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Aug 22, 2023
The Ferrari doesn't have an engine yet and this is the gearbox, but luckily I have two gearboxes, one that came with the car and is in a million pieces and another that I bought cheap on eBay, which has fire damage and It's in a million pieces now too, my goodness, Dave, but today we're going to put it all back together and hopefully we'll be able to put it back in the car, if that's not unrealistic, so this is where things come together. They make it a little difficult, as if everything we have put in now is how.
rebuilding an ex rental ferrari pt3
We found the engine so we took it apart and put it back together but from now on everything is something we haven't experienced before and we're just going off the diagrams we're just trying to figure out what goes in here and then the intake manifold come in, but for now I think let's just keep building what we can in this middle section. Here in the last video we managed to rebuild the complete Ferrari engine without any previous experience with Ferrari engines. We're on and we're timed and it works, it actually spins, which left us at this point here, but there are still a lot of vital parts to go on.
rebuilding an ex rental ferrari pt3

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rebuilding an ex rental ferrari pt3...

We have the knock sensors that are in the middle of the engine and two oil coolers and on top of that a bracket that holds a lot of things, but we're just taking pictures here and we hope we're right. I think the next step to take is that we can place all the accessories. because this engine is sitting like it is in the car now, so when all the accessories and the belt and everything is on the front of the engine, so if we put the engine in and then we try to put the incinaries in, are you?
rebuilding an ex rental ferrari pt3
I'm just not going to get to it because it's on the front of the car instead of being on the back like the Mercer logo, so I think the next step is to try to install the alternator and all that, let's try that first. Alright. We'll have to remove a bolt from the chain cover to hold the power steering pump in place and I guess we'll learn these little things as we go because we didn't take this engine apart, it's 10 times harder. Put it back together once it bolts down, there are two more bolts holding it to the side of the engine that should keep it in place.
rebuilding an ex rental ferrari pt3
Next is the air conditioning condenser. Now this doesn't just bolt onto the side of the engine you have. to have it, they have a wedge and I'm pretty sure it's just an afterthought, but it looks like this, but we've had to make one, um, because we're not going to buy one from Ferrari probably as an antenna, the wedge looks so and it actually only weighs a pound, 48, but weighing two to three weeks and I'm not going to wait that long for it to fire, pull it, power steering, air conditioning, alternator, the alternator is in the middle of the V of the engine, this adjuster at the back, see that. moving the alternator so I can align the belt properly, so we should probably put that on too.
Next is the strap again. All we are using here is a photo for reference because the only shop manual we have is for the Maserati engine. which is slightly different, but we've almost figured out how the auxiliary belt works, so we just need to make sure the alternator is seated properly with the belt and that should do it. Armstrong here reporting live. from Matt Armstrong's unit today we are


the Ferrari don't say my name because no one knows. Matt's dad is here reporting live from Matt's unit. There is a part that is here. I'm not sure what he does.
Do you think he has oil? It's oil. on it, but we are missing a surprise surprise that goes from here to here and if we order it it will probably be two to three weeks, but fortunately we just rebuilt an Audi RS6 and we have a lot of spare parts. This part was off the Audi RS6 and I think it can help us rebuild a Ferrari because it's almost perfect, so if we cut it down to size we could use an RS6 hose, it absolutely works and looks the same type of hose as this one. one so you see how it blows up when we try to make like a Gumball Rally or something my dad cut out on the RS6 oh OEM hose and it fit perfectly sometimes you have to improvise it's either that or wait weeks for the new part and I'll probably pay over the odds due to Ferrari prices.
Next thing to go is the intake manifold, which doesn't seem like it should work, and that doesn't work at all. Now this engine has port injection, which means the fuel injectors are located at the inlet. manifold, meaning the fuel is injected before the combustion chamber, so the air-fuel mixture is mixed before entering the combustion chamber, unlike direct injection which is injected directly into the chamber combustion, both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but for Now we only worry about the injection port because that's what we have. My dad applies some silicone grease to the injector seals and then snaps them into place on the intake manifold.
Since the Ferrari has a V8, there is one injector for each cylinder meaning there are eight injectors, so I'm doing the other side, then connecting all the electrical connectors to the XR injectors. At some point it's time to remove it and we move on to the next step, one step closer to putting it in. the car and start it and hear it for the first time what are you talking about? What we're trying to do now is hang this up so we can get to this side because now it's time for the clutch and the flywheel, oh, just the next one. steering wheel up these are super light and pretty small but the lighter it is the higher and faster it will accelerate not higher the faster it will accelerate and this has all been balanced because you can see all the little holes drilled here to make sure which is very well balanced and we got this from Scuderia Parts.
Shout out to them too and they even gave you a discount code so if you need Ferrari or Maserati parts you can go get them and I put a link in the description with the discount code as I mentioned too so they are helping me out, They're helping you too, which is good, here comes new steering wheel bolts and washers and then we have to talk about these steering wheel bolts. You have to speak it in a star shape to make sure it's pressed evenly on the side of the engine, so this is a dual plate clutch and it has like a clutch plate here and another clutch plate there, I guess, for one gear softer. changes we got all new bolts for the clutch and we put some Loctite on them okay so there's a line so we assumed that line would line up with that because that's what's balanced to correct once we've learned the ketchup with the steering wheel, we can screw everything together and tighten all the bolts, of course, quite well, now we have the clutch and the steering wheel, it's time for the gearbox or what's left of it, as I mentioned.
We now have a gearbox that is in pieces and incomplete and a gearbox that was involved in a fire. Well, you spend half a million dollars and all the bearings or anything plastic inside have completely melted, but the thing is, we have to make this thing work. We bought the Ferrari for £60,000 and have already spent just under £18,000 on it as a second hand gearbox costs £15,000 which will add too much to the build budget and a 430 manual is currently is selling. For around a hundred grand the thing is if we can get this gearbox and engine working we're on to a winner because it's actually a really clean example of a 430.
When I checked it out at Carver, okay I literally can see everything. green markings it has never been registered as stolen it has never had mileage reductions there is no external examination in Finance and it has never been registered it has been in an accident and vertical Carl is putting an average price for this car at one hundred and twenty six thousand pounds I can even see here the mileage records and they are all lined up. Last log was 31,000 miles, which is about what it is now. I suggest you use the car upright before you go shopping for any car, just look at this Maserati I reviewed.
Here you have an amber light that shows that it has been involved in an accident and if you scroll down, it actually shows you the photos from when the car was auctioned on the car accident auction website, so now you can see that vertical color is essential before. part with your money and check out your car, a friend's car or call him, you are potentially about to buy it, click the link in the description box below and use my code on the screen now to save yourself some discount on that check. make this gearbox on the right side is the gearbox that I bought on eBay for four thousand pounds and on my left side is the box from the kit that we got with the car or what's left of it and this was taken apart because there was something It's bad now everything on this side is completely burned to pieces and there's a bunch of little bearings that are just melted and even if you look in the housing, it's completely black there and there's a bunch of little bearings that have set fire, so I think our plan is to use the original housing and try to make one good gearbox out of two bad ones.
Here we go, now there are two shafts in one gearbox, but more on that later. Now we are looking at the secondary shaft that came out of the fire damaged gearbox and this one, which is the one that came with the car, now if you look at this one that came with the car, the gear at the end looks smooth and rounded and we think that it looks worn. but the top bearing looks in pretty good shape, whereas if you look at the fire damage, the gears look nice and sharp, so we'll use that axle, but we'll take the bearing off the one we bought with the car and put it in . about the fire damage if that makes sense and we're also in Dave dtb's workshop here so why is there a Noble in the background?
I think it was five nobles with Nick and Dave's bearing press lol Ferrari 45, how did you have one of them? Yes, all the bearings need to be pressed onto the axle and we need a pretty strong bearing press, so thanks Dave, once David pressed it in with a special Ferrari tool we can start assembling the rest of the parts that go into the axle as my dad disassembled the burnt gearbox, he knows how to put this axle back together, almost using it as a reference if one bearing was not enough, another bearing is put in, all the bearings we are using are removed from the one we bought with the car because they can be seen.
Pretty cool, if it's not new, then holding that whole thing together with some Loctite and then a lock ring on top of which we assume needs to be talked about or a top secret torque spec that we'll have to clear. the right conversations, yes, yes, now there are only a million more gears left after that, we could start by putting gears in the next gear that we are going to use from the fire damage gearbox just because we were missing that gear from the box of changes. that we got with the car, but we will use the rest of the gears from the one we got with the car since they all look good again.
Both gears must be pressed into this shaft as they will rotate. okay, here's the shaft we just made, this is the burnt one that has melted bearings, that's the secondary shaft that connects to that like a bicycle, this is the gearbox shaft that we got with the car. We need to make this look like this and then place it in that shell over there. Oh, if you've lost us, be patient. Now we're trying to avoid using anything from the burnt gearbox, so I'm looking at the gears. What we got with the car to try to build the primary shaft exactly the same as the one that came out of the burned gearbox.
The primary shaft is the one that turns the engine, the one at the top in this diagram, and the secondary shaft is the one that sends the power to the wheels and they are interconnected, but everything has to be perfect and if something comes out a millimeter it can cause the entire gearbox to not work right now my dad is building the input shaft. that spills constantly with the engine as I mentioned and we are just using the blown gearbox input shaft as a reference for how to put this back together and right now it looks pretty good as it looks like we have all the gears and all the pieces to complete this axle, that's it, yes, it is made up of so many bearings, shims and spaces, it is unreal, such a complex job, right, this axle is complete, we believe that everything is in the right shape, now we are going to do it place inside. the box, so this is the case of the one we have with the car, so this is a selector fork and this is how you select the gears so it slides into the gear and locks that gear in place.
I do not know exactly. how does this work i don't think anyone does it no one does at least we are trying at least we are trying and if it doesn't work we have learned and then we will keep doing it until it works it works inside the box there are more bearings and a spacer too we just hope that allworks this is another Ferrari both axles go together interconnected and then they needed a little persuasion to just snap it into place which I did. Gracefully, once the two axles rest in the gearbox we can continue to develop them with even more gears and also with the selector forks, and we know that we are doing it at the right time because we can see that all the selector forks are aligned.
Up top, these forks slide back and forth to lock the car in or out of gear. You can see how it works here but it's still quite complex, that promises my dad removed the gearbox filter and it was completely caked up, oh god we still do it. I don't know the real reason the original gearbox was taken apart but judging by all that metal in the filter it didn't look good but all of that has gone back into the box now it looks in good condition and the finishing touches were made by certified Dave just when you thought it was done there's one more gear, reverse gear find out which way this went Groove I can take a look, show them the beat, oh yeah, that's the beat, there's no beat on the outside, like this that this beat is going inward and if you haven't seen the second part, watch that before you continue watching this video, yeah, it's in the top right corner and then here. it's here, it goes in there like this, look, it's not set correctly yet, but yeah, but this is how it goes in reverse and reverses everything really, we don't really know how it works, but at least we're. trying to learn because you're using another gear it turns an axle the other way oh yeah yeah how did we not know this from the beginning?
Whatever this gearbox doesn't have now, it never will. Let's touch on the haters, we are now on the final pieces of the gearbox after spending so much time working on how this scene was put back together and if it really works what an achievement that is, so not just


the engine but also the gearbox, but not only do we have to rebuild the engine and the gearbox, there is something else, supposedly the gearbox is now in one piece, but the thing is that with this gearbox it is also a differential , so to drive the wheels, the gearbox will do it.
We get into gear and then the wheels spin here and we don't have any and I just noticed something got stuck here so we need the differential and if we come here we have a Bert differential and a differential on a There are a lot of parts so in the Next job I'm going to take this apart and rebuild it. I think there are new bearings and everything related to this, but there are parts that we are missing, so I think again it is a case of two bads to make one. well and we can hit him, my dad is gone so this is up to me let's do it.
I also forgot to mention these gears here, I think it's the opinion, maybe, so these will meet the teeth in there, so we're. making sure we've used these are the teeth from the burnt gearbox and these are the teeth from the burnt gearbox so those two are going to meet so I don't want to mix and match the actual teeth because they've probably separated . to the right size or that kind of thing too, we don't really have any in the one we have in pieces, so at least we're going to keep these two together so they know each other, let's do it, this is one burned differential that is complete and this It is an incomplete unburned differential and it is the secondary shaft here that is going to turn the differential, so right now I am taking apart the burned differential and I am going to use all the bearings and all the good parts of the good differential to rebuild it again after disarm one.
Now I'm about to put this one back together. I have no idea what they do or what they're supposed to do, so this is what it's like around when yeah, so this is like it looks like a clutch plate inside the differential that goes there, drinking, it was intended to go a certain way. I thought about that before, but I think these are evenly spaced things, yeah, so it's not right. That's right, there will be a lot of people who will say, "Oh, you can't do it, but you shouldn't laugh at someone for trying, because we're trying and if it doesn't work, it's okay because it's my car and if I break it." It's just my problem, so don't worry about everyone who says I can't do it.
I'll try. Well, here we are going to try it. I'm hitting the blown gear in the good differential and everything lines up pretty well. Well, we're going to add some Loctite to the bolts and again we have no way of finding the torque specs for this differential, we barely found them for the engine, so we'll just make sure they're all torqued evenly. It's the best we can do, it's a recipe for disaster, well I guess we'll find out when we finally start the car and try to drive it. Next is the large outer bearing. I have to hit it with a piece of wood because Dave closed his shop and we can't steal his bearing press anymore, but the piece of wood did it after that, it's the outer casing and they all have new bearings too, from the looks of it well for us at this stage, we have to push this. on top and then the shims, more roller bearings, these are the roller bearings from the burnt gearbox, so I will change them to the unburned gearbox and put them on more shims and then everything will be held with a C- clipse I have it, but we had a little problem trying to put this c-clip in place, it was quite difficult, we are struggling now, this case here has to continue like this, so this c-clip here has to go. on top like this and we hold everything in place, but we can't get the pressure down enough, so we're going to try a different technique and start putting the differential inside the gearbox.
Now the way this will work is with the motor spinning. that and that turns to turn the wheels, which to turn the wheels turns this pin, you're over here like this and everything turns the wheels and you get power sent to the wheels. This gearbox is supposed to be in neutral and if it were. in neutral when we turn this because it's going to turn constantly because the engine is running. I don't think it should turn and it's meant to be neutral, but it's not, I don't think it is, so we could have done it. There is something very wrong here, the only thing I can think of is that if we put this differential on a bolt, turn it and then if we start to see the wheels turning, we have definitely done something wrong because it shouldn't turn, but come on. let's see let's see because this could be a game changer now that it's all the way in now I see it just sinks in good ah oh it's not turning it it's not turning it now so do you think you just needed a little bit of pressure like a little bit of endurance?
Well The only way to know now is if we put this casing on, yeah, then we start it up and then we can see if it spins. No one is going to do it if you understand what's going on, well done if you made it this far because weren't we so close to finding out if this gearbox was built correctly and if everything works? We should be able to turn the input shaft without the wheels turning while in neutral. I think I realized, man, yeah, it's still spinning. I'll see, let's see if this goes in right, so it's a little spacer guy, yeah, the moment of truth, the right one, I'm going to persuade him that it's almost on with this screwdriver, there we go of what, but it's still spinning, like this yes, still what.
What I'm going to do is put it on, I'm going to put it on now, I should, yeah, right, put the bolts in, tighten this. I'm not feeling positive, although you think you're still going to swim, right? I'm looking forward to holding it and turning it and seeing if it doesn't work because this has literally taken days to get to this point like, okay, okay, when I'm turning this shaft here, oh no, that's neutral, it's 100 in neutral, wait. it's working it's working it's working wait let me hold this end um no it's not working no it's not a bad thing it has to be stuck in gear imagine if it was in neutral and you were pushing the car forward it should not turn this because that It'll crank the engine and look, I'll spin the wheels forward and it's cranking the engine so it's stuck in gear.
All those selectors are in the middle, nice and free, that's going on, yeah. I can't even turn that without the gear it's so weird we could have put the wrong spacer on it's slightly spaced wrong and it just catches it if you know let me know in the comments section below if you don't please don't make. Don't comment you're with me Wait for the plot twist we think it works well it works there is a thing called gearbox drag there is obviously no oil in the gearbox and that will cause it to drag a little o'clock dead, but look at this.
We can actually make it turn Hannah will hold it, hold the driveshafts in place and I'm just going to turn the engine here we go yeah look at that turn and it's working there's a lot of resistance but again there's no oil. There it works, thank you very much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, hit the Subscribe button, hit the Like button and I'll see you in the next video. Calm down, what's up with that one? In reality, we are missing things because it is not complete. correct the first time

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