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Reform UK's Nigel Farage challenged over his claim that Muslims are against British values

May 27, 2024
First, let's look at the news of the day. Do you support the government's proposal for national service? They don't support it either. It's a joke, right? I mean, look what you do. You get a focus group of half a dozen


s. voters in a room and the president says now um, what about national service? Oh I think it's a very good idea, the rest say yes, it's actually not a bad idea, oh politics, so you know, look at you when you're a weak leader and Sunak isn't a leader anyway you're a follower. so you follow what the focus groups say and you say that by doing this I can attack the


vote, that's what it's all about and look, it's totally impractical, the army has been reduced from 100,000 to 75,000 in 14 years of conservatism and, More interestingly, we have a growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British


, in fact they loathe much of what we stand for, so what do you do?
reform uk s nigel farage challenged over his claim that muslims are against british values
Who are we talking about? Oh, I think so. see them on the streets of London every Saturday, what are they like? Oh, we're talking about how they are. Are we talking about Muslims? Here we are and I'm afraid I found some of the recent polls that said 46% of British Muslims support hammers and support a prescribed terrorist organization in this country, so the interesting thing is that this Prime Minister, this Prime Minister, It is accumulating much more population than anyone before in history. Well, this is very interesting. and um we don't have that survey in front of us, but let's look at what you just said.
reform uk s nigel farage challenged over his claim that muslims are against british values

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reform uk s nigel farage challenged over his claim that muslims are against british values...

Are you sure you want to make the blanket accusation you just made that Muslims are somehow less patriotic than other Britons? because the people who participate in these demonstrations are British. Did you see the recent elections that took place across the country? We don't know and we don't know that they support Hamas. Would you like to just review what you said in Let's be clear: There is a growing population of people in this country, many of them very young, who have been voting and electing candidates all over the country, in urban centers, who advocate a set of


​​that are not completely do not subscribe to our values ​​but in many cases they are totally against our values ​​and the marches there were some in those marches there were also many upper middle class girls named Jaca in those marches too and I understand it but we have to face the fact and at some point by 2029 the Labor party will have to face the fact that they started an irresponsible Open Door immigration policy, but no one in history has allowed more people in who are potentially going to fight against British values ​​that Mr Sunak and if you look at those figures from last week, if you look at the absolute figures that came in last week, you really have to ask yourself some questions.
reform uk s nigel farage challenged over his claim that muslims are against british values
Well, is this the impetus for the reform campaign? But in reality, immigration means that our values ​​are threatened and we are particularly unhappy with Muslims because it is quite a risky proposition. We have never seen anything like this before. Think about West Indian immigration to Britain after World War II. I think of very little else of the West Indian immigration to Britain after the Second World War. war, you know, there was a lot of shared things there, shared history, shared culture, religion, in many cases, most of the families that came could say that one of their relatives had served with the British forces in World War I, World War II World War, love of cricket, you know, the list goes. but there was communication analysis and you know, as you know, with your previous work, the key to immigration is integration, if you get integration, it works, what we have done is and this works on several levels.
reform uk s nigel farage challenged over his claim that muslims are against british values
I'm going to stop you. there and I'm going to say two things well here's the difference no no no I'm going to tell you something first of all um you're right uh I come from that lineage but let's remember that uh my lineage my ancestors for the better part of 7 or 800 years were Muslims until slave owners forcibly converted them to Christianity, so when you talk about Muslims as hostile to British values, I have to say you really don't cut it. Finish what I'm going to say. I don't really see how you came to that conclusion, and secondly, I'm trying to tell myself, "You know, actually, you guys aren't like these other guys." and I, you and I have known each other for a long time, can you imagine how offensive that is to the British?
How let me ask you to put yourself in the shoes of a British Muslim and can you imagine how offensive that field is? How many people from your country? The community does not speak English. How many people in the West Indian community do not speak English? English. We all speak English, but actually so do most Indian Muslims and all Pakistani Muslims in this country. I can take you to the streets of Oldum where virally no one speaks English. I was there too, but honestly, what I'm saying is serious. I am not here to attack the religion of Islam, but I am here.
Well, you've been doing it for three minutes. No, I haven't. I'm telling you the alarming numbers that have been coming out of these recent surveys, particularly in the wake of what happened on October 7 in Gaza, and we have a real problem here, we want everything to be okay. I want to say, first of all, that all the numbers are correct. Immigration must be sensible, otherwise everyone's quality of life will decrease, decrease, decrease in every way, decrease because you can't get a GP appointment, decrease because you can't travel anywhere without traffic jams, will decrease because climbing a housing ladder is impossible because now I need to build a new housing every two minutes.
I want to move on and that's one part of it. I want to move on to politics, but I just want to be absolutely clear and I want to give them a chance to be clear because everything they just did. He said it suggests that his reform platform for this election is that every problem he faces is because of immigrants and particularly Muslims. Really what you're saying is that no, actually, most people are not yet affected by this because the areas, the areas with anti-British values ​​tend to be geographically very concentrated at the moment, but they raise, but they don't you resist blaming that community.
I'm blaming, I'm blaming elements of that community, I'm not blaming them, I'm stating a fact, in fact, all I'm doing is stating a fact, no one else dares to tell the truth about this in the larger question, in the broader question, the biggest problem facing this country is the population explosion and it will and will not be debated in this election. why because the unions started it and the Tores accelerated it and that has led to problems on an unimaginable scale. Well, I want to debate that and let me, let me start, by talking to you about it this way, your flagship policy is zero. immigration Zero net immigration right I spoke intelligently to James earlier about the fact that net migration numbers are falling a bit.
I know, let me finish my fact. No. I'm very sorry. Let's go down a little. They're falling. Why last year. Legal migration figures were 66,000 until later revised. Han g 74 let me finish my question, let me finish my question, it was the wrong premise, no, I want to lay out some facts for you. I'm just telling you about internal migration last year at the end of 22. it was 1.2 million, yes, it hasn't actually fallen in 2023 and in that sense you are right, oh, thank you, but the interesting thing is who the immigrants are. I want you to take a look at this.
Indians are up 47% and Nigerians are up 97.% now the reason this happened is look at the bottom number. The EU figure fell by 193%. How is 75,000 equivalent to 250,000? 141,000, so a small fraction, don't let me finish well, in fact, if they go further back, eh, the EU, the point is the European Union. immigrants Left Post Brexit not much more actually what I really mean is that you are complaining about people who you think do not share British values, you are identifying particular communities and the point I want to make for you is that by mid-century the proportion of the white British population will be below 2/3 that's something I think worries you I didn't say but this is but this I didn't say that that's okay, that's okay, people who don't put words in my mouth, what you worry is your responsibility, you are the father of the policy that produced this that made EU immigrants leave the EU, the increasing number of shoemakers I have heard in my life what we did when we left the European Union was to change a policy that meant we discriminated against the rest of the world, often against talent, interestingly in favor of an open door with the European Union, what did Brexit do?
It was to give us back control of our own by the way, we are not even discussing DOA take back control of our legal immigration policy what Boris Johnson decided to do was set the limits and levels at the lowest possible level. I also mean that, for example, students bring dependency. I mean if you have to bring your mother with you to go to a British university. Past me, he told me that you might have to bring your wife and kids if you are a postgraduate. Well, me. Sorry, we don't have room, you know, we really have to start growing on this, we don't have room, we can't keep going and it's unfair to put this population explosion that you're showing very vividly on the screen. the Bri because it is a fact it is a fact yes what is a fact it is a fact what is a fact it is the consequence of that no, it is a consequence of the government's policy you understood it only happened after Brexit because because Johnson, despite that people like me publicly warn if salary thresholds are set at this level, there will be another massive opening in 2021, this is a conservative policy and of course there is no opposition to it because workers do not even dare to debate the issue.
If you want a mass immigration vote on workers, if you want a proper debate about why this is the policy with the greatest impact on the lives of everyone in this country, then we are the people to talk to about reform. Are you essentially denying that you have anything to do with the 100 change imigra us, even though the aim of your entire campaign was to put it under our control, yes Boris Johnson used it in anything you can argue about it, but no, You can't argue, look at the matter, it was yours, it was your responsibility. that put it in the hands of Boris Johnson, then he used it in a particular way, now you might want to, I'm so sorry, but that is absolute nonsense, taking back control of our own country means we can't blame the European Union, we can not. blame someone else for those figures, this was done by a conservative government and they thought they would get away with it.
Well, unfortunately we don't have all the data to discuss this, but I just want to ask you something about his own goals. politics you have decided that you are not going to run with regret um with regret I had a plan why do you regret what's wrong why didn't you run because I had a plan which is a six month plan to come back? And I campaigned full time for 6 months. When the elections were announced, it was a shock to me. It took me by surprise. Many people were wrong. I'll be honest about it and took the view that I can't campaign. the country for the py let's go to your program do those things if I have to start from scratch okay six weeks in one constituency and that was the logic of what I chose in the end either Rishi sunak or k stama will be in Number 10, um, at some point you have to elect one of them in the last election and in the last election, in the last election, you pitted your candidates against the incumbent Conservatives for a historic reason that essentially meant that the Conservatives came back.
Are you going to do something like that at the same time this year? In that case, your goal is to destroy the conservative party or reform it. The elections are over. The elections are over. I mean, you can, I mean, by the way, no. It's not the most boring start to a general election you've ever seen in your history. I think you came to try to make the morning boring. You do not listen to me? Just answer my question. I listen to Sunak on The Today Show the other morning and after 15 17 minutes I can't remember anything he said, okay, there's everywhere, okay, but which one will the Labor Party win, will the Labor Party win, That's fine, and there needs to be an opposition, and here is the problem, the conservative one.
The party will be in opposition but it will not be the opposition and that is the problem and that is where reform comes in, it needs to win some seats, it will get millions of votes and the current conservative party is not fit for purpose, it is not OK. Whatever, they will actually hate each other more in opposition than in government and I want to see the center right of British politics completely reshaped.

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