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Jul 06, 2023
like, and conspicuously close the Bumble watch mode, family, God-fearing, mommy, don't do it. he swears like that you still understand me he just quit said he knows uh what's going on with my camera I'm moving in slow motion wait, wait, stay here just talk to people I'm going to throw that away, yeah, yeah, people people, well, I understand that not everyone is going to like the engine, not to rate Mount yet, but listen to me, we have Nick Fred, we complain about that daily family, we have someone who will help us in transition football, we want to play with a high pressure.
red wednesday   our new number 7   mason mount
I want to play on a high line and all this, yes Mount is a perfect guy for that guy, the guy is like Bruno in terms of pressure, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the technical ability in terms of pressure is basically the same . type of player, so what are we complaining about? You might want to play a high line, you hit the low block, we have a player who will help you with that, you still complain, brother, Mana, like these people and Jesus came, you know, I don't want them from you, you want pagan blood , can't please you people, can you, you were biblical with that because Madness, you know, I'm back, again, again, he said it was biblical women pulling them fanatics they call the fanatics um pagans it's funny you see what I'm saying kg come on think about it bro we had Cavani we're


seven dead Sanchez dead Owen dead Valencia gave up he said too much pressure something we complain about Fam


s don't really mean any of that like what It used to be in the past, brother, we should only focus on one number that we should focus on to try to overthrow City in Liverpool and Arsenal personally, no, this could spend more than 200 million.
red wednesday   our new number 7   mason mount

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red wednesday our new number 7 mason mount...

What we're doing, we're putting our energy into, we figured out that we should start competing to beat this guy last season. We were beaten by the Liverpool family. INE complaining anyway because he said EFC is crooked right now. No, now you know what, brother, uh my. the camera stopped doing this excuse me, I'm coming for that brother, I don't even know, brother, I'm going crazy, oh, come on, one second, let's wait a second, I know what to do, but first, before I demand them, family of the FPL League, you. You're dodging it, you know, no, don't act like you're a big frozen man.
red wednesday   our new number 7   mason mount
I see you there. Hello, what's gone? Gold Blood mat on the EV IL, don't go anywhere, don't go anywhere. I'm not going anywhere, I'm not, I had to change the camera effect because OBS was moving crazy. I was touched if the Fantasy Premier League team fan, why did he actually start mentioning that? Family, you know, it was yes, I want too. I know money too, come on Stringer, you know I have shade, I'm Shameless, I'm a Shameless, eat brother, do you know what makes me angry? You don't have like your badges on that and like your can, look, use. your um emojis on that because I'm looking at just a basic badge like and I also designed some what the hell yeah okay rotten guys we gotta do this oh man I think it's John Morgan's hair too I got everything.
red wednesday   our new number 7   mason mount
Listen, I've got the whole Caribbean here today, you know, and I feel like I should, John, what I'm going to do here is, oh God, ah, customers here, it's very difficult, man, but I'm not going to lie to you too much. . I have to be honest with you and tell you that my ladies and I have a plan. You're not going to like the plan, but a happy, happy life is a happy life. I'll be watching Love Island very soon, don't judge me, it's a So I could really do an hour like an hour in an hour and change, yeah, um, so, yeah, but I apologize if anyone didn't understand.
I apologize, but since today is a Caribbean situation, I think this is where I'm going. I'm going there, go, well, I'm going from I'm representing the entire Caribbean today, uh, what Haha, open hours, wait where you calling from the benefit, let them know, let them know Jamaica, you know I'll be there in August, I'll connect with JoJo, yeah, oh, yeah, man, that would be cool, yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm getting close, I'm getting close, yeah, I'll scream at you, yeah, listen, let's talk, man, what do you want? to talk about let's, um, first things first, first kg.
I bought a Simone Jin. I let most people not be very excited about the signing, but she warmed me up. I warmed up over time. Nobody. It's me. To be honest, I'm a little excited. I just want to see it get going. Honestly, this morning when I saw he got number seven, I was a little bit. Oh, can you give him the number seven? But, to be honest, we are. mad at that, no, it's this, wait, we're going back, wait, we're going back, they said yeah, he didn't want to bond, who said that kid said that, yeah, cause he didn't get that, yeah, man, when low.
I didn't get a year, man, I got nobody's type, that's not true, man, yeah, man, I don't know the people, those people, I read too much UK, I read too much, we're good, we're good. cup feeling no, please don't worry, girl, come on, come on, come on, yeah, yeah, sorry, man, I'm not distressing, yeah, I'm saying it, I'm saying it about the number seven jersey, no, we , personally I initially wanted Garn Archer to get okay I wouldn't mind but I'm a little tired when I don't look back when people say this person did enough to get it that person hasn't done enough to get it right tell me who really in our history has ever auditioned for the shirt oh you know, you know what he sees, Nacho, let's be fair.
I wanted him. I wanted Natural to get the shirt. Yes, but then he would do it. He hasn't done enough to get the jersey because he's not like a starter. I'm saying he doesn't like me coming off the bench, so he almost has to be a 90-minute player at this point. Connection isn't a 90 minute player, so I can understand why people say you know Lost. The number seven rule I've seen on Ronaldo Beckham was special, true, but I guess what I mean by Cajun is that when Ronaldo got the number seven, he wasn't a 90-minute player, he was a young player that a lot of people didn't know. about Sir Alex versus him cheating on our boys with our princess in a preseason game, bought a team and gave him the number seven jersey, no one knew him, yeah, he confronted who he was, um. it Darby cone TR Bolton on one of those sides changed them for about 10 minutes again, although we knew what we were sure of is that we knew what was happening with Ronaldo, like our coach looked at Ronaldo and said that's the Player because , let's do it right, remember when he was doing a thousand steps and then disappeared straight into the story of the big Goldstone van disappearance rate disappearance rate we wait to get fit again he complained and was kicked off the team Ferguson kicked him off the team not for long some time after that, they didn't understand each other Ferguson said exiled, of course, see you later, Real Madrid, because it simply allows you to understand what he knew he was looking at, he said that you are the next to achieve it exactly, but, again, that is the decision of the coach. not that the fans know anything, that's the manager doing what the manager wants to do, so this is Tanha doing what she wants to do, so we fans know we are passionate and we think we know what we know, but the truth is that the manager knows it. what he knows and he knows what he's trying to accomplish with the player he's acquiring so we should let the coach do his thing is what I'm saying its true no I think everyone should let the coach do the cooking like at the end of the game. day this is his team he has an idea he looked excited to see Mason Mount today he was excited and we have to delve into this too Club our tetup they both said I need this player in my club who should have a certain level of weight Chelsea did not want Pochettino not I wanted it gone, that should have a certain level of weight to it, yeah, yeah, that's true, you know, and I think it's unfortunate that now everyone is trying to make it look like they've cut it. his entire career when it's just not true Ahmad Rafa are his only courses, it was last season, anyone can have a season that's not so good, yeah, they were all, you know, they were all bad, yeah, I can't tell you a player of the Chelsea who covered themselves in glory last season even exactly like Reese James, you would say you know you hope to do well with a player like him and yes, injuries and everything, but he wasn't good last season, you know exactly, yes, you're right, man.
You're right, I think no one should, we should stick with 10 Hogs, manage our 10 hearts, our guy, a 10 hearts, can bring in amra that year and ride that midfield, he's literally changed everything fans have been asking for for years. they said they didn't want to see they didn't want to see um do Fred that doesn't even exist anymore they said they didn't want to see David de Gea David Haye is a free agent right now yeah, they said they don't want to like everything they don't they wanted to see it's practically gone, except Harry MaGuire, you just need to disappear, he just needs to like e45 Bros, like a reckless fan, it's like a bad situation, we just need to like him. he was like I hope he leaves but again there's money burning a hole in West Ham's pocket West Hammer sitting on a hundred and something millions they need to come in they need to come for you I want them to go and buy let me get That's right I need West Ham go and buy Harry or both.
They would if we as United fans would like that, but guess what, they're not stupid, but Moyes Moyes would love to reconnect with Mick Thomas, you know? you have to deepen it with my belly right, but I think everyone is trying to avoid the Maguire situation. I think all these coaches now realize that Maguire is not a normal footballer. I don't know, I don't know who he is. I know which cameras are more noticeable if they're Jamaican they're Nigerian Maguire takes Maguire Maguire takes the cake bro, the money is scared, but I don't know, oh you know what I admire, I admire Maguire, the things that the man lives by , me too Yeah, I mean, okay, listen, listen, I'm looking at the clock.
I will always end up doing the same level of program time, it doesn't matter even when I say guys, I'm not going to do the same time. at the same time a long time ago I should have taken it as a sign, listen, but I do it because I'd actually really like to hook you up, you know, Katie, so I'll message you about the bird as long as since it still exists, okay, respect we got you yourself yeah yeah you gotta look back but everyone says you don't want to leave kg yeah yeah I know that's an evil man where am I going where am I going to get to where Is McGuire? hilarious, okay let me read this unedited, look at these members there, how am I going to do this?
Wait wait let's get this um um Trinidad um when Trinidad's blood made me choke on my jollof rice it did I'm in the sun um kids with Hassan um Gene inflicting on the fanbase yeah that's not like that you know , my relationship with the astronaut is so toxic, although I got sick, some of my closest friends wrote that even my brother-in-law is in the house right now. I need my nephew, whom I love. my nephew to brother my nephew is in the full arsenal kit family I have felt like an uncle I don't even want to put that as a post but it's hating Coco black 420 remember big thank you I appreciate you hey sometimes sometimes a penguin needs to take off the tuxedo hey chimera listen I'm going to see remember why you've been stressed my whole life I'm going to see yes if you have the same energy because I see you week after week your usual I need to see this energy when the season starts if Chelsea is not Chelsea in brah, Don't run away, I'm telling you right now, don't go anywhere, I'm not okay, let me read this, um, okay, we have mom, thank you. for the piece eh wait wait Yeah man they have Mark come on Harold come Brian Robson was number seven and he looked nothing like CR7 and there's a pro and he was very good for us oh yeah comments Captain Marvel, there you have it. re variation test seven not only CR7 Vibes welcome back, go rub someone's card to say kg, finish, man I'm done, I was doing it with a vengeance.
Katie's back with an entrance, we have turtles present, technology, I'm still here. Well

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