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Ranking EVERY ROLE From HARDEST To EASIEST - League of Legends Season 10

Jun 06, 2021
bro you're literally playing support your opinion it doesn't matter all you have to do is right click top lane its a brainless


no one cares im sure we've all heard these things, but maybe it's time we talk about them come on summoners my name is Kellan or exile and today welcome back to another pro guides video and in this one we're going to rank each






that's right let's go there he once had a fight with his friends. whose role is more difficult today we are here to answer all the big questions.
ranking every role from hardest to easiest   league of legends season 10
This video will be divided into three sections as this is quite a difficult question to answer. We will be answering this question for low and low players from iron up. to high and low platinum which is diamond and above and finally pro game that speaks for itself but for today's question which role do you think needs improvement overall? Now I personally am a top laner so I'm not going to say top lane. I actually think ADC is a lame role right now, it's not that there aren't good ADC champions. I just feel like it's not exactly fun to play that role right now and I wish it could fit in a little bit better.
ranking every role from hardest to easiest   league of legends season 10

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ranking every role from hardest to easiest league of legends season 10...

I wish certain champions like Heimerdinger wouldn't be so oppressed if Cassiopeia bot Lane wasn't so oppressive and I wish certain thugs from Lane we've had in the past maybe something like Draven or even Caitlyn to a certain extent after they did those bug fixes I could really believe in their lane and I still feel like some of the supports are too oppies but that its just my opinion and i want to know your guys thoughts so be sure to comment with your answers below btw guys i want you guys to check out the pro guides chill if you haven't already for those who are taken in Seriously buffing the


and rank up you guys will need to check it out we have a ton of content in there as well as some great trainers that ar I'm willing to help you guys so with all that said check out the pro guides calm down and let's start the video first let's talk about most players now it sucks to admit but most of us aren't challengers or even diamonds this is the The list which is relevant to most players as the


s are mostly based on players ranging from iron to gold or even platinum just to clarify that the roles listed first are the


while which we will mention at the end.
ranking every role from hardest to easiest   league of legends season 10
They are the


for our


of the roles, it will be the lower support of the mid jungler and then finally the takedown. Our analysts have given this a lot of thought so let's go ahead and discuss first why bot lane is the hardest role to play in low e low, well let me put it simply, do you really trust your vain teammate to 1v9 for yourself in bronze? anticipate I would have to once again do my fair share of vanity in spotting that bot laners really struggle to carry their games underweight for a variety of reasons, the most obvious reason being the champion pool, needless to say many bots laners are not suited to running lower breakout games they are squishy but do a lot of damage you need a team that understands when to play around you and you also need to be pretty good at the game yourself actually a lot of low rated players are there for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are still developing mechanics at the point where a shooter goes out of line once and gets shot.
ranking every role from hardest to easiest   league of legends season 10
This is how things work now in League of Legends and players who have less low in the lower rank are going to make a lot more mistakes when you're trying to run a tough game it's very difficult when literally


one on the enemy team can knock you out of the game it will be much easier to be the person who is shooting your enemies i Instead, guess what a Garen can do that besides being a tank, the next most difficult role to play will be support, while the act of carrying games, sports can be more difficult, doing your job and playing on the edge is a little easier. than with shooter in general though both bot laners have quite a hard time taking games and low and low and in other words the gap between them is very small almost non existent even of course the supports are very tanky per what you can make more mistakes and get away with take, for example, the four most popular supports in silver in patch 10.4, which are Thresh Nautilus Leona and Blitzcrank.
They are made up of over a million games played and these are the most popular champions to support. The sample size is definitely large enough to test. and Thresh aside, they all had positive win rates thinking about what these champions do, it's very easy to recognize that the one thing they all have in common is that they punish mistakes very well unlike th Their lane mates usually have a lot semi-reliable crowd control and we're not soft in a way that supports have an impact on games as well. im trying to avoid as many bugs as possible sorry to sound like a broken record but we all know that in lower eloah bugs are more prevalent in the middle of the pack so low e low junglers are able to capitalize on heavily overspread enemies and players often open up to ganks much more often in lower Evo the downside to this is the flame you get while playing the role no matter what you do no matter what say no one will be happy with you unfortunately part of winning in League of Legends involves carefully monitoring the mental states of your teammates.
One of the main reasons why it's so hard to win as a jungler in lower Ehlo is that players get really mad when you don't attack their lane. If they start playing worse, maybe they even will and there's nothing you can do about it. The positive side is that it is a two-way street. Successful ganks will have the opposite effect. time and less ehlo it can be easy for one to be in your game as you can hit the map but at the same time if you can't stop your teammates from wearing it down it can be very hard to win mid laners are in one place pretty good at running their games and under and under the reality of the situation is that there's almost never going to be a point where all roles are created equally essentially the mid lane is one of the strongest roles because like than junglers, they have easy access. for the rest of his team, side laners have a hard time impacting play on the opposite side of the map; however, mid laners always have the option to choose to play for themselves or support any of their teammates on top of that mid lane.
Assassins are especially powerful in low e low because they can easily snowball kills both inside and outside the lane. There are plenty of kill opportunities as a mid laner and that's not even limited to general low e assassins. low marks a shelter to pick up a million solo kills and a bunch of different random kills of which mid laners and the lower id can take advantage of when feeding mid laners have many different ways to snowball their leaves, you have so many different types of champions you can run assassins who can one shot on our mobile mages who can crowd control picks or even tank their champions who can flex on the role while it can be a surprise the top lane is By far the easiest role to play In Lower Eloah it all comes down to the champions that are very popular being big jaggernots and many thugs are not mechanically demanding in any way, despite this they are also very good at what What do they do. they struggle because they lack mobility, but when players aren't that developed yet, they won't be able to be punished for this weakness. reason, especially when playing Juggernaut so they can easily take over games because players just don't know how to deal with them.
It's not always the case, but to be honest, it's pretty true that players also struggle to deal with split poke and low, which is why you see champions like Jackson Tryndamere in the late game just mindlessly running into lane and eventually winning. taking on the Nexus Enemy once you get to high elo things will start to change drastically once you have diamond the game will change significantly and our role order for height loading will be as follows: top jungle mid support and bottom they pack a full 180 from low e low and high e low playing up is very difficult especially given the current state of things top leaders struggle to impact games and often need to carry games ending somehow in the bot lane while this is objectively not a bad thing, it still illustrates the struggle of top laners to impact games on their own terms, it's often more f easy for them to let someone else win the game for them, in other words, they're better off running games indirectly by giving someone else a chance to do so prioritizes the player's overall dragon over Rift Herald and this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as an ocean dragon or sold dragon that synergizes well with your team can be much more valuable than a single Rift Herald in many situations.
Rights did a good job of giving the Herald more power. from the Rift, but players still tend to prioritize the dragon quite a bit over him. The current state of the top lane is being investigated, so there's a good chance that in the next few patches this could change completely, but for now this is what we're talking about. The other reason why the role becomes much more difficult in Halo is because the macro knowledge increases significantly from low to low. You need to be so much more. being aware of the state of the waves by winning a single 1v1 mid or late game can be game changing as top laners run the teleport, are usually tasked with running the side lane and there's a lot of background knowledge that making this jungle successful also gets a lot harder at high elo.
There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is obvious. You need to know more about the game. You have to understand where your priorities should be and what is the most optimal path for your champion and what is the most optimal path for your opponent as well. The second reason is that no matter how much you know, chances are your opponent also has that same knowledge. It's so much easier to play a competitive game when your opponent doesn't have a clue imagine playing chess against someone who doesn't know all the rules of the game that low you feel eloah sometimes there are so many things you can get away with in so many free games however the higher and higher you go less unless you get your way mid lane starts to get more difficult as you go higher also overall still one of the strongest roles in the game but ironically it is that's why it gets hard to see someone write mid diff on


one chat well it's pretty real the stakes are much higher a winning center line has such an impact on the game that playing well isn't the only thing that matters anymore too you have to make sure you don't play bad, the emphasis on this.
The last point goes higher because you can't get rekt in mid as a mid laner either because your whole team will suffer. Your opponent knows what to do with the leader. If you're high elo, you probably know how to 1v9. while powered but so is your lane opponent once again you will need to have a very deep understanding of the game especially the way lanes will play out, mid laners play a huge role and how the game plays out early and they need to know what's the best game for them in each of their games there's a reason people always talk about that mid synergy and jungle and moving well together it's very real and high low and very important, the game support and the highest elo feels like you have finally been. freed from their switch just like Silas, they can do a lot more and play a vision game better than their opponent and it will ultimately make a real difference. there is more complexity behind this than in low ELO, where you just throw treats where you want and work with it.
The macro game also becomes something you can work with and deal with. Sometimes you have to leave your lane and that's a given b. However, in Halo it's basically an expectation that you do this in some of your games. Understanding when you need it also requires a lot of experience. Your role during team fights also matters a lot more. certain death or because you made that clutch choice to win the game the fact that supports have a lot more impact also makes the role easier to play especially when you compare it to low and low ok so how do you went bot lane from hardest to hardest? easier while mechanically the role is still very difficult, you have to make the decisionsmore linear as a bot laner since you're almost always a major damage source for your team and because your job is always just to scale scale scale that you're going to be farming a lot when someone has to lead the lane to roam that's not your job that it's your job to support your turret to prevent a dive or roam along with your support because there's nothing you can do in lane, you're basically stuck farming for a large part of the game because that's their job, whether you have one or two of your team pushing other lanes, you'll always be left to help clear the wave elsewhere, usually you'll have two or three teammates with you anyway, so it's pretty clear where you need to be pretty much everything The decision-making process is very linear for ATCs over time and that is why it becomes much easier. macro play finally in pro play the difficulty of the roles is like this top half bought support jungler for mid and bottom micro play will add a lot of value in a lot of depth to a player and that's why Mid and Lane bot they are the hardest roles to play at a professional level any mistake, however small, could end up costing you a game or even a series all these hours of practice really come into play with these champion roles and these roles tend to do the most damage they have high skill caps and therefore require the most mechanically gifted players.
Have you ever seen a magician get some sort of promotion in the pro game? He gets caught, dies, and loses the game to his team. Have you ever seen it really advanced? it's because there's such a stressful situation trying to play these champions and playing mid and bot lane at the pro level and so much is expected of you at the micro and macro level that it becomes very difficult the final three roles while sorted are about equal in difficulty No matter how much harder or easier the subsequent role is, it doesn't cost too much. The requirements for all of these roles remain the same in the pro game.
Junglers and supports largely dictate the vision of the game for your team. They need to communicate well with their teams. through a variety of reasons and there are a lot of questions they need to ask and process through what resources their teammates want or need is it okay to give them these resources how should they prepare for the next objective and what plays do they need to make that the next few junglers and supports move around a lot more in pro play, but the other three roles generally need to spend a lot more time tied to their respective lanes top laners tend to have a very easy role where everyone understands what they're going to get through most of the time inside lanes they continue to ride those waves and build pressure and of any role the top leaders spend the least amount of time with their teammates as their role is elsewhere don't get me wrong win his lane in a side lane or smashing the top lane on some sort of loadout champion is very cool but overall in competitive play for the last few tr it's or four years it's basically tank vs tank every game they sit they farm and they're not allowed to just randomly kill Solo as a result of this top laners end up spending a lot of their time just farming it's not that they don't can be overcome. op lane and it's not that there aren't amazing top laners in the world like timid it just boils down to the fact that that doesn't necessarily lead to the highest outcome in game anyway that will conclude this video thanks a lot guys for watching be sure that if you haven't already check out the pro guides, chill out and subscribe to our youtube channel for daily updates, we are always here uploading new content focused on improving your game so check it out and be sure to leave any feedback or comment below and until next time, best of luck on the rift

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