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Reaction: Wolf of Wall Street DESTROYS Grant Cardone

May 01, 2020
It is very similar to what I teach in the real estate agent course, many of you know, I have a real estate investment course but I also have a course for real estate agents where I teach you how to be an excellent salesperson and the concept is that if you become known, people look at my Tesla enthralled, they see my ads, they see my reviews. online and they see me knocking on the door they see my for sale signs my open houses they meet me at the open house, they get my brochures, they get my emails, all of that creates this knowledge of knowing Kevin, this is exactly what Grant Cardone mentions here and he's right when people know you, you have a much better chance of closing, let's just listen to Grant explain it here. because he says it Wow, numbers game, you think it's definitely okay, but if they know me instead of me knowing them, if they already know me, then my leverage increases probably 10 times.
reaction wolf of wall street destroys grant cardone
Okay, look, can you explain that? Hey, oh, I know you, I saw you. You in the newspaper I saw you and like you know you get it because the people you know know about the movie very well, so immediately you have some altitude or elevation because people know you, it's not who, you realized what it's like Grant Cardone. coming back into his element and now he's leaning in again and actually having this very conversational conversation leaning forward with his hands on the table again notice how that transition happens again here just in the last 10 seconds, it's very important because it really shows now that Grant Cardone sits down. comfortable again oh you in the newspaper uh, so you like to know that you understand it because people you don't know the movie, like this and like that, you immediately have some altitude or elevation, because people know you, it's not who I know what is it.
reaction wolf of wall street destroys grant cardone

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reaction wolf of wall street destroys grant cardone...

For those who know me well, you'll notice now that Jordan is again asking a very specific question: what should a salesperson do? How long should a salesperson stay on the phone? So if you call someone, you give someone a stack of similar messages. two hundred potential customers to mark three correctly and you get a salesperson who wants to talk to everyone like what is it, it's peaceful, let's not say that they have no money, they have no job and they want to solve a ten thousand dollar product and they waste forty. five minutes on that call, would that be wise or not?
reaction wolf of wall street destroys grant cardone
I shouldn't have started that call with a product because it's at a company, they have a product that's stupid, so I'm playing this again quietly, but it was very interesting, Grant. he goes back to a position where he feels very uncomfortable again and immediately answers Jordan's question by going back to the general oh well you know the answer, if someone can't sell that product, they need more products, I mean, okay . an argument, but it's not really what we expected from someone on point when it comes to sales. I mean, look at this eyelid wipe right here.
reaction wolf of wall street destroys grant cardone
This is very, very uncomfortable. Grant really took him by surprise, but in my opinion, not a very good salesman. Don't be caught off guard, this is a problem, frame by frame, look how uncomfortable Grant looks here. I mean, not only do we have to wipe our eyelids, but we also watch breathing and facial expressions, those micro-expressions are very unnatural, very unnatural, wait a minute, let's find out. find out what's going on here and come up with a response because we're having problems because it's at a company, there's a product that's stupid, go somewhere else, so work on the product, okay, who does that?
Amazon doesn't do it, it grows grocery stores. don't do it Starbucks doesn't don't, but no one Jordan, by the way, very brilliant picks up on this awkwardness, okay, okay, and then also echoes what Grant Cardone says to keep the conversation moving forward, money very, very, very smart, it doesn't matter. how good a product is, no one can build a business or any kind of success with one product or let's say a couple of products, two or three products, yes, every company, yes, you need more than one problem or product, okay, If I try. hit everyone with a $10,000 boast or even once, I even wanted even a honey with the one dollar product.
I miss the guy who wants to spend 10,000 so I know you okay so the idea is to go work for a company that has a full suite. of products they give you a lot, you can sell something to everyone, right, basic, right, yeah, okay, that's cool, Jordan is just a brilliant salesman, he really gets Grant Cardone from this awkward position to one of okay right here yeah I can agree with that even though Grant Cardone is still uncomfortable he agrees and Jordan too they are nodding well we're getting back on the same page here and this smile well some people might see that as condescending in my opinion, it's actually Jordan coming from the angle of okay man, we're on the same team here, I know, you can't control the editing of this, but don't worry man, it's all good, it is what it is , let's move on, this is very sincere, let Grant Cardone regain his balance talking about himself, let Grant Cardone talk about Cardone University and Grant gets so comfortable in the interview again that we get to my favorite part of the interview, Grant literally steps on himself talking about the cart while you watch because I can.
I don't say it any better than Grant Cardone, no, I hate doing it right, so there's the corporate thing and then there's the individual who can get into that program for, you know, a hundred dollars, okay, some very similar product, if not, to Sometimes it's the same, right? I'm in one place for 100 dollars, I'm sure in another place for 80 grams, the same as that product or very, very similar, same, learn how to achieve it, that's the trick, that's what people should ask. Oh, did you get that, Grant? Cardone is basically saying that as an individual, for $100 you could get access to a card in college, but corporations pay 80 grand for it and that's the trick: learning how to serve people a menu of different prices depending on what is your willingness to pay. very valid, it's a valid economic argument, but I may be hesitant to say it's the most ethical argument and Jordan realizes that, but notice how Jordan says it's the same or almost the same.
It actually gives Grant Cardone a way out because he closes the dealership by saying it's the same thing you're selling for those wildly different prices: $100 and 80 grand, that's a very aggressive approach but then he softens it by saying or there's a little difference, leave the door and leave that out for Grant to slide in and that's exactly what Grant Cardone decides to do. Watch it again here. It's great, it's a very similar product, although sometimes it's the same. I'm sewing in one place for 100 dollars, sure, and in another place, for 80 grams, the same as that product or very, very similar, of course, learn how to achieve it, that's the trick, that's what people should ask themselves in this moment.
Fast forward to Grant Cardone again explaining his argument about interest levels. The good thing is Jordan Belfort says very clearly that I don't agree with that, which is a very aggressive statement, it's like telling a girl that you're beautiful, that's aggressive, like when you let that sink in, it's like the girls would say, oh, that's over, many times it's authoritarian, that's aggressive and then the professional quickly continues with some other statements, same with girls, same with sales, following with another softening statement to ease the transition ago. for a few minutes, I didn't know, I didn't know, I had no interest, at least I didn't.
You see what I'm saying, you understand. I wouldn't do that. I don't agree with that, but I have to say that reasonable minds might differ. I would say yes. I'm more interested in reaching massive numbers. I wouldn't want the next drama to do it. You notice Grant was leaning in and then as soon as Jordan says, well, I don't agree with that blunt statement, he softens it, but reasonable minds may differ, and then continues to soften, he concedes that he's already at this kind of thing again. defensive position again, look at that again. so classic, yeah, none, that's a level, okay, and then one, two, three, four, five, you with me a few minutes ago, he didn't know, he didn't know, he had no interest, at least I'm in , you see what I'm saying.
You understand, he wouldn't do that. I don't agree with that, but I have to say that reasonable minds might differ. I do, I'm more about hitting massive numbers. I wouldn't want the next guy to take advantage of it, salespeople get a lot of people. I'm afraid of cold calling, yeah, so even though you use an excuse not to cold call to talk to someone for too long, we know you're not going to believe that they strike up casual conversations, they go to Pluto, so now we're back to Jordan saying, hey, look, we. I have to be able to get salespeople to stop talking on the phone if they are talking about Pluto, if they are talking about things that don't matter, it's time to move on.
Grant Cardone suggests that you should supervise your employees and Jordan says, Well, me. I mean it's unrealistic to supervise them all the time. Grant says it's Jordan, he's fine, whatever it is. Come on, realistically, we monitor our employees 24/7. It's not happening, but Grant Cardone gets excited and excited about this. He leans in and we see his personality turn aggressive there should be twenty five seven supervision should be the phone call should be recorded the manager should know exactly what they opened with but in the real world, even though that's not my real world, it's possible, I know, but in your real world it may not be, but you are wrong, everyone uses drugs, so in my real world no one uses drugs and you are going to set the intention.
Hey, I'm calling you because I want to get you on this show, that's why I'm calling you and you realize that in order for Grant to get in the game here, in order to get in, he had to take a pretty cheap shot at Jordan Belfort. , talking about how, well, in your world everyone uses drugs, it's one of those personal attacks that it is. It's not really based on the fact of the matter, since my browsing style is better because of this and yours is worse because of it. It's just a direct ad hominem attack that is a personal attack on a person and Jordan just laughs about it.
He curses as he comes back into the game and hits Jordan low. He really shows that he needs to do these kinds of low tricks just to get back in the game. He is unfortunate, but at this point. Oh, Jordan Belfort actually makes a mistake in my opinion. extending his hand and saying with all due respect friend by the way both phrases relatively condescending friend very condescending and with all due respect to the brochure it's an unnecessary preface to being condescending basically it's okay to sell sell a twenty thousand dollar product right but Listen, you know , to respect, buddy, I've trained millions of sales, Mimi, I haven't and I just know it, and I've trained all the guys and I know to train them, but how did you train?
It does not matter that. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, you know everything you know, I trained in my own business and I noticed how in earlier parts of the interview, when Grant Cardone was aggressive, Jordan backed down on a smart sales move, let him talk a bit, let's get back to a level playing field when Jordan Belfort gets aggressive, which is generally not a good idea to get aggressive in sales. Grant Cardone gives it back, but it's super unproductive to condescendingly say millions, so how did he train him? It doesn't lead to any productivity in the conversation all it does is increase the anxiety level on both sides and I think that's a small mistake for both parties, but listen, you know, to respect my friend, I have trained millions of salespeople, Mimi and me.
I haven't done it and I just know and I've trained all kinds and I know it's a training, although it doesn't matter how you trained, what matters, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, you know everything you know, I trained on my own. Business now, I'll fast forward and look at Grant Card. You make this suggestion, but then notice how quickly Grant becomes aware of what he's saying, so it's not you, you don't leave human beings to their fate. The thing is you don't leave them like you have a commission structure, obviously you want to create an incentive plan that is safe and motivating, you don't want to discourage the bill, so you want to motivate people with certain things that you want. set them up for success I want to make sure their success is right, you want to set up emoni, give them the best chance of success, so my point is when I have someone on a phone, I train them, is that if I believe is that the People have a habit of finishing, I think, but in reality, this is that, in the absence of intervention, they will talk too long, someone would not buy, that is my belief, do you agree, word that you do not agree, that uh, I agree, that yeah, okay, okay Notice what it took for Grant to go from being uncomfortable to this smiling state.
Here it was necessary for Jordan to feed. I would agree with this right because that's what Grant Cardones' behavior was like just ten seconds earlier. Very frustrated. Look at that kind of skeptical look on Grant Cardones's face. and he just doesn't feel comfortable hererubbing the side of his ear and his face. Jordan kind of makes him an offer of hey, you know, we could team up here, watch this quietly here, like we could work together in this kind of open hands to closed hands. very accommodating looking forward to working with Cardone looking forward to finding common ground here we'll see a little more of that and then we'll see Jordan again for that offer and then Grant is all smiles again let's see it I think people have assistance I think you agree with this that in the absence of intervention they will talk too long someone was not going to buy it that is my belief do you agree word that you disagree that uh I agree that yes Okay, how brilliant, get that Grant getting back on the same page, getting Grant to smile even though Grant is still in that kind of defensive position.
The next place where we really see this evolve is when they debate whether people can be natural salespeople or not. and what you're going to seeJordan Belfort shuts down Grant, but then you'll see Grant waiting for his opportunity to counterattack, but again, it's not the best opportunity to counterattack because it's not very productive to know when, what, when, like some people just. unnatural sellers me and no one is natural I was I was a natural seller I was and I ran to many many over the years there were natural people true many of our time just how many of you run to countless countless counters countless countless natural just and also watch Grant tried to counter Jordan but then Jordan fights back and watches Grant close down, get into a position of weakness and then watch what he has to do to get out again, not productive but watch it happen now, specifically no one It's a I was a natural, I was a natural salesman, I was and I look at that closing.
Grant has to get out of this and he tries, but again not perfectly. I've raced with many, many over the years, there were Naturals, right?, many are coming. How many of you run to innumerable innumerable, notice how right after Jordan says innumerable, Grant, like in the background, says the same thing again that we heard before, that yes, yes, innumerable, count innumerable, innumerable, natural, just and Is everything also prominent? in the middle now remember the last time Grant started doing the yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he wasn't really paying attention anymore and the interesting thing is that this same thing happens here, the one called Lola, so you should, yeah, because no You want to answer that. phone and it's like human nature on some levels psychology, what do you think about that?
Yeah, I think people want to avoid you, you know, that's why, that's why I said before, it's the number, it's the volume, what is it giving you, right? don't pay right there, this is really so brilliant. Jordan picks up Grant Cardone again after missing this spot without paying attention. Jordan jumps in and basically says to himself you know what, let's change the subject, hey, let's talk about NLP, now what we're about to see is also very funny because we see Grant get criticized for not really being aware of the NLP as much as it should be, we see Jordan say, oh, how would you identify an NLP person like me?
He's never heard of it before and Grant goes back into defensive mode until Grant can come back and start talking about himself and how great his sales organization is and how great everything is. Grant, some levels of psychology, what do you think of that? Yes. I think people want to avoid it, you know, that's why, that's why I said before, it's the number, the volume, what makes you make fun of NLP? And they are linguistic products like an opaque trick, yes, totally, I have never done it. I had an LLP and NLP salesperson that worked for us, so I don't know, they know they never did.
I'm not sales, it would seem that's me either. I know the guys are like I'm doing LM. Good, really? They never work, they never, they never, they never studied you, you know, they were never productive, so we have, I don't know, I think we have eighty salespeople on the phone today looking for, I think it goes without saying here, but it's pretty obvious, you know when? Grants loses when he has to curse or talk about how big his empire is or how big his staff is or how big his plane is or whatever and go back to these generalities, these things that people can cheer for, so we have , I don't know.
I think we have eighty salespeople on the phone today, in fact, that's exactly where the conversation goes when you watch this particular clip, think about when Grant sells equity to Cardone, what does he like to do? Who doesn't like cash flow? It's a truism, it's like it doesn't even need to be said and of course people want cash flow, but it's a good way to rile up a crowd and turn around and appeal to the audience in an average business to get sales. . Are they talking about average companies? If I were you, I don't know when you train.
Well, you, who wants to be average, you, you, you study in a Virginia, friend. I'm talking about you now, let's leave this talk. Average aside, let's jump to this part where Grant and Belfort talk about the idea that there are a lot of people who talk and don't really give practical advice, they just give you this textbook rah rah rah, you know you should be doing this , you should do that, but it's not very practical and I'd love the swipe that Belfort gives to the card property of basically saying, oh yeah, talking but not really knowing what you're talking about.
Grant Cardone tries to defend himself. but it's still such a well played jab let's see the first speakers in a sexpert, yeah okay 18 experts uh gurus okay they're like talking about how to do X and they've never done anything at home bro, they know I did this from age 32 to probably 10 years into my career, where I asked myself: What do you think about things you didn't really know? now let's skip ahead and look at the last time Jordan tries to differentiate Grant Cardone in sales, we end up getting into Grant Cardone's last type of sales pitch and then we get a very clear distinction here of the different sales personalities that you know in The real world. of practical sales training there are certain things that you see again you can act like an average company there are sales people all over the world they are typical habits right?
Would you agree with that or not? You don't think it's a typical habit. The sellers laugh. I do not do it. I don't think it's about salespeople, I think it's about people, not salespeople, okay, what do you have to say about training or training salespeople? like, I mean, it's a little frustrating this distinction between people and salespeople, but let's not leave that, okay, you can't, there's no tricks when I'm talking to a guy on the phone, they got that call I made a few minutes ago. a hundred million dollars where the deal is that you can't trick a guy so that he can't cross his legs and think, okay, I'll use the word trick, even though I couldn't fool.
I'm confused, we make chairs, there's no trick, bro. This is what your viewer needs to take advantage of, not a strategy, the strategy is to have a full channel, so this, but what happens once you get a qualified barn horn? Is there a strategy then or not? Indeed, what is the strategy for making contact? where we could really see that unfortunately it gives a sales point of view here it just goes in a circle. Grant basically says, look at sales strategy and the only strategy you need is to have a full funnel and a full pipeline and Jordan Belfort says well what do you do when you finally have someone on the hook, like what's the strategy and Grant comes back to close the circle.
Well, the strategy is to have people on the hook, that's a little frustrating, but we have different styles here. Grant believes there is no particular way to sell a person. Belfort thinks typical sales training says we can train people to ask qualified leads the right questions and then close the leads. Grant seems to maintain the premise that, hey, you know what it means to be known, run ads, and attract people. They come through the funnel and if they want to buy, they want to buy, otherwise whatever we follow, I have it, but different styles. I guess we'll just cancel it, since once you make it matter what the need is and then what the interest rate or the I need and then what the stratum is you do that how you explain how you explain that no you don't explain it no what you want to do you say it but hey I want you to buy my product ok here is my product this is what my product does this is what my product costs that should arrive early by the way this is what my product costs ok does it fit your needs?
Ok, if everything I say is true, is this of interest to you right now? The interview is really about real estate and 10x and marketing and all that. Jordan has clearly won the sales debate here, the fight over who is the best salesperson and hey, you know what's their thing, so thanks for watching and until next time. Silly sales trainer the other day at the inter

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