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Resident Evil VIllage 01

Jun 08, 2021
I can assume there's always blood well yeah but I saw something stop on the ceiling and I heard it like this and that's when the blood started dripping probably crazy yeah but oh I'll go without hmm it's right. thanks, well, did you leave something here? I think it's just wood. It seems there is something there. Well, go stand there if you really want to. No, because they don't come and attack me. like a cat you're hungry you left yourself like you don't have cats they'll bring you mice he's like you hungry bro i know he's like here i give you a peace offering well i really don't know how to get out of here well what just happened there i tried to go down the stairs and i didn't oh hey he's gone chris is doing well so good man you can take a lot sir that stop eating my hand clean great i got gunpowder and baby reload can i can i get up out there seems to be the best way out oh louisa we know louisa yeah we saw our house burn down how do i get out of here you don't do it right i mean you'll probably unlock the door oh that panda's on it's so nice that the fence came down oh well that's a turtle blood that it's normal.
resident evil village 01
Or look, oh, look up on that mountain. Should I shoot him? I don't know or should I just go. what it does it takes at least five to kill well i don't want to draw attention to me they haven't noticed where i am now i think so we're going back this way this is this this is this. get lost so easily you can back up with your knife knife i like my knife to pick it up thank you ok stop on your ground when you are a freak guess hello to yourself cause i can hear you i can't see you personally because the screen is dark ah it's telling me how to ride why oh barricade yeah let's do it oh hello open gunpowder pick up hey look it's the gang kiss now there are two more in the house i think i should start running bye could i pick up that might be a good idea or any of that stuff, okay you know don't pick up things that could probably help me oh he's gonna fight me yeah but it might as well be ammo oh he's gone now he's got a machete well okay yeah just you know that it's right on the table there yeah chris is going to die chris is going to run is what are they going to do i have um that's good circles where is my what actually what was that and why is it here and i'm just going to i can feel their footsteps uh maybe pick that up alright um there was something else there thanks you uh jump there uh quickly look at your map to get your bearings oh we need i think running somewhere surviving the attack is what you're supposed to do so survive chris stick don't die ok ok get up you're going to have circles again i don't think so right um stay away from me this is homophobia this is transphobic stay away from me what are you sir?
resident evil village 01

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resident evil village 01...

Did you know that you are being discriminatory? How do they know how to ride? Why are they brandishing someone on a spear? there are so many of them that you don't believe in me that's weird stop it's me n a pandemic sir yes seriously holy the giant gnome I see no because if it's weird it's very sweet your hair is very delicious but I ask you not to crush me with your hammer i think that's what you want to do but i'm going to request that you don't breathe me you all are weird this is a werewolf friend hello sir why is he jumping around ah thank you bye thank you for leaving me i don't want you here he is Okay, now that we're not dead, uh, we've got half a hand and an arrow in the leg.
resident evil village 01
We are having a great day. I know we love our life, I just think it's funny that it stayed and wasn't swallowed by a zombie, oh, we bandage our hands, it's good for us, lady, help us, we're dying here. I sped the room through a lot of houses because I was dying because I didn't like this, it's the trophy, well, you know, yeah, ah articles articles articles articles articles Can we create things that fit that make sense? Can we get back through this? They are like on fire. You are on fire. I'm just going by here because I want to see if there's anything useful, this isn't safe, you're already on fire, sorry the people whose houses I'm ransacking, but honestly I don't think you're still using your stuff. a dead horse yes it is i think they all tried to murder you so oh then there's another exploding barrel you can open that box anyone backing down the hill


on fire how well you know your place of the year what did you just look at oh that door open, yes the lady opened it i know ok ma'am can you help us I won't stab her. hammer, how do you know my baby can't even move? i mean we've seen this scene chris twice yeah but i just assumed. she was a preteen who could tell you her name how do we know her name and we know she is my baby because mom miranda because we are special mom miranda doesn't like this town anymore ma'am i know we already saw this scene but how are you actively walking towards the worst part from town.
resident evil village 01
I went through a lot less trouble on this side of the gate. Anyway, we know what to do here. I just want to explore the outside we're not timed this time no you can't explore you can do anything I want what I want is not to get bitten by another finger oh there's one I've seen there's a lot of memes ethan gets his hands thrown multiple times in this game ethan's fans just aren't having a good day oh great looks like the legendary monster rules of yore let them come eat your flesh let them come that's why they're here apparently you summoned them why did you summon them all so man is that a poem you always think about that from your youth yes that was my favorite poem as a cover why do these colors always look like people how to make your beds i can't get rid of you running away from things but make your phone open the drawers They are not going to leave each other, damn, I have a knife, can I pick it up with that knife?
I feel like there was definitely a very different card that was here last time, I possibly didn't remember the poem about werewolves, I don't remember either, but they didn't really give us much of a clue about werewolves, aside from the trailer, yeah, the trailer gave us it showed the werewolves this didn't show us the little zombies I mean I guess the monsters we fought there would be pretty much the same werewolf type. like they're derived from the big werewolf but um they look like zombies they're not very hairy they're a little hairy maybe maybe they like the intent to become idk my map means nothing to me shut. i came from here i mean you could go k on your map ah my nut means nothing to me i literally don't understand any of it ok now i came from here blue means you've been there red means you haven't been well, it still means nothing to me, good lord, not a woman, this is really when i go on adventures.
I bring a friend because I will get lost, yes it's ok because he says the castle and graveyard ceremony site. I can read, man. Can I have a sword? I think it would be useful or your shield. miranda, it didn't even occur to me, it's you, mother, miranda, get in here, lemon, okay, go ahead, let's go this way, uh, where they are broke the sacred object, the goat, yes, we offer the warning goats to protect religion, its people, anyone who breaks them. must feed mother miranda's right and then sean made it a mess you hear that okay yeah yeah okay great close i'm just gonna step on some graves so sorry people you seem so interesting now no, ok i was expecting a giant werewolf with a hammer no i really didn't know i can't tell that's what i was expecting today i hope the vampire's mouth steps on it ok ok we can't open the church yet where you walk in and get the first of your articles I explode they talked about a church I'm sorry I made you itch.
No, I'm allergic to religion. Actually, I'm kidding. By the way, that's fair. Go see the dollar. All right, crest, mating crest. alright lady who's next to you maybe maybe i can see one of the maids a lot of weird things next to you that's the guy from the trailer can i stab him? i want to let me stab him no one talks cause august is lurking but i'm going to assume i'm very entertaining look at her it's the vampire mill lovely vision of wonder we adore her oh could you raise the shield right next to it there's a picture of lady den oh mg amazing i stayed there specifically for you I can see the picture remember it's true yeah Miller yeah that's ok.
I hate games where you can. Don't save the one I didn't come from here I came from there okay I just want to make sure I know where you come from where you went where you come from cotton joking you spin a lot yeah is that annoying? you i mean you're fine but good sir chris the directional handicap yeah well i wasn't going back to the gate that wasn't my goal and then i remembered i had to get back to the mating ridge of the gate , yes, select the element now. I'm going to rotate though I can't even see what this design is supposed to be definitely pretty choppy though we're choppy oh yeah we are oh yeah I'd mind showing that dammit we may have to shorten this a bit due to i don't want to get to the good and cool stuff so it's because yeah it's hard to look at the internet so it's ok you're faster than me do you want me to give it to you?
Yeah, so you want to get to the good stuff? Come on, since we have a bad internet connection, since we had to save the point, just? i want to call it that and play when we get to more um yeah even though i work a lot i probably won't be able to play for a week ok ok we'll get back to that in a week but yeah it's a little choppy it just doesn't look alright and i'm sorry we don't have a good internet connection yeah it doesn't look like it and i don't think we're going to have a good one tonight so let's just call it a short stream early today we could see some similarities though we did and we could see a photo of lady tim if chris somehow gets off work this week maybe uh we'll broadcast during the week oh there's something in there it's a glass shard thing anyway hey chris where can they find you? you can find me on ok whatever on ok explained and you can find sean darshan6311 uh you can find our joint twitter account lesbros gaming uh stay locked on that.
I'll let you know when we're back and all, but thanks for tuning in today and we'll be back when we get a b. better connection and can do full stream

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