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RAREST LEGO items...

Aug 30, 2022
in this video i am going to buy super rare and expensive


pieces and minifigures, we will see everything from 30


pieces to a lego minifigure expensive enough to buy a car with. This list is crazy and I'm nervous because I spent a lot on this video so come on there are different types of goats out there there's a normal little boat go to minecraft but what if I told you there's a lego goat too It came in a medieval set from 2011 and goes for a whopping 100 buckaroos, so I went ahead and ordered one. I can't believe this piece costs the same as this 100 lego set with about 1000 pieces.
rarest lego items
People these days are flexing with their yachts and lambos, but I'd be here flexing. with the lego go, but from the memes, I think it was a worthwhile investment. I'm surprised at how expensive this big brain cost. Okay, now what is a rare and expensive minifigure part? Well, I searched a little and found this dark tan feminine hair piece. that's thirty bucks turns out it only appeared in a Monster Fighter set from a while ago so that explains why, here's what it looks like in person and I'm amazed at how financially insensitive I was by ordering this, but hey, it's by content.
rarest lego items

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rarest lego items...

Guys, we might as well tell you, what iconic person can we make with this piece? Oh, we can do a Karen. So, using some minifigure parts and some additional parts, we can have Karen inform someone on her phone about illegal construction. technique for her 13 Facebook followers, let's all agree, although there are people who need to be behind bars, okay, what is a big piece that is rare? Well, I bought this boat hole a while ago that was almost two feet long and I paid 120 for it. Well, I found this. great raised baseplate with interesting details that only appeared in a game over 20 years ago and I bought it for $75.
rarest lego items
I think it actually looks pretty cool, so let's go ahead and build something that fits it. I want to make a section of a forest, so using a bunch of pieces from my plants, I'm going to add some bushes, flowers and trees to surround this construction and there's an empty spot here, so how about we add a rock? Oh wait, not that rock, okay, that's more like As a final touch, I'm going to put in an old off-road car and boom, it looks like we have a whole section of a forest before we move on to our next idea, let's talk about the sponsor of this video, which is Monster Legends Monster.
rarest lego items
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I mean, there is literally an island of YouTubers where you can find monsters created by real YouTubers. Find your favorite. check out their monsters, the unique abilities they chose for them and put them to the test, so click the link below right now or scan this QR code, download Monster Legends and you will get a juicy starter pack that includes this fire habitat and Three epic monsters from the Volcano Guardians team, including Hellboris Fireskew and Salamander. Wow, thanks to monster legends for sponsoring this video, anyway, let's get back to wasting brain cells on rare and expensive legos.
Well, what is a rare and expensive minifigure? Well, say hello to the coke man. This is an exclusive football set. from 2002 and it cost me 120, but the reason it's so expensive is partly because it's in a sealed bag so it can be hard to see, it feels like ripping off a band aid and I'm surprised it's even a set of Lego because it literally has four pieces, three of those pieces are super common and appear in many other sets, so if you really think about it, I paid almost 100 dollars for this torso that says coke and his face is friendly.
How creepy, what if I told you that this handful of Legos is worth less than three dollars, while this handful of Legos is worth 146 dollars? That doesn't make sense, let's talk about rare and expensive building parts, starting with this plate, it only came in two sets and since it's a popular color, it cost 32. We need to create fire content with this, so I used it to help me build a lamp, also a plate for ice cream and also a pot for some plants. Here is a gray turntable that came in a few. big expensive lego sets and for this one it cost me 22. apart from the fact that it spins i don't know if it's worth that much money but we need content so i used it to make a record player, this is part number 30562. and it's a panel big and rounded, but in this black color it only appears in two sets from 2001, so it costs 35 dollars, but I don't understand it because a white one only costs 25 cents, okay, Lego, it's such a random piece, I don't understand it .
I even know what to do with it, maybe a shower or a bed or a speed bump for a car or a speed bump for my bank account because of how expensive it is. This is part 47405 and it is a strange shaped board, but in light gray it just appeared. in two games and the cheapest one I could find was 33 dollars mom, please don't be mad, it's for content. Also here is part number 3063 which is a macaroni brick and in this specific color which is sand green it came in a rare statue of liberty. The 2000 game, the cheapest I could find, cost 25, but it's still very expensive.
Well now it's time to see if any of my boys have any expensive and rare Lego that he can use in this video, so I contacted my boy Alex and he sent it to me. a pack that sent some rare Star Wars characters here is a Lego Count Dooku minifigure from Star Wars and Attack of the Clones that came in a 2013 set that originally sold for forty dollars but now just him as a minifigure costs sixty bucks here's an to my boy Luke Skywalker, he also looks like the yeti from Monsters Inc, he came in two Star Wars sets and the cheapest one I could find online is 22.
And here's a dewback that looks like a banana slug with legs. Comes in a 2014 Star Wars cantina set and now goes. For twenty bucks I asked everyone on Instagram what we should call it and we got a lot of good responses like larry fred todd kevin boris herbert and me mom of course someone had to make that joke. I say we call him herbert to celebrate. let's give him some chicken and also alex sent me some weird Minecraft stuff so in 2017 Lego released set number 21137, the mountain cave, which to this day is the largest Lego Minecraft set and expensive, it's like the holy grail of Lego Minecraft because it includes a ton. from exclusive mobs like this slime which now costs 100, you can open it and there are even some baby slimes inside, also this charging vine which is different from normal vines because it looks like it's about to explode.
The price of this also exploded because at one point it was for 100 here are two normal lego wolves and here are two wolves that are exclusive to the set and the only difference is that their eyes are red because they are angry, the largest one is worth forty-five dollars and the smallest one is forty dollars bad dog oh he didn't like that like the video if you think my dog ​​is cooler and here's a black sheep. Minecraft sheep are usually pretty common, but people don't know that this one in black is extremely rare and only exclusive to the set.
I looked it up and the helmet alone costs 100. Okay, now it's time for the grand finale. Here are two minifigures that cost a ridiculous amount of money. I contacted my guy Wappy Bricks and he sent me a 500 Jango Fett minifigure. It's literally in a ring box, will you marry me? Let's go home. It came in a Star Wars set from 2002. And I bet most of the people who had this were little kids who ended up sticking it up their nose or losing it in a home air conditioner. ventilation, so finding one in perfect condition like this is a real keeper, as a joke I offered to sell it super cheap with a bunch of crappy Star Wars minifigures, like I didn't realize how rare it was and we got some of the thirstiest hustlers i could pick up today i could pay a deposit i'll make 110 cash i promise i'm real but lego finally made an updated jango fett 10 years later that came in one set and the cheapest one i could find was forty dollars and for the most expensive minifigure of all, a minifigure worth enough to buy a car, the holy grail, the air jordan 1 chicago and charizard, pokemon card from the lego community, say hello to mr gold, a collectible minifigure of series 10 released in 2013 and only 5,000 of these were made but many have since been damaged, lost or kept away by the thirstiest lego collectors so seeing one in person is truly a sight to behold and my boy Alex hooked me up with one, okay, here we go, OMG.
Shit, the only problem is that it doesn't come with the cane piece, um, and also one of the arms had to be replaced because apparently it broke, but it's Mr Gold and, checking online, some of these cost up to six thousand dollars , it just explodes. I remember how much people would be willing to pay for a Lego minifigure. Thanks Alex, please go and give it some love. Well, it looks like now that this video is over I'm left with a bunch of rare and expensive Legos to flex once again, thanks. Monster Legends for sponsoring this video, be sure to download the game and claim your free starter pack to get a head start in the game and level up faster.
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