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Apr 01, 2022
hey guys, what's really going on at mountain man treasurer? and it's time to continue to tell you what I saw traitor. thrift stores wherever i buy stuff and then sell it back online for a profit so today i'm going to show you what i've been selling here in the last bit of my ebay store one of them really a good turn around turns out from an estate sale we went to last week and we've been selling a lot of things from there, mainly media but also other things and then talking about that estate sale after I show you what was sold i'm going to show you the third part from what i picked up there because we went the first day and got full price stuff.
rescuing and rehoming lost discarded treasures
We got a lot of multimedia DVDs, books, that kind of thing, and then the next day we got more DVDs and books. stuff like that but then on day three when everything was halfway through i picked up not that much stuff but some really cool stuff and we'll show you what's coming after this when we show you what sold and first it's the


classics of robert rourke this one where i accepted an offer i actually sent an they accepted the offer and they hadn't paid yet but now they have paid 13.99 plus shipping on this one we picked up from the recent sale of the property along with one you'll see in my packaging until i filmed before filming this is wimey time this i picked up on the 3rd day of the estate sale i think this was 20 and it sold for 100 16 cents plus shipping so this is a chest watch apparently a limited edition dgt is that looks like quite a sought after brand for this and it is in a beautiful shape so it is very easy to navigate it is in its original box and you can hear no rattling I just put this box in a box and we are ready to go Ok, so we've had a lot of viewer sales here in the last 24 hours or so and guys I really appreciate that first come here is this one again.
rescuing and rehoming lost discarded treasures

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rescuing and rehoming lost discarded treasures...

Some of these are estate sales movies that we collected. in a set and this was picked up by another montana reseller this michael in great falls just down the street he is a wwii history guy and enjoys that stuff will add it to the collection is retail to resellers 2021 look it up we might end up getting together this uh this summer if i take a road trip there i'll see if we can do that so maybe you'll see it in a next video michael thank you very much 19.76 plus shipping for that set she sure appreciates you and appreciates you visiting the shop like i said that means a lot i had so jacques went in and picked up various things we got chronicles of riddick the unclassified steelbook edition and then he also got uh let's see yeah i wasn't sure i grabbed them both before the preacher in season one and two sent me an offer i accepted that offer certainly very nice and then i also picked up uh where is the raven here so let's add the raven or the stack too and jacques said huh he makes a living watching channel change and I said well I wish I had done it I wish I had done it too that wouldn't be a bad deal he said he'd been watching a couple of videos on the channel and he enjoyed it and he wanted to do some shopping and support us so uh man i sure appreciate that uh that set comes out for 42.99 plus shipping so jacques thanks a lot i think we actually need to get you a little refund for that shipping i'll check it go out and make sure we get it back to you then we had another viewer sale you guys showed so much support thank you so much we had uh let's see this is radical rex this one is out the door this is for the super nintendo of course 14.73 plus shipping and then we had chicken super alfred also of course super nintendo this 9.98 plus shipping and then a third on the stack is king of monsters very cool game from takara this 1473 again plus shipping and these go to rachel and uh rachel said hey yeah yeah combine shipping is easier and you get more on shipping save it for a coffee and rachel thank you so much I absolutely will.
rescuing and rehoming lost discarded treasures
I'm going to buy myself a sugar-free vanilla iced latte this afternoon, so that's what you bought me too, thank you. I really appreciate that so a trio of games to you great games and the movies the games you know something like that if they ever buy anything in the store and have a problem with it it goes without saying anyone who buys from my store but certainly viewers if there is any sort of issue with the item you know they messed up the shipping whatever it is please contact me and I'll 100% make it right I don't want you to feel like you can't do that We will make it whole, we'll make it right if you have any kind of problem so thank you so much for that said rachel uh she and her husband love the channel and have learned a lot watching it so thank you so much rachel. out pug mom loves vintage go check it out we sold it have you seen it sitting here it was sitting on the side uh pj masks still another one from my little pit just lay there pj this is uh gecko i guess gekko boy something ok he's tired idk sold for a lot 2.98 cents plus very easy shipping to slap that guy in a box of course we have ash and the evil dead or ash vs the evil dead this is also going to come out move a viewer are season two and there are three we also have the first season and this one is going to huh ryan 14.73 plus shipping he is an ancient viking on youtube so check out ryan on youtube he said he loves bruce campbell and is excited to add these to the collection a couple more to add here we have star trek the next generation on the super nintendo this isn't a super high dollar game but every sale is a sale well duh um this 7.50 so in addition to shipping halloween unrated blu-ray collector's edition Rob zombie halloween that one out the door for 9.98 plus shipping that's not from last week and i've been holding on to that for a while we sold a leupold optics hat they make uh binocular scopes that leupold kind of thing i don't see it around a ton and it tends to sell pretty well so I picked that one up for I think a dollar or two in goodwill and I took an offer of 12 plus shipping on that and then we had another sale to jay good channel friend you might have remember having seen this one on the first day of the estate show the fossil of batman look at this one uh one of the things where it says limited collectors edition very often when it says it actually isn't but uh this is so a lot of times when something says it they are collectors a lot of people held onto it and that means it's not super rare but it's really cool we're not going to put it out again but we'll put the picture on there so you can see this is a really cool watch still brand new it has u n little plastic cover there and jay sent me an offer of 70 plus shipping and I gladly accept it so jay thank you so much I appreciate all of you it's great when people come into the store and buy stuff , go in and buy something you know you're pushing you know 100 after shipping and all that's good man I can't tell you how much I appreciate such things when you and other watchers do that so thank you so much jay said he has a small collection batman in his room on ebay and he wanted to add that to it so it will be a beautiful piece in that collection jay thank you so much it's on its way to you so thank you guys I appreciate it and now it's time to take a look at what we picked up on day three of the property zone so today pretty much everything 50 off and uh a three day conclusion on a property sale and i found something every day days and we make money every day on this property sale and this is the dealer that tends to charge stuff so even in that situation even when the place crashed like you saw day one you can make money so i checked the media again and there was one left that I hadn't picked up that was still there. the chronicles of riddick this is a limited edition unrated it is a steel box i always look at steel box stuff very often people collect it and this is not a very high dollar but i bought it today for 50 cents and it should sell for about 10 bucks I think this well you know what's back here I put this on Instagram if you saw it a couple days ago this is obviously a military flag that you saw on the first day of the video and the first day I I noticed that thing was sitting down. there and you know there was no family member that was there I got it and I just don't know, it just hit me and it was still there today on the last day while I was recording this and I felt like I had to pick it up, I didn't. i want it to stay there unwanted i didn't want it i don't know what happens to those things after a property sale is over and therefore you know it deserved to be picked up it's not for me you know i don't have my garage my shop is not the place for that, obviously I'm not going to try to sell it, it's just not right, but I needed to buy it, you know, I don't know how, I don't know how to put it another way, so what? i'm going to do it was 25 um well i got it for half 12.50 um the thing is you know a little banged up obviously it's been around for a while the man was a vietnam vet um you know there's stars sewn on there very obviously high quality flake I'm not going to pull it out and unfold it and look you know how many stars there are we're going to date the flag because I don't know who this is for I don't know Now that you know I obviously don't know anything about it but it belongs somewhere so I'm going to Go ahead and look for the Montana Military Museum.
rescuing and rehoming lost discarded treasures
I think I'll see if you can help me. Maybe they have a home for it. there or they know where it could go maybe contact legion something um so i picked this up it's sitting here so i wanted to show you guys yeah i picked it up but this is not for resale this is just uh ya you know part of our job is to save things that need to be remembered and that this fits that bill so we pulled this out saved it from an uncertain fate and now i just have to figure out where is the right home for it that's why it's sitting there um otherwise what we picked up like this here i have to test it but i'm going to assume it works uh 25 30 bucks relatively easily this will is assuming it works is go I'm going to sell pretty quickly after I listed it for everything that's on the table today we spent 107 because it was all halved so it was 214 yeah 214 and we spent 107.
So one was two dollars this one was labeled 38 so we got what 19. This is really cool. I was there the first day. I saw it. I looked at him. a fourth I think so they came in a core one and a half two some of the bigger ones it's definitely worn I mean it's not in perfect shape but I think it's good I mean this makes it look . great and this actually comes apart or comes separate this is a bracket that holds it on the wall and you can see you can mount it on the back and it fits in there pretty tight that's why i didn't take it out of there and this is a fantastic piece for a cave like a man this would be an amazing piece to hang on the wall and that's what people will do with them.
This should sell for around a hundred bucks plus shipping. I paid 19 up front. It will sell for a hundred after fees. of those things i just like to have cool stuff in the store so its definitely a cool thing to put in the store and it will sell we will make a little bit of money off this very deal he must have worked for the phone company for a while because there were several old phones like that this is like an old intercom it says at the bottom not for sale it's owned by the doorbell system so this was something that must have been in the office there at some point for uh for a mob bell and it's like an old intercom unit and so this will sell there's a comp sold for one very similar to this for uh 99 plus shipping so i think that's where i'll put this i mean this is one of those things that people would decorate with or who knows potentially as a prop in uh you know play a tv movie so this is a cool piece and really in pretty good aesthetic shape a yeah like a few hits but nothing bad even the cork is still on the bottom to make it a cool half to pick up out of the 25 we paid for that one and then the guy was really into chess there was a lot of chess stuff and most were priced beyond where i wanted to spend it but this one look at it made in yugoslavia this is a chess clock now this is priced at 50 bucks we paid 25 obviously most of these i think will sell for around a hundred or 125 bucks this is a digital version i think this could probably be around a hundred bucks and this one isn't.
I have to try it, obviously, but I hope for twenty bucks it will work. We're going to make money off the sale anyway, but I think it probably works, all his stuff was kept in great shape and then judge shackler says that again judge shackler I don't know 30 we paid 15 and this again made in Germany ok no I'm going to take it out it looks like this and it's in beautiful condition and it will sell again 125 so keep an eye out for the old ones chess clocks do pretty well so here you go a few thingsYou guys sold some cool stuff but that's how you do this job you buy cool stuff for good prices and you sell cool stuff for better prices I appreciate you guys hanging out with me today it's been a lot of fun uh we haven't been doing any auctions on anything , just been really, really busy I know I've seen a lot of you there and I sell some great stuff there and you guys get good deals we're bringing you back I think next week so stay tuned I'll let you know when they show up, but be sure to tune in tomorrow for tomorrow's show.
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