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Random squares

Mar 25, 2024



or rectangles that I'm going to use I'm going to use I'm going to use which version should I use should I use this one um guys you might want to turn around uh wow my arm my arm has just my arm. They dismembered me, wait, ah, what, I just said, um 70, you have my uh, my arm, eh, eh, eh, eh, I'm going to put all these things here, the


are coming, now let's put all these things in the rock, do what you want first, let's clone. clone them, let's clone them three times and then let's put them, put them on rockets, release them and we should make the rockets face the other way and the rockets are powered by many go the wrong way um why are there um guys why what's there like? free free rocket squares rectangles coming at us oh my god 100 are you okay yeah I'm okay oh that wasn't okay why the three of them just charged towards me and look there's a bigger pile there the rockets get even bigger ?
random squares
What the hell are they now starting to fly in the air? I'm getting their vibes from this, yeah me too, wait, three of them are coming straight at us again, look that one almost hit me, oh football, did you just kick a rocket? I oh I'm sorry I didn't know it was a soccer rocket it's not a soccer ball it's not a it's not a soccer ball it's a rocket oh no my paint was ruined I have to redo what I did right some of you flew away some Of you guys didn't, so uh, I'm turning it up, okay?
random squares

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Now you guys are starting to fly, oh my God, you're blowing everyone up, you're flying everywhere, what's going on, what the hell was that, oh oh, that hurt a lot, chop chow, ow there's a rocket penetrating my first four my four blocks thirteen get it out good ah you made it worse ah hey look I think I think it stopped freely she says as a rocket hits her while the rockets fly everywhere ah part two you're I'm going ow, I just jumped, I just jumped into the air, no, ted, what are we going to do? Okay, stop yelling in my ear.
random squares
I'm sorry, I'm very scared. There are rectangles everywhere. They end up, um, guys, there's an even bigger rectangle heading straight towards us, oh. Should we be worried? Ah, they are penetrating me into the mystery block. uh 19, are you okay? Fourteen, are you sure? Hey, look, I'm small enough to survive if one gets hit by a rocket immediately, since she says that would be the funniest thing ever ah joe why me why me of all people ciao ah I'm going to kick you like a soccer ball whoa oh bigger oh bigger take that take that stupid one they still look like soccer balls to me are you two? us, so now wait what's coming towards me, oh God 19, what are we going to do?
random squares
Don't worry guys, as long as you stay together we'll be fine 50, why did you get to 40? Because he said something stupid. Hey, look, I landed. in a rectangle a rectangle that is penetrating me well there little horse oh oh whoa they almost hit me outside the rectangle whoa whoa calm down there little horse let's go for a walk outside let's go for a walk don't wait for me wait for me bad horse if you don't wait for me oh oh oh whoa stop horse you're going too fast oh no wow oh horse wait up wow uh oh girl horse oh horse horse stop horse stop no, you're going to run me over stop horsey oh it's so slippery oh hey slow down oh wow oh 18 that's not it a horse 18 that's not a horse that's a giant rock rectangular sized rocket I don't care it's still a horse now I'm spinning this baby now spinning this baby fast wheelie we write a fact oh no oh oh no no horses going too fast oh show up shut up little horse stop well you deserve that little bird sure what oh for hitting for hitting me and other people little horse stop floating around the Damn place, sit down, sit down, no, you better not leave without me, yeah baby, Now we're talking oh oh oh, horse, stop going too fast oh oh, oh, Ferdie, you ruined my trip, girl, that's all. 18 shows why you would do that oh ah, nothing.
Here, what the hell was that for 13 flying, 17, hey, look at 17's painting, I kicked him like a soccer ball, now, seventeen is going to be mad, huh, hey, take me back to sleep, talk , should I lift this, oh, should I lift this too, yeah, me? I'm a strong octoblock, stop bragging about your strength, stop bragging about your strength, that's what you get for bragging about what do you expect, what to take that rocket, I should, I should turn around, huh, what's that, Oh, it's a mini rocket, oh, oh, it hit me, crushed me? rockets oh, I've been to the gym, next up is the ragdoll place, what a beautiful day, yeah, what a beautiful day, and what is that thing, what the hell are those things, what the hell, what the hell are those things and why, why the hell are they. some of those things attack each other, I don't know, to be honest, and it looks like the things attached to them can spin too, which is good, but not a good sign, wait, what's going on?
Seeing this, they were duplicated, they were duplicated many more times, videos and many more times than usual and they change color, and look, there is weight, there is a lot of equipment stuff, what the hell are the things doing now that they have now that They have thrusters and? What the hell, oh my god, oh my god, why are you guys going crazy, oh my god, why are you guys going crazy, why don't you guys help me? Because, since we're busy dealing with those things over there, you're dealing with that little thing but that little thing hurts because it's penetrating me in my own something just hit me in the hand oh like I was saying it's penetrating me in my uncomfortable place and I feel uncomfortable now it's okay let me help you oh oh not that I can't help oh hey look there's a plate there's a square oh hey look there's a square something hit me on the head whatever some rocky hills oh my god two two are you okay what happened that happened one of the rockets hit me wait vermont watch out oh my gosh I'm going to save you two too wait well officer zero and five are gone two rectangles are penetrating me and you are penetrating me penetrating, oh, get off, ah, this ad adds extra weight and I won't be crushed anymore.
I'm so sick of being crushed if you don't, if you don't stop screaming I'll crush you, you better not be the night, young man, you would never, ever try to squeeze me, that's it, that's it, I'm going to do it. I would crush you because you wouldn't shut up oh you're suffocating me using your leg no I don't care I don't care get off of me nine junior you didn't show up shut up so uh this is your fault get off of me junior , I think you should stop crushing Olive, yeah, well I think Olive doesn't need to learn less a lesson than a lesson and what that lesson would be, stop being, stop yelling, oh 19, you better not throw me . again because I swear to God if you throw me out one more time when I'm with you I'll be extremely angry oh nine junior leave me never where did nine go where is nine nine just disappeared oh there's nine now I can't believe it all olive threw me I better come back oh that's it I'm leaving I'm leaving too oh oh my oh my foot I'm sorry I can't help you now I need to go come on zero let's go okay wait for me oh oh oh, oh, you just ran through the night, I'm sorry, nine, junior, for Last time, oh, they won, what's that seven?
Can you take this off of me? I'll help you, oh, it's stuck to me and it's keeping me down here. I'll remove it, whoa, it's prickly, whoa, it just flew away, okay, your problem is solved, thank God, I wouldn't be, I wouldn't want to be pinned to the ground, yeah, someone get this fat off me . Did you just call Night Junior Fat? Yeah. because squirrels are fat and don't deserve to crush other squares so you know, what did you just throw at me? did you just throw me did you just throw me? did you just finish and everything?
I want revenge for throwing me for throwing me someone has to call 16 the square oh olive through me he threw me while I was tied to the rocket and when he disrespected the square club because I'm doing this poor olive crush, crush her oh, not another not again I don't want to get crushed again this is the second time you want 16, you go first, you go first, you crush first because you're the biggest, I want, I want to join the crush pile, get 16 out of me, uh , you disrespected me square club, so this is what you get, everything, what?
Why are you guys, why because you disrespected the Square Club and now you get the crushing punishment? uh guys, I think you should shut up eight, oh fuck, um guys, I think you should get off Olive. She didn't do that much to them. she literally threw me to the other side of the squares she literally threw me to the other side with rectangles everywhere so no I'm not getting off and she and she tried to get away from me when I first crushed her and yeah she caught She called the fat squares, so you know what she gets, a crushed punishment, oh okay that makes sense, no, not everyone can get rid of all of them, you don't tell them what to do, an old lady needs to be punished for his actions.
If you don't stop I'm going to raise my voice and you don't want to see me raise my voice then do it, I dare you to do it, you'll get dirty, oh my ears, thank you very much, wow, yeah, okay.

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