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Feb 27, 2020
it didn't work. Bob: Damn. Magic Jack. Bob: Damn magic. Jack: You can do it, Wade. I believe in you. Mark: Where are you, Wade? Wait a minute. Haang in a second. Wade: I understand this. I got this like Silver Surfer got it...uh, Spiderman. Bob: I really don't- I don't really- I don't feel like I'm doing that well today at



ing. Mark: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Jack: *laughs* Mark: No. Not that. Bob: Mark, are you just shooting shit? Jack: No. Mark: I... there's a


. A


has moved this way. Bob: I found it.
return of the fish cone prop hunt 38
Wade: Wow! Jack: *laughs* Mark: What? Where? Where? Mark: Where? Where is? Oh! I saw it. WOWHH! Bob: What the fuck? Wade: *laughs* *Mark and Bob bond* Jack: *questions his friendship with Mark* Jack: Did you commit suicide? Bob: Where the hell did he just go? Wade: Bombs away. Mark: Uh, I don't know. Jack: *imitating Mark* I saw it! He is over there! *death* Bob: Yeah, Mark, calm down, man! Mark: *laughs* I threw a grenade- Jack: his fucking lifeless corpse there. Mark: N-no! My... my reticle passed by him. I saw his name appear and thought, "Oh! If I throw a grenade in this general direction, I might catch him!" NOOOP!
return of the fish cone prop hunt 38

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return of the fish cone prop hunt 38...

Jack: Because that's how it works. *laughs* Bob: What's up, Wade? Wade: Hi Bob! Mark: Oh, he's upstairs. Bob, he's upstairs. Bob: I lost it again. Oh wait. Wait. Wait wait! Wait! Wait! Wade! Wait wait! Jack: Yeah. Wade, wait. Bob: There are only four left, that's all that's left. Bob: Wait, Wade! I have used them both. Wade: I feel like you have a bomb left. I don't want to wait too long. Jack: Wait, Wade. Wait, Wade. Mark: Wade, come on. *boom* Wade: WOOOOOO! Mark and Jack: *laughs* Wade: I knew it! Marcos: Yes. We... after so many years, we are starting to not trust Bob.
return of the fish cone prop hunt 38
He is amazing. Wade: Yeah, I know! Jack: Yes. We have it now. We did it. Bob: I-I-I give up. Can I come back here? Bob: No. Jack: Bob. Do not give up. Jack: You can do it. Bob: I can't shoot that little


. I'm not going to walk around and look like an idiot. Mark: Bob, Bob, Bob... *Jack laughs* Bob: I'm not going to do it. I am not going to do it. Bob: I'm going out on my own terms. Mark: *laughs* Bob: I'm not going to do it Wade: I'll go say hello to Mother Shark c: Bob: I can't shoot that little


like that Bob: I'm not good enough.
return of the fish cone prop hunt 38
I am not going to do it. Bob: I'm not playing that game. Mark: That's... Wade: Oh. Jack: You mean the REAL game of Prop Hunt? Mark: Yes. Mark: And now because of this... Mark: And now because of this... Jack: No... you're not allowed to be a minnow, Bob. Jack: You're not... you're not allowed to be a minnow, Bob. Bob: I wasn't! If you remember. Mark: *laughs* Bob: I'm never a fucking tiny fish. Bob: I'm always a stupid barrel that dies very quickly! :c Wade: Alright, Bob is a barrel. Jack: We'll see. Jack: That means he's a fish!
Don't trust Bob. Wade: *laughs* Bob: Absolutely. I'm a fish. Mark: Aww... this was a... Mark: It was a bad idea. Wade: What if they decided to go for the obvious and be a fish IN a barrel? *insert X-Files theme here* Bob: That would be too much. Jack: IT'S TOO BRIGHT. Wade: Yes. I agree. They are not smart enough. Jack: Too bright for THOSE guys. Mark: Oh, damn... Jack: What the fuck are these sounds? For. Bob: Ohh... oh dear... oh God... I messed up. Wade: They're opening the door. Mark: No, no, we're not. You do not know.
Jack: I have ammers. (ammo?) Wade: I got yelled at for opening it two rounds ago. (Jack: Woo! :D) Bob: You guys don't know what we're doing. Jack: This chair moved. Bob: You guys don't know. Jack: Who moved this chair?! Wade: Oh, this door is closed. Wade: I wonder what happened... Bob: I wish I could... I wish I could see what's going on here. Mark: Nothing happened! Bob: I can't see shit. Jack: Yeah, in some of the areas you go to. Jack: You can't see through walls. Bob: I know! You can't see shit. Mark: Oh... Bob: Basically I won't know anything until he's dead.
If I die. Wade: That's a real catfish. Jack: There's a plant down here. Mark: *nervous* What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Jack: My detective senses are tingling. Mark: What are you talking about? Bob: I don't think so... THAT'S the sense that tingles me, Jack... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jack: My detective senses! Bob: We all know that... Wade: Save it, Jack. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bob: We all know how you feel about plants. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jack: My detective juices! Mark: Oh God, not the juices! Bob: That's not how it works... Mark: Why is everything juicy with you? It doesn't have to be juicy.
Jack: But I like juicy fruits! I'm surprised, yes, I'm more than surprised as I am, yes, armed and ready. I don't want to ruin your fun. You know, it looks like you're probably having a good time. I'm having a good time. great place I'm not moving Oh Jack you're in a great place hey Jack right you're lucky I can't yeah okay what brand are you talking about? Oh, didn't I tell you what the hell is waiting? here's not even what's going on now hey, where is he? he's he was down here I saw his name come up I just didn't I couldn't determine what item he was using this office could be the best when it could be received, we see what happens, Mark is really, right?
I'm incredibly stupid so I brought out the old thing with the shark technique, yes we really have Wishart, what the hell are people going to use? I don't know what's going on now, right? What the hell didn't I have much? Is working. What's going on? Ha ha. And you ran away? I did not realize. It may be because you look very bad. No, he's still here. Oh wow, well, one of you, what? How did you survive? I know you were still there where ya, haha, oh he looks better that way and, uh, what I said, could you survive the grenade he can make?
I have no idea what the dance was, a little sausage, yeah, it was a bit. Sausage, it may not have been an issue all along, but how did you survive? I passed the curtain right on the table, but that's it. Ellen's interest, Oh Bob, Ellen, Bob, uh, Cooper, did you do it, Bob, haha, it was there five seconds ago? I was looking over there, he was right behind your head. I had no deaths, you can read if it's me. I was there. I was the cabbage on the table and you threw a grenade right in front of my face.
I know what happens. Damn, that's some tough cabbage, yeah, just like yours. I was scanning every item on your behalf, it wasn't showing up, it was very strange. Jack: You like walking around with the gun up my butt. Mark: I know.

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