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Relativistic Effects

Jun 04, 2021
Hello, my name is Michael and welcome to the first and only YouTube channel made by and for teenagers who like to cook. Today we will talk about babies. Babies are born all the time. In some countries they are born more frequently. others this website neil dot fun slash a baby map lights up every country on earth at the same rate that babies are born in that country, as you can see India and China light up a lot if you look hard enough you will get a little The problem with the UK It is the birth of a baby.
relativistic effects
Not that we don't, it's about an exact baby, but the country lights up at about the same rate as the birth rate of the country, so you can really get a sense of where people are born, you know? To be honest, humans are like one of my top ten favorite animals. Let's continue talking about humans and how many of them there are with the population classification. This website sets up a group of cities and then it's your job to find out who would win in a battle. of who has the largest population, I'm going to change it from the metropolitan area to the state population, I'm going to create a new game, some of these states are weeks old, but let me look here, between North Dakota and Illinois, Illinois is clearly going to win, it has big cities. has Chicago, oh, when you click on Illinois, there you go now between Idaho and Vermont Vermont is not very populated, but Idaho I'm going to go with Idaho, sure, close, very good, between New Mexico and Massachusetts Massachusetts definitely has more people and between Idaho and Massachusetts. obviously Massachusetts does, but between Illinois and Massachusetts, Chicago versus Boston and the Boston metropolitan area is quite extensive, but I'm going to go with Illinois.
relativistic effects

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relativistic effects...

Bob Chicago is like the third most populous city. I will continue to play this on my own time, so don't waste yours, we have to go to outer space, specifically people who have been there, time and space travel, allows you to see astronauts from all over the world, from all countries, even commercial and tourist astronauts, right now I have my axes built. So I have the duration of the trip on the vertical axis, the further down we go, the longer the person was in space and the horizontal axis is when their first launch occurred, so if we go to the furthest point and click on it, Yuri.
relativistic effects
Gagarin, the first human being in space, only spent ground zero eight days in space, so he didn't have a very long trip. If we go to more recent releases, you'll see that some of these dots have white circles around them that represent people. who is currently in space astronaut scott tingle what's up obviously the astronaut eats a little ok, astronauts not only travel through space, they also travel through time as we just lengthened my beards, it sure is different, continuity is not really a priority here at Vsauce Headquarters, but what is a priority is learning, let's take a look at this graph and change the horizontal axis to represent time dilation.
relativistic effects
Clearly there is some function that defines how you move in time when you move in space and where you move to. space, check this out, the world record for longest time in orbit is held by cosmonaut padalka, who spent 878.48 days flying very fast around the earth and because of that, padalka is more than 25 milliseconds younger than he would have been if it had been in orbit. I stayed here on Earth because of time dilation. Now, when you are in orbit, time moves at a different rate for you due to two different


, special relativity and general relativity.
If you want to learn more about these, I recommend these books first. Martin Gardner's whole relativity just explained fantastically but my favorite book I read in all of 2017 was Lewis Carroll Epstein's Relativity Visualized just phenomenal but if you want to go even deeper you can go a lot less wrong than getting the physics book from space-time by Taylor Wheeler. just amazing explanations, we also have videos linked below where you can learn more, but the gist is that when you are orbiting the Earth, you move faster than people who are still on Earth at rest relative to you and that means time moves more slowly for you, a person at rest on Earth, if you could take a telescope and look at your watch, you would literally see your watch move more slowly, you would be aging more slowly, you would be reaching your death date more slowly. but also the higher you go, the weaker the gravitational field around you will be and that will make time pass faster for you.
These two


are combined in this blue line that we see here. This red line represents time dilation due to orbital speed and as you can see that the higher your orbital altitude, the less fast you have to move to avoid hitting the Earth and therefore the smaller the effect, now this green line represents the effects of general relativity, the gravity well weakens and as it does, you move through time. Getting faster and faster their combined effect is this blue line labeled net orbital time gain. Now the astronauts on the National Space Station are at an altitude of a few hundred kilometers and that puts them on the blue line down here, which means they experience less weather. than us on Earth, which is why Padalka is about 30 milliseconds younger than he would have been if he had not entered orbit.
If you want to see how you have moved through time, the time orbit will help you a lot. The University of Surrey created. This app and you need information about your altitude and movement to compare how you have moved over time since you installed the app compared to someone who has spent all that time motionless at sea level. Fun fact about 3200 kilometers above the Earth's surface, a little less than 10,000 kilometers. far from the center of the Earth, both effects cancel exactly and no time dilation is experienced relative to someone at rest on Earth. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, for example, Michael, that's great, but what I don't understand is how long it can last. a zucchini growing I'm glad you asked because the world record for the longest zucchini was set by Giovanni Battista Scozzafava of Niagara Falls.
He made Sukie's knee grow two point five two meters long. It's just phenomenal, but it's actually not that unusual for zucchini to like to grow. They just don't taste very good when they're big, zucchini should ideally be picked when they're young and no more than 12 inches long, so if you're taking notes don't forget I also go back to Lightspeed when you're traveling really fast happens. all sorts of weird


effects, okay, time dilation happens obviously, but also the measured whips change, here's a


car. Now I can use this slider here to make the car speed slower or faster.
I can speed it up and notice that as I speed up. As it goes up, the car seems to shrink and get thinner and thinner until, at light boom speed, okay, it has no measurable dimension in its direction of travel. We've heard this before and I've talked about it. previously in episodes about whether the Earth is flat or not, for a particle traveling near the speed of light, the Earth would be measurably flat as a disk, but it would appear to be a flat disk, no, due to an optical illusion known as Tyrell rotation. an example from Wikipedia of what it looks like.
I think this animation is brilliant, so on the right we have the actual visual appearance of a cube flying at some proportion of the speed of light and on the left we have the contraction of the actual width of that we would measure it, but we notice that at 99% of the speed of light is almost completely rotated so that we can see the other side. Here is a way to visualize what a Torrell rotation is and why it happens. Here is a cube. Now let's imagine that. this cube just passes by you at some point it will be right in front of you and then it will move away now normally it would look like this it doesn't move very close to the speed of light you can't see the back of the cube.
I mean you can because this one doesn't have opaque sides, but the point is that the material here doesn't reflect light back into your eyeballs. We can imagine that this green stick is a ray of light. Any light coming from this back edge to That blocks you from the fact that the cube or the shape, whatever it is, may be opaque, but if this stick represents how far light travels in a second and it has to travel like this Even your eye if the object is moving close to the speed of light, it could move out of the way of that ray of light and not block it from reaching you.
You will see the back of the object as if it is actually rotated, so an object traveling close to the speed of light will appear to rotate like this, it is just its appearance, it will not actually rotate and if you try to measure it you will discover that its length has become contracted, let's see a video of this effect. The time and space travel organization has an excellent one and what. You see, there are a lot of dice and they are all in a row, but on top of them a dice will fly by. I think actually some dead ones, known as dice, will fly by in the same orientation but they won't appear to be in Here they have the same orientation, they don't look too strange yet, but as you'll see, the closer they get to us, the more rotated they are until boom, right there we can see the back of the cube, although the back is not oriented. towards us, this relativistic effect is called Terrell rotation and I love it when it comes to relativistic effects, who can forget the redshift and blueshift of electromagnetic radiation?
We are not well and neither is the speed. Raptor in this game, the speed of light is much, much. slower, so the normal speed Velociraptor can move is quite close, so relativistic effects occur. Now here's the level and what I have to do is get to this yellow exit door, but wait, these bullets are a little close together, I should probably be able to. to get through them let me start moving my speed will change oh and look the whole game level warps based on how the length changes meaning if I go up the bullets get closer I can spread them out by moving towards down now that I have space. cool, wait, wait, wait, okay, no, don't fall in the water if you ever want to focus on your character.
I think you press C, yeah, okay, there you go. I find this interesting but not that useful, press C again. to go back I also notice that my speed is like I'm playing asteroids if I stop pressing the key moving at the same speed but the space bar will freeze, let's save your life many times now let's see these keys so I can open this lock I need all the keys have the same color, which means I need to find the velocity that shifts them red and blue so they match. Now remember that velocity is a vector, so it also has a direction, so I don't just need to. to have the right speed I need to move at the right speed in the right direction, okay I can zoom these two in color but how can I do that?
I have to move left and right, I think now I'm really turning it purple, oh wait, that looks like, but I want to move towards the bullets, so moving right is the opposite of what I want to do, let's see what can I do, change color, yes it's nice and that's how to do it when you're an expert in the ways of the universe. I will leave you, honestly, a little motivation. We have all heard of the company Arm and Hammer. They were founded 151 years ago. The brand was used approx. 31 years before the birth of a man named Armand Hammer, yes, no relation, he had nothing to do with the founding of the company and was named after him, but as you can imagine, the good lord.
Hammer Armand, for those who were familiar with him, was constantly mocked for having a name that sounded like the Arm and Hammer brand, so what good did it do for him growing up? He raised enough money to buy enough shares in Armand Hammer's parent company to become part owner, that's right, Armand Hammer became a member of the board of directors of Arm and Hammer, so my question to you is: what are you doing? today? It will be strange enough that one day it will be discussed in Daum. Stay curious. Stay hungry. Make sure you preheat your oven and as always thanks for cooking.
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