I swear, I don't know. It looks like it's running out, there's still a bloody bullet somewhere and I know what I saw. I could not believe it. My own eyes, the big company man here in my prison looking guilty. I guess there was more in those files just on my rap sheet, please no, the odds are getting shorter.
Wallace, yes, there will probably be blanks until the end. until Wallace, I'll tell you what I'll make it easier for you, oh well, that's not even just the logical probability if it's a bullet, then there are two empty ones and then there's a bullet. It's okay with this shit, yeah, there's a bullet, right? Here, if I know how to play this game and I think I do, it's your turn, motherfucker, unless you tell me what I want to know, I can't, please, oh dear, okay, please don't shoot, it was money, it was all money, that's all. your valuable products, the longer you stay here the more profit we will make, we were simply breaking the rules, that file was the proof, so what are we worth?
What do they get for keeping us in? 73 thousand dollars a year per person, that's a lot. of money cheese that's more than the average salary every motherfucker it's time you start paying oh boy oh boy that's not, that's not a good dog, that's not good, okay, I have to go fucking bill, Excuse me, I have to go think about the workers. and you guys go to work don't worry about the trip it's fine or the school was fine our trip so I need to put these guys here well that guy is dead I didn't know that guy was dead shit , I had no idea. ok, but hiring guards and deploying them to the recaptured areas may have gotten these guys working there well, there's only two left, shit, well that's not good, that's not good, well that doesn't make sense, might as well hire some janitors.
I do, clean this up. Upstairs, you guys are janitors, that's the only thing I'm worried about, okay, so we have more reinforcements here anyway, so let's get everyone we need, let's get everyone there, let's get it at least here with these guys here. the guys didn't move those other guys work on these guys are working on eventually they're going to work here we're going to hire more staff guards for here guards for here ok so of course damn I forgot to right click too Is it okay to move to your little one, so we have to get to the outside of the cantina, the maximum security wing is where we are working right now and then most of the group is coming that way, so I'm just going to speed up so we can do this, oh geez, staff, okay, now push here, come on, push, push, get it, right?
We have a good, okay, good cards of police doing their thing, you cook there, okay, okay, so this is just desolate. It just needs to be destroyed, this whole thing is dead and I actually don't have time for this episode so we're going to get to the bottom of this in the next episode, I don't know when, but we're going to get there and, shit, this is going to happen. It's driving me crazy but I hope everything will be in order very soon but I have no idea how it will work but anyway thank you all so much for watching let me know how to solve this problem in the comments below and thanks again to everyone and as always see you in the next video goodbye there is no way to say that with that it sounds good

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