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Reacting to Dance Moms with Elliana and our CRAZY MOMS! OMG!!! #dancemoms #reaction #abbyleemiller

Jun 06, 2021
get out of my face the only thing you like to show is lily crying kelly crying I didn't do so well I just lost Hello guys, welcome back to my channel and today I have a very special guest eliana hello guys I'm great, how are you today? Let's react to an old episode of Dance Moms where I do my solo, scream for ice cream, and just live on the


floor. Does this music give everyone else a stomach ache? Yeah, that actually gives me a secret. He does it. she actually just sings like she remembers that she you're telling me they film about 60 hours a week and they chose the second one where lily was almost naked and crying if you had ten dollars for every time you cried could you?
reacting to dance moms with elliana and our crazy moms omg dancemoms reaction abbyleemiller
You imagine I'd rather have ten dollars every time there's an Instagram editing fanatic, they're buying the montages you need to stay focused eliana, I just want to tell you that's your face during the entire Jelly episode, it's amazing. In Los Angeles we headed back to Pittsburgh and I'm sure the older girls are so used to the pyramid that they're like that and our kids are like that, that's why we can


, we're always going to dance, it's you. We have no idea that the older girls probably wanted a break, it's okay, just please let these ones do it, it's not okay, Louie, I think sometimes when you work in pairs with the older girls, you're afraid to do it.
reacting to dance moms with elliana and our crazy moms omg dancemoms reaction abbyleemiller

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reacting to dance moms with elliana and our crazy moms omg dancemoms reaction abbyleemiller...

I wonder why you don't do it. Be afraid of making mistakes if everyone is perfect. They all laugh because they hear Abby say that you don't have to be perfect all the time. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because then she never wanted you to make a mistake, but if you do. a mistake, even if you are seven years old, yes you have to walk like hot holes, were you able to choose your headshot? No, no, I had something that I sent in and I really felt like it looked good. Yes, the same, no, I said. something yeah, it looked like she had diarrhea and then the picture is actually messy if you look at it closely, so one of her ponytails has like a pink spot for two whole seasons and that was the one they continued.
reacting to dance moms with elliana and our crazy moms omg dancemoms reaction abbyleemiller
Saying this is the one you're going to get, yeah, we're staying local and going to a fierce national talent competition in Placentia, California, okay, so Lily, you've got a solo, Eliana, you'll be performing a lyrical solo. Camila doesn't sit down. With everyone they had here you can tell they really liked us and we were going to go to Pittsburgh right after this and it was like who's going oh yeah remember for nationals yeah and Abby told me she basically told Macy who is a horrible dancer in the end. I remember that, oh boy, we'll see the east coast where it all started.
reacting to dance moms with elliana and our crazy moms omg dancemoms reaction abbyleemiller
I don't even know if we'll go. I mean, that's the point, like I want to fight. for Macy to get there and we're a few weeks away from the national championship, well I think at this point she just assumes she's going, just goes with the flow. I would love to be part of the team, but I can't yet. try, I can't make that assumption ice cream cone, okay, what was this music and lily is backwards, okay and it was scary music, look at my face like, oh my god, I'm confused, I always remember, always I remember Abby would do it? make me stay in contortion poses for a long time that was so creepy and so many things that I scream for an ice cream, a delicate but dangerous one like yes, I actually love it, it was good, we have three girls, three alone, the 12 of us and below we have two weeks until nationals this is our last week here in Los Angeles so this is it look at my face I don't know about this.
I wonder how anyone is going to know if my daughter can dance when she is doing what is this? you have to go out and show me that you're the one i should choose to dance at nationals what's lily's title i think it's ice cream for ice cream and honestly i trust abby with the acro solos i think she knows what she's doing and she has a plan, I kinda like it, I like it, I think Abby has a plan and then when it's just me I'm nervous, yeah, I feel like we're largely not giving up, maybe it's a tough love situation we're not going to give up I would say my daughter wouldn't be in this situation good for you go be a father to your child apparently yes child thank you I don't respect you at all and so why should I?
Even answering you, I'm here for my son, let's discuss this, although in this fight, we were always separated from them and they wouldn't have cameras on both of us, so to make sure that you guys actually went on air in solos, yes, we had to discuss something like arguing about anything I actually like the color yellow yeah purple is better like the whole camera crew would like to leave us so if we don't scream then they leave and then the ogs would make fun of us anyway so if we were boring and we were like I like I like my kids you're just you're like I like my kid just jim yeah I think my kid's gonna beat me well I think myself and then all the og


would say they suck on this show I don't know what they're doing and then when we're fighting they're like, "Oh my God, seriously, I don't know why they're okay there, your kids are alone for some reason, a lot of


feel very threatened." we didn't know what we were doing they didn't give us a manual we had no idea we were trying to figure out we're okay let's try to figure out what we could yell at each other about yeah They're like they're making fun of us anyway so no They're boring, that's bad and if we're fighting, they're happy to be here, yeah, so sometimes I just make faces, I just make faces in random places and then we'd probably like to zoom in and edit it anywhere else, anywhere. somewhere else, so it would be like nothing happened to me, but I would tell them, and then, and then, they would just like to hit it, actually, I know when I did it once.
I was scared like I didn't do that because it was Abby. She just gave Ellie a compliment after hers and showed me that I said, "I didn't do that." In fact, I told Ellie she did great. and I gave him a hug. My natural experience with them is like manipulating and I was like, hey, welcome to reality, welcome, it's beautiful, no, she's not, she's not, this is who you are, you are, I feel like I'm not good enough to nothing I do. I can't do it right ellie ellie yolanda if your daughter is crying she won't dance tomorrow when she gets criticism she takes it very personally yes and it's almost like she sees it as an insult you know I just said yolanda eliana I'm just here I remember at the time where you were trying, we were trying to ignore her because they wanted her to come fight with us, so we were talking about the weather and whatever and we were trying to ignore her and I was going home like don't do it don't tell her anything don't tell her anything don't say anything don't say it don't answer that get out of my sight I'm so sick of you you're trying to affect me and my daughter you're disgusting you're disgusting when the best option comes along that I think is there against your son tomorrow you'll have a call of rude attention well I just lost it like I could just feel it and I thought don't say anything I couldn't I couldn't stop it was okay if we could pause this I'm just going to run to the bathroom okay three one. two three oh, okay, we're ready to go, can I get an air conditioner?
It was actually really hard for me to see around here because it's like it's hard for me. I just went to the bathroom, although I have to go back. I walk in and see Yolanda get up and move. I'm not going to know that, but I actually like you to know. I don't actually see that there are any assigned states. Did you say there is some science? It's like this isn't climbing in kindergarten. seats you will end up with continuity as if that were my seat. I can't just change seats. Yeah, are you trying to take a seat because I can't see very well?
It's just more difficult. There is a look here. That's me. I have contacts. Because? I can't, my God, how old are you? you're going to take my seat, you're actually going to get up, okay, what are you going to do, are you going to get up, what are you going to do, not me? Get this, well I got a note from one of the producers that I really need to like, sit here, so he waits, what do you want me to do? The producer told me to make you move, so we're trying to make this fight, why?
Did we let our kids on this


show when they were so little, they were like little kids there, literally, but they didn't look that young now, when you look back, Lily, especially, looks like babies, I mean just wearing her little ice cream ? She looked like she melted. I felt so embarrassed backstage when Abby made the person who was calling out the numbers say "ice cream", yes it's very ripe, if you had to choose your favorite flavor it would be sweet, it would still taste so sweet, it's like your movement it wasn't. creepy but that music gets weird yeah it's so all his stuff was creepy oh abby loved this like oh this like spider spider spider oh the cherry on top almost fell off he loves some of those and can you imagine wow that's a great complimented because her making her responsible for every little detail because she wants me to succeed so no matter how hard it is you have to hold on and dance this is one of my best solos although honestly in the whole show it's very hard to get a just normal. like that, so you gotta appreciate when you do it right, when you really get it, it was what it's called, only one person can do so many things right, we were lost, oh, she failed you, whoa, she didn't remember.
Yes, okay, time to get dressed up for the day. Let's start with our five best solos. Come to Eliana Liliana. They will not have another chance to compete before nationals. This is all. This is what I have to base the nationals on. in fifth place we actually have a tie between entry number 30 I'm enough and entry number 31 scream for ice cream I mean it's amazing what they were that is absolutely unacceptable in second place entry number 75 the bright side oh without permission look miss alma is really good, although this was really good, it was the 78th best solo entry, the train, come on, solo, come on, I'm really disappointed with where you placed macy, you couldn't stand there and get a prize, come on.
We're done, yeah, I'm leaving, we're leaving, well that was a very sad way to end the episode, but I guess to liven it up, remember what they used to do backstage? Yes, to cheer yourself up before continuing. stage okay let's get out of the way clap, clap, snap, snap, heel, heel stretch, stretch, spin, thank you all so much for watching this video and thank you to Ellie for being in this video of course I hope you do Enjoyed if you gave it a big Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so you can get notified every time I post a new video.
Well, goodbye, all I want to do.

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