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Ram Gopal Varma | Prema The Journalist #144 | Full Interview

Jul 01, 2023
that you've taken that it bothers you that the media accuses you of doing random things, so I explain it to at least your immediate family. you think it's a strength for you because I personally think that's what your name is, she's a lawyer in the US, okay, look at the basics. I think she meant that there can't be a selective compartmentalization of things, the very fact that, look at her. No one can know yourself better than you, as they say, but the reality is that they won't and they will always take the big picture and judge.
ram gopal varma prema the journalist 144 full interview
You can ask for advice. Simply, the final edition will reach you even if it is. Uh, the other person doesn't like it, right, you know? So I think only when you are making the decision for yourself considering Manchala Mandiki as a foreigner, the complexities of that problem you will only know because only you have to make the right decision. yes of course but also related toThis is, I need someone in my house. I need an anchor. So that constant need for some kind of support from you as a person. I think that is the greatest weakness of a human being, which is what I overcome. short answer to your question, there is a great strength if you don't care about anyone, yes, I am in the corporate sector now, before I was in the field of cinema and journalism, so my question to you is that I will never get into politics because Fundamentally, I am against working for others and serving others, which is the goal of altruism.
ram gopal varma prema the journalist 144 full interview

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ram gopal varma prema the journalist 144 full interview...

I'm totally against altruism, you know, so I believe in trickle-down economics. If you look at yourself as a side effect, people might benefit, but that can't be your main goal. I know that's what I believe in, which is why I'll never go, but the political people and Arigan Mata said it, yeah, because they think I have some followers, maybe that could become someone else's words, but That's not my goal, but uh. Currently, artificial intelligence is scripting me, uh, writing content automatically. Generations, first of all, the effect of an industry, but more than anything else, if I have to pick it up, I think it will affect education, education, education, look, the point is improvement.
ram gopal varma prema the journalist 144 full interview
The school system is already outdated. that finally, for example, in the calculator 40 years ago, then your Industrial Revolution, you know six years, so it replaced the muscle now and it replaces the Mind, the thinking aspect, anything because it wouldn't even be a year and a half, Learn 100 philosophy books in less than three seconds. placed on the ground, yes, so much so that when everyone has the same knowledge there is nothing better and at the other point, okay, that is a part of education, which is the answer to each question, the questionnaire, we calculate this rule Killer at altitude.
ram gopal varma prema the journalist 144 full interview
It's simple Transportation foreign special edition 10 years you are giving for robotics of body antibody parts, so you are wasting your time studying medicine for 10 years. I think schools and colleges will become gods and Kalyan mankas in no time. Hello, I hope. boom Hyderabad


s my philosophy of life abroad so I live for this particular moment when I am in that moment okay you know the achievement made is a series of steps that arrive at a cumulative process e.g. what It's a movie, a movie is a series of decisions that I'm making over various periods of time.
I enjoy that every moment you know a process, a process that is a particular achievement, but in the six months that I undertook the journey I enjoyed every second of every day that it becomes. just that day, okay, and if that day something didn't work, then I move on to the next day and completely forget all this, what happened in the past, okay, yes, that's what I practice, so the achievements are I will live in the moment when Have fun, I am also an aspiring foreign singer and narrator of some humanly more human qualities, I exhibit Chester and especially towards two women, which I understood, so if the ladies you are a totally different person, that's what that I have observed, so now observe the characters, how do you cope? these two strong personalities in you and what is the conflict to begin with, there are not two different personalities, you are wrong, okay, they are both the same, but there could be something in the context that you put in a strong knowledge like, for example, dogs .
A particularly low moment affected me greatly. I suddenly got excited at that moment, but immediately in five minutes I could move on to something else, that's how the whole circular psychology of feeling turns, so even if I fall into the trap. From time to time I go out very quickly, okay, yes, okay, foreigner, a meaning of life, you know, I finish a circle. I was crying like anything, like tears, there was nothing going on there for you to cry. I just loved that she existed, she gave me oral. I know a person like that existed on this planet at some point.
I was drowned and very affected, you know that's how I react, okay, the emotion is nothing, but it can, it can, it's overwhelming your senses and you like to feel it like that, yeah. amazing today I sleep early I feel so good I'm doing this with you because this is all I wanted to talk to you about you know the ram is not serious so I have two questions one of May and two I suggest three books that you think everyone who suffers sees , to begin with, Einstein is a very popular and easily accessible book 0.1 but point two, can you understand it?
I'm not very sure about that because in today's times, young people who read any concentration know it because they have so many. more means of getting information so I don't think that can happen in Findra Northern depth yeah but that doesn't mean you can't try but you know and the second thing is I'd like to believe I'm on efficiency or talking . in Telugu, yeah, I mean, no, depending on who I'm talking to, I would like to believe that Rand is one and the godfather and the third, I think it's a very important book for everyone to read, yeah, okay, um son, the best. the best names second question I won't say it because I can't, I mean, it reveals someone else's privacy, so I won't answer the question the third is the best test person, I can't say it and if neither influences one direction Yes, no with the uh, I mean, maybe the Maximum Impact on creative surrender that is my uh, my college friend satyendra, yeah, yeah, but okay, so it's not like I see him often, very, very rarely, but his thoughts definitely persist.
I mean, yeah, that's it. foreign short questions no no no everywhere is fine and what I want is fine um regardless of what they get they are being failed or beaten or whatever my three favorite movies I think Satya is a foreign rangeela foreign all people They can't understand that unless they know the context so Twitter can't be taken as the person's mentality, okay, apart from beautiful women, women with good figure, body, other qualities and what you do and I like this woman, I like this type of woman, I like the intensity, okay, I like women. that they are strong and very clear in their kind of intensity of communication is something that I love, so the intense woman, an intense man, okay, I would take intense women, for example, not a pretty woman, yeah, it doesn't feel sexually attracted to me, but her behavior is The way she talks, the way she sits in the chair, everything is very beautiful to me, yes, in the strong philosophical ideology, yes, she did not leave the marriage.
Look, the point is that he there's a, I mean, there's an incident where she fell. in love with a 27 year old guy who was married and she called her husband, this guy's name is Nathan Brendan and Barbara and his wife, her husband Frank Connor, and then he PLC said: I'm attracted to this man and these They are the reasons why I want to have an affair, so I want them both to go for a walk to give me my private time. She actually said she did it, yeah, and that guy's wife wrote that in the book, passion for running well, yeah, quality in Japan, I think he's me.
I mean he is also, I won't say like me, he is also laid back and just doesn't accept things, not that he is also an emotional person, but relatively speaking, I think he is one of the most open people, not very opinionated. Smile casually at this Wonder Problems, that's my way of saying yes, live and let you know that he is also very and doesn't judge, no, not at all, yes, yes, no, I don't think he respects me, I think he has fun with me yes. Yeah, okay, you said I'm someone who looks like a pet, that's the closest.
I think he's fine, I mean, I don't know if she does that with anyone. He is the only man I have known for the last 20 years. He is the only person. until today, who never gave me advice because that's because she respects my intelligence, the smartest person I've ever met, you know, means intelligence, which means by definition I should know more than you about the The fact that what I like about her is the The fact that she was uneducated she never went to a proper school, the way she can observe and pick up things, how she can adapt it to the person she is talking to, she is very observant. , you can catch on and you'll just tailor the conversation in that direction, okay?
Yeah, I don't think it's a long dialogue, you know, so when she acted, I didn't like her, she's fine, yeah, but everyone was slapping, so nenu silence, she was looking at me to see my reaction. S no, no, please don't commit to foreign and so rooted, I think that's amazing, yes, as an actor, yes, okay, what do you like to see Jesus? The truth is that I was obsessively in love with Jason abroad almost in the worship scene from Jyoti onwards and I was a poster, a cat, looking at the poster for a long time, so I don't know what's up with her and I mean that It's not so much the acting.
I never saw her as a sex symbol you know, but um and he put quora when YouTube suddenly lost if I watch a song of some kind. old song that's not possible I can really resist you kept it what was the reaction she doesn't believe that because she thinks yes then I was very very affected by her surely you can't say that because they are both two different types of sexuality or so whatever, it's like a dish, it's something that you really enjoy, you know, Jason was very, very emotional, okay, yeah, okay, urmila, look, urmila is something very important to me because he is, uh, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever met.
My life, you know, and for me to have the opportunity to show him such diverse foreign films and that was one of the best moments of my life when I was finally okay. Manoj vajpayee, yes, he is like one of those rare actors that happens once in a decade. I think, and yeah, I mean, we were all discovering a lot of things, yeah, what is that character? That's one thing that's like you know, even though the hero was JD, the character was more powerful and it was very intense, very emotional, look, those are the two reasons. first of all Satya and maybe because the character appeared, the story of satya does not belong to any particular character, actually they are all equally important, yes finally before we get closer I want to quote that ramu is a genius and he knows how touch the pulse of masses, can make cult films, cast newcomers and reshape the trajectory of Indian cinema at any time, what do you have to say?
I mean, his feelings towards me and what it's like to believe in me, but I think those things happen from a lot of things. factors mean that they are out of your control. I don't think I intentionally did Satya or any film, you know, at that time I felt like doing it and it turned out that yes, the opinion feels good, especially the younger Lord, they feel RGB. He's still going to make the best movies, that's what he's trying to tell, yes, yes, so finally, sir, before I close, why do even girls like you say younger girls?
What's happening, I think it's just that, really, because I think. the same reason because I talk about uh to take pride in your sexuality, beauty and I tell you in terms of what others say, otherwise, don't be stricter, don't make your own sexualities enslave you, you know, don't let that It happens, then they think of me as a liberator because of their way of thinking because you need someone's support, yes, yes, and you do it, yes, thank you, thank you very much for your time. I don't know how much this could really impact people. looking but hello, I did this great


with Prima the


s and where I think she tried to get a lot of things out of me and maybe how many I could hide or how many I just said it in a very direct and blatant way, it's up to you to decide to watch this interview on Prima on


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