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Kobe Bryant Crash Simulation - Realistic First Person Simulation of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

Feb 27, 2020
hi Bob Danny here I made this video with the intention of vividly showing the progression of events and weather at the time of Kobe Bryant's ill-fated


flight on January 26, 2020 we begin with the plane approaching the Burbank airport from the south in Cahuenga Pass s1. Anyone who was around was 191 alpha. Roger, run the post, miss, well, excuse the post mask. April inktober wake up number 3 0 100 Burbank class charlie the surface areas are just as far away to pay attention, especially being a kid I guess, especially being part of the canal. Charlie's airspace I got a plane circling so I still have to stop it was 2973 turn right on the gemini ramp to your door ok turn right turn ramp help your myself it's 2978 ok it was someone else with contact Okada Parker Thanks dear guys 1 and 1/2 4.6 for the frequency for escalators 1 someone else 2 4 6 has 1 7 november to xox where you can wait a few minutes I have another incoming plane at the end ok so which waits outside, right here, both in the center for that, will collide with number 2.
kobe bryant crash simulation   realistic first person simulation of kobe bryant helicopter crash
I thought for sure that you need to get the negative Van Nuys limit. IFR toys fish up to 1,500 pounds intake current the only changes Burbank just moved to IFR depending on and for what miles I'm with a wind comb 1 5 News or I have three zero a hunter okay a biotech good charlie se booking for my Charlie sticks unit I used the X plane flight simulator combined with publicly available SB announcement position and altitude data as well as publicly available air traffic control audio. on air traffic c Control ATSB data converted to flight data recorder format for input to the X-plane with this tool.
kobe bryant crash simulation   realistic first person simulation of kobe bryant helicopter crash

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kobe bryant crash simulation realistic first person simulation of kobe bryant helicopter crash...

A side effect is that pitch attitude


ally removes it. The possible effect of collective control inputs is not included. This is not derived from FAA radar. nor audio from FAA recordings again this is for training purposes only 14 lead is in the oil is Blue 8 because protein brain chamber awaits victory lift 114 these are 114 West arrival when around No i know why it's still ok with your eyes on thanks vision 146 i'm a hunter in front of cab 806 via Bravo now for the next 20 minutes stand in the cab and experience a series of events and issues leading up to the accident what makes it real is experiencing a slow progression.
kobe bryant crash simulation   realistic first person simulation of kobe bryant helicopter crash
I won't say much from here on out. I'm assuming you'll say around 1500 feet for image 114. Remember to echo the x-rays. i just had it's going to be spinning uh based on the file in about three minutes ok completing all such 3:17 pop a millionaire freed a fugitive b-17 appears on any ground to the right 1/5 text view Bravo Fabia the brother leaves is super in Tehran weeks or the way big strides 114 turn against each other I'm crossed 1 5 second part: Charlie's frequency versus his own ramp cross track one-five try to work with use a shovel enters Burbank tower traffic for my father only eight additional traffic five miles and 12 he to Rome to Rome a line 1/5 of the way to expect to go in the middle echo actuary wants the Embraer on final runway eight lands and trap exits you can wait for your transition I will have an ayap our departure that will hold the gate until November to x-ray echo and for your planning purposes you can expect to transition to the north side of the airport.
kobe bryant crash simulation   realistic first person simulation of kobe bryant helicopter crash
I just got off the line with Van Nuys and they have several I's on the side coming off the track. one-six so you can expect to follow the five north and cross that way so i pick up mizuki left on bravo contact ground tower louis guys entered an alpha right outside dude, ILS 8b, tribe 800, runway one-five, clipper, takeoff, takeoff, my big challenges. runway eight clear to land runway 8 guys 1 someone else severely quote mozilla bernie ground texted atlantic via delta this guy was someone else i was last plane had field 2 miles final 1500 feet number 2 lightning x they called you -235 stay out class charlie airspace CO 2 or 3 5 went out to a class I paint under contact so ArchiCAD type a good sure every hundred probably noticed the vertical speed radar altitude engine instruments, etc they don't work this is just a limitation of SB ad conversion which only includes gps position altitude and ground speed airspeed altitude and had to work there only 317 papa burbank tower can wait a few minutes got a s Special VFR Helicopter.
I need to transition. It has been waiting for about 15 minutes southeast to the northwest mouth. All five expressways maintained special VFR. Special VFR for two people. Edible condition like 2500. We should be apart at 2500 or less. number to echo x-ray roger and it's clear superman charlie class surface area southeast to northwest copy i don't mind paying special vfr please good 191 plus two minutes to run for you today all right turn right right no I collect return time Burbank wind calm visibility two and a half smile with hayes roof 1,100 cloudy temp 122.8 so similar three drill one six pretty easy to see six quickly there nice is almost identical number two a drive for your transition in Camarillo did it you just want to follow the 180 180 it would offer I still catch the one on one for a closer look like an X-ray of Roger Beco continue to follow the five Northwest bound to join the 118 and then Van Nuys will work it via terminated radar services remains that squawk contact van nuys


s one-one-nine ground zero backlash and iconic out there p to echo more with you for the special video file transition that we are currently at 1400 helicopter seemed to echo X-ray then the wing of the tower I called visibility to the middle of the roof 1100 cloudy and I thought that the interest three zero one six cleared in Delta class northeast of Van Nuys, then eyes along westbound Highway 118 reported linear of VFR conditions or when to 'return free of bad ice pack Delta Transition at or by below 2500 committee to echo x ray apply vfr condition I would stay here 118 work at 1400 we have gauge zero two three five to negotiate it and you were cleared a good Delta wanted to talk to SoCal?
Hey bro, you have such a taste here. Dad, industry returned your call. d comb once betrayed just wanted to clarify something power to x-ray


stinks ahead so smooth near our climactic departure you see a dad sorry he cut you off a helicopter transition what was the question yes if you want to go up to give his offer at 4,000 and 5,000 ten organs finally and four thousand offline on the tastiest partner Papa client the tight is no longer the phraseology the FA uses for that aside so you're going up to 4,000 and then yeah just the second part you said that's what you're going to meet with a copper to echo x-ray a test where you're transitioning to VFR condition we're part of the condition for 1500 to work with helicopter to x-ray thank you curt xo attention now one three four point two for flight dropping 34 to 34 48:51 Trevor they'll meet you at the airport bubble-hockey mile southeast fix defending Embraer we're looking for 21:46 once all traffic has cleared appro visual ximation only eight wide and i'm 3000 i don't know what to do a visual survey this oh yeah look at that scorn and hold 5000 ok we stay perfectly here for realism i dropped cloud base by 200 feet five thirty thirty four mil hold five over two three zero contact center le one C 5 foot ceilings 400 contact approach one three four point two x-ray ident so x-ray yeah your ass on a code 1200 or request to fly following that 20 80 approach SoCal fly heading present keep 6022 X-ray what's the intention what to do You did Lake Forest Ocala for under 5's.
Miss Ana, you keep 6042 doing this to keep 4000 with a total, I think, 4th level courses dr. 2080 keep man wandering for love mr center less public place no kill 419 two one zero no love pain two one zero not for love x ray echo you're still too low to follow flight right now too too low to pick up the helicopters radio was forty fifty one year five miles from Alex to reduce to 100 hold four thousand times through the buoy that's your zero do four thousand set 50 L is really related to x-ray echo SoCal zero spirit of golf conduct Benatar one-one-nine point 393 good day gentlemen exact aussie tour 172 contact prevent our 18.7 berbick so ill surplus to predict public 22:17 five thousand turn decreasing one a drill join locator follow him in battle courts up want traffic eight- mile finally turn on the weight just one look at speed IET you're six miles to silas mr buck zulu track eight hold one seven zero naturalize forty fifty one tower guy Burbank 18.7 the pylons you'll see are larger than life that's how they are in the simulator 41 those 42 d1 bearings start I'll go home to this burning room from England the way in which jirozo calibrates by bracelet 2301 9 respect i lazuli one to train my youtubers look at the altimeter pay 400 a permanent above 2080 Burbank guy there are 120 point 728 reserved descend keep 6,000 in humber Cordell Blue Olympic train Shir just a pot your Lantern waves of money you

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