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Jun 10, 2021
What's going on guys, Chris Rudnick? Today is the day I think the richer Civic will


make the power we want. I feel like I've been saying this for four or five days, but it all just keeps coming. and things keep changing but we have the r35 injectors right here we are about to replace the g37 injectors with the r35 because these are five 50s and that is two seventies and it will take us to the power level well I don't want to say we want because I want more, but we will definitely be much better than we are now, so let's swap them, so we have the r35 injectors, we just started the car to make sure it wasn't like that. dripping now we have this long line to come back and we have this in line we're just going to get a five gallon bucket we're going to take out all 93 because considering yesterday's video you saw it in our han v2 data it's not working for some reason reason we have to open it up and see what's wrong but i have a p75 with a chip so what the tuner does is it just tunes the car and then downloads the tune to the chip.
ricer civic finally tuned it rips
In theory I can't have a 93 and 85 tune because I can't shift back and forth without having that adapter piece, so we're going to do 85 because I want to make the most power possible and it runs the coolest and safest with e85 of all FMP modes God ok so the Civic b20 is ready to go to the dyno the only thing we're waiting on is we're trying to get a smaller spring for the wastegate because it currently pulls 14 psi for everyone. saying that that is a problem, I don't see the problem in that. I think starting with 14 pounds of boost is fine, but everyone else wants to start lower and then work their way up with a boost controller.
ricer civic finally tuned it rips

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ricer civic finally tuned it rips...

I will hear it. them, whatever, if the 200 has an extra spring, we're going to use that instead of the big one, but if we just have the big one, that's what we're going to use, we're going to use the dyno, okay, so we're almost of back in Miami. Sam, do you think today is going to go a little better? I mean, we got the injections, we got everything, man, we even got the 85 on the tank dump valve. Springs see why you're worried about that, because a lot of us don't like this engine, the 14 doesn't. a lot of alcohol buddy for B 20 that's a lot my stock sr is pushing 33 what's a lot that's a lot exactly this can handle 14 so let's go ahead, let's push this or shoo it away whatever we have to do and It looks pretty dead here, so I'm very excited, I hope we can go straight to the dyno, so the bumper roll on the richer Civic is so low that when I left here last night I sent it. its little hill and it bent the whole bumper and it actually went flying on the post on the back of the turbo and it's super warped and stuff so I'm trying to stand on this to straighten it out again and Sam is just trying to get it down so our AF RS be a little more, a lot more, that's it, yeah, I'm not liking this car anymore.
ricer civic finally tuned it rips
I think I have fake r35 injectors, they are supposed to be 550 CC, we think they are 440 CC and They are still not giving us enough fuel, we get them in twelve times, we make another bulb and all that is there in 15, yeah so it's super inconsistent, so now I guess it's time to go back to the left farm and get the mil CC dynamic injector. injectors I'm going to bring another Walbro right in the cave, you see guys, I'm sick of coming back, bring everything, this place is an hour away, this will be the third time we've left and come back, but we're just going to leave this. on the dyno luckily they don't have anything else coming today so we'll go get it and I guess we'll come back and change the injectors and maybe a fuel pump look at it guys so we're back for the third time. third time's the charm, we have the thousand inject their dynamic injectors into pigtails on top of pigtails and then we have the normal Oh man, to take advantage Eddie feels pretty confident in this now I'm very excited, he said he can connect to step two I want control all that good stuff Guess the next clip will be running around the dyno or a tapered rod shooting out there Oh, oh, you're leaving me hanging, yeah, that's 50 more shits, third time's a Charm, yeah, come on , in our first run we got 250 horsepower, he said it's still very rich and we need to get some fuel out, the leaner it is, the faster it is and I think that was like ah, like in NCUA fr, so we have a lot to do.
ricer civic finally tuned it rips
I work with now, especially with e85, it can run a little more efficient, yeah, so we got five extra horsepower out of that, yeah, it's not terrible, which was normal, the AFR, here we go, yeah, they were more or minus 12 across the board I mean honestly with the e85 I can go even a little bit more than that you can go like twelve and a half thirteen really finding yeti though oh he has a yeah okay I would love to after seeing these numbers. I would love to see 280 tonight, I think I think 280. I'll be very happy that it's super fair, yes I want that 300, but it's making me nervous.
The thing is going to explode. I mean, it's already a ticking time bomb. No, he said that at 10 you're good. Anything above 10 is a ticking time. bomb, yes, but if you are driving it it is a good time, it is always a time bomb driving 2:46 I think it came loose, although it definitely left it, yes, I am already buying my new engine, so when this one decides to go We'll have another one ready to go, guys, which one, so I think we're getting to power-up time right now. Wheels 257 with about 246 forward, sure to be a little Ripper. 93 Oh, crowd, that's a big difference. me, but I'll put it up right now Wow, that's what the weather does, windy man, we went from 254, that's you, ninety-three on a pole, that's sick.
I apologize for the last clip, you guys just saw that 293 wheel, so we had everything. engine spark plugs on this just put all the boost bugs on it and it literally went up 40 horsepower just by changing the plugs now it will go ahead and mess with the timing and if we can hit the 300 mark man I'm happy . We are good there, so this is the first pole where we will see a mission doing something. I think I'll call 305. I hope we 305 get it right. Do you think 3 or what? 303 300 3:07 we can't. move a muscle on that one sadly, yeah, oh wait, oh wow, we have t-shirts.
Mr. Lion, synchronize, he goes Viking, oh, that hurts a little, we expected the 300 right there and we went, they took away our 50 horsepower, 40 horsepower, oh, crisis if it reaches Stanford, okay, let's go, No tires, take us for a ride um, I'd put your seat belt on because things are about to get crazy, oh, the brakes, I forgot. I don't know MIT, I think we'll be Monica's. I think well, I mean, if we get traction, yeah, we need traction, it's just the wheelbase, uh, yeah, the censors destroy it all this way, yeah, yeah, they all back it up, back it up the end, yes, that will be the limit of the map, probably the mouse.
I think we felt it in the first two or a second. What is this? The moment. Yes, it could just be the map sensor. We're going to store the map sensor there. How do you do it? It's also another day. It's actually the next day. I just wanted something like that. I'm summarizing what happened last night because I know there's a little bit of confusion, so after we changed the spark plugs for some reason, the dyno read after the first survey that it said two hundred and ninety-three horsepower, we all got excited, We all got excited, but after that, Eddie was trying to recreate the same survey and we couldn't get those numbers again, so maybe it was a fluke on the dyno, maybe something happened, but we don't really know what caused it. because he tried the same fuel he tried.
At the same time, he tried the same thing and we couldn't get past 257 wheels, so as of now the richer Civic makes 257 wheel horsepower on a dyno with ten pounds of boost. We couldn't increase it last night because this has a stock D 16 map sensor and the map sensor can't read anything above 11 psi, so even driving the car right now if the weather gets a little cold and a lots of air through the car and increases the map sensor. I just can't read anything above 11, so if it goes above 11 then it just cuts out. Let me speed up.
Oh yeah, but I just wanted to show you this. I want to do a couple of external surveys during the day. Just because this thing actually has ribs we definitely need better tires and a better wheel setup but I'm pretty sure this will beat Marcus' 180sx and keep in mind this is just phase one of phase one 2 of the b20: 157 wheel on Eddy said this is a super safe tune, you could beat his balls and have fun all day, so I don't know if he knows who I am and you probably shouldn't tell me that, but I'll probably end up breaking it up sooner or later, but I We'll keep it up for a while.
We're definitely going to crank it up, don't worry about that, but I just need a four bar map sensor that would allow us to put 40 psi of boost on if we wanted to, we're not going to do that, but I'd like to see at the end of the b20 experience. I'd like to see at least 16 psi and that's what we're going to do. but do you want to give a big shout out to Genesis Performance, Genesis Automotive, their Instagram will be here right now, Eddie, super good guy, super good tuner arm, that guy has so much knowledge of Honda it's honestly unreal like after that we put the thousand CC injectors?
It was still like cracking at the top and like he was thinking to himself for about 10 seconds like a light bulb just went on, the guy ran into the engine bay, took out the distributor and put in a new distributor. It worked perfectly and gave me super good treatment with new spark plugs, new distributor tune and everything. I left a very happy customer, the tune was super super affordable, so definitely, if you're in the Miami area, definitely check them out if they're Chico Honda, and you love Hondas, they love Hondas as much as you trust on me so definitely check them out so right now I'll show you the first one and the second one.
It's a kind of Spin City. I'm going to try to lean on him. and see if we can get it there's no tape it just feels good think about the ribs Duff spins it's a lot of fun even though it sucks it's like when you spin it doesn't feel fast you know better still you put yourself back in the seat so it feels really good, I can't want to buy him the old two-step release, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Wow, well, I think this is my new favorite car, you think so. I think so, and this is a low setting right now. very funny although yes this is 10 pounds of alcohol we will see 16 eventually we definitely will ok one more post we need to get the map sensor and another boost controller and we should be ready to go see.
What she has, that would be me right there. I love this, this is so much fun, this is amazing, but I think we're going to end the video right here guys, you guys like this video, like it, you wanna subscribe for more. Subscribe for more information tomorrow we will bring more of this out. I just don't want to remove it now because the tears are really bad and I need to bleed them out, so definitely stay


for tomorrow. Put this sucker through its paces and if it passes, like the road tests are going around and things like zero to 60 and all that, we'll hit the track if we're really going to see what you can see.
We need power, it's iron, but here we go about a mile.

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