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Rebuilding the Green Bay Packers | Jalen Reagor is a Stud! Madden 20 Franchise

May 31, 2021
What's going on guys, Bank Mckinney? Here I respond, another video and today we are doing another reconstruction. This is the realistic rebuild of the Green Bay Packers. If you haven't seen the fantasy style version, I would recommend checking it out and What I learned from doing that is that Aaron Rodgers regresses extremely quickly, so while we won't be able to trade Aaron Rodgers in a way based on the parameters of a realistic reconstruction, we should look for its replacement as soon as possible. it's a pretty good team Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but for the sake of Madden and the way Madden works, we're not going to have success with a 74 overall quarterback in two seasons, we're just not going to be. so we have to work to get him replaced as soon as possible.
rebuilding the green bay packers jalen reagor is a stud madden 20 franchise
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rebuilding the green bay packers jalen reagor is a stud madden 20 franchise

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rebuilding the green bay packers jalen reagor is a stud madden 20 franchise...

The Packers have ten and three. They have had a very good season with Aaron. Rodgers in the helmet, might even be at a higher overall level than when we used the Packers last time in a '90, so maybe we can rock with him for a few seasons before looking for a replacement, but overall he's a team pretty good when you look at some of the stars david bakhtiari one of the best left tackles in football if not the best the development of a superstar is fantastic for him brian bulaga is not as old as he looks he is only thirty years old he feels like he's been around forever, although he's still a very good tackle he probably doesn't need to leave him behind Corey Linds Lee's excellent Ellison Jenkins has been an incredible rookie for them such an all-around versatile player at Mississippi State played all five positions for the Bulldogs across the offensive line in his time there Lane Taylor is probably the only position we really need to upgrade receiver Demonte Adams is great the rest aren't as good Marques Valdez Scantling Geronimo Allison I mean Jay Kumar Oh Allen, Lazard, Ryan, grant these aren't great options, Danny, vitality, Back, Aaron Jones, he's a beast.
rebuilding the green bay packers jalen reagor is a stud madden 20 franchise
Jamal Williams is a really good complementary running back behind him. The offense looks pretty good, but the receiver tight end, even with Jimmy Graham, really needs to improve on the defensive side of the ball. He really needs some help from the linebacker. Blake Martínez is super overrated because he receives a lot. of tackling but isn't really good at anything other than tackling doesn't stop the run particularly well and certainly can't cover BJ Goodson is pretty much the same Preston Smith is good, he was a good free Jay, a free agent edition Darius Smith is a good player and we are going to move Rashon Gary to where I think he should be playing, which is on the defensive line, he is not an edge rusher.
rebuilding the green bay packers jalen reagor is a stud madden 20 franchise
In my opinion, he is not an off-ball player in any capacity, clearly I think his best option is as a defensive end three or four, where he can really use that incredible speed on the power to be a dominant player, especially next to Kenny Clark. I think it's a perfect combination. He has key Kingsley there and he's a rookie too. rage Adams Dean Lowrey Kyler overrated fat girls just because he's had a lot of sacks like a season or so ago, even when that's more, you know, it can be attributed to Kenny Clark and the rest of the defense more than just the faculty Cuyler, yeah, that 10 sack season that just shows how overrated sacks are, pressures matter more than anything else and sacks are just a product of who else is around you most of the time, but yeah, a big one Defensive line and secondary is good too.
I know Alexander has been burning up. a little bit recently no reason to worry he is a very young player and has been fantastic overall Kevin Kings terrible Tremonti williams terrible Josh Jackson doesn't offer much Darnell Savage I think he has played pretty well as a rookie Avery and Amos is a very good player too , so we have a lot of pieces to build, we are in week 15, not much will happen in this first season, so we can also simulate the playoffs, which we have to get to now. Is our record going to be that good?
We could lose because that's what happens when you take control of a team and simulate or we could be fantastic, you never know, we finished 12, 3 and 1, so we did pretty well 10 the season, no. losses gotta love that first round, we won't worry about season 1 stats as we didn't know they had anything to do with this team, but we're facing the Saints in the division, we'll see if we can do it. beat them I'm going to spend some trainer XP quickly improve the team although they should be improved for the most part the defensive line is what worries me really thinking about Rochon Gary with that one there really shouldn't be any players to improve just year J and Blake , so two good players are two starters.
I must say that Alexander is certainly a good player, but can we beat the Saints? Yes, with a touchdown. 3124 Marquess Valdis can Lee has a big development challenge that he certainly won't complete. he needs two touchdowns or more than 100 yards receiving. I just don't think any of that is going to happen, we'll see each other again. I really highly doubt that in the 49ers conference championship and we lose 31 15 there is no way I was going to get two touchdowns or 100+ yards maybe you don't think I'm from the city, I didn't have to be number one, that's right, you are extremely precise and that in that guest: there was a mark, I don't think you can be the number one receiver.
Especially considering Davante Adams, this year you will never be more than a guaranteed number two with this Packers team as long as I lead it. Brian Bulaga is an impending free agent, someone I would surely like to bring back. Mercedes Lewis doesn't care. Mason Crosby doesn't care about a colorful Geronimo Allison Ryan Grant Jared Velde you're certainly not Blake Martinez no I don't care let's let everyone go except Bryan Bulaga he's 31 and he's actually pretty expensive like 10 million . we don't have a lot of money but bulaga comes back he is a good player tackle is a hard position to replace and he will sign them to a long term contract and he should be a good player for us for a while have some money and agency free, but not too much.
I think I want to keep that rather than spend it, although Justin Simmons could be a great addition, we just don't need him. We rarely even see free agency. Matt Jus Daun is a great player. also, a little too old in Bad Dino 28, it's crazy to call a player who is 28, but he's in Madden because they regress to 28, of course it will be loaded in the NFL 2020 which I present because it is a realistic rebuild, that's the big difference between realistic and fantasy style is that we're using a 2020 NFL draft file, but that's the biggest difference is that they're more or less similar, you know, the more real repositories are a little less ridiculous than some of the trades I made. do in fantasy style once the NFL Draft comes around, we pick him at No. 30, we'll probably just simulate it right there.
I don't really want to go up the board this year we'll see who we get hopefully a good catcher and they usually do so we could pick if levissi Chennault was still on the board henry rugs who is usually here T Higgins is usually here Jalen rhaegar I think he would be a very good pick JK Dobbins is interesting Tyler BIA - it's interesting although I really don't, I really can't back myself on taking centers in the first round. It is as if the same receivers lasted the same time. I heard that every time I know, I said a lot of time and that kind of ruined my train of I thought, but the class just works, that's so weird sometimes with who stays on the board and who doesn't.
Alberto gives up even though a tight end would be a good addition and I guess that's what I'm saying, it's really hard not to take Henry's rugs when he's here. just because I know he will be very good. Same treatment from Aegon. I want to mix it up even though we're going to go with the tight end. This will be our man on Jimmy Graham. Albert Oak. What Eva Nam is number 17 in the class particularly over 30 has a better development than Starr with 76 good overall speed okay we are running and catching I think Alberto cwiebe UNAM is a really good player I know there are some guys who don't believe There are a lot of tight ends that are better than him in this class, but it's my personal opinion.
I'll keep it near the top and overall pretty good for now. Until the end of the second round, Xavier McKinney is a good player. There and now I think we're going to go with Jalen Raker, who has great speed. Now we have a very, very good combo number 47 in the draft that we did with sixty to seventy-three. Hidden general development. Incredible speed at 97. A good deep route run. good deep threat for us he is a beast Jalen rhaegar Alberto qui Benham wide receiver tight end rookies could leave this year let's bring in a teammate from Elgin Jenkins Darryl Williams from Mississippi State he is a 70 overall could play guard we could start from new Layne Taylor has now played a lot of guard, in fact Darryl Williams could certainly slide there if we wanted him to go 84th 94th overall or 84th overall in the class we took him at 94 he's a good pick decent again and again. a guy I think he could start right away.
KJ handlers here, why not take another receiver? He's 69 overall, number one, 11 in the class we took him in at 1:26, just normal development, but also a lot of speed there, kind of a gradient. version of Jalen rhaegar, but that will be enough for this first year draft, let's go ahead and start season number two, we still need to improve cornerback Shawn Geary has stellar development press and Smith is at the height of stellar development, we have nothing As an inside linebacker, that's how it is. such weak summers and Oren Burks so bad and that is a position we will look to improve here in the future Darryl Williams has moved to right guard where he has a 71 overall Alberto Kuiba Nam, will start tight and Jalen Rhaegar will be our number one receiver two and they also operate from the slot, KJ's handlers behind him equal to me a holy Brown behind them two Justin Jackson, before I said Justin, I mean Josh, if I said Justin, that's my mistake, he's Josh Jackson , the cornerback from Iowa, there is someone, JJ.
Jacy Jackson on the Patriots, there's Justin Jackson, there's Josh Jackson and a lot of Jay Jackson, so if I said Justin before, I like Justin. I know his name is Josh. I made a mistake. Shut up, Rashon. Gary will also be a rusty tackle, so will he. Play a lot more and I think the second season could go very, very well for us, they are a decent team, they are not exceptional, the defense is really what will hold us back, but let's hope that Aaron Rodgers on offense can bring us great success, so Let's go ahead and pretend. until the middle of the season, that mark and I will see them there, negotiate the contract a little, but check the improvement a little, see where we are.
I'm excited, David Bakhtiar, the ease of the region, we're only three and four seconds away. in the NFC North not a great record, a little surprising Georgio a Vecchio here david bakhtiari needs to return Kenny Clark needs to return Aaron Jones needs to return Corey Lindsley I'm ready to let Tony walk in your old center alone 78 Overall, Kevin King you can go. Jimmy Graham can go. Jamaal Williams. I want to come back, although he is a good backup running back, he is pretty cheap and I hope he just quits because he needs a higher salary. I mean, maybe I'll consider Kenny Clark. and David Bakhtiari, I'll give you what you want, you're two of the best players in the league at your position.
I'll give you even more money to make sure you sign Kenny Clark. David Bakhtiar? He's going to be very expensive. in the same boat actually but expensive anyway and David Bakhtiar is back it had to happen Aaron Jones is cheap because all running backs are cheap how does that work he doesn't have a face scan and whatever that player is creative is terrifying I will see it in my nightmares, it is certain that we do not make the playoffs 7 and 9 4th in the NFC North Alberto cwiebe UNAM has superstar development or more, I guess, and he has superstar development Aaron Rodgers is still at an 89 in general there are a lot of Williams in our backfield Jamal Williams Damian Williams that's Darrell and that's Damian Dexter oh yeah, the former Notre Dame running back you can't catch anything they forgot about him they forgot he was a player jaylenRhaegar is up to an 81 overall which has stellar development and then defensively there will be no changes in development because we are not in Super Bowl week yet, but we will take a look at the stats before we get there and see how this team only won seven games.
Aaron Rodgers was good, our offense was really good, so it's just on defense, I guess we were 6 now in terms of yards, so it's going to be pretty average points scored and points allowed in terms of points scored and then points allowed. We were really good, weird, so we got the yards. I just couldn't I couldn't keep teams out of the end zone I couldn't hold them back two field goals and I couldn't capitalize with touchdowns most of the time Jalen Rhaegar was amazing what a year this is really a throwback heavy offense huh. Defensively, Oren Burks had a good season only because he started at linebacker.
A lot of tackles for loss for a lot of different players. Ten and a half sacks to interceptions by Preston Smith. There aren't that many, but there aren't very few either, so it's a strange kind of combination. Annual Awards Tom Brady at number one there's no Aaron Rodgers anywhere in that conversation it's strange NFC Offensive Player of the Year is Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers at number six Defensive Player of the Year Fred Warner no Packers rickety offense er Jalen rhaegar's Jake in the three Alberto Khlebnikov in seven and then the defensive job of the year goes to Isaiah Simmons of the Detroit Lions, so here's the thing about Jamaal Williams, he's a good player, don't get me wrong, but he's a backup running back and for sure I love him, but he is replaceable. position and we can get one of his exact quality for less money and when you start handing out big contracts, which is what we're going to have to do whether through free agency or by retaining our own players, you simply can't afford to do it. hand out stupid contracts Marshawn Lattimore is here now this wouldn't be a stupid contract at all this is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL someone I would definitely like to bring in I don't think we can do it.
We're not going to have the salary cap to give him a big contract, which means we could try and kill something off. This is a player that would really help our secondary, which he is weak. What is the most money I can offer you? Look, of course. he says he's fine, our cap space we can definitely handle, but we can't because of a pool of rookies for draft picks, so we're in a tough situation. Can we offer you a contract? 72 points is the maximum we can offer and we are not. We are going to win, we are not going to win with only 72 points when other teams have made offers, so we have two options, either not get him or try to clear some space to get a really good player who will help us.
I offered Marcia a bigger assignment. No. I said Lattimore has really ugly marks on Lattimore. A great contract and I think it is worth it. I hope he signed. I cleared some space in the calf by cutting players. It didn't really matter and Marshawn Lattimer accepts it. he's a great addition to our team a great addition to our secondary we don't need Kevin King Kevin Kings is gone Aaron Rodgers is regressing but Lattimore is such a great addition Josh Jackson Marshawn Lattimore Jair Alexander is a good combination we don't have a ton of yet money, we were in such a tough situation in that situation, we need inside help at inside linebacker and then we let Cory Linsley go, so we need a center replacement on top of that, like receivers who are still pretty good.
Aaron Rodgers is really weighing in. We've lost a lot of our potential money so I think we need to draft a quarterback to replace them at some point, we'll definitely go with Shire Alexander's fifth option, but man we're in this, we're in a tough spot for money . A lot of these happen when you get on these really good teams, they have really good players, which means they're going to make a lot of money and it's our job in a rebuild to manage that money by making smart decisions while continuing to improve the team. we picked 12th overall.
I wouldn't be afraid to go up or down the board depending on who is there again. I think we need a quarterback badly, maybe Richard Dressler could be that guy, maybe it's Tyler Banks who knows, so when you think. about the teams ahead of us that could take a crazed quarterback is stupid, so even though the Jets have a very old Sam they could take one, the Jaguars certainly could take one. I don't really want to trade that far, so if the Jets take the quarterback, whatever their guys are really good cornerbacks, the Jets go with a receiver now, the rest of these teams shouldn't take a QB, they still could there is an 80 overall left winger in Houston, Kairi, and I could potentially trade up to number seven to get our QB of the future I would be interested depending on the price who gets him the Jaguars will see what they need I really don't have any players I can trade they would have to be picks I don't know okay it's a very interesting trade here This is like the less realistic side just because there are players involved but you see players traded all the time talking about Odell Beckham jr.
On the Cowboys, traits won, even though it may be unrealistic, we'll have some fun. Josh Jackson is about to leave. We're going to pick number seven overall and either his first round or next year in order. To do that, we're trading No. 12 this year and a third this year, so we're giving up good value for sure, but we could get really good value in return depending on how good this quarterback is, because that It's what I am. selecting this will be the quarterback of the future Richard Dressler of Notre Dame back to Aaron Rodgers for now he is a number 76 overall ranking number seven in the class we took him at number seven has star or better development throwing power pretty decent good accuracy overall, looks like a prototype of Aaron Rodgers, so Aaron Rodgers, as you know, you think he's got a really good arm and he does, but you look at his name now.
I bet his throwing power is about 91 somewhere in that range. maybe even less is 94, well our quarterback could become that. I know Aaron Rodgers has a great arm. I just thought he was rated worse in Madden, they may have bumped him up since the last time we did this, but we picked here. In the second round, hopefully, there will be some good value available, there's a quarterback that, yeah, was okay and now we have some options, we really do. The best player here is Darryl Grant. Georgia's Darrell Grant doesn't fit our needs as much as maybe.
The guard does it, but I think he is a better player and for that reason I am going to choose him. Darrell Grant is a 76th overall player, 11th in the class we took him at 44 stars, best development, that was definitely the right move, not really a great pass rusher, but he has very, very good speed for someone who doesn't rushes the passer very well 80 speed, 83 blocks with 93 strength, will be a sick three or four defensive end, we had to cut Dean Lowrey because we need to free up some money to sign Marshawn Lattimore, that is an excellent prize consolation, just won less overall, has a better development rate and is much younger, is an incredible pick, trade a four or five and a six for a third from the Giants next year, those picks this year.
Not every good player off the board has value and I would rather have him next year for the freedom to trade, get more picks, higher picks, more pictures or just take a player if a good one is available so I hope they are terrible and that is. a very good choice for us, this is the team for the third season, pretty good, Billy Turner, continuing to start at right guard for us is a problem, but he is also someone we can't get rid of because the Packers paid him in the real life and his contract is terrible, I can't do anything about it right now, I just have to eat it at some point, maybe Dressler will be a backup quarterback.
Aaron Rodgers for this first season. Aaron Rodgers is still an 86 overall, he's not too bad of a superstar. X Factor awards He starts on the left and he will also be our speed tackle, but we still don't know what we are going to do with Rochon Gary. I still need a three or four, it's the best, but when you have to go out, like the edge, hurry up and za'. darius Smith and Preston Smith Rashon Gary isn't going to play on the edge, he won't be in a rush to tackle either until we know what we have with Grant.
They are very close and overall Grant could have a great developmental trait so I won't do it. We are going to start with Rashon Gary in that role, what we are going to do is consider moving to a 4-3, at some point we do not have the personnel for this moment, which means it is not possible. I think three four is where we fit. At best, we just need to improve as linebackers, but we need to have good linebackers to do that, we just can't. Oh we'll just take linebackers, there aren't any good ones in the draft most of the time so That's a little crazy, hopefully we need to get a decent one in free agency and then a decent one in the draft and then we'll be fine, let's simulate until the midseason mark still without any inside linebacker really and hopefully the the the team doesn't suck we're 4 3 and 1 that's not terrible not terrible Davante Adams is an impending free agent that's terrible that's not good it will be an expensive guy JK Scott I definitely want to bring back Marques Valdes Scantling can leave but Davante Adams has to come back oh we don't have money could you take it?
Please, we need a higher salary. We're so sure I got a piece. Billy Turner let's worry about that in the offseason we made the playoffs at 8 7 and 1 we won the division that's so peculiar our offense was graded with Aaron Rodgers at QB it's just our flaw no we're still that good limiting yards, so what's the problem? 19 and points scored, how did we not end the deal with seven? the remaining points, so our offense was a reason, I mean, those numbers look good and we rated a really great year for Rhaegar and Davante Adams again six touchdowns for J Star Burger, are you serious?
Okay, defensively, Oren Burks again led the team in tackles, 16s happen. per loss for Kenny Clark also had six sacks 11 sacks for Darius Smith 7.5 for Preston interceptions 5 for Marshawn Latimore in his first year as a packer, that's very encouraging to see, so I'm so confused, I guess we did very well, but not quite well, somehow we made the playoffs, so I'm not complaining much Aaron Rodgers number 10 NFC Offensive Player of the Year MVP and Rodgers number 4 Defensive Player of the Year Isaiah Simmons offensive Rick the year marquise richard price Dressler the backup QB at number 4, has an 80.
I'll take that Defensive Rookie of the Year. Darryl Grant. Darrell Grant at 4. No other Packers. I'm interested in seeing these developmental traits. We may not be able to say what the quarterback has yet. but again, we could see if he shows up and it doesn't, but he's an 80 and he's not even playing, that's encouraging, that's encouraging, why wouldn't Darryl Williams play? Oh yeah, where is he? Ellison jank What's going on? Jenkins will be transferred to the center. I don't know what the CPU did. I didn't realize that if this was the case at the beginning of the season, Jenkins will start again, he will play center. okay Darryl Williams like he's going to play left guard Billy Turner I guess I mean maybe I moved him to the wrong position maybe my bad defensive concession only has Starr not bad you just don't know it's great , since you want them to be our middle linebackers.
They are improving, although it is still a position that we urgently need to replace and we will see if we can beat the Seahawks and the simulation here in the wild card we are a really good team, but it was not like that, we lose by 1024 14 and we will go to another offseason in the one where I have to figure out how to get money to bring Davante Adams back. Worst case scenario we'll


tag them, the penalty for releasing Billy Turner is much smaller now, so I'll do it, it's 2.25 million, but he's gone. We should be free to bring back Davante Adams.
He took out a lot of players, they're not really impactful players at all, but Davante Adams has to come back like there's no real way. around that we definitely have the money now, what does he want a higher salary? Yes, so we can increase that salary. I should keep the same contract, although I'm not sure that would be the case. He will increase with the bonus and he will take the test. a free agency, well you're not because I'll


tag you, it's 17.8, so here we'll do it,we're at Burke's, it's right up there with the star development, okay, so we'll extend JK Scott if you want to accept that he.
Can JK Scott return or is Burke's someone who should be really cheap to bring back? Just extend that money space, you can try free agency, okay, whatever, and we're going to franchise tag Davante Adams, now this will put us in a bad position. for this year for the salary cap so we won't be able to sign anyone in free agency we won't be able to do it but we will be able to have a decent draft and yeah we are negative Davante Adams that's what the cap is negative Davante Adams because that franchise tag we had to hold on to, we'll figure it out next year, we picked a number seven overall.
I want to see what we have in our quarterback, so what does Aaron Rodgers do and what are our quarters? Aaron Rodgers is down to 82 and Dressler, while the only star development is an 80. I think it's the right decision to start Dressler over Aaron Rodgers. I love Aaron Rodgers, he may be my favorite QB, but there is no progression here. just regression, he is much worse and while his grades are not terrible, but by no means not terrible, I think we have to play towards the future and while it is a difficult decision to make, I think it is the right one. so Melvin Michael is out of UNC North Carolina by two for Chris Johnson's old record, yes he can fly, people love when I say that, but he looks pretty good so we won't have a chance of that corner, I guarantee you it will go. there he goes 80 overall, yes he is pretty good, a pretty good player, I wonder what his speed is, that will be interesting, this discovery is interesting to see, he will take Jacques Denard instead.
Chuck was probably a wise jock, he's not a nester and like he's a jock, he's probably jacquez. Denard maybe a relative of oh I don't know that Dark was Denard ex uh I mean Michigan State and then of course Bangles Corner is pretty good now jacquez Denard is a 77 overall, number five in the or best development 94 Speed ​​78 Coverage Mazzone isn't really a man at all but he is a great option at third corner for us as we simulate number 21, sometimes you have to go with the best player available and I hope this still available linebacker doesn't was supposed to go all the way to the second round, tell me he's still here Lindsey Griffith from Oklahoma State seems to be pretty solid and is number 13 in the class, we took my overall hidden development of 2175, 83 speed, good tackle, rack game could block shed coverage.
He's surprising, but good strength, definitely a big upgrade at middle linebacker for us as we move into round number two, another cure cornerback here. Jamel Washington Murders says the good definition for C is a 71 overall, just normal development at number 27 in the class. particularly at 53am, I say he's fast enough that you can keep up, not that fast, but the coverage is pretty well balanced, he could be a cornerback for us if we wanted him to take Derek Parsons here, a center in UCF, we need offensive line help now. that's interesting, he's only 67 overall, but he has a star with better development, he'll be a star, he won't be better than a star, not very strong, but I mean, we have something there just from the development trade, maybe better than Billy Turner because of that.
I'll tell you that and I might as well take this guy now. I could negotiate. I am a care. Trent Sims of Toledo, the new Toledo 69 torpedo, overall, good number 44 in the class, we took it at 85 80 speeds. Eighty-three tackles again will be good enough to start maybe even win the Rookie of the Year award, that will do it for this draft. Pretty good draft class for us. A group of really good players that impact the playmakers. Good development traits. you are in a pretty good place Melvin Michaels has 97 speed, 80 men, 72 zones, he looks like a monster now, if his development rate is his star, I will be disappointed because that makes his level go down a lot, he is the only star that the best players they never have. the best rate of development, there are never any generational talents like those that emerge.
Aaron Rodgers has two years left. We'll start him off for his final season with us here now. Does that mean we'll cut it next season? Probably not, but um, we. We're going to start it just one more season at Dressler because we're trying to win a championship, so that's what's going to happen. Parsons will start at left guard, not particularly good, but maybe we'll have something there. Sims will play during the summers. She is a rookie with more potential. Griffith could be a beast at middle linebacker. I think Denard will be a monster, especially since we don't have a kicker, but that's fine and then specialist Gerard will play in the slot.
Griffith's secondary linebacker Sean Gary goes after him, yeah, this is good. team, we definitely have something here three and four at the midseason mark, not where we want to be, hopefully Rashad Gary can reach superstar development, which he won't because we have to limit the Cardinals to under 75 rushing yards and one. rushing touchdown or rash Gary needs to have a pretty big game, which would happen in a simulation, so I hate to be a negative Nancy, but these are just the facts, we're three and four, we're not playing as well now that the Cardinals are bad or the offense is bad Aaron Rodgers leads the NFL in touchdowns but it's 19 and yards I don't know I don't know what's going on maybe we'll get it right I don't know we're going to have to bring back the Vontae Parkers I'll upgrade some of these rookies .
Jacquizz Denard has almost no skill points, so I'm a little worried that maybe his development is less, although you never know, sometimes the star development player progressed very quickly. Parsons has a star and then defensively the moment of truth. only the star Dennard, I mean, and then Griffith, only the star can be a superstar, an X Factor superstar, just once, willya. Oh, your Alexander is here, oh no, there are many free agents that matter a lot, these two are essential, the rest. I'd like to go back, but I don't know, Darius Smith might not be a good player, but let's think if we went to a 4:3, what would Preston Smith look like on the outside?
He is also a free agent. He would prefer za 'darío mr. Preston Smith Co box, we have this Darius Smith where Shawn Geary I guess he could play on the edge, we would need a D tackle. I don't know if we can keep both, that's what we'll figure out, why not? We have 57.2, that's not enough, so we brought J ear back and that was it. Davante Adams wants a higher salary. I still don't know how I feel about one name on the jury being Preston Smith, Azaria Smith. I feel like with that corner we picked, he could go back to safety and we could let Adrian Amos walk free.
These guys are 29 years old. Ellison Jenkins wants a higher salary, so we have to make some really tough decisions, but they need to be made. We won 35 to 21. They scored too many points. not have at least 75 rushing yards probably yeah, he didn't, he didn't do well Ellison Jenkins is back and so is Davante Adams again, these three guys I just don't know what to do with them yet because when you look at the team without them, no doubt It's a worse team and what are we saving the money for, but we need it for some of these other contracts that are coming.
Kenny Clarke, it's difficult, I think what will happen if we leave Roshan Gary. I like our three-four defense. Maybe we'll bring them both back and then Adrian Amos can go. Denard is a strong 80 overall safety. I don't know. It depends on how expensive Preston Smith is if he wants to. about 10 million. I just won't be able to do it. Preston Smith wants close to 10 million. I'm going to talk to Siderius Smith first, who wants more, but he's a better player, so I'd be willing to offer him and Darius more. Smith quits, maybe Adrian Amos is the odd one out.
What do you want? 8.2 I feel like I'd rather have him than Preston Smith, so I would offer him a contract and then look for an advantage in the draft and that's exactly what we're going to do. Adrian is a mystery, signs these are tough decisions, but maybe we can sneak in Preston Smith. I don't know, I don't know if we can. I'll simulate until the end of this season and see if this is a playoff team when eight and eight. and one of the playoffs is a division win again with eight wins is crazy to me, that's crazy.
I mean, our offense is pretty good. I don't know what the deal is, although Aaron Rodgers had a great season running. Aaron Jones in the role had a great season receiving Davante Adams is incredible Jalen Rhaegar was incredible Are we missing like a third good receiver because KJ Amla really isn't that Lindsay Griffith I hope this is the Defensive Rookie of the Year 124 tackles four tackles for loss four sacks and a pick I would hope the Defensive Rookie of the Year isn't Tyrell Grant with a great season. Congratulations to him. 12 sacks for Kenny Clark. 11 and 1/2 to Shawn Geary, who was incredible.
Three selections in one year. Alexander forced fumbles, not many, just two. for the team at least one defensive shot is je r Alexander reviewing the annual awards I hope I'm here somewhere Matt Ryan wins MVP Packers Aaron Rodgers in six NFC Offensive Player of the Year Matt Ryan and Rodgers in three Defensive Player of the Year Kaiser white, are you okay? offense Ricky goes to Madison Rogers no evil Packers defense here it's Lindsay Griffith I expected it I'm happy it happened Jacque it was Denard at five Trent Sims at seven okay let's go ahead and simulate against the Eagles here and it was nine and seven and they beat us in the 2114 playoffs.
There is something in these playbooks that is close but not there. I don't know if I want to change the offense or the defense or both or neither except win eight games. This is getting frustrating. I think I'm going to switch to the Giants defense, which is generally a pretty good three-man defense. Aaron Rodgers is down to seventy-five. Davante Adams lives up to the superstar x-factor, although like him he has twice as much as me. this is what we have to do it's a tough decision brian bulaga retired we have to cut aaron rodgers i know it's crazy because the best quarterback in


history i don't care about brett favre i think aaron rodgers is at this point , all times were better. a penalty of only 500k frees up 25 million it has to be done it has to be done Dressler is the future now we need rights Akal on defense any increase in development does not seem to put pressure and Smith down at 81 is Darius Smith down at 83, it is what it is, man, the jury name was narrowed to 83, this is our one year window.
Preston Smith is leaving. We don't need it, we don't need it anymore. Jase Stern Berger, that's a good backup. and to know how expensive he's going to be, it's actually not that expensive, we can definitely bring him back and he will test free agency, okay, we won't franchise tag him, there's no reason we can put him in free agency if really we would like to, but let's go out and get a big upside running back if Von Miller is in free agency, if Khalil Mack is in free agency, I would consider going after one of those guys, they are not Bobby Wagner, although he is 33 years old, but we are in a way to win now where I wouldn't. "I would mind giving Bobby Wagner a contract, his eyes look so bloodshot, but that's my offer to the Bobby Wagner press and Smith is there.
Kaiser White is here, who won Defensive Player of the Year. I wonder If it came with some XP, we probably could." I don't see it because we don't have it, that's another thing that bothers me. He's not even that expensive and could easily play middle linebacker or help us transition to a 4-3 if we wanted to do that now that we have it. one hole in that spot is that we will offer him a lot less money now that we have a hole in that spot without Preston Smith, we could transition to a 4-3 very, very easily, that's my offer to Kaiser White, that's the only one player I'm really going to look for a strong hold on Trent Williams, that's another good one-year option.
Trent Williams is there. If this is going to be the last season, we can also offer Preston Williams or Preston Williams to Trent Williams for a lot of money and Hopefully, bring him in and we will have to go toe to toe with the Bucks. They have lots of money. We don't have that much money, but we should be able to offer him a bigger contract. 106 points in total could be enough to seal the contract. try it too may I won't leave it as is and we'll see who we sign if someone Bobby Wagner and Kaiser White Trent Williams decline.
I forgot we offered Bobby Wagner to be fair but that's a nice extra superstar by Gary Rashon 4-3, Kenny Clark Grant could work very well as a defensive tackle six five three twelve, it isa monster, the pass rush hasn't developed much, it's a Darius Smith, obviously, he would slide down as well, then we have Bobby Wagner Griffith at outside linebacker and then we just take, oh, we have four, three personnel in right now, yeah, let's The sure change Grant is up to 85 overall on defense, one inning by the way, which is always great, isn't it cool to see those overalls go up and when you're talking about a three for defensive ends, they almost always go up when you move him to defensive tackle, it's always good to see that Darius Smith might not trade him, although he did move me down to 180, but Kaiser White had left outside linebacker Griffith, that right outside linebacker, we'll be in a fantastic spot. even go up to 82 overall or something, which would also be cool to see.
I think overall this change will be better for us because three defensemen tend to be better in simulation, that's something that goes up to 82 guys. your white guy let me make sure they leave him out, yeah this is a great team, now the defense is incredible, three good quarterbacks, two good safeties, a great backup line, a great defensive line and then offensively, all we really need is a lineman and a good receiver and that can be found in the draft offensive linemen in the second round wide receiver around the first these things could definitely happen by picking a number 21 overall so if there is a good player at the top of the board that I have to move up for, I would definitely consider that they would definitely be some very attractive quarterbacks, but we already have our QB of the future, although these guys look pretty good.
Perry Stanley if Lee is a guy with great skill, an incredible combination, this is the guy at wide receiver, surely the question is how can we? have them trade one this year and next, as well as both next year, to move up to number six. I think it will be worth it. I think these receivers are going to be so good and I just don't want to risk a team catching him. down the board to catch them now it seems like we're making a lot of progress but I don't trust the game the first receiver just went off the board.
I'm taking Perry Staley right now, he's a 75 overall, he's number nine. We took over number six. I don't care about hidden development it's good. Speed ​​95. Pretty decent route. Decent reception. I think he has a lot of potential to be a very good player for us in this first season for him and I think that trade is necessary. This could happen, but of course we still need an offensive line. The good thing is that we have some pretty good ones available, we can even choose both first. Norman McKee could be our 26th guy on the class ticket. 153 stars or better development. 72 overall, good strength. block pass block and get all your black run finesse is terrible he's not a finesse player at all he's pure power and that's fine he's a good player I like to see you play right tackle for us and then in the third round we go ahead and take Ezekiel Macpherson 71 normal development overall ranked 29th in the class by 2.85, he's not going to play, that will be the end of the draft and we will enter what should be the final season under a new QB for the first time since 2008 with Aaron Rodgers' first year starting in 2008.
Only he wasn't, oh wait, the draft could have been oh. seven was drafted in Oh five when Aaron Rodgers took over the starting job 2008 for the first time since 2008 the Packers will have a new quarterback Wow interesting free agent options I'm bringing in Roe Joe just because we need a running back backup and we have money now we could have looked like Derry Slayton if we wanted to he doesn't even have more than normal development oh so I'm not really interested AJ Green has superstar x factor there's no real reason to bring him in but it's interesting that he's there and can bring in a good fourth cornerback which will be Rashad Fenton and then we want to sign a kicker and that will be Jamil Caver, rookie from San Jose State, come on Spartans, this will be the look at the team, it could be terrible.
I mean, it was obviously time to move on from Aaron Rodgers, as he fell to a total of 75. Cutting him was a tough decision that had to be made to add some of these other talented players to the team's defensive line. Those good linebackers look good, of course, all we really did was improve the offense McKee is going to play, Akal writes. We have Staley as our third receiver and he will also return kicks and punts for us. He should be a good man. I have high hopes. I think this team is going to be pretty solid.
I'm going to stick Ro Joe in there and, um, we're stuck in a slot. The receiver's TFS special teams accommodate anything else you want to change. No, I think that's all. I think that's it, so Staley returns. to receiver three and I'll see you at the midseason mark three and four at the midseason mark what's changed oh absolutely nothing that's true the same day different the same day I'm recording this on the same day as many others reconstructions our offense is terrible, how is our defense? Although it is quite good, what can we do to make the playoffs?
Maybe we'll say a quick prayer. Could do it. Oh, McKee has a superstar development and Staley has a superstar development. I'll take it, we finally drafted some superstars, that's awesome. See, those are the first two of the whole rebuild, otherwise it's been star or average, but I'll take it, man, better late than never, I guess, and what can we do, what can we do to win games? I'm not sure about that Packers playbook. is cutting it I think we might want to go like something like Dallas sorry the players who quit Darryl Williams we're Shawn Gary Darnell Savage Albert Oak Weber Nam and Jalen and Rhaegar are all back Might do it another season if we all make the playoffs here can that we are in a good situation for the cap to get rid of the thieves, we are going to bring back all our good players, although they are going to regress a little, it is very sad, but I hope to make the playoffs.
You don't have to worry about that, but we won't, maybe we'd be awesome please, as the longest sim of all time, no, no, no, no, we finished 8, 7 and 1, we're so close. let's have one more season we are 90th among all Eiger teams very good our team is very good we will review the statistics quickly very quickly in the off-season I don't have a first round pick our offense improved down the stretch I'm not even going to bother Too much looking at the stats, we saw the quarterback, that's all that matters. Jake Fromm, the offensive player, your defensive player, Jadeveon Clowney, often - Ricky - your Virgil Reed Perry majestic in - there is no defensive Ricky Ray Spencer, that name sounds. very familiar it could be like a mr. hurricane series a few years ago or something, but we're going to simulate the offseason again, we brought back all the players we really care about.
I want to finish in the playoffs at least, so this will be the team going into it. the draft, the offensive line is good, drafting a developing superstar or right guard that we moved to tackle was a good move for us there he found it in a left guard, it doesn't matter. Staley was a great pick, we have three good receivers, not one. There's a lot of depth and then on defense, Bobby Wagner has regressed, that was a gamble. I knew it was going to happen. Denard could be an 85 strong safety overall, cutting Adrian Amos, it wouldn't matter, it would be a huge penalty for no reason, but we could. improve as a third cornerback or edge rusher over za'darius smith so he could move up in the draft depending on what's there of course we don't have a lot of capital to move up so it could be very very difficult but i'm going a At least check what's there, okay?
Karl Jennings seems pretty solid trading with the Cowboys again a third up front in a second for a first up next year just gives us a chance to take a player in the final year and maybe someone to help us depending on what's going on. available at 14 there is a safety I like who definitely won't be available he looked pretty good and who can we tell about this team? The defensive tackles are pretty good, we don't need them hmm, I mean, these two defensive tackles are really good, it's just not a great position that we need it, that's the thing.
We might be able to take this receiver in the fourth, so we don't really have to worry about that, so what do we want? Do we want this receiver? Not really, I'm just going to do it. Take him back. I'm running on Ben Lamar. He is a 77 ranked number three in the class. We took him at 14. He only has normal development, but he is a good backup. That's what he traded for a running back. I know, it's weird. It's okay, Trey Lindley. available in Michigan in the fourth round 72 overall number 22 in the particular class 113 just normal development but a good player and is exactly what we need a good fourth receiver we are ready, that is the end of the draft and this is the last season that don't make the playoffs it is what it is you can't do anything about it right now the team is good the team is great so it's wrong and honestly if we don't win Karl Jennings was an 80 year old man Oh.
Very good player, he looks good. The safety he wanted was Demaryius Parnell. He seems to be pretty good, but it doesn't really matter. We scored 88 points overall, which will surely increase to 90 over the course of this season. It would guarantee that we have a great performance. offensive line good receiving core good quarterback, he's got an 85 overall and then defensively we're pretty solid as well. I almost feel like Adrian Amos could move to quarterback based on his high man coverage and we could move, we could go back to the corner, go back to safety. where he's going to be 85 overall and it might be better to look for us because Amos can then play nickel and we could have done that anyway, but then Denard can just be and he said 81 overall, they're great and then Denard can just be our starting strong safety. and it will even go up to 86, maybe 87 at some point, 88 on this very experienced team, so Jacques Denard will return to play strong safety.
He's actually really good overall, that's definitely the move. we are definitely a superior overall team at that point let me see specialists we could use a kicker see people sign a stalemate in the slot Denard shouldn't be fine now Amos move there it's fine now we're golden now we're perfect great defenseman Bobby Wagner could be better, but he has the superstar x-factor, it shouldn't matter too much. The offense looks pretty good, we're ready to rock midseason, we're three and five. I don't know what you want from me, man, at this point in the playoffs. This time I don't think we're going to make them based on our start, but you never know we don't 6 9 nice and 190 overall 92 on offense 89 on defense overall I'll simulate the Super Bowl just so we can see any potential development changes just because it's always fun to review the final team that way, like there's another season, but yeah, man, I don't know, we built a really, really good team. 90 overall will be the highest team in the league ten times. out of ten, I guarantee no team really gets above 86.
I've seen an 88 once, maybe, but we're definitely the best team in the NFL and we don't have much to show for it, but that'll be the video stuck at an 84 if my camera is blocking, I'm sorry and then defensively no one really changed on our it's up to an 87 overall Griffith moved up to superstar actually, but that's the final team, thank you all so much for watching. I hope you liked it and see you next time, take it easy.

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