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Ricky Gervais Pits His Mild British Palate Against Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Feb 27, 2020
oh, very good, hello, what's going on everyone? First we have a feast. I'm Sean Evans. You're looking at a good one. It's the show with hot questions and even hotter


. I'm joined today by Ricky Gervais. Here are some Emmys on the shelf. a world turns coming soon and you can see it in his new movie david brent life on the road february 10 on netflix


welcome to the show i dont know what im doing if im being totally h


t how are you with the hot food? Listen, I don't know, I mean, you look less like you're ready to drive and now we've got a chance, so this is having a hard time with Charlie Rose and idiot Ricky, to be fair, we stretched out a bit. a little for you this time we're going to be vegan


you know Ricky Gervais you owe me the best I'm going vegan together with you you gave him the temple of seitan it's better Gary the temple of satan this is the baby it is but It's not easy I think that I can do this well, that's nice, so I want to start by talking about David Brent, the character.
ricky gervais pits his mild british palate against spicy wings hot ones
It's because the office is so perfect and untouchable that some fans like to bristle at the idea of ​​a spin-off, but I think one could argue that David Brent's character is more relevant than ever, he's kind of representative of the office. person who chases Fame at any cost has no self conscious at all yes i started writing it before the events of this year unfolded but it comes down to you know time is a different beast now people made their lives like an open wound to be famous, they do anything. being on tv fifteen years ago is a bit of an idiot and he was showing off and he was a narcissist but he's an old fashioned narcissist nothing like the master fish of today like terminator one meets terminator 2 and yes we have the presenter from The Apprentice in the White House saying things like I'd like to punch him in the face and admit to abusing women because Brent can't compete in this new world, okay, that was a little warm of Michael, I mean look at that right yeah I'm only on two I had to fight just with you because I enjoyed I was enjoying some chicken wings there talking about life on the road you're cooking up this is terrible and it's already hot well I said too much no no no Ricky hmm so come on which means you will be spending a good chunk of 2017 in hotel rooms and one of my favorite things about you is your ability to complain and have a stomach ache at just about anything where hotels d e five stars fall short they are too far from the place sometimes sometimes i have to travel up to 35 minutes to get to five style city so good i have changed city before if five o'clock the hotel is too far yes let you breathe oh my god that woman oh god i'm such a coward it's ok why are you looking at yourself?
ricky gervais pits his mild british palate against spicy wings hot ones

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ricky gervais pits his mild british palate against spicy wings hot ones...

You're a little yoked in this v-neck and my tongue stings a little, but that guy filled my mouth a little more. I don't think I like that one very much. i have something on my lips it moved too he is moving i didn't touch my lips i don't know how g Or there by osmosis this one has gone from my tongue he has gone down my throat to my feet and lips somehow. Oh now he has my throat too. what we do is dig into our guest Instagram. We take interesting photos that we think need more context, but you're kind of on topic with you and I need to know everything I can about that bathroom selfie.
ricky gervais pits his mild british palate against spicy wings hot ones
I am part aquatic. I stay in the bathroom for about 25 minutes and now with the iPhone I have a computer in the bathroom so I do much richer stuff and my baths got deeper and my testicles started to spread out with age, I found that testicles float, so yeah it's three in the water how am i 30 now you know i got here 20 years ago right mine used to be really so perfect now they're like two plums in a stock right and i was looking down one day i thought they would throw another what's better like two hot air balloons trying to escape in th The forest yeah and i thought that's fascinating so i guess this is my zen moment it's not that i'm not happy and it's real.
ricky gervais pits his mild british palate against spicy wings hot ones
I preferred that they were talking about their testicles and if they are excited. if we label this so he can handle this it's fine in this rectangle that's fine Mike and Ricky I would say this you know a lot of people say that huh huh but people with your disposition do remarkably well in how one is the most nervous people that people who doubt themselves the most always seem to perform better. This would be great advice if it wasn't about being able to eat


things on camera. I can't, I can't use that in my life, you can't.
I guess I never thought I could, so I know you're a long-time advocate for animals. some of them are too crazy to be true it all goes to you fun fact about animals still and then tell me if you think it's true or false during mating season male elephant seal a map a harem of up to 50 females i would say it was i said it would still be true true that one is true for one


the world's largest spider goliath birdeater tarantula from south america bro omg ricky lauren i can't even finish because you already know it's false about how big my racket could be if the volume to surface ratio. it gets too big, they wouldn't get enough oxygen, so that's pretty much the maximum size they can get.
He had five foot six tusks that he was going to use, so I took the dimensions from that David Arquette eight movie. monsters with legs and then i tried to put it on you know you already know that's true Oh someone who is fascinated with animals throwing up with that I have never lost the passion for how amazing reality is and because of that I don't need anything but reality it's magical enough hmm i can feel the s the humidity before the heat like norris you soon so you've been roasting celebrities at the Golden Globes than for years and it's clear from the camera cuts that some Hollywood celebs are better to be deceived that others has never overflowed, right? ever had awkward faces to face i think nothing so i just got back you know it wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers these are the most fascinating awards ever over you know and these numbers now if you see people looking around wondering if they can laugh.
I am not indebted to anyone in that room. Nothing that is important. More and more now. the media, whether it's the public, how it's changed during that time, well, what's happened this year and it's a reaction to that amazing freedom of speech and overwhelming political correctness, people started to think they could say I'm offended and we will do it. Introduce him, you're right, so what do you know? Justice to your friend, that doesn't mean you're right, people began to think not only that their opinion was worth as much as an opinion, but people now think that their opinion is worth as much as the fact and that's just not true It's not true and they get offended by that so they say well I think the earth is 5000 years old you can't have an opinion about how the earth is 4600 million years old, read another book, don't just read the only book, read and return the ball oh that I made it look lovely oh it's a boy it's a drink you want the person please blue three yes look he doesn't like it but we're swimming in the deep end with me swimming to the background with me, but there's prison jargon fancier than ever.
I know why I don't think I'm mischaracterizing you when I say you're willing to embrace your role as troublemaker, but at the same time you're someone who isn't easily fooled and that can be a volatile combination on the internet. to encourage more of the same behaviour, can you tell me the types of comments, the things in your mentions that annoy you the most, well some people just want to say I'm here too, some people are so tired and frustrated they're being ignored, just they want, they just want to get in the way, so i tweet something and someone and someone gets involved.
I didn't tweet them. I'm leaving I don't want guitar lessons don't worry though buy them just to move on let's move on this wasn't for you that totally resonates with me there are so many people who dive into things they don't know they don't want to do or don't want to see or don't want to experience and then they complain about how they don't want to experience those fools and sometimes I think they had to search for this to find it, they had to click yes to get here but why did they think the worst than you?
Are you waiting for it to end? You're following me to read this, to tell me you don't want to read this, that's kind of literal, so what's happening is I still want to talk to you, okay, thanks, come swim with me. people are you ready to swim in there more yeah zombie apocalypse and as the name suggests or are we ramping things up a bit here you got somebody your xemnu between the cheeks this ain't gonna lose we can change we can change we can do what you want our trust in you you have been an eloquent defender of atheism but it is interesting because atheism you know that nobody is going to go on a crusade it is not that they are going to send missionaries to spread the gospel of atheism more when these people are totally good and normal people who believe in a god I'm not saying religious fundamentalist is a person who believes crazy things in the bible too but it's clear that you think the world would be a better place if there were easier


well it has nothing to do with being like yeah they shouldn't even be a word to some of them there ain't a word not to believe in fairies we're all these persecuted people you mean those non rapists baby a satanist John I mean well this is atheism in a nutshell a person says there is a God and thank you says can you prove that with a note the eightieth says I don't believe you that's all that's all you see if you took all the holy books like us, the holy books have always been all the religious ones? book every bitter spirituality and you hid or destroyed them echoing that it left and never at that moment you took every science book and destroyed that in a thousand years those science books would return exactly the same because the text would always come out the same those reli A great book it will never exist or it would be totally different because there is no there is no trial a little bit of time to put on some layers no it's just that it's in the soap a face that's the thing with this is me yes you said you can buy take it out anytime will you what's up, but finding out isn't savoring it in the first place, trying it, and then I can't buy it because it's in my bloodstream?
I think you are too deep at this point. You're already there, you bit into a zombie apocalypse, what's the bomb with a bad dog? What is Claire? Make a duck sauce with the ratings. Who cares? that's by far the highest yet yeah that redneck game i didn't do it i don't have to i came here today making this ridiculous i'm going to bail out i'm not going to be entertainment for an idiot on the internet i'm not going to do this and then something goes in here goes I calculate in the wi Now I think it could be declared the best ever ok I really hope it's not about what you really like.
I wouldn't ah, the launch is too slow. I can take it in the mouth. I won't make it there - Dragon for mad I'm mad at myself oh that's really good man nothing stops evil I'm Hughes I can't not do it I'm dumb and I can do it anyway perfect and me. I'm done I'm done I can't do it oh really ha your love of cheese is well documented you once told Bon Apetit the only reason I exercise is to live longer so I can eat more cheese and drink more wine let me show you some cheese just wanna get your quick reaction from your cheese days okay okay yeah okay portable please this is a mature english cheddar yeah the kind you like is that your favorite is when i used it. to go up, you know, cheese and beans on toast, it was always a mature cheddar, that one, okay, that's classic, you ever had the Stilton, the Stilton i.
It is the largest of all cheeses. I think you like smelly cheeses. I do not like that. Jesus really disgusting. Now, as some kind of serial killer. there's been some kind of crime on this cheez-it real men shake it I know it looks a little sore I don't know that creamy white kind of thing I thought oh you want to see creamy here we go like a snippet of sound in camembert yeah i know when i went just mm-hm i started working out that's ridiculous i feel like a big chancellor i was talked down to so this is mad dog 357 very awkward i remembered my answers, I'm sorry because I was thinking that my tongue was going to come out, can you make it look like I was really mouthing uh oh, yes, it will be very nice for you in the anime with hot food, yes, the feeling is that in it's actually destroying cells and if they're destroying taste buds and then you're the scientific type well then your brain hurts then you release endorphins like a saw like morphine toxin yeah you're kind of in like in high yeah and actually would fight get addicted to the d delicious hot food because it's the rush, it's the rush that's anything to go down maybe that's why this program like thiswhat are you are you're an addict basically you're a heroin addict that's how you dress even trains buying you I don't think I look good you don't look good I'm kidding m just now I look I wasn't going to say I want good now you an outfit outfit yeah no I'm going I'm not going out I think you look beautiful Thank you one of the most underappreciated parts of your social media presence there are these rap chants you do you actually jump to the beat in a way that's real Very respectable you're a fan of hip- hop you remember how this all started yeah yeah i remember the first message from grandmaster flash so this is awesome this is the future when you see comedian renfrew hampstead in his 55s singing it. to two packs, it's a sight to behold and they found themselves 50 cents, oh yeah, a couple of times, oh yeah, what was that about me being gone? i met jay-z licorice of mine he was a friend yeah robert i met him again um and he's mine and he said oh i saw you were in new york oh i said i was coming over to say hi those were words you wouldn't remember me well you jay-z would film it doesn't matter if i remembered me your jay-z yes i like that's actually like a pretty india i think she has every reason to do exactly that but it's so funny so yeah lo it was very sweet ricky cherry just take one i'm going to have one just to see what i see a molecule would do so our back of the show really yes i will understand i'm juicing but now i have no taste on my tongue so i I have to swallow it now.
I have to listen to any of these sound bites. I know what to say about it, yeah yeah he can really get me, oh yeah what do you think of all this? i really want to see you it's like one of the biggest entertainment in the world and just happy and you in a restaurant going can i have some? I don't have I don't need hot sauce and I'll be watching you go I'll be watching you I don't mean it's going to be a proud day for me too yeah I think I just poked my eye I think I just caught my finger a bit you're out I'm done Sorry for you, okay, I'm going to take a bite and I have one more question for you, it was the most pressing, it's the one that interests me the most, okay, so I love it when you talk about Carl's bald head. you don't These beautiful and eloquent descriptions of his bald head I would be very honored if you would give me the same privilege and how I would describe my head compared to Karl Pilkington's but it's not that round he's like a little goofy he's like a sort of as a little shadow kind of monkey who's been allowed I did this book on human clothing about how much you look a little more a lot more street type than Karl is a little is a little cool a little harder but me but I'm in trouble it's because our car keys for so long but now i'm losing it i'm losing my hair it looks good now it's not bad check this out yeah not much louder so the voice is beautiful lies on a list in an elevator but with a light on it in the mirror it looks like an x-ray when i wake up in the morning i look like a little bird you know i mean where is everything and kinda dim so that will go out soon but i never really have to wear a wig or any.
I just told myself Ricky. I made it. You almost did it and at least took a sample on each one. Yes. How do you feel a little burned? I feel good because I drew what I feel good because I feel like I really held back and was very careful callous I feel like I somehow let you down I let you down and I let the internet down but somehow you're the only winner here at this table no i didn't throw up myself in front of the camera which i guess i didn't either and that has to count for something yeah kinda right there cameron what the hell camera a lot of people know what you're going through and like wouldn't that be amazing its the best review of this yet and so watch um david brent life on the road exclusively on netflix and airing from ten till feb now watch it now watch it watch it tonight life on the road on them on netflix lovely movie and really she wasn't very good to her and you're fine with you alone I didn't care what korean you are anymore, what you gonna do, figure it out, man, just keep pushing, just move on in life, hey what's going on?
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