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Reggie Miller: Beyond the Glory (Basketball Documentary)

Jun 09, 2021
We could barely move and I certainly couldn't run and he certainly couldn't jump. He was trying to move but he didn't have much mobility and Oto heard my mom and dad say man, if he could walk it would be a miracle. While the rest of the Miller family played fierce games of


in the backyard, Reggie sat on the sidelines watching from the kitchen window and your mother, you know, didn't have a chance to go outside because you were wearing braces, it was hard. Reggie's legs gradually straightened. As he grew older, eager to compete, he challenged his older sister to one-on-one games, but Cheryl Miller was no ordinary sister;
reggie miller beyond the glory basketball documentary
She was on her way to becoming the best


player of her time. Sheryl, unlike her, in her youth I would do it. just stomp him all over the place he was just a thin twig most of the time we've come to blows oh we hit him and you know daddy's coming out never put your hands on your brother but as his contests became fierce , Sheryl and Reggie came up just a year apart and the age banded together to cheer on the kids around the neighborhood and play two-on-two games and that's the guy they want to play 2-1 against Italy, but already You know who your second is, what I call my sister.
reggie miller beyond the glory basketball documentary

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reggie miller beyond the glory basketball documentary...

Any guy will start laughing and you know, since you have the girl, you go first and that's all she wrote and then we go. I think here's your cut and here's my good Reggie who practiced his outside shot 500 times a day when Cheryl High school teammates came to practice, her little brother started showing off his skills because he was shooting full speed and he He never failed and that's how he ended up with that high arch of his. Cheryl would be defending him and would have the opportunity to play with these. very talented and beautiful women, I mean you know the type you are, yeah I sure do, I hope he's the odd man out.
reggie miller beyond the glory basketball documentary
Reggie became a big shot on his high school team when he scored 39 points only to find out that Lee came home. that Cheryl was over him again he was doing cocaine I never had home court advantage I was always on the road Reggie was largely ignored by major colleges only receiving an offer from his dream school, UCLA, after his best recruits went elsewhere, but my heart was Determined to go to UCLA, every California kid wants to go to UCLA, but I had to wait until they called while Sheryl led cross-town rival USC to a national title and won an Olympic gold medal in 1984.
reggie miller beyond the glory basketball documentary
Reggie struggled to make his mark at UCLA by In his sophomore year he was just putting on a show on and off the court, he could really dance, he did some serious moves, but when Reggie blossomed as a player posing, fans tried to throw him off his game by chanting Cheryl's name in mockery every time he touched the ball. Just once Reggie touched the ball they shouted Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl and every time he touched the wire they were chatting with Cheryl and it drove most people crazy instead of weakening under the pressure. Reggie absorbed it and wanted to show that.
He was tough and he didn't want people to think he was weak or soft because of his size or his build or because he was Cheryl's little brother. He has a nasty streak. I wonder where Miller's direct attitude comes from. Some people don't mind, but when he played baseball in the summer against NBA stars like Magic Johnson, Byron Scott and Michael Cooper, they told him to keep it up. I've never seen a guy work as hard as Reggie Miller. Every day those guys were outplayed when they were playing pickup games and all they wanted to do was win and you know they were my teachers so they share some of the blame in the spring of 1985, Miller took UCLA to the game for the NIT title against Bobby.
The Knights Indiana Hoosiers scored 18 points to lead their team to victory. So cocky. Your team is so cocky. We had no chance of beating them in the NIT and we smoked them. Reggie Miller had handed over his business card. Indiana would soon lead Indiana into battle. The biggest stage on Broadway, who's a strap, don't get angry at me. He wasn't a psychopath, but Reggie Miller had overcome a crippling childhood disability. I'm a college star headed to the pros, but on the night of the 1987 NBA draft he was drafted by a team. If you never heard of the Pacers, select Reggie Miller from UCLA India, anyone?
I said, I don't know, Riddler, this is news to me because I don't even think they had a team if Reggie was surprised by the pick. Indiana fans were angry. their hometown star Steve Alford had just led the Hoosiers to the NCAA title. We were talking about a real local hero who at the time was being compared to Larry Bird and people like that, so when we took Reggie Miller, that was, you know, it was a shock to the system that a lot of people here open the newspaper and say that Reggie, who offered this, can ruin great.
I'm on the road again in its first season. Miller broke the rookie record for three-pointers in his third year. averaging 25 points per game the better he got the more opponents tried to take him down with punishing physical play this guy would come off the screen and get hit so hard he would kneel then get up say something to him and hit the next guys three, Reggie is a lot tougher than he looks, you can beat him up, you can knock him down, but he always seems to get back up, but while Miller was paying his debts, some outside of Indiana took notice, his friends urged him to fulfill his contract and sign with a better team Reggie refused.
I was one of the people who was like, "Hey, you know, he plays for the Lakers, you're never going to be a star." In Indiana, there are a lot of people who tell me to go somewhere else, but I just couldn't do it. the character of a man is to establish something that no one else had done before regi dedicated himself to his new home visited the local school children showed off a talk show for teenagers felt comfortable in a community that looked a lot like Riverside knew that You could walk down the street and say hello, how was your day? and people said that the lower back began to get used to the quiet life.
Reggie was settling in Indiana long term in 1992, he and his girlfriend, the model and aspiring actress from Chicago named Marita Stavro remarried Reggie called it the happiest day of his life I was young thinking ideally this is you know what you want Morita was everything Richie ever wanted and then some and Indiana is not that far from Mayberry so in his mind and in his heart he has the perfect setting, the perfect launch when Reggie and Morita settled in Indiana, their team He was also able to find his groove in the spring of 1994 under new coach Larry Brown, the Pacers won their first NBA playoff series and then won the round. until Hoosier fever boils, it's so loud it's scary and the city is so electrically alive in a conference famous for its toughness, the New York Knicks were the biggest bullies on the block, the team that combines a cocky attitude with a physical game devastating, I just always thought they were so much better than everyone else, the New Yorkers, and they just thought that, you know, they were a gift from God to basketball, you know, that bothered me a little bit because the series wasn't played in two games each one, the next took a commanding lead.
He led for three quarters of game five at Madison Square Garden. Miller was pitching poorly and found out from the next number one fan, Spike Lee. I heard you're here on the bench, you know, and you're attacking India Hicks and all this, okay. I want to try to shoot this right every time just to make it clear that Miller drained 1/3 after the next and followed each basket taunting the peak, it was like he just snapped, you know, grab this privately soon, it was very public of me part. everyone saw it and then he did that and both things were directed at me that I got tired of listening to his damn mouth you know what entertainment is and you pay good money for these seats you are not going to talk to me at all Somehow, anger breaks out against me that, as if he were playing something, Miller's dramatic display led the Pacers to victory, announcing his arrival as an NBA star, making Spike a scapegoat for the next two feet. on the cover they blame me for the loss he is their biggest fan God bless him everyone should have done especially so loyal but sometimes you have to know when to say win despite Miller's heroics the Knicks came back to win the series in seven games, but by that time it was over Reggie had put his team on the map and made his on-court confrontation with Spike Lee legendary.
Everywhere I go in the world, people have such good friends Reggie Reggie, how is your friend Reggie? We did a commercial together after that good shot Cheryl. prepare the police if Tonya shot hey you just did Indiana how do you shoot these things are heavy like the next year she did the same thing at Madison Square Garden for the first game of the 1995 Conference Semifinals the Knicks held a six point lead lead with 18 seconds left the game seemed almost over - everyone but Miller, so many people who were in the game and left. I know a lot of players who thought it was over for both teams, but here you had a guy who saw that there was still time left, let's train and it's 105 lats.
I hit the first three, even though he says I have. I was like he was backing up to the three and I actually took a shot and then looked at the finish. Indiana won the game and the series solidified Reggie. Station is us, which is the biggest nightmare. It was right there and disbelief concedes that his victory simply evaporates. No one else likes me. They could say they did it. Hit my finger. Good job so I feel like I was helping a nation where the Pacers lost. the next series in seven games Reggie Miller had become a Heartland hero, but one sinister crime would change that triumph it was like the towering inferno of nothing but flames, you can hear that pain in his voice, you can see the tears in his eyes What they did I think it was all worth it and I really didn't think it was: the classic playoff series with the New York Knicks propelled the Indiana Pacers to the top ranks of NBA contenders and transformed Reggie Miller into an icon of Indiana.
It was cool to see his throw on the side of the building it's cool to see the way people are hugging him because he tried so hard and he deserved it now he's a flip-flop you know no no no system Reggie maybe me start TV for the third time as the Pacers were looking to make the playoffs in 1996, but less than two weeks before they began, their luck ran out. The spinning gun is off to cure our search for the rebound. Miller went to the hospital with a concussion and a sprained neck. and a fractured orbital bone ear while he sucked in the required surgery and put his future on the line, he was really scared that not only would he not be able to come back or maybe even play again, I thought my orbital was going to affect. my vision and obviously being a marksman and shooting from long range, that's my livelihood, it's just flashbacks to when I was a little kid with braces, not because I have trouble walking, it's like, you know, swinging and knitting, and you know he doesn't.
He doesn't have the balance and I'm like, oh man, not again, not again, not as hard as he worked, but Miller watched his team struggle from the sideline and vowed to return to the court 22 days later, with Indiana facing elimination from the playoffs. than risking his recovery to keep the Pacers' hopes alive people are talking about Willis Reed limping out of the locker room well here's Reggie Miller talking about his eye I thought he was crazy because he was taking it to the goal against big players and he just did it With abandon he showed us the role of the lion today, even though the Pacers lost the series.
Miller's height grew. He helped the US Olympic team win a gold medal in the summer of 1996, taking his place on the victory stand alongside his fellow superstars, but when Reggie returned. To Indiana that fall he was quickly knocked off his pedestal, the Pacers and Miller played poorly all season and when negotiations for a new contract stalled, fans showed him little sympathy, his play was off, he wasn't playing at his best. shooting. Going down, I think a lot of that had to do with the turmoil he was going through off the court as Reggie struggled with the Pacers, his wife Marita tried to launch an acting career in Hollywood, his long separations and professional conflicts took a toll on marriage she was a city girl from Chicago I never really ever liked Indiana she was in different places I was in different places and people were drifting apart as the Pacers stumbled during the season in the Miller contract dispute dragged down the mood in Indiana was getting ugly Reggie started receiving anonymous phone calls at home.
He's getting death threats that people talk about if he doesn'tsign whatever they want. You know, using the n-word. We don't shoot your dogs. I didn't really appreciate some of the messages. especially for someone who I felt was giving everything for Indiana. You know, I always feel like if you treat people the way you want to be treated, racism shouldn't exist and unfortunately it does and now I'm hearing it. Tell me you know Cheryl maybe I need to make an effort to sustain her marriage. Reggie Marita bought a big fancy lakefront house and in Indianapolis in May 1997 they moved in with their belongings and we are getting ready to move in themselves.
He is desperate. trying to do everything possible to maintain some semblance of normality, you know, because everything else is chaotic in the early morning hours of May 15, while Marita was working in Los Angeles, a phone call at her old house woke Reggie up from his sleep, I'll never call at 4:00 4:30 in the morning there's a fire in your house I say no, there isn't I'm in the house I'm in my house, since I know you knew the house in silence , Reggie drove towards the house. The clouds have filled the sky with smoke. When he got there, the fire was out of control, so I saw all the smoke, I saw all the helicopters out there.
I mean, it was like an imposing inferno, it was nothing more than flames. I'm thinking, oh my gosh, what is this Hamilton County authorities are saying? The intense fire that destroyed pacer guard Reggie Miller's home was no accident, the fire that tore down the $2 million home at Geist Reservoir was arson because they say it was arson, but how do they know I was not there? That could be possible murder. I can see him standing on, you know, the freshly burned wood trying to figure out why someone would do this. I said because I'm black. Is it because of the contract?
Because you know the team is not doing well. Do you know what I did? Did I ever do what I did to these people? You know this contract negotiations are underway and I mean, I'm like someone is burning down my house. You know, I really want to stay here in Indiana. In the weeks following the fire, there were no arrests. He gave Miller a lot of time to reflect on the motives behind the crime. He started receiving copycat letters with people saying "I did it." You know, that made me sit down and start thinking if it was all worth it and I didn't really think about it.
Miller told the Pacers general manager at dinner with Walsh that he planned to retire and leave Indiana, but while Reggie was still mulling over his future we received a phone call from the Pacers' new head coach, Larry Bird. I understand that you were respecting the decision I decided to make. but he says, but I'm just going to say one thing, this city and I really need you. My thing was just to tell Reggie that we need to get this franchise going again. He is going through a difficult time, but it seems that time heals all wounds. and this is a legend, one of the best athletes of our time tells me who hasn't won, you know, we need you here.
Reggie Miller would put his faith in him, you know, one more time and risk his reputation against the best player. I knew out of everyone that he was the best and everyone knew that he was the best, but I thought he could help you better. I want to do it well. I don't do well with different types of players, but when the game is on the line, we both wanted to throw the ball with Bird in charge, the Pacers took off and Hillier took over. He hit game-winners 14 times during the regular season and then let Indiana into another playoff battle against New York.
There were a couple of seconds left. Everyone Mom knows that Reggie will get the ball and while the ball was in the air, Reggie was wide open all over the yard. Oh, okay, time to go home. The Pacers returned to the Eastern Conference Finals this time with a chance to dethrone the five-time champion Chicago Bulls and for Reggie the opportunity. Going toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan, this is what I've always been waiting for, going against Michael, this is what I've always wanted and over a decade, sir, going up against Jordan on the court, sometimes I come up short, but Always taking on the challenge, this residue always went out and competed with them and it shows because Michael gets angry now, Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller try it and I mean, we have taxes, here come Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.
They were the three most trash-talkers in the history of this game, but they were also three of the best to back it up. I wasn't the best athlete, the fastest, the fastest jump, the highest. That was not me. I think I can play with it? The best of them, yes, but when the 1998 Conference Finals began, Michael Jordan took control and led the Bulls to two victories in Chicago, to make matters worse. Miller sprained his ankle in the third quarter of the third game you're playing, you know, the Chicago Bulls on a national stage. He wasn't going to let Michael know that you knew he wasn't playing at 100% physically despite the pain.
Another scored 20 points to lead Indiana to victory and then lost by one point with two seconds left late in the fourth game. on Reggie's shoulders with 2.9 seconds Harper's on Miller the team that was jumping I'm like oh my god my ankle hurts but who cares I just had to put my shoes on I revived the base I pushed the series Dylan took a six-point lead into the fourth quarter. of the seventh game, but just when it looked like Indiana might be kicked out of Chicago and make it to the NBA Finals, the Bulls were drawn in to win, he truly believed they were going to eliminate the Chicago Bulls.
I mean, the surprise was that they didn't. We won, we had a seventh game that we didn't have and we wasted it. Miller's frustrations did not end the following season. Indiana was defeated in the Conference Finals once again, this time by their nemesis, the Knicks always desperate to take their team to the top. Mueller spent the 1999 offseason working harder than ever before, is trying to put on a little more weight, lifts harder, and is almost obsessed with the fact that he hadn't been able to get over that hill, but after nine trips to the playoffs. Agents' injuries were wearing down Miller and his teammates as the 2000 playoffs began.
The Pacers stumbled and were pushed to the brink of elimination in the first round. They already lost in the first round. You know they would have been considered just a complete failure. his teammates before the deciding game 5 Miller put his reputation on the line by donning a Superman t-shirt when he entered the arena. I told myself it was going to take superhuman effort and what really good things could get angrier than me. there dressing up as the Man of Steel, then playing as him, scoring 41 points to save the series. Reggie was on a roll, letting the Pacers beat Philadelphia in six games and headed to New York to crown the Eastern Conference in the finals.
Matchup against the Knicks who made shots. Nagaina will probably never do a step back three and up and down again and I have never seen a guy stay focused and stay that way like Reggie, the Indiana Pacers on their way to the NBA Finals for the first time in their history, Well, the guys hugged my teammates even tighter, no, they already had pride, here was a guy who's been an underdog his whole life and there's always someone maybe a little faster, a little bigger, a little more athletic and couldn't. we turned the corner, but finally game six and bully Reggie Melon's backyard won that fight.
Miller had taken Indiana to the NBA Finals for the first time in their history only to face the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers, but Miller refused to let his team go away quietly. rallied the Pacers with emotionally charged performances that averaged 27 points over the final five games, but in the end, Lakers stars Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal proved too much in defeating Indiana four games to two and bringing another season of triumphs to a bittersweet ending, oh you had little Superman against big Superman, his t-shirt just wasn't powerful enough to beat Jack, that's a good thing when people put patches on the back of the sale, it's a competitive series, but the bottom line is that there are no jewels on your finger.
You have the jewels and you don't have them. Reggie Miller had taken his team as far as possible in Indiana. He still had one more score to settle. It's something I don't think you'll ever recover from because it's in his Don't worry if you don't know if there's someone out there who just doesn't like you after ten trips to the playoffs. Reggie Miller finally made it to the NBA Finals, but once he finished the season, Larry Bird left his coach and several of his best. Players were either traded or retired, ending Indiana's reign as contenders and leaving Miller to start from scratch once again.
I was devastated, we had just come off a very grueling final six game loss to the Lakers, hoping for the opportunity to do it again and everyone's support. Reggie was starting over and there were ways in which his marriage to Marita had gradually fallen apart after years of putting up a front for the public. Their divorce became official in April 2001. No one ever wants to get divorced, but they think it's a curse, so I probably do. Honestly, I stayed four years longer than I should have. The arsonist who burned the Miller house to the ground in the spring of 1997 was never found, and although Reggie rebuilt the house, the mystery behind the crime has left lasting scars if we haven't discovered it by this day.
What the hell is this? You will receive occasional letters every six months. You know, remember me. It's the not knowing that's killing me about what happened, but Miller channeled his pain in other ways by raising money for the survivors of the New York firefighters who died. during 9/11 and helping child burn victims through the Reggie Miller Foundation. He's finishing the plate, this thing tried to beat me and I'm going to get to the core of what this is and make a difference, brothers and sisters, cats and dogs, what's your dog's name? like a heart for children and he understands it.
If it were not for a great grace that has been imparted to him, you know that he could be one of those children that he is visiting. Miller is mentoring a younger generation on the court. Well, on a Pacers team full of promising talent, he has become Uncle Reggie, an old-school battle-tested veteran. I hope it does, especially today. In the face, it's not even for a while and you like a father, father to all. I think he definitely wants to help the younger guys on our team and I think you will help these guys. Beach, his own son, make the right play, we play the right way, guys, we can win, but that's the hard part of this pipeline, you know towards a young man. generation in the summer of 2003, Reggie Miller was almost 38 years old and a free agent with one last chance to step into the ring, but despite offers to join more proven title contenders, he decided to end his career where it began in Indiana .
I'm going to go get a championship and jump on someone else's car and I just couldn't do that being such a shrewd businessman, he was very stupid in Indiana and I would have preferred him to go somewhere where he always I want to say, That's what he really wants. but he is loyal off the court Miller lives a low-key lifestyle that suits his surroundings, he spends time with old friends and old pleasures. Reggie is really boring off the court extremely boring, very low key, he is, he was born not, he is not shy, he is just straight. -born I consider myself a loser at heart I have been accepted I have accepted it now I know that we are a year and a half behind most big cities in fashion and culture and everything else music everything or always behind the times Reggie Miller surpassed odds to become one of the great key performers in all of sports, he showed his courage and character by supporting his team, his franchise and his community when it mattered most.
Reggie Miller is Indian, there was a time when he could have said Bobby Knight. there was a time when it could have been said Larry Bird, but over the last 16 17 years and Counting Reggie Miller has been the show, he's the kind of guy you'd want your kids to grow up like us, they know they love him, they should do it. because he's a special person, we're afraid of losers, we're afraid of living life, we were afraid to take that risk, all of us, that's my humanity, you know, he likes the Reggie Millers of the world, you know what he doesn't have afraid, are you not afraid? fail and that's really why we play athletics and professional sports.
You are living in the moment. That's what I love. Just give me the ball. Make your age. Give me the bow.

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