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Reacting to Lesbians on TikTok

Feb 23, 2020
cool pub hey guys about the internet it's been a while competing and i've been missing a week or so that's a big deal not really a big deal a circle we call today me and rosie are going to react like the best


on tik -tok I didn't I'm not saying they were the bad guys oh just the last things to sit ok we saw Amy Oldman do it and we thought we'd take that idea and make it better they actually had the idea before she did it did. i'm very new to taking time that's not a liar it's not i've fought many times just scrolls tick-tock our i'm addicted i just heard the same thing i was watching tick tock and i thought my self esteem had taken a hit how can i say this ? when i was in school i felt like i got hot up there yeah yeah then the tick tock happened and i was like wow im aligning help and whiten my teeth. box I see a lot of coal ball better than lesbian is better than most okay the first lesbian I found in tips what was this girl okay I'll be Honest with you Rhys that's what life is all about in the beginning.
reacting to lesbians on tiktok
I thought oh hey thanks she's great get ready because she's so tough she knows how to do it I think she's really hating on her for no reason because you're jealous yeah sorry. but let's cut to the chase when I say hey Wow why was he found out right after pissing off yeah the smart one? just right and i'm there like in another life or they cheer me on yeah ok ok i love the fine line indians cringe so if me and that's the thing with successful football that's why I don't think I've ever made one because you'd be embarrassed.
reacting to lesbians on tiktok

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reacting to lesbians on tiktok...

I own his brother, he did some of his dancing. Look how she laughs. She's fit, oh, she can move, yeah, oh well, she's got it all, Ida. and calls safe and fit so we think this is the girl who i think she's the type of content you'll do she's ok excuse me but you gotta eat me I'll be the judge of that. she is very funny, she is very, very funny, extremely funny, hilarious. Amy Alderman is famous in semi-tech yeah I take all the credit maybe she's just famous yeah maybe maybe she was hard on me saying she's semi-thing because she waits for Tralee in her famous I've seen some bees before and I thought they were really funny, yeah, so I don't know.
reacting to lesbians on tiktok
Promotion, wait. Amy is fun. I'm starting to like Amy mm-hm. I do not know. I do not know. What I wanted to do is talk at Christmas. Sorry I felt you didn't support me, yes that's right, it would be my fault. be cool just edit now i'll show you the next embarrassing couple can i say that in i cringe yeah that's your opinion that's just my new european degree i'm um i'll give you my honest opinion whether it's funny funny or thrilling ok they're both hot but you know it's the length I'm like Isn't that much hot water?
reacting to lesbians on tiktok
I don't know, trust is a great day, right? I keep in touch I mean you're so much Buffalo and I love it I mean yeah I know if I can keep watching but I will no hey they're famous something yeah I don't know um no I don't even have a tip , so i know how to edit the table but even it has broken hi wait i need to get in the zone ok there is a lot of performance. Continuing to the left, there's a lot, okay, the blonde sounds, yes, which I'm sure has an ADA. literally standing there rocking wow there's a lot of nodding there Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is 210 point 9 K and they're just swa and barely lip syncing I mean that's amazing it's credit to play it Hats off to you it's a fantastic thing to enjoy we should do a sitcom yeah let's try you just did the last big grunt i can't get it right that's one more you have to watch it's like really really excited i feel like i just had sex with a boat that was on it so I know I hit pause, it was a lot, all they do is me, the camera, where I used to. be able to a camera I've never been able to do that I'm sure you really can't believe me I can't be okay that was a lot so after the orgasm I just had on camera we can see it's charcuterie I think chocolate food just bring me back that's right calm state though i might have another orgasm for - oh she's finishing her hands my people are all those grapes yeah look at cucumber sticks oh my oh yeah army folding probably right that's so delicious bouchet who is she just getting me down this is what i can perpetually makes me very hungry - i have for lunch i just searched for lesbian yes because you can search yes thanks you write really like me but everyone is happy.
Mercy, what's up? What do you mean? I have problems. school like no one ever got out was a complete bully now they let you have mad with a bandage so you come from a really damaged place for much of my childhood this is really cool keep ticking I'd be like oh god dude help me couples, is this totally normal? I love that you are his problem. tick-tock or oh no that's how I say it oh my gosh there's definitely a place in the market for me in lesbian but a different one ok she grew very tall. t-top put me more on the stud if anything Women are being sick oh sorry where do I fit in? in I don't have to be the rock you could identify why just me ok like the song goes like Rosella oh this girl who has booked has added the hashtag bisexual lesbian so I don't know what bisexual is.
Just kidding the last two a well made top I love it yeah that's it Wow Wow mine I live for the stud yeah yeah I live for the top that suits its big royal house it sparked something in you too , but I did not lesbianism of one. hottie to another but bevor they're down here ok i'm getting that story i'm actually going to put a baby monitor on shannon got caught having sex with a girl sounds like where is that footage? I mean, yeah, it's disrespectful and a complete violation of privacy, but where's the footage? I'm going to help you, you know a dance, no, I have a spearhead dance, that's the point, happy, why not?
Hey, you have to understand. Why call the rules tick-tock? Let's be love, finger type. This is what I want to show you. So, I have seen this girl, since she is brilliant. Can we do our thing? Yeah exactly, we're going to film your first tick-tock now, okay, just hit record, it should, priority, done, that's great, that's the first one, I love it, we're great to talk to, right? He is very well injured, but half of that is very good. I think it's great. I did it for your page. if she's a big flop, that's good, throw her out, you're going to run away with MA.
Oh, she will say why so thick. I'm very proud of what we just did. It was really that good. pepper sorry i took your advice right ok you should be behind by now guys i think its like comment and subscribe bye mosey on tick tock whats your name roxann e Siravo I'm going to be ticking making my own content it's good to see you and talk to you again I've missed you so much let's subscribe to this channel because we're almost past 10 years and Millie we ain't even really a mini now maybe in 10 years to earn a living, maybe it's because you're too embarrassing, bye

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