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Mar 18, 2024
less than twenty foreign dollars, so I bought all my flowers today. I managed to get the same ones that she received in the video. I bought the hydrangea, the hydrangea and some white roses. I spent like 20 dollars on these, the only big pot I could find was this one, it's for Halloween but it's perfect for now and then. I have a jar hidden in here and I filled it with water. I put some plant food in there so they can eat well while I decorate my house and we're going to tape and tape down here in a grid pattern.
recreating my most favorite tiktoks sssniperwolf
Look at us making hell. I'm going to put that in the right way so they are too long so I just cut the stems shorter so I hope that works better and I guess I'll put them in each hole. It's as simple as that? some stones in the secret jar hidden just so they like to stay better. I mean, I had them before. I was too lazy to take them out. I'm going to bust them all in one on every hole. Okay, we don't have enough. For that, this is not as luxurious as I thought. I brought three packages.
recreating my most favorite tiktoks sssniperwolf

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recreating my most favorite tiktoks sssniperwolf...

I thought that would be enough. I have some roses, although I'm going to place them hopefully, that will save me. Maybe I should put a few more. in the middle, yeah, I should put them all in the middle. Okay, now it comes and I'm going to put them in the middle and then I'm going to put the rose on the outside sides. No, I think


of them should go in the middle. 'They're all prickly, okay, you know? We are making a very fine flower arrangement here. I think it's coming out. No, okay. I think I'll just put them in the middle.
recreating my most favorite tiktoks sssniperwolf
Well, I have to make sure everything goes into the water. going in through the holes coming out great okay here we go what do you think look at the camera because it looks like I'm sorry in real life it looks good beautiful yeah I feel like it needed more flowers so this is a big pot and old? move things around a bit more, it would have looked better if it was put together better, but it's definitely a lot nicer and more lush than if I had just shoved everything in there. Hello friends, it's me and today we are going to recreate some of my


Tick Tocks if there are any tic tacs that you guys want to see me recreate comment below let me know.
recreating my most favorite tiktoks sssniperwolf
I don't know if this is a challenge or what, but it was intriguing to me what this guy oh oh when I saw him hit. that can I was like oh no, you know, he was talking about how it was so easy to eat a can with your butt cheek, okay, phone, see, that's probably fine, oh, I feel like I'm going to get really hurt if I do this wrong. . but let's see what we can do. I'm not really sure what this challenge is called. You could just call it booty eat. We're going to do this Corona Edition, so I'll walk in the food frame.
I am pretty sure. I did it wrong, oh poor bottle of antibacterial soap, I'll show you. Aloe vera toilet paper can't be wasting this kitchen towel. IV bag. Uh oh, I'm going to pull a muscle. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. abroad, okay, you know, that started very well and I thought: I want to do this, but it's not the end, unfortunately I don't have the luxury of stairs in my house, we're going to have to make do. I'm going to hold the snack in your hand don't eat them all okay that works make it smaller even smaller but it has to go in my mouth that's what she said I don't like this if I come to wait wait wait don't leave it However, oh wow, it has to be straight, oh my teeth, okay, we have to do this smoothly, I have to shut up and accept, wait, wait, wait, wait, I'm not ready for the next Eminem cracked on the ground, our staff is not straight either, oh.
It worked I love the taste of metal and chocolate Are you ready for the next one Yes, wait, we can't do that because we don't have stairs Why did you blurt it out? Okay, that's enough for copyright's sake. Can't. plays the song but this dance is so cute, okay, I get it, this one is going to be very difficult, I have absolutely no dancing skills, so we're going to do this very slow with Tick Tock. I've just practiced this in my head several times throughout the day. today we are going to do it I'm too slow even at the slowest speed Bam Bam wham bam yes ma'am, I did it wrong is that oh my God awkward moment at the end oh my God she's singing in the At the same time, it's like level two.
I don't know the words, except I didn't even realize it. Okay, you know? I'm not going to talk during this one. I am going to smile. I'll try not to look awkward. God. sweating, yeah, no, I made the wrong hand. I'm going to record my screen so you can see how stupid I look. I made the wrong hand again. She gave up an eye when I failed. Okay, you know, that's better, that's better, but we can do better. It worries me. I'm going to reshoot this and it will be the best I can get. I have never smiled so much in my life again.
There won't be anything better than that. It looks as good as she will. Do you know what bothers me? I don't care, that's as good as it'll get, oh, the good old mirror reflection. I always wanted to make one of these. I'm going to have to figure this out because I know it's a reflex. I know you hold it like it's your finger and then it appears and then you pick it up and then you eat it. Next is the mirror reflection. I haven't used this one either. I mean, do I look like someone who uses Tick Tock?
I feel like I'm just ticking for these videos, okay? That's symmetrical, how are we going to get it? Can I press the disk without messing up my avatar? Foreign nose oh my god I had three tits for a second okay okay and I wanted to eat more but he just stopped it. I'm going to put a countdown from Tic Toc I want to be so impatient let me let me align my breasts together what's wrong I think we're doing good we ate our finger okay you know what's okay okay okay okay I don't even know what effect it has it's called delay , you see your girl, she's old, she's probably twice as old as the average tick tocker, you know, I always wonder what I look like punching myself in the face so I can taste what that poor like button feels like, this one It's my first time using the delay filter, okay so you have to wait so I'm backing off lol no it looks like I'm hitting myself.
I have to hit and then turn around very quickly. No, it's okay, no, it still seems that way. I'm hitting myself, hitting them oh, that was good, that was good. Can I get a round of applause for all my minions? The whole class looks at them as if laughing. Well, at this point I'm just playing with this ass. Here, wait, wait, very strong, okay, do you know what this is really difficult? I'm just going to try to do the punch, okay, maybe I'll do a kick, it's like a punch, oh yeah, I have to wait and I have to hit more directly, okay? alien I can't get this one to work, wait, did I really do it?
This is so stupid. Oh my goodness, but it works, it works well just when I had given up. I think I got one that impresses me a little. with at least my skill it takes two to ride a horse so basically assume your position okay guys let's stop joking and let's try this. I always wondered what my horse's butt hair would look like, okay, okay, you guys, you start like this and then you jump. up and down wait I don't think it looked like a horse I think it looked like a human no it doesn't look like a horse it just looks stupid you be the horse you be the horses you probably have a better ass than me look why your hair gets like that you don't even have to put on a ponytail you just put it like that oh what a mess okay and then just nod your head okay you're going to be a big butt oh look at that that's a big butt it's a thick horse butt I mean it I look back, you could do this perfectly, no, no, let your hair down, he already put his hair up, he nods his head


ly down, something on the show, that's a thick horse I have. one two three four one two three thank you pretty good smash like you ride our horse think of something random okay okay okay nothing about me did anything not good I don't love you oh wow I think this is really cool so basically go to your house man and show him your face, make sure you can see his eyes and ask him to think about you, so when you think about something you love, your pupils are supposed to dilate and get bigger.
I'm going to suck for you. because I'm going to show you the bad kind of flash I need your eye I have to record your eye for this okay why? So look away, you don't have to look directly at him now, open your eyes, open your eyes, baby. I need a good view of your eye, okay, then you're going to have to suffer through this, open your eyes, come on, it's open, no, it's not right, that's a good angle, baby, no, you need to deal with it for a minute, that? In one minute do you think of something you like?
That you should give me a good angle? Is this really so difficult? Why don't we try it with you? You won't do it with me. Okay, here we go, come on, think of something. You don't like anything about me, you think of something, you know, you guys have a big one, I know exactly that you shrank, man, these people are not going anywhere, I have brown eyes, you can't see anything, look at this. Watch as the artist shows a simple and easy way to draw a hand in just 15 seconds. The artist creates a quite remarkable image of a hand and it looks quite simple.
We'll surprise me when I try to draw a hand. I love to draw, but I have the hardest time with my hands, like why did you build like that, but can we talk about how long this mine lasts? You took that pencil from the paper, the whole cylinder of lead is going to come out. I really want this to work. It's supposed to be that way. be a simple way to draw a hand okay we don't have any paper in this house oh my god they go so fast slow down family wait where is the thumb?
Well, I don't know about this one, let's try that. Again, it's all in the nines skirt skirt pinky Palm why does it come out like that? Why is the shape like this? Why is the Palm built like this? There are two parts to every Palm brother, aren't they two, three, four? I'm actually pretty good at drawing and this is see if I did it myself I would draw this just kidding I can't draw hands okay this is the position I would do okay look that's much better look this is how I do this oh

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