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Remembering Alan Arkin | WNT

Jul 01, 2023
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actor Alan Arkin for his versatility and dry wit. Yes, actor Alan Arkin appeared in over 100 films. He played memorable roles in both comedy and drama and earned his first Oscar nomination for his first film. The Cold War comedy, the Russians are coming. a Russian submarine officer there is no need to be afraid we are nobody Arkin began his career as a stage actor an original member of the Second City Comedy company in Chicago He was later chosen by his Second City colleague Mike Nichols to star in his adaptation of Catch -22 to be grounded 22. in Little Miss Sunshine he played a grandfather in a dysfunctional family you are the most beautiful girl in the world yes you are just saying no I am not I am madly in love with you. performance that earned Arc his first and only Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
remembering alan arkin wnt
I am deeply moved by the sincere appreciation our little film receives for playing a mild-mannered dentist in the crime comedy, the in-laws, the biggest centerpiece of evidence. federal crime since the atomic spy case is in my basement, do you want to know why I'm excited that the MGM deal isn't going to happen to a Hollywood producer in the movie Argo the way I see it through the falls, I grant? you can sign here and receive ten thousand dollars for your toilet paper script


's career spanning seven decades his son said in a statement that our father was a force of nature exceptionally talented as an artist and as a man, a husband loving, Grand father and great-grandfather, he was adored and will be deeply missed.
remembering alan arkin wnt

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remembering alan arkin wnt...

Alan Arkin was 89 years old. And tonight we are thinking about his family, a great loss in Hollywood. Thanks so much for looking. I'm Whit Johnson in New York for David and all of us. good evening, hello everyone, George Stephanopoulos, thank you for visiting the ABC News YouTube channel. For more videos, highlights and live event coverage, click right here to subscribe to our channel and don't forget to download the ABC News app to receive breaking news alerts, thanks for watching
remembering alan arkin wnt

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