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Revisiting WWE 2K14

Jun 04, 2021
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Some people say it's the last good WWE game, but where does that leave WWE 2k on mobile? The only game where you have all the WrestleMania. The only game to feature Roman Reigns on a diet. The only game where Hogan has rebounding speed. from the designer of the WrestleMania story broke the streak WWE Universe this game had nothing primo they didn't have primo they eliminated primo WWE 13 had people primo you know how many hours I spent making matadors anyway I'll try to calm down because we We're




on Xbox 360.
revisiting wwe 2k14
We are going to do a triple threat match with Extreme Rules like we always do. Is there any difference between an Extreme Rules triple threat match and any normal triple threat match? I mean, at the end of the day there is still no disqualification. anyway we're going to choose oh boy half the roster is locked oh boy yeah that's pathetic. I'll have to make sure he's up there next time. I'll play back, boos, relax, yeah, he had the hottest model. in that game, oh boy, I missed this, we're going to have a couple of finishers, we're also going to face Ryback rules, we're going to give him a couple of finishers and of course we're going to face each other.
revisiting wwe 2k14

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revisiting wwe 2k14...

I'm not at all. Surely Roman reigns on a diet and all these WrestleManias are closed and, of course, people. I'm playing as the man Chris Jericho, who is taking a long time to make an entrance. Can you please make an entry now? Where is the jacket? That game. where the jacket is red and they completely ruined everything I hope that's not the case please tell me the jacket is not okay it's okay we're okay remember WWE 12 everyone used to do the same thing or download the same superstar created by Chris Jericho because he just came back and we didn't have Jericho and he was the most popular act on Monday Night Raw WWE 13 were the luckiest people in the world we have Chris Jericho in WWE 2k14 we have the same we are still happy even though he is kinda looked different anyway yeah so surprised Goldberg's rules feed me more yeah once I scream yeah man wake up.
revisiting wwe 2k14
Ah, Ryback is possibly the dumbest human being I have ever seen, but his model looks great on this man, look at the ring, he is still so big. so small so small and tall so big and like sighs, you know, man and of course people. Roman Reigns is on a diet. This is the worst Roman Reigns model of all time. This is Roman Reigns' first model, but he looks at the muscles, he's so skinny right here. what the hell and he was a buff man like he was pretty big back then even now of course but man and here we go okay I just have a beard down to my ribs no oh thanks again okay , I don't even know the controls. man, he's using a punchline on me, he didn't get me a punchline, yo, Chuck, ah, that's not it, that's just his shock okay, help me, oh, that was a mistake, that was a mistake with the punchlines, okay Oh no, I don't know. what to do I don't know what to do I just played this two key shit 20 like a couple days ago it's on YouTube and I'm lost, okay?
revisiting wwe 2k14
Oh man, come back to quick, what do you mean? Boom, almost giving up, I almost gave up, no, no, he's going to spear me, no he won't and it's okay, I'm getting used to it and code breaker for Ryback, it's okay, it's okay, can I do, can I do , can I make a caching finalizer, yes, you can? Don't let your guard down, oh boy, they're both down and I just won the match, count one, okay, thanks, again, you were all in, hey, Chuck, oh boy, oh boy, did you see? Wow Wow, what is it, but? I don't know man, I don't like the camera in this game, I really don't like the camera, I'm pretty sure you guys noticed that too, but overall, very good, the cave comes here like Triple Threat matches and Los new games are much better because right now you just don't know where the guy is focused and not paying good attention to you.
In the new games you know he leaves the ring so you can fight. Chris Jericho with a running oboe, okay, one more and off the top rope, oh shoot, I forgot he has that too. I'm going to yeah, yeah, back movements, okay, I'm done, oh, thank you Roman, thank you so much, thank you so much Roman. I really appreciate it, yeah, and it's okay, he's back, man. I was sure that Roy Ryback will be the next big WWE Superstar and this man is complaining right now. I want you to contact me from WWE history. It's like no friend.
It's not that important, they didn't erase Benoit seriously, they didn't, so they won't bother, okay man, the lion jump is cool in this game, by the way, uh, and he's a code breaker, yeah, Now if I can just immobilize him, okay? Ryback, thanks oh I love that move, by the way, I love that move. Also a good thing about this game is that the ropes move, then someone hits you and the ring moves a lot more according to Ryback's rules. I guess he does it honestly. I guess that's not how we're going to end this video baby, we'll also have you a one on one match, yeah oh my god how come that's the same person we're seeing right now, the first people from WrestleMania because we?
We're doing Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar and of course the ultimate ex is ready. Can you believe that, by the way, this man like this is 2013? This guy in the ring, the 3mb guy, imagined this if he told you if he went back in time. with the time machine and I told you this guy here won't be brockless and probably at WrestleMania, possibly seriously, he drew McIntyre, the guy who shakes his ding alone with the guitarist, weird, oh boy, that was kind of fight and it's drawn McIntyre vs. Brock Lesner two finishers okay wow that's a bust oh that's how you pin one.
I like the way they slide, but man, the refs were amazing in this game and suplex City, yeah, I just taught you a lesson of my own. Man, it's yours, you understand, yeah, future shock, future shock, yeah, and he's going to win the championship one - okay, kick at two by Barack to Lesnar and from behind he drew McIntyre with a Russian figure on the list, probably my least favorite move of all time. I'm going to beat you up, it's Drew McIntyre versus Drew McIntyre versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. I'm going to beat you up, you're going to try Drew McIntyre's Claymore.
Man 1. I like that man. so fast in this game, he's so crazy, they're so fast, oh yeah baby, and I feel like it's time to end it and yeah, you want a future Shaq. I'm going to give you a future shock, you want to try it, here we go, Brock, come on. milk your cows don't make me milk your cows brock i think you should go milk your cows and another and the third would be with you man believe me animation man bring that back bring that back in WWE 2k 21 or don't make the game at all , okay, I don't have, I don't have a finisher anymore, dude, I don't know, City Brock suplex, one, okay, okay, no, no, no, Kimura lock no, no, please tell me. okay, I'm fine, I'm pretty sure I'm fine, I'm pretty sure I'm fine, I'm Drew McIntyre, after all, half of 3MB, yeah, no, no, it's just no, it's not a finisher, but it's still pretty scary.
It's okay, many people like this way of shipping system. I hated it. I really didn't like that it broke the buttons. You know, it's like you have more control over shipping in the new games. Okay, I'm back. You and Brock should be really scared, scared, okay, no, no, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it on the top rope, my man has to catch the finisher. I know. He's fine, what if what if he pins him down? use resilience correctly one two oh man I just wish Brock Lesnar would do the dumbest move of all time and I'm so proud of that thanks for watching the video people 3mb baby the biggest WWE faction of all time, this man is. main event at WrestleMania, can you believe the people are so fascinating but so charming?
Yes, that eyeliner is good, thanks for watching the video, as always, the riff on peace, love and hugs, it was a pleasure.

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