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Reacher’s Funny Moments | REACHER Season 2 | Prime Video

May 17, 2024
It's been a minute since Margrave. It's been two years, seven months, 19 days. You look well. I look the same. You looked good two years, seven months and 19 days ago. So. Yes. You look the same. You look... road worn. Yes sorry. I was wondering if I could ask for help. Well, that's what we give here. I'm looking for my cousin. She has a really bad drug problem and a family friend said she saw him living on the streets around here. I'm sorry to hear that. Good. Thank you. I promised my aunt that she wouldn't come home without her son.
reacher s funny moments reacher season 2 prime video
I don't even know where to start looking. And I thought maybe the church has a support group or something. Through that, maybe you would have some idea where Jimmy was scoring? This is beautiful. What do you think he's going to do? My nose, man! Gun. It seems someone took the sign as a personal challenge. Doreen, I'm just warming up. The devil did his best work when he created that poison, didn't he? Of course. Almost everyone who participates in our outreach program gets their fix from the same place. Dumont. Just east of Rockaway. But you have to want to die to go in there alone, son.
reacher s funny moments reacher season 2 prime video

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reacher s funny moments reacher season 2 prime video...

I'll be fine, father. I have justice on my side. Like old times. Yes. You on the sidelines while I do all the work. Friends, this was your weapon. New York Police? My name is Gaetano Russo. Do not look at me. You did all the work. O'Donnell and Neagley found the bar. Fully stocked. Did you unpack? Yes. No. You two stay here. They both look like police officers. What are you two like? The Lady and the Tramp. I gotta say, man, big mistake. As soon as Russo wakes up, the entire NYPD will be after you. Why did you have to hit him so hard?
reacher s funny moments reacher season 2 prime video
I don't hit softly. Well, the police punch is going to serve for a long time. I was angry about the dog and assumed that he was involved in Franzi and Swan's murder. What did you teach us? In an investigation, assumptions kill. No, it was an investigation, the details matter. I didn't kill him. He just broke his nose. I'll take the 17. two Nintendos, that Beretta and three burners. Good. Just so you know, once you apply for your permit, there is a seven-day waiting period before you can purchase a firearm. You can only purchase one within 30 days, but I can hold them for you.
reacher s funny moments reacher season 2 prime video
There are many obstacles. Hey, slugger. Go out! I'll give you your bail money back. Don't forget the room and the plane ticket. What are you waiting for? Go out! Hands on the roof, Paul Bunyan. Neagley. Dixon. Handle that parking pass issue. O'Donnell? How can I be of help? Oh yeah. More hoops than the NBA. The rules say that you can lend these firearms to a friend, which, as you know, is one of the conditions for legal temporary transfer under New Jersey law. Nice to meet you friend. I'm Joe Gordon. You went to law school, right? Yes.
Rutgers. So, more or less. You can kiss me -. This guy is my lawyer. Good for you. Detective. The lawyer requested by my client. If he separates us during transport, he will create a moot issue that I assure you I will win on appeal in the slim chance of a sentence being served. None of that is even remotely accurate. We can agree to disagree. Rutgers. Barbara Gottelsman. She's 79, so be nice. Why wouldn't she be nice? I don't know, I like my Glock 17. That's a Glock 17. I said my Glock 17. Okay. I like the feeling. What was that?
Oh nothing. I just hear a 200 hitter complain about his new bat. Hey, I'm a great shot. You're average at best. Bull-. Dixon, support me here. That time in Biloxi. Was it the luckiest shot I've ever seen? Thank you. Man, you couldn't hit a donkey... with a banjo. Yes. Oh, you pick up the phone. I thought maybe you couldn't answer because you broke your hand driving the car through the office building. I didn't get hurt at all. Do you think it's


? I already told you, no more cowboy -. The car belonged to one of his employees.
She was returning it. Hey, where are the clothes you were wearing? Trash. Trash? Because? I'm already wearing boots. If only I had more clothes very soon. I need a suitcase. I have a suitcase. I need a house to store it. Then I need a car for the driveway. Before you know it, I'm filling out all kinds of forms. So a spare shirt is too much for you? Has anyone ever diagnosed you as a sociopath? Diagnosis? No hello. Five, oh. Five, oh. Why are you so rude? This is not your week. Not a word. Holy - . Those are two words.
One more and I'll raise this kitten heel -. I'm just saying you look good. They both look good. You look like... on top of a wedding cake. Here, I'll give it back to you in a month. When my pension lands. Yes, your pension will not cover that demand. Ah, the hotel room or the plane ticket. I will return it to you in two months. Hey. Excuse me. So will the drug charges be dropped or what? I don't know. I'm not a cop. Let me guess. Government plates. Government suits. Government tours. I'm surprised it took Senator Lavoy this long to find out who dealt with his lackey last night.
The senator has a proposal for you. Enters. No, I finished. Well. I've finished. You are under arrest -. No. These guys attacked us in broad daylight at a crowded funeral. They are getting desperate. It means this is coming to a head quickly. We take him in, he looks for a lawyer and doesn't speak until it's too late. And a terrorist with a 650 chance of shooting down a commercial airliner. So what do you want me to do? Look at the other side. Oh come on man. Why not Mr. Reacher? Just Reacher. Good. Reacher. Why don't you get in the car?
Because he didn't ask nicely. Well. Deer. What is the magic word? Please get into the vehicle. He got his son a drink and a dog and bought her a burner phone with cash. Let me keep the change. I was in a hurry. I didn't have time for the change. If you want to see better, you can get closer. She's not the type to crawl. Homemade muffler. She calls Marlo or I shoot you in the leg. Scream, I'll shoot you in the head. Well. Marlo, can you come here for a moment? Sit back down. I can't believe you fell for that.
It is a 16 inch plastic. Looks like you had a rough night. It had been worse. What can I get you? Coffee. Black. Same. Yes, you can bring the pot. For you, ma'am? Cereal. Pops, puffs or pebbles. In that order of preference. And a chocolate shake. Thank you.

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