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Rich Man Hired A Poor Maid So He Could Do This Every Day

Apr 17, 2023
The film opens with a bustling city street where a young woman takes her own life by leaping from the ledge of a building to her death on the chalk outline where the woman's body had been lame the next morning, an older woman named Beyond. sick visits his small apartment and later expresses interest in giving him a job. Yoon Yi is


as an au pair for raw hay pregnant with twins and her wealthy husband hoon yooni's main task is to watch the couple's young daughter, nami yoon yi is eager to connect with nami who gradually warms to she. the relationship despite the fling you need is still warm and friendly with hoon's oblivious wife hey raw she even expresses enthusiasm and delight at the progress of hara's pregnancy aka mistrell the other living


en originally hey ross made childhood of Witnesses Union sharing hormones she tries to subtly pry into Union's details but Union casually ignores her later, Miss Cho reveals her suspicion that yunyi is pregnant with hey Ross, mother mihi mihi later visits the family and arranges an accident resulting in uni falling from a ladder placed at the top of a set of stairs hanging from a chandelier yooni begs mihi to pull her over the railing she doesn't and uni falls suffering only a concussion Yoon Yi he spends the night in the hospital during his stay he finds out she is pregnant and contemplates getting rid of him as the matter is revealed to hey raw mihi tells heyron to ignore the affair she insists that all


husbands will eventually cheat on her and that if hayraw is unaware that she can live like a queen later that night hey ross stands by yani's bed with a golf club but can't hit the sleeping woman the next day hey ron his mom confronts you and you offer 100,000 to dump him and walk away.
rich man hired a poor maid so he could do this every day
Heyron knows that yunyi wouldn't part with her child for all the money in the world, so he takes matters into his own hands. by poisoning the herbal medicine packets you need drinks


day heyrog goes to the hospital and gives birth to his twin Sons Hoon visits the hospital where hey raw makes his ill will towards him no Furious returns home alone and finds uni in his bathtub she reveals that she is pregnant and plans to keep the baby Yooni succumbs to the effects of the poison and me He arranges surgery without yunyi's consent after the surgery Miss Cho reveals that she told mihi about yuni's pregnancy Yooni is angry but forgives Miss Cho and vows revenge on the family after recovering from her miscarriage yooni sneaks into the foggy house chose help Hoon finds her nursing one of the newborn babies hey raw insists that Miss Cho She chases me out of the house but Miss Cho refuses and quits her job on the spot Uni then confronts the entire family and ends up in the same chandelier she once clung to and then sets her body on fire as the family watches with horror the final scene shows the family outdoors in the snow celebrating nami's birthday all speaking english as hey raw sings Happy Birthday Hoon gives a glass of champagne to Nami they both look crazy as Nami watches be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you can see more movies like


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rich man hired a poor maid so he could do this every day

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rich man hired a poor maid so he could do this every day...

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