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REWIND! Woman Examines Boyfriend's Confession & Woman Confronts Wife (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Apr 01, 2022
in particular. So he was confused about the question she was asking him, "Other than what she already knows, has he been with any other


since he was with you? Are you not telling the truth? Can you calm down?...No, I can't calm down! !(HIT OF THE GALLET) Mrs. King. MARTINEZ: Jesus. Relax. If you're with her, just tell me. You're a


like me! Why do you want this to be done with this? How about you pay me? Pay me the money that your


owes me. Honey, if I had the money to give you, I'd be more than happy to do it, so you can get the hell out of my life!
rewind woman examines boyfriend s confession woman confronts wife full episode couples court
MARTINEZ: Pay me my money! (HATTING HAMMER) Pay me my money! BOTH : Ms. Martinez... Enough. Ladies, ladies! It's ok, just... You came here to get answers from the judges. Let the judges speak. Ms. Martinez. Yes. So, do you have ongoing contact with the Mrs. Tamika King? No, that's the problem. After Tamika and I finished, Tamika came to me and asked me to help her with her vehicle, okay? She said she needed come and go to work. Wherever they lived, transportation was difficult. During that time she was doing fine for me, so I said, "Okay, no problem. But I want my money back." JUDGE KEITH: Well, let me ask this.
rewind woman examines boyfriend s confession woman confronts wife full episode couples court

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rewind woman examines boyfriend s confession woman confronts wife full episode couples court...

Ms. Takeema King indicated that she realized that you and Ms. Tamika King were in a restaurant together. That was at a time when she had to give me some of my money. JUDGE KEITH: So you were at the restaurant with her? Yes we were there. Was she... (AUDIENCE SHOUTS) Because, Mrs. King, you said... Don't look at her. I mean, she's telling the truth. You said it wasn't you, and she says yes, she was you. She tries to make it difficult for me. I don't go to any restaurant. Why would she say you were in the restaurant when you weren't?
rewind woman examines boyfriend s confession woman confronts wife full episode couples court
How did that even...? Because now... How does that even factor into you giving him money? It doesn't even make sense. If it was a couple of bucks, she would have let it go. Because at the end of the day, what she and I had, that was then. That was $2,000. I need my money. So, you were at the restaurant with Mrs. Tamika King? Yeah. We met... We met at the restaurant, and she gave me the $175, she said, "You look good today." I said, "So what's new? She Give my fucking money and go get your business." (LAUGHS) MARTINEZ: She's here.
rewind woman examines boyfriend s confession woman confronts wife full episode couples court
So, Ms. Martinez, when she told you, "You look good," do you think she was flirting with you? I think she was trying to smooth over the fact that she knows that she should have paid me my money. And she just wanted me to shut up, so she's willing to say whatever it takes to shut me up. That's not gonna happen. Until you get paid? Until I have my fucking money. So let me... I'm sorry. JUDGE DANA: So, let me... Thank you very much. Thank you, Mrs. Martinez. MARTINEZ: No problem. JUDGE DANA: So, Mr. Cutler, this is what we have.
Mrs. King says that her marriage is in shambles because she believed that Mrs. King was in a relationship or having an affair with her ex. But what Ms. Martinez has testified to is: "I want my money." But the bottom line is that Ms. King has not been candid. Her because she said that she was not in that restaurant. And she says, if it turns out that she is cheating, she leaves. This


has done a


and complete investigation. At this time, we'd like to hear from licensed forensic voice analyst Guy Wolfe to determine if he's cheating.
Ron, please show Mr. Wolfe in. (INDISCENT TALK) How are you, Mr. Wolfe? WOLFE: I'm wonderful, thank you, your Honor. How are you? I'm great. You did a forensic analysis of Ms. King's voice, is that correct? WOLF: Yes, ma'am. It is. JUDGE DANA: So let's take a look at the question that was asked of Ms. King. Since the beginning of his relationship with Takeema in January 2015, have you had any physical sexual contact with his ex-girlfriend, Dominique? No. JUDGE KEITH: What did the forensic voice analysis determine? Forensic voice analysis determined that he was speaking the truth, Your Honor.
JUDGE DANA: I'm so happy. Wow! Oh. I love you. Now maybe they can get together and give me my fucking money. (LAUGHS) JUDGE DANA: I'm so glad. (SIGHS DEEPLY) Mrs. King, Tamika King, lying on the podium. I'm glad for you. You look so relieved. (EXHALES SHARPLY) JUDGE DANA: Okay. Ladies, clearly you all love each other. Mrs. King. Yes, Your Honor. You need to leave this mistrust behind. We haven't had a stronger witness in a long time than Ms. Martinez. All she wants is her money. (laughs) That's all. JUDGE KEITH: Is that the impression you got? Yeah, I think in the end I finally understood that she wanted the money from her.
JUDGE KEITH: Okay. Yes. (LAUGHS) AND... JUDGE DANA: You two need to work on that and work this out with her. You really do. Another goal for all of you is to rebuild trust. Your Honor, I don't want to be with anyone else. Our sex is great. We... I mean... JUDGE DANA: Wow. JUDGE DANA: (LAUGHS) Okay, okay, okay. winning. If you got that part, you can get off that loveseat. TAMIKA: Can I go back to bed? You can get... (LAUGHS) My back hurts. JUDGE DANA: Sounds like things need to happen... JUDGE KEITH: Get some regular meals. You can get a normal meal there.
Come on. I'm getting small. JUDGE DANA: But what all of you did when you fell in love are the things you have to do to stay in love. Your Honor, I'd like to tell Dominique that I'm sorry. JUDGE DANA: Oh, I love that. Very sorry. But when you were already a scorned woman, it's hard. Well? (SNIFFLING) So I apologize, okay? I'm just... Yeah. Apology accepted. But now is a good time for all of you to start over, to start over, to get back on the right track together. Yes. And our counselors can help you do that.
Oh Lord. Yes. We want you to talk to them when you leave so they can help you get started on the path to a happy, healthy, and... Lifelong commitment and marriage. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH: Good luck to both of you. As we say in this


room, don't be fooled by the opportunity to have a happy and healthy relationship. The trial is suspended. TAMIKA: Thank you. Thank you.

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