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Mar 25, 2024
this? No, I just don't want you to choose me, okay? I'm choosing him should, no, it's Deji because one of them was Niiko, one of them was De, one of them wasn't Deji and Kenny didn't put him in. himself, it's true, if you figured it out, yeah, sure, I'm going to choose AJ. I think they pass it, they're playing it too fast and they like to move too much. You go when I put it here. Did I hear your chest? you're looking K Kenny was looking you heard my chest SC Kenny was looking that's how I know it's not him because you're saying you're looking so who was it?
returning from maldives stream full vod
Tom, yo, you're peeing, who was it, am I right or not. I was the right age or the wrong age, was it you? You were wrong, yes, I knew it, Kenny, you couldn't guess correctly, okay, bring him back, so now you're becoming an idiot, we're, oh my God, three of them, oh, this smells. But. I don't think they go into it that much, yes, 100%. I think they just play it and it's like the next round. I really do not know. It may be the same color. Your power, so much, you must take a bite. TR, what is that?
returning from maldives stream full vod

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returning from maldives stream full vod...

Go ahead. that chew yes, of course yes, oh you're eating kidney right now, sheep's kidney, I did it, it smells like dog food, it smells like you need to eat more now, no, that's me, done, the taste no It's bad, the smell that makes it. horrible Robbie 21 months 21 21 was your birthday yesterday I have some psychos managed to get hey come on happy birthday yesterday I hope it was good scores I've risen a lot hey join first Jo first wait, there's only going to be a tie 20 points your second second place having said that, that's the first game of the ndl games, myself, Deji and Kenny are winning the ndl games, but this was just the first game, yes there is another one. two to go and I can come back, you could come back who knows next time in the National League games, yeah, look, this is what I say when I say oh, this could be like a bet level, it could be a side curve level , like what I am not. trying to compare, that's what i mean, welcome everyone, it's literally a v squad video.
returning from maldives stream full vod
Hello, you are all old people, except that among you there are two impostors. Time starts now. How is he? How did he do all this? He has several videos from the main channel on one ridiculous day. he's just niiko he's just different man he's too good yeah that was a great video that was a really good video anyway damn yeah I really enjoyed it okay last video for today we have a video called the car has a mind of its own. own, I think you guys can figure out what it is, of course, it's a daily dose, here we go, hello everyone, this is your daily internet usage.
returning from maldives stream full vod
I don't think car windows should do this. It's like a Tesla. Oh, now it's broken. forever, so my question is, I don't think our windows are my question, she's surprised by that, but what was she recording her in the first place? She was supposed to do this. I felt like she must have known she does that a few days ago. Something strange happened in the Philippines. Millions of fish began to be dumped out of the AG. Nightmares. Absolute nightmares. That's no, never, never in my life. I'm locking myself in the Zen bath, thank you very much Hamad, thank you 39, I appreciate both.
Hell no, my goodness, one of my subscribers sent me this video of his car failing every time you press a button. What the horn sounds every time. no button, but that's not because the key was left in the vehicle, it must be like a warning or something, we don't know what's wrong with it, we don't know how to fix it and what do you think the horn does, I bet it doesn't was this? No, yeah, no, no, what, what, what, it's kind of sick, it seems fake, I don't know, probably, maybe now I think it was a joke, oh this dad talked to his daughter through the camera from the doorbell yeah unreal dad talked to his daughter through the doorbell camera welcome home Beller God God yes I knew that same thing when I was a kid God D St The Voice BS whoa that was great Hi Hank oh I'm doing it him ate he just ate it I mean, to be fair, you're literally you're holding this in front of him that looks like a candy that looks like a pink candy so it was so fast is that what I'm doing? he ate it he just ate it this dog didn't realize how cold it was outside do you want to go out hey okay this is what Mushi does by the way Mushi is like he knocks on the door and then he sticks his head out a little bit and he realizes that it's raining, he sees, no, and he steps back, look, how is this?
What we almost did that in Dubai was me, Toby Josh, I was one of the two, it was like me, Josh and I or me and Toby or Toby and Josh. I don't even remember if I was involved. We did this with our hands like this and then it flew through the hot team, yeah, I don't know if I was one of the two or not, although that did it. He was there, but I don't remember if he was one of the people. That blew your sister's age I'm 25, yeah, how old do you think? I know you like 44, here's a time lapse that shows how much skyscrapers move in bad storms, bro, I'm not going to lie, Josh and I when we were living in London, we lived in a skyscraper and you really feel like there's parts where you'd like to stand up and you just stand there or whatever and you'd actually like to wobble a little bit.
Center Point uh uh It happened in Center Point, but it was actually the other place when T Liv and I were together. I think that's the end of this video. We hope you enjoyed it and I will see you again very, very soon. Well, we have to see two we always make two this is called opening a giant mutated lemon here we go hello everyone this is your internet okay let's see what's in this guy I'm on the edge of my seat whoa that's great, do you think? that would scare JJ because it's what trophobia is what it is oh I don't like it, how angry, how did he just stand there so calmly, what's going on here, it's a funeral party, oh wow, what do you think this? the man in the room read the room What is happening?
There's a party here, they don't look happy, let's be honest, it's not wild screaming, what do you think this red guy is doing? This sounds like a lot of 90s music videos or like early 2000s, I'm just in my head, I was playing a wish about it, oh my god, it's on fire a few days ago, a plane had to do an emergency landing in Miami after an engine caught fire, the plane landed safely and no one was hurt M, what do you think he's trying to say? It's really famous. I swear one is not new.
I feel like this. Well, that has been seen a lot. Holy, how can something like this happen? Oh, this is what I do in my dream. It even happens as if you are in the how did you go from this to no? she didn't punish the wall she hit herself it wasn't the wall as it is the day for 41 months this is what it's like to skydive through a rain clown whoa that must be scary like, for example, what? how do you know where? How do you know how low the clouds are? So how do you know Austrian?
Thanks for the two years. I appreciate that he did it. twice three times I did it once in Dubai and then I can't remember I definitely did it in England but I don't remember if I did it twice or once oh, this is the reason why your package arrived late oh, the F, there a FedEx doing donuts, um, pretty sure, the clouds are really high, look, actually, let me see if I can, I want to see if I can, I want to show you a little sneak peek, uh, I can find it, when the hell did I do it?
Oh no. Don't tell me it's not here I think it's in someone else's, yeah, okay, look at this so you can see, wait, damn, I don't know if you can, you won't even be able to see it, right, no, you can. Basically I don't see it, we were on a plane and we go through a cloud and when the cloud disappears there is literally very little distance before the ground, like we are all ourselves, but you Watch it on the video tomorrow, skip buddy, oh sorry, oh it's the new bottle release so I just found out that hippos don't like snow, that was bad.
I've seen a version of this where Wario did it and um, they made one. Wario and one more Luigi, it's like Jaba walking the dance, I mean, we hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you again very soon, that was great, Darren, thanks for the 180 months. I love these videos, man, um, no, the flight. The thing is, for the stadium video I shot a little bit and yeah, honestly, The Landing was ridiculous, scary, uh, okay, what's good today? No today, no, today we missed a week because I was away and Randy was away. Are these stadium tours? uh, it's about trying to visit all the stadiums in 24 hours.
I hope so, man. Hope you like. It's the video. I think he's so sick. Come on, give me. I love this song, but let's move on to this one. Uh, when are you leaving tomorrow tomorrow? uh, at night, right, I'm going to send everyone. I'll end there. Where should we send everyone? Why should we send everyone? here he's been here we'll go with him we'll send everyone there he was here before uh by the way I'm going live tomorrow yeah I'm going to be live again tomorrow at some point um I've I've done everything that was on my to-do list for today except go to the gym, so I'm GNA, I'm going to figure out whatever else I need to do and then I'm going to the gym.
I still have time, oh 100%, but I think I'm going to eat. something first and then tomorrow at the same time yes, it will be yes, it will be earlier is that smart ring no, this is my wedding ring uh yes, I have to do it, I have a few more companions recording early and then yes, anyway, anyway, everyone have a great night, have a great day, whatever time it is, go show yourself some love and yeah, I'll see you in a moment.

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