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Return of the Printing Crew | Colours for Kids| Episode 26 | @colourblocks

May 04, 2023
and magenta is blue but a little different to me cool we can do many different blues even blue how do you mean wait a minute i thought yellow mixes with me to make green blue and yellow mix to make green but this is new green you see i'm yellow and i'm close to blue so together they can make a cool new green cool i want to see something cooler yes projector now you can really see what the


equipment can do oh look when cyan magenta and yellow mix together make black which is green but its the hardest color to mix because we all have to color the same dot it can be a bit tricky please ok print team let me know im out of stock no its a lot of work mixing black. we've used so much ink i don't think we can mix any more oh
return of the printing crew colours for kids episode 26 colourblocks

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