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Return Of The Cold War Mod - Hearts Of Iron 4

May 01, 2020
hey hey I'll go hey what's going on guys and welcome to Michael Jackson Michael Jackson hey what's going on everyone welcome to the


Walmart for the


of im4. I already recorded this, but I lost all the footage so I went back, so yeah. I think this will be the last or penultimate toy in our Holi comeback because it's actually after the past after I made the last video which was technically in the past but the first part was in the future. Sorry, I saw that a cinematic universe production is getting a little complicated with these multiple timelines, but yeah, don't worry guys, I'll work on the mega campaign if I can get all the converters working after this, if not , they could be. there's a bit of a gap between the mega campaign, it depends if we can get the EU to make Vic want to work, which is always the problem, so go ahead and put some pokers on the chair, this isn't the one with some similar buttons on the bottom.
return of the cold war mod   hearts of iron 4
Subscribe and leave us if you want to get into it, okay, so it's been a while since we saw the Cold War mod on this channel. Now I'm not entirely sure if this is the original cult Walmart, which was the wand of the Iron Curtain. I've made a ton of videos in the past or if this is a new one because I couldn't find the old one in the shop or it just wasn't updated. I don't remember looking it up like a month ago, but it was so recently that this


Walmart actually went up. I read it while I originally found it and then it hurt the workshop and that's a good start, so welcome to 1946, we've all moved on.
return of the cold war mod   hearts of iron 4

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return of the cold war mod hearts of iron 4...

We've beaten the big fatties, we've beaten the smaller bodies that were big and now we have a oh, I've got a lot of new bodies coming now into this new era of the Cold War, obviously the old powers should be falling. Looking at you, Mr. GP and the French provisional government, we will really give rise to a lot of new powers like the Soviet Union and the handsome sir. Stalin, but don't worry, he's not going to be here for long, he has 10 more years and then he dies and that's it. Obviously, High4 is made to simulate a single conflict in history, which is World War II and but all of its features are basically made specifically around that war, so when it comes to simulating politics and other things like that, it really it doesn't work because the actual gameplay and the engine just can't handle it of course, although the mods still try to this day to simulate global politics and High4 and it never turns out right.
return of the cold war mod   hearts of iron 4
I'm looking at you mud and mud. You can stop? So I'm very interested to see exactly how this game will handle. Yes, I can now. Look, they have a ton of benefits, so I guess no one really starts free world war after that because you know, yeah, oh my gosh, that's a good sign. Look, it's the United Nations, so I have no idea how this all works, but realistically, if I know Soviet policy well, we'll probably go ahead and click the V, open the reject button, open the to abstain and definitely not the support button, so we have the Security Council at the top, who were basically the victors of World War II and, as you can see right now, the Soviet Union's opinion of me is minus 100 Stalin, are you depressed?
return of the cold war mod   hearts of iron 4
Because there is no need to hate yourself, Stalin, because most people in the world. I hate you a lot more nowadays, yeah, so surprisingly, we have a ton of downsides to building new factories to probably not drive the world too crazy, and we also have a ton of new things we can do to modify our government, which It's pretty standard for this kind of model, with a second Stalin, you can't have two cabinet positions, you can't be defense minister, or vice minister, right now. I don't see much point in having a high military budget. at least not now unless it's like that, if I move suddenly everything will explode if I were to go down to a balanced military budget because all this 102 construction is probably going to bite me in the ass up there, I'd start by jumping 13 civilian factories in Moscow probably the need after everyone does things all over our country like it exploded.
There is one thing I hate about these Madson's because they are just a continuation of everything there is no research to do so ask well could they just be a continuation of the base game well you have everything you can lock them in research it's a bit complicated to get around, oh I know I made that joke about you before, Stalin, but your personal game now, the pièce de résistance of any mod is its focus trees. and I'm very happy to say that the Soviets actually have one and one interesting thing I noticed is that you can look at anyone else's focus trees because I guess they've implemented some kind of spy mechanics, so would you? to see if everyone else has a focus tree and to do that we're going to go into damn mode, well, sir.
The UK has a lot going on with sugar, but luckily the US has one too, so hopefully we can still get some action here. Oh, now you also have a focus tree, but a lot of priorities are surprising, so unfortunately, in all of World War II, apparently every single one of our generals died probably because Stalin. I shot them, which means I have to go ahead and recruit all the commoners, sorry again, so first things first, we should probably go ahead and do this one. Neva dose for my little puppet here. Ukraine is having some problems with insurgents, which is You know, that's not that I like Ukraine at all, they never really have anything like that, at least not until I send some little green men to the lower DOM.
Oh well, my day is ruined. You know, you know, it's great to have a Ukraine having Ukraine. I'm right? You have the Ukrainian Socialist Republic and the Socialist Republic. Do you long for Nikita Khrushchev? That's right, it's to your graves - you cried Oh excellent twenty consent 23 units for China ha - it's not very fun now can I brag or China? and also to the China saga, they finally accepted my help, even after you already know that I have made a plan to divide China, oh here we go, we have a little phone down here, let me know as a vote for China, although I really want to reject it.
I'm saying: Oh, China, say no, to China. Oh, well, don't you say that in a few years I'll be leaving with Hume's pack. Everyone said no to my idea of ​​going to China, but go. That's fair, even I didn't say yes. I just put it on the table and then illegally sent an army, literally an army, to China to establish a communist state. Who is so eager for troops in Iran? Sorry, no, this whole UN thing, right? start again if you're upset oh you know how cool no I didn't want Iran anyway Azerbaijan has a claim down here oh be super cheeky and free Azerbaijan so they don't have to give it up you know they saw it coming Alright , take two loaves.
I have no idea what it is about. It's such a powerful pain, so I'll just say no, I don't care about the Philippines. I'm not leaving, oh, the fing of India and also others of India, there is also more of India, oh well. I guess we have no choice but to have this strange civil war that continues until the end of time and eventually the northern part will slowly start to starve while its strange little mass fires missiles through the sage peg god. I guess, God. do it the hard way, oh you know, we got the real Treaty, we'll do it, which I'll go ahead and support it reluctantly because I guess I won it and then I also wrote that tree, oh you know, I had no idea that Kim Il- sung was such a player China has fled from China to little China after the coast of China that will never be part of China because China does not believe that this is the real China and this China thinks of that China, it is faking this challenge Cheyenne Cheyenne Cheyenne China Hong Kong eventually gets involved too at some point this China will end up hating us in the great Sino-Soviet divide because this China just hates us because it's not us, I'm right, you're like a ham sandwich, oh look at your Western allies with your elegant West.
Germany God, get a room, why don't they do an East Germany sometime? I just have to rebuild my entire country that exploded in the war. It seems like recently we can't go a day without Destroying Tibet we can Oh, South, there's a new South Korea, well I don't think so, but hey, there's only one race and it's my puppet state, so we skip a little time here and now we have a new focus tree like the previous one. Unfortunately, I ran out of it, although I didn't actually finish the previous one, so there are a lot of things I didn't manage to do, like all of East Germany.
Think, oh, I finally have Stalin. You moved on, you kicked the bucket and we were able to leave. Go ahead and go down a historical route and stick with the whole Stalinization thing or we could just, you know, no guys, it's a civil war, not the anti-pipeline, how can you be such party killers? Sorry guys, I know. I don't appreciate any of this violence right now from the anti-party group. I'm taking that right to the US, well you know what they say once the party's over it's time to have a pipe with Nikita Khrushchev, never say that.
I imagined it would be great fun at a party in Khrushchev. Both have just come to power after a bloody civil war. I forget about his vacation time in the United States. I also like this national approach, although I put the revisionists in charge. Now, Nikita Khrushchev, I can still go ahead and purge myself. Nikita Khrushchev enters a room and shoots himself. That's it, shut up. Oh yes, we can't get an East Germany, but we can get an Austria. I do not think they do. It's going to be communist, love, I just realized the UN is actually a nation in the game, it's like it's run by a guy named Gladwyn Jeb, my name, yeah, oh now we've become 1960 and we have been left without a light bulb, freezers, nothing. what we can do we can't create good tension you don't really know how to start a war or something unfortunately that's not where I am or where we can do it I try to go ahead and start a war but no I don't think anyone is accepting my claim on Romania so that yeah, that's the only conflict we can trigger now because I went down to the focus tree which obviously didn't give any conflict and also because of the fact that I think in this little March.
Well, I wanted to show more of the UN stuff, which was great, like I did with Romania there. I gave myself a claim that you can make by clicking the claim button and then you can go ahead and request a vote. Whether or not I understand the claim, which is great, I'm glad they're actually following their path, something more than just making a billion trees where everyone goes to war and Schmidtler comes back, if you remember the old colt from Walmart. Oh yeah, by the way, but I have to say that these Cold War mods actually look pretty cool.
I really have to say it's good, they are doing a lot of things. I probably could have done III. I didn't look at the other focus fries. parts that we could have fallen into and, in fact, we can, you know, start some little wars here and there, especially in the other focus tree that we started with, we could have had a lot of Europe, but I didn't really want to do that, I just want to show the work, you know, a normal game would be like you go historical, which is very fun, we have done a lot of wars in Haifa, you could say that we did enough wars forever, but yeah, I'm very I'm looking forward to checking this mod out again when it's up again for months and a couple of months from now which will be pretty interesting and until next time, well this will be it for now.
I'll probably go ahead and try to start Mega Cab. paid recording right now and if I manage to finish it and all the converts work you'll see it soon if not oh that's a huge waste of time but I guess next time guys leave a like subscribe button below , remember if I want to get a story boy hat link in the description, bye.

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